Geocaching and rock climbing– A really sweaty day

A short rain in the morning did not keep us MBLE students from participating this fascinating teamwork activity during orientation. On the contrary, the rain helped to leave us cool and comfortable, but I never expected I would make so much physical effort within one day!

The process of geocaching is to use GPS to find boxes distributed on campus, and get the location of the next box with instructions in the previous box. After learning how to use the equipment and taking a group photo, we just set off! Since the first group getting to the destination would be awarded a Fisher T-shirt, every team seemed ambitious. So did our group and we began a small competition with Group One right after starting. Fortunately we got different directions after the first location, otherwise I don’t know how much more we need to run that day.

To be honest, those boxes were well hidden: on or under trees, behind statues and one was even in a trash bin! Well, the first thing I learned from this activity is never to think “habitually.” After quickly finding first two boxes under trees, we took it for granted that the third one should be there as well. We spent several minutes on the hill around Mirror Lake searching carefully the ground,  beneath the brush and trees, only to find the box was between two branches! That’s what I mean.

As we had no idea about the others’ progress, we had to run occasionally either not to fall behind too much or to take the lead little by little. The guy in our group helped the other girl to carry her bag, and we split up work at each location: one to find a card to get directions and help the GPS-holder input those parameters, one to obtain the sticker, pass it to the other member and then put it in the record booklet. It’s really helped to save time – and we can never stress too much teamwork!

Guess the result? Yes, we were the first team! When we arrived to the destination, the instructor didn’t even show up since he never expected for us to get there so soon. He said the time we took was “record-breaking” and you never know how exhausted we looked. Anyway, it was worthwhile and we got T-shirts!

We ate lunch at Varsity Club and had nice chats with David, Kaylin, Samantha, and of course with other fellow MBLE students. Then I went to Adventure Recreation Center with several friends for rock climbing. At first, I just wanted to try new things, and it’s really fabulous to find considerable resources on campus. And when I really engaged in it, I had to say I had sympathy with Sheldon and I knew why he would faint on half way up. However, after trying the easiest one, I just  could not help to try a harder one, and I wanted to know how far I could go, then try to make it further next time.

Well I eventually finished two climbs and was about one meter from the top of the third one. It’s really hard for me and I had no extra strength; I had to go back down with a little disappointment, but I’ll definitely try it again next time I go there.

Besides these physical challenges, I start job hunting even before classes began, and it’s really a huge challenge. The good news is I’ll stay optimistic and enjoy the process. Anyway it’s a part of my life, I cannot change it, so I am just gonna love it~!