Yeah, it’s Obama!

To be honest, I never thought I would see Barack Obama in person, since I haven’t even seen the President of China yet! Anyway, he was at OSU yesterday!

Two of my friends and I left our apartment around 4:30pm and drove to school. We parked on west campus and took the CABS bus to the Ohio Union. Then we followed the line, which was really long. I haven’t seen so many people in US since I’ve arrived here.

While we were waiting, we saw protesters of Obama. Such things would never happen in China — protesters would be arrested as soon as possible … so there is a bit more freedom of expression here.

After getting through security, we found there were more people around the Oval. There was no way we could get closer and we were about 50 meters from the platform. What we could see were just peoples’ heads if we were not on our tiptoes …

The event began at 6:15pm, and it was not until 8:00pm that the President showed up. You can imagine the crowd was losing its patience when the next speaker was still not the President. Yet I have to say the musical act played the piano and sang very well.

Eventually, the President came up and everybody brought their cameras to take pictures as if he was a superstar. Admittedly, the President and the First Lady are excellent advocates. I just hope he can fulfill his promise to the masses of people. Bless Obama’s midterm and mine!