Scheduling Time

It is week four of the quarter and the semester conversion is right around the corner!  I cannot believe it is almost time to register for another set of classes!  When your registration appointment opens, you will be able to register for both Summer Term and Autumn Semester.  I’m excited about registering this time around because of the ability to schedule whatever classes I choose.  Since I began the program last June, we have been on a pretty strict schedule with the conversion looming.  To best align with the switch, we had a specific set of core classes to take each quarter.  After this quarter, I’ll only have two core classes left which will be offered in next Spring Semester.  So that means a wide variety of electives available to fit my schedule, work experience, and interests.

From my experience as an undergrad at OSU, here’s a few pointers when scheduling for electives.  Before your appointment opens, take a look on BuckeyeLink of the different class options that are available.  Some electives only have open seats of 20-30 people so it’s good to have an idea on what classes you want to take and some backup options.  Read the course descriptions and ask fellow classmates if they have any recommendations on classes or professors.  Also, check out some of the graduate opportunities outside of Fisher as well.  You can request to take a free elective outside of the Fisher College if it aligns with the MBA program.

Happy Scheduling!