A Trail Mix of a Blog

Sorry guys, I had no better title for this blog. Why trail mix? Well, this blog is mix of a bunch of different random parts of my life and there will likely be no central theme.

Two weeks ago I went to “Boo at the Zoo”. Growing up in Columbus, I’ve been to the Zoo many times, but I was fun to go this year with my fiance, a few of his friends from that state up north and my roommate. Benjamin, my fiance, and I were the only two of the bunch who had ever been to the Columbus Zoo before,  so it was neat to show everyone what we grew up with. Did you know that the Columbus Zoo was recently ranked #1 by USA Travel Guide? Pretty awesome, and if you look at the prices for the other top ranked zoos, Columbus’ Zoo is made even better by the fact that admission is only $12. This weekend is the last “Boo at the Zoo” for the season. I think everyone should go. It’s pretty cool, and a lot of the ‘treat stations’ have treats for adults, too – one thing I got was a $5 off coupon for Bob Evan’s Sausage. Who doesn’t love that?!

Today is my first midterm as a graduate student. I’m nervous yes,  but it’s in statistics and I’m fairly confident I’ll do just fine. Here’s to hoping. Tomorrow, however, that midterm will be a completely different story. I have no idea how to study for that one. All of the second years keep telling me to just keep writing and the more I write the better I’ll do. I suppose, but I don’t know. Good thing is that there will be 3 questions and I can pick 2 to actually answer. I find that method of test taking is the best for me.

Another reason for nerves today is that I should be finding out whether or not I was selected to be an intern for the group I interviewed for last week. I’m more nervous about that than anything else. Additionally, it seems to be taking all of my attention away from studying as I am entirely distracted by checking my email to see if I’ve received the email.

Lastly – Good luck to Elle who made it to the final rounds of interviews for Rolls Royce. Lucky dog is missing both midterms to be in Indianapolis. But, kudos to her! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!