Statistical Reflections on My First Quarter: Dress

For those of you have read my last post, I am very interested in data and have been documenting daily statistical information about myself since January 2009 through a new social networking site called Daytum. In my last last post I analyzed a chart that showed how I spent my time during the first quarter, now I want to look at how I dressed during the last quarter. For many peoplePicture 3 going back to graduate school is a chance to relive their glory days as a sweatpants and hoodie wearing roustabout who could go from bed to the lecture hall without so much as a shower. However this is business school which means that occasionally we have to do something business-y or at the very least business casual-y which means that rather than sweatpants and hoodies, there would be plenty more suit wearing and business casual khakis. After looking at the data from the first 93 days of school (including weekends) I realized that I dressed up quite a bit more than I thought. Yes I did wear 108 t-shirts, but undershirts are included in that number. What I found more interesting is that I wore a tie 66 times over that period, more than a third of the time. I also wore my trademark business casual accoutrement, the sweater-vest, 63 times over the period. As the owner of 12 sweater-vests and based on the logic that I wear them an equal number of times, this means I wore each sweater vest 5.25 times over the last quarter. Also on an interesting note, I wore a suit only 10 times. I thought being in the MBA program would require a great deal of suit wearing (so much so that I bought two new suits at the beginning of the year) but really it seems that I wore one less than once a week. According to my data I also wore 3 costumes sometime during the last 93 days… so I guess it goes to show that Fisher is not all work and no play!

Statistical Reflections on my my First Quarter: Time

Picture 2For the last year I have been using a new social networking site called which allows individuals to track and share statistical information about themselves. Because I am an information design nerd I really enjoy entering my data everyday and looking at trends over time. One of the stats that I track on myself is how  many hours I spend a day doing different things. To the left you can see a copy of the chart daytum generated showing my time doing things from the first day of Fisher Orientation (September 9, 2009) to the last Fisher Event (a marketing hop to Cincinnati on December 11, 2009). The most shocking thing that I noticed is that I spent way more time doing school related activities (clubs, class, studying, job search) than sleeping. I spent 755 hours (31.45 days) doing school related things… while I only got 576 Hours of Sleep (24 days), a difference of 179 hours! Averaged out on a per day basis since the beginning of orientation (and including weekends) I have spent 8.25 hours a day working on school while only getting an average of 6.2 hours of sleep a day.  Needless to say… it has been an interesting quarter. Next up on my statistical analysis: The clothes that I have worn over the  last quarter and how business casual I really did dress!

It was a sad day.

This past week was pretty tough for me, personally. Upon discovering my second oldest guinea pig, Burger, was sick on Tuesday, I knew I was in for a bad time. After nursing another guinea pig for several weeks last winter before losing her to pneumonia, I knew exactly the heartbreak I was in for. Burger followed a similar course – losing weight, very apathetic, weak, and in general, just suffering.

While dealing with this, I also had to study for a Data Analysis exam on Thursday. I did not study as much as I would have liked, but when it comes down to studying or caring for something you love… I choose love every time. Speaking of love, I realized just how amazing my classmates are. While some people seemed to take my sadness about a sick guinea pig as something to laugh at, I really want to thank LB and SJM, and several others for being so kind and supportive.

After several days, I could tell that Burger had given up, and wanted the suffering to end. She joined her sister in heaven on 11.13.2009. She was a great girl, always happy and affectionate. She will be missed greatly.

Niblet, Zoe and Maggie saying "Goodbye" to their sister, Burger
Niblet, Zoe and Maggie saying “Goodbye” to their sister, Burger (middle).

I realize this post was probably a little bit of a downer for some folks, but as all us MBA-er’s know, life happens when it happens, it waits for no man (or woman).


So you might be asking yourself, who is this character?

Well, let me tell you!

You can call me Stacey, Stace, “hey you”, or that crazy car lady – they all will probably get a response 🙂

Where I’m from: I grew up in Southeast Michigan (pause for boo-ing).

What I did in school: I went to Michigan State University for a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and then stuck around an extra year to get an M.S. in Manufacturing & Engineering Management. I graduated in 2007, and moved to Columbus for a job with Owens Corning.

Where I’ve worked:

  • Pizza Hut – server
  • Mama Mia’s – server
  • Mrs. Fields Cookies – cashier/counter service
  • The Limited – retail associate
  • Oakland Community College – math tutor
  • Architectural Painting, Inc – painter of multi-million dollar homes, businesses and warehouses
  • Michigan State University – undergrad researcher in the chemical engineering and materials science engineering departments
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – undergrad researcher in the chemical engineering department
  • Prime Housing Group – maintenance (drywall repair, carpet removal, painting, etc)
  • Owens Corning – manufacturing engineer, furnace engineer

“Fun” facts:

  • I LOVE cars… especially mine. If it has a V8 or three pedals, chances are I want to drive it.
My project car, the '87 Lincoln Towncar
My project car, the ’87 Lincoln Towncar
Ah yes, the new motor. What a beautiful sight.
Ah yes, the new motor. What a beautiful sight.
  • I have guinea pigs – four of them! They are my own version of Animal Planet.
    The oldest guinea pig, he's almost 6.
    The oldest guinea pig, he's almost 6.
    The second oldest, named for a materials scientist.
    The second oldest, named for a materials scientist.
    The second youngest, also known as "the spaz"
    The second youngest, also known as "the spaz"

    The youngest pig, a little bit of a devil.
    The youngest pig, a little bit of a devil.
  • I have a weakness for frozen, caffeinated beverages.
  • My favorite times of year are when the leaves change color, and when there’s a fresh coat of ice on the trees – so beautiful.

My goals for this blog:

  • To give you all a perspective of an “outsider” and an “insider”. I’ve lived and worked in four different states, so I have some ability to make realistic comparisons.
  • To provide some comedic relief! I am a firm believer in the “you must enjoy what you’re doing” philosophy!
  • To get prospective students excited about the opportunities that Fisher, and the OSU community as a whole, can offer them.