Snow Day!

Well, I suppose not ‘technically’, but seeing as I have no classes or work on Fridays, tomorrow is a snow day for me! And just so you know, I did go to class tonight, despite my intuition. Here’s a picture of Fisher covered in snow. My work closed at 3:00 and since I had class at 6 and it would have been stupid of me to go home in between, I sat in Fisher and read for the next 3 classes. Woot for being ahead of the game! While I was reading, I took this picture! Fisher’s so pretty in the snow. I much prefer snow from the indoors, though I’m fairly certain I may be coerced by a certain fiance of mine to go sledding tomorrow.

This is when classes should have been cancelled.
This is when classes should have been canceled.

But on a positive note, all of my classes look like they should be quite educational and hopefully fun along the way. I’m actually interested in all of the subject matter. And, my internship project is beginning, so that should keep me busy!

Oh, before I forget – If you’re into running at all, you should consider running in the fisher 5K on April 25th. You can register here. All of the proceeds go towards a good cause – the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.

Have a great night everyone, and stay safe out in the snow, whether you’re driving or romping around!