Running Around Columbus

Fisher’s campus gives you little reason to leave, but venturing outside Ohio State University’s community reminds you that Columbus is a vibrant and growing city that offers plenty of attractions and activities to keep you busy. I have gotten to know the city of Columbus very well while training for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, which will be held in downtown Columbus on Sunday, October 20th.

My training runs have taken me down the Olentangy River Trail, a 13.75 mile bike path that follows the Olentangy River and runs right through Ohio State’s campus and into downtown Columbus. The marathon itself will run down Broad Street, which is lined with the Art Museum and Franklin Park Conservatory.


After passing the Governor’s Mansion – and The Ohio State President’s house! – runners will go through German Village and up High Street towards Ohio State’s campus and a quick tour through the Stadium at Mile 16.


The race continues through Grandview, with its picturesque boutiques and shops, then wraps up through Victorian Village’s mansion lined Neil Avenue and Goodale Park to end in front of the Blue Jackets’ stadium in Nationwide Arena. And the best part: all runners are supporting the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The marathon has been a great way to learn more about my city and help me feel connected to the broader Columbus community. I cannot wait to participate again next year. Until then, you can find me on the trail! Happy running!

Winter Greenery

Amelia gets ready for take off

The weather forecast has been much the same lately: cold, windy, flurries, more cold, snow, cloudy, repeat. For those folks who may consider coming to Columbus for graduate school, take it from me, winters in Ohio can be a mixed bag. This winter seems particularly cold and snowy. Others bring the cold and no snow. And, other winters just give you something akin to a long November rain. All in all, this season has been tolerable. We’ve even had a chance to break out the sleds and take on our sledding hill, which slopes gently toward a never-frozen creek at the bottom. If you can survive the thrill ride, the thorny honey locusts and the briar patch at the bottom without skidding into the creek, then it’s been a successful ride. No one has taken a dunk yet, thanks in part to a natural bank at creek’s edge, but there have been moments of icy terror.

We’ll probably be hitting the slope this weekend, but for those of you looking for a break from the ice and snow, I would recommend a stroll through the Franklin Park Conservatory. This horticultural oasis is located on east Broad Street, just a few miles south of campus. Various environmental rooms take visitors through the desert, rain forest, and, starting this weekend, the conservatory will showcase an orchid forest. Don’t be shocked if your eyes take a few moments to adjust to colors other than gray or white. I love the serenity of the conservatory, the beauty of the landscapes, and the feeling of escape–especially in winter–this hothouse has to offer.

Samuel and Amelia during a summer trip to the conservatory.