Why Being a Grad Student Is Like Being My Parents

I’m sure by now that even the first year MLHR students are realizing what a weird schedule we keep as graduate students.  Classes are at night, some of us work during the day, project meetings happen whenever we can get all the people involved into the same place at the same time.

As a second year MLHR student, I’m realizing that I have more and more in common with my parents not only as I get older, but because of my schedule and habits from being a grad student.

Eating Habits:

My parents eat dinner at 4:45PM every day, on the dot, without fail and are usually done by 5PM.

I eat dinner on school nights at 4:45PM, pretty much on the dot, and am done by 5PM so I can get on Highway 315 before the traffic starts and grab my seat in class by 5:30PM

Where Am I?? :

My mom sometimes forgets where she is or where she’s going.  Stop laughing, it’s not funny.  OK, it is a little funny, but it’s not senility.  She sometimes is late because she has to turn around since she started heading to Point B when she should have been heading to Point A

I sometimes forget what room I’m supposed to be in for class and if I have to wake up for school or for work. I have headed up I-270 on the 70W split at times thinking I had to be at work, when I should have been going up Highway 315N for my MW morning classes

Sleep Schedule:

My dad keeps a tight sleep schedule and gets up at 4:30AM every morning.  My mom gets up between 8A and 9:30A depending on what she has going on that day

I get up at 6:15A on workday mornings and 8:30A on class day mornings.  I have my alarms set on my iPhone and if for some reason they get messed up, I am toast that day

Remembering People’s Names:

This is a funny one, so feel free to laugh.  My mom will sometimes look straight at me and run through the names of me and my siblings and hope one sticks.  Sometimes I also get called Kali, Coco or Long Long, which are the names of our current dog, our old dog that passed away 10 years ago and what my mom calls her little brother

I have been to parties where I look right at someone, someone I am good friends with and have known for years, and cannot for the life of me remember their name.  I have to discreetly describe this person to a friend in hopes that they can remind me what their name is.  Sometimes I also mix up the names of my professors and what they are teaching.  I have yet to call anyone Luna, my cat’s name.  It might be another 20 years till that one happens.

Things I Can Look Forward To In The (Hopefully) Distant Future:

That thing where my parents have to hold a piece of paper really far away so they can read what it says.  It happened to me once when I got my laser eye surgery.  I thought it was hilarious and immediately told my parents and commiserated.  And then laughed at them.

All the Chinese herbs and medicines, and Western medicines, that my dad takes because of his bad back and knees

Being able to get away with all the above-mentioned stuff that my parents do after I’m no longer a grad student

PS – My parents are older than they look.  Heck, I still get carded for R-Rated movies sometimes…

PPS – Some people might think that I am an awful son for writing this blog about my parents, but I love them and they love me and I think they’ll get a kick out of it


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