Weekend Update

Ah, the fan-demonium begins
Probably rooting for TP's return
Game time
Windy & Crisp, perfect for football
I tried to tell 'em a storm was brewin....

Well boys and girls, I promised a few pics from last weekend’s bachelor party debauchery in Chicago.  The nice thing about making promises, is the ability to break a promise.  Don’t worry this post will have pics.  It just won’t have any from what happened in Chicago.  Oh no.  That is absolutely classified info.   I could tell you but then … well, some things are best left unsaid.

So what pics will I post?  Funny you would ask.  We do have some great pics from Champaign IL where we helped infuriate middle-aged Illinois fans who didn’t realize OSU fans bring the pain.  By pain I’m referring to our ridiculous hangovers, incessant chanting, and of course 50 beach balls with the groom’s face plastered all over them.  Yea for a weekend we were those guys.  No worries,  at our advanced age we may never have fun like that again.  And on that note enjoy the pics….

Going to my first Ohio State football game


Hi guys, how have you been this week?  If you happened to check my blog last week, you may remember that I promised to write something interesting this week.  This is it — The football game!  This is the first live football game that I have ever watched. (I wouldn’t say this is the first football game I watched, since I watched the football game last weekend on TV and tried to learn at least the most basic rules about it.)

As a student from China, I have never known anything about football, but I would say that I really enjoy the game yesterday afternoon.  I went out yesterday morning, wearing the red “OSU” T-shirt. (Do you see the picture below?  We all wore red, it’s our school color!).  You wouldn’t believe how many people there were walking in the street towards the stadium for the game if you hadn’t been here.

It was great to be there and watch the game.  I got excited and hopped up and down when OSU got a touchdown. “O-H-I-O”,  I shouted again and again together with people sitting around me, got involved with the cheering crowd, and enjoyed every joyful moment during the game.

If you have never been to an OSU football game, I highly recommend you go to at least one.  You don’t even need to understand anything about football: just be there, enjoy it, and gain an unforgettable experience in your life~~

Road Trip!

I promised a preview of this weekend’s trip out west to Chicago for a friend’s bachelor party.  This is a family website (OSU alumni, Faculty, MBA Nerds, Future Students, Brutus) so I will not reveal any details that would make my mother blush, but here is a general outline.


10:00AM-Road trip! Hit the road with the groom who happens to be an alumni and a huge Buckeye fan.

3:00PM-Check into hotels and head over to various friends homes to get ready.

8:00PM-Once everybody is in town we will meet at some place called the Beer Garden.  Over 300 ‘frosty beverages’ on tap.  A place for our group of 15-30 to meet  and talk about how great Tressel is.

9:14PM-First group bathroom break.

10:30PM-We’re renting some vehicle called a trolley.  Said trolley will take us wherever, whenever across Chicago.  At least until 2AM….


7:00AM-Shake out the cobwebs from previous night.

7:24AM-Rented bus will take us to Champaign for OSU v. Illinois.  We got tix

12:00PM-Gametime.  I think I know how this story will end.

3:00PM-Attempt to be humble after crushing the “Fighting” Illini (please)

4:00PM-Back to Chicago.  I will let the remainder of the night remain a mystery…

Check back next week for a full recap and pictures of the weekend (what I can show at least).  GO BUCKS!!

Please allow me to Introduce Myself!

Hello everyone, this will serve as my initial, official, and influential first blog post! My name is Cuyler (rhymes with Tyler) and I am a Cleveland native, tragically cursed to root for the Browns, Cavs, and Indians.  Thankfully being a Buckeye fan is not only fun, but it usually pays off.  After 6 years living in Atlanta, GA and Flagstaff, AZ I made the trek back to Ohio with my fiancee close by.   I no longer deal with cocky SEC fans (winning championships will do that) or indifferent Pac-10 fans (USC can’t even sellout this year).

I can ramble on about Buckeye football all post, but this one will actually focus on something more important.  I moved back to Ohio after getting into the WPMBA program but I also left my job in the process.  That sounds like a crazy thing to do in this economy and it was.  Fortunately I planned for the occasion but it would have been a harder process if not for Fisher’s career services.

I know from casual conservations that many of you are considering switching industries, getting promoted or maybe starting your own company.  Before you get too deep in your plans I highly recommend talking with a Career Beam counselor and using the tools they have.  My counselor was not only nice and personable, she was able to give advice on virtually any industry or business etiquette question I had.

They helped refine my resume, touch up my cover letters and provide a sounding board for ideas and strategies.  I can assure you my search would have taken longer and been more stressful without their help.  For that reason you have to give them a call and at least visit the Career Beam site.  I’m sure your experience will pay dividends for you.

Alright, I promise this blog will be informative and entertaining.  This weekend, to prove the point, I will be traveling to Chicago for my buddy’s bachelor party and the OSU-Illinois game.  I may preview the weekend if I have time, but if not, expect a detailed (PG-13) post next week.  GO BUCKS!!

OSU Football Update

It has officially been 2439 days since Michigan’s last victory over Ohio State in Football. O-H!!!! That being said, I am quite excited about football season starting in a few short weeks. Terrell Pryor should be much better this year, and coming off the win in the Rose Bowl should give us a fair amount of momentum through the first few games and into the OSU vs Miami (FL) game. I’m excited, and yes, I did get tickets to the Miami game – it’s going to be amazing.

Today, on my way into work, I heard on the radio that Maurice Clarett has re-enrolled at Ohio State. No, he will not be playing for the buckeyes – I’m fairly certain there are few rules about not being able to play once you’ve been recruited for a team to play in the pros. You can read the full story here. But anyway, I’m fully supportive of him getting a degree and attempting to make himself a normal life and support his child. I think it’s awesome.

So this week is the first of the teacher camps for the Department of Material Science and Engineering. So far everything is going very well. I have gone up and down 4 flights of stairs about 20 times already, and my legs are getting sore. I know I can take the elevator, but it is so much more gratifying to know how much I’ve gone up and down the stairs. It seems as though all of the teachers are very excited to be able to take the experiments home to their schools and find new ways to get their students excited about science in general and especially materials science. One of the teachers has already signed up to come to next week’s advanced camp, which is very cool that he’s had such a great time so far.

For now, I’m off to distribute t-shirts and then go to a Women In Engineering demo. Should be really cool. They’re inflating milk jugs to show the students that it’s the same material as a plastic grocery bag, and depending on how thick it is and how it’s shaped, the carrying capacities are different – they might also be putting flowers in liquid nitrogen and smashing them. It’s going to be awesome! Yay recruiting events!

Happy Tuesday! Go to the state fair!

The end of football

It has recently become very evident that I will have little free time this quarter.  Between working on my core classes and my recently invigorated summer internship search, this might be my busiest quarter of the year.  I guess for the benefit of my MBA degree, the Bengals lost in the playoffs yesterday to the NY Jets.  There is no doubt that with my team out of the playoffs, I will now have significantly more time available each week.  Gone are the days of spending endless hours on espn.com to get the most up-to-date information on my team, gone are the Sundays of spending four hours watching the game and then several additional hours either too happy or depressed to do any work.

I was actually at the Bengals game this Sunday with my dad and brothers.  The 1 degree wind chill was not nearly as bad as losing.  I’m still upset about the loss, but eventually I will adapt to life without football.  Hopefully I do this sooner rather than later, especially since I have an important phone interview with a recruiter from Cardinal Health on Tuesday.  I will be speaking with her about their summer marketing internship and hopefully I can make a positive impression.


The Coldest Football Game I’ve Ever Been To In My Life!!!

Okay, I know I’m probably gonna get laugh at for saying this, but I don’t care: The OSU vs. Wisconsin game was the coldest football game I’ve ever been to! I have to be fair though, the weather was terrific. Blue sky, tiny bit of cloud, mild wind, last but not least… 50-55 degrees… orz (that’s almost winter for Texans)

I’ve been to plenty of games back in Texas, both college football and NFL, and I’m accustomed to be in a 90-100 degrees environment (100+ if you’re in the sun) plus the heat from the 100,000 fans surrounding you. I’ve also been to the Rose Bowl twice in January and even then it didn’t feel nearly as cold as today. I ended up going home early in the 3rd quarter after we opened the quarter with a kick-off return and expanded the lead to 24 points. Here’s my excuses for having such pitiful endurance and lessons learned:

  1. Defense > Offense – our defense and special teams scored 3 TDs but that only came once every 30 minutes or so. I’m sort of the offense kind of guy. I like seeing big plays. GO LONG!!!
  2. Not much of a challenge – their QB looked pretty good, but still, I get bored easily, especially when the margin goes beyond two possessions
  3. Bring a bigger jacket!!! I felt really smart wearing a t-shirt and a light BR jacket (just for looks) and found out that our section has our backs to the sun. Never have I missed the sunshine so badly. LOL

I said the same thing on fb when I got home last night and almost immediately I got a couple responses saying “just you wait til the Iowa game in November”. Time to bring out my Columbia heavy-duty skiing coat. I’ll be ready!!!


O-H-I-O – My first OSU experience…

Thanks to a couple good friends (thanks Mel and Sue!) who provided me with tickets to the OSU vs. Navy game I was able to attend my first OSU sports game AND my first football match ever.  While I enjoyed every minute of it (alumni band, Ohio script, OSU band, etc…), I must confess that I could hardly understand the rules of the game.

OSU_GAMEBack in my home country (Brazil) we watch soccer and, let me tell you, the rules for soccer are so much easier. Watching the Bucks was almost like trying to understand Calculus for the first time and I failed miserably!!  Hopefully I will be able to get the game down by next year when I am able to get student tickets – something new I learned way too late this year…

In the meantime – GO BUCKS!!!