What’s Up, World?

Hello there,

My name is Brett Hornung and I am a Specialized Master in Finance Candidate at Fisher, with a focus on Corporate Finance. I am one of the Graduate Ambassadors this year for the SMF program and will be blogging throughout the year to give you all some insight into what goes on in the world of an SMF student. In the meantime, here is my story.

A picture of me as part of an introduction to who I am.
This is me, the man behind the blog posts.

A couple of random fun facts to start it off:

  • My career goal is to be an Investment Banker.
  • Go Browns, Go Tribe, Go Cavs. Go anything Cleveland really.
  • My favorite type of food is steak.
  • I speak Mandarin at an intermediate level and have been to over 10 cities within China.
  • I enjoy outdoor concerts, (of most genres) with my favorite being EDM, and my favorite artist being Flume.

Born and raised on the West side of Cleveland, OH in the beautiful town of Westlake. Ended up attending St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland and ultimately choosing Marquette for my undergraduate studies. At Marquette, I double-majored in International Affairs & Political Science, and double-minored in Economics & Asian Studies. In addition, I also played NCAA Division I men’s lacrosse for the inaugural team, and last year we won the Big East Championship, so, as you could imagine that was a great way to cap off my undergraduate career.

This is me with the trophy after we won the Big East.
This is me with the trophy after we won the Big East.


When I realized I was interested in graduate school, specifically programs revolving around finance, Ohio State was a natural choice. My older brother was a 5-year student of Fisher, my best friends all went to Fisher, and I had only heard great things about the place. In addition, I had probably visited a million times at this point and knew the campus as well as I had known Marquette’s. So, when I received the offer to come and enroll as a member of the class of 2017, I knew it was the place for me to be.

Since our program starts in the first week of August, I have been on campus for about a month now and have been loving every aspect of it. Classes and professors are interesting, the weather on campus is beautiful, and the people I have met so far have been awesome. Really am looking forward to the next 8 months as a Buckeye, especially with the start of football season upon us. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more posts of mine throughout the year. Take it easy.


“The Drew Carey Show” was an American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1995 -2004.   The show was set in Cleveland, Ohio, and revolved around the retail office and home life of “everyman” Drew Carey, a fictionalized version of the actor.  Now, the theme song for “The Drew Carey Show” was particularly funny to watch, especially with Drew Carey going “b-a-n-a-n-a-s”  in downtown Cleveland (watch on youtube).  The lyrics were garbage, but I did like the cultish chant “Cleveland Rocks!” accompanied by erratic fist pumps in the air.

On Thursday, October 7, 2010, I received somewhat of an expected surprise!  My twin brother, Adam, called me and said he was flying into Columbus so we could attend the Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons NFL Football game.  Needless to say, I was VERY EXCITED!  Since I moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State University, this is my very first “visit” from my family!

My twin brother and I have a very close relationship.  We are identical twins.  He happens to be one-minute older than me…so I don’t mind being considered the “baby” in the family.  Throughout our whole lives, we have done everything together.  We attended the same school, played the same sports, had the same friends, listened to the same music, went to war in Iraq together, shared the same car for 4 years, got in the same amount of trouble together, etc.  I can honestly say it was fun having my twin brother growing up…and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything else in the world.  I believe there is a special bond between twins…it’s something I can’t explain, but it does exist.  He is my best friend and I am honored to consider him as my brother.

During my life, I have learned not to take the occasional visits/drop-ins from my family for granted.  I remember  my “rebellious…I got it all figured out and don’t tell me what to do” years very well.  All the times I would be embarrassed or “inconvenienced” by my parents dropping in to my dorm room to say, “Hi”.  I am sure at the time I was worried about them “cramping my style” or something ridiculous like that…oh, how shallow I use to be.

I am glad my twin brother got to see “my life” in Columbus, Ohio.  I had a great time showing him around campus, taking him to the Buckeye Corner and loading him up with OSU gear for him and his family and even sampling some of the world-famous burgers at Thurman’s.  Even though the weekend went by fast, I was enjoyed every minute he was here.  It was fun road tripping and getting out and about Ohio.  My brother had never been to Cleveland before so it was a great opportunity to explore a different area besides Columbus.

All in all, I am thankful for my family visit.  Even though I am in graduate school, there is nothing like having a little piece of home visit you every once in a while.  As “The Drew Carey Show” put it, “Cleveland Rocks!”.

For me, I think Cleveland rocks when you get to spend it with your family.

Free Time

Outside of the classroom, there’s a lot going on at Fisher.  As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been busy busy busy.  Technically, I can only speak for myself . . . but, in this case, I’ll confidently go on record to say it’s not just me . . . we’re all extremely busy.  Busy in a good way.

Group projects have started: we just finished our second group case in Accounting, we’ve chosen our group project topic for Econ, Fisher Professional Services’ Project One has officially kicked off (I’m not participating in that one but my roommate is), and some of us have assembled for the upcoming P&G case competition (marketing majors).  All tasks involving small groups also involve small group meetings.  Happily, I report: so far so good.

Most student organizations have kick off meetings this week and next.  So far I’ve joined Fisher Graduate Women in Business and Fisher Association of Marketing Professionals.  Also this week: I apply for Fisher Board Fellows and attend an information session on the Initiative for Managing Services.  Unfortunately, I am double-booked and can’t attend the first meeting of Innovation Fisher (hopefully I’ll be able to connect with them sooner than later).  Honestly, there are so many fantastic organizations to join and get involved with . . . it’s really difficult to choose between them.  My opinion: Choosing is a must.  Without focus, I’ll be in many groups unable to fully contribute.  I’d rather choose a few and really make a difference.

Final free time topic: travel.  I’ve been lucky enough to spend time away from my apartment and from campus lately.

Nice to see you again Cleveland

A couple of weeks ago, I took a roadtrip to Cleveland with my roommate.  Our purpose was two-fold: visit an outlet mall and see Lake Erie.  Lake Erie is the closest largest body of water (for anyone that’s used to the sea, Columbus is a tad land-locked).  Last weekend, I attended the NAWMBA conference in Louisville, KY with approximately 72 other fabulous Fisher females.  REPRESENT!  Today, I visited The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium as a guest (I work there part-time and have spent quality time there prior to starting the full-time MBA program).  I brought my roommate along; while there, we ran into a fellow classmate.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike!

I could do this in my sleep

Side-note: Being from Parma, Ohio and of Polish heritage, I have an affinity for flamingos.  Inspired by this flamingo, I will remember the importance of balance.  I plan to balance life within the program with life outside the program.

perspective enhances appreciation