What I Wish I Would’ve Known Autumn Quarter…

This post title is a little misleading.  There are a lot of things I wish I would’ve known Autumn Quarter.

I would have really liked to know the answers to my exams.

I wish I would have known exactly where in the FASB Codification to find what I needed to find.

BUT, if I had known those things, my Autumn Quarter would have been pretty plain.  So what I really wish I would’ve known relates to each and every class I’ve taken, am taking, and will take.

I really wish I would have known that participating in class is actually really fun.

I went in to Autumn Quarter a little bit afraid to voice my opinions and answer questions.  I’m not sure if I was worried about looking stupid or what, but I was a pretty quiet student.  For whatever reason, I felt like speaking up during the first few weeks of Winter Quarter.  And seriously, it’s been working out really well for me!

I find that by actively participating in class, I’m enjoying my classes a lot more.  I’m more motivated to dig deeper into the material so I can contribute to the class, and I’m more likely to challenge certain points that my classmates and professors make.  I’ve actually found that I have to spend less time studying too, probably because I’m paying much closer attention while in class.

The nice thing about the MAcc program is that you’re able to take classes with more than just MAcc students.  Participating in these classes lets you engage with MBAs and other students that definitely have different experiences than you.  This is a great way to talk with people who have real world experience, or if nothing else, will make you justify your views in a safe, academic setting.

If you’re one of those students that was like me, aware of what’s going on in the classroom but hesitant to join in – step up!  I really think you’ll have a better experience in your classes if you get a little more engaged.  Comment back and let me know (a) what’s holding you back and (b) if you agree that participating makes class more fun!