How Can I Get Involved? Part I

The classwork is intense, life outside of class can be incredibly busy, and it often feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But I like it that way! There are so many ways that students can become active in the Fisher and OSU communities and I encourage you to join a few organizations that speak to your own interests.

For my next few posts, I want to tell you about the organizations that I’m involved in- starting with the English Conversation Partners Program.

The English Conversation Partners Program, managed by the Office of International Affairs, pairs native English-speaking students with international students who wish to improve their speaking abilities. Partners meet for a minimum of one hour a week to practice English communication skills and talk about their home-country culture. You can find out more about the program and how to be a volunteer here:

I became a volunteer in the ECP Program my first quarter at OSU and have had 3 language partners so far- and all of them have been from China.  Some relationships were very formal and structured, while others were very natural and casual.  A typical meeting might involve proof-reading a paper for my partner, talking about American stereotypes, and listening to my partner talk about dating and parenting styles in China.  Always up for a delicious dish of chicken and vegetables, I’ve made a habit of meeting my partners for dinner once a week. With the flavors of China tantalizing our tastebuds, the conversation flows easily!

Chinese food has the power to unite all people