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Concerts In Columbus!

This past Labor Day, I assumed there would be some type of music event around the city. When I started to do my research, I was surprised by how MANY music options there were in one weekend. From the Fashion Meets Music Festival to Country Jam 2015 to the concert I ended up choosing at the LC, I could have filled my whole weekend and then some. I ended up going to see Citizen Cope and Counting Crows at the LC, which was amazing. The concert took place in their outdoor venue (they also have an indoor space) and while it was hot, the atmosphere was great. Both Citizen Cope and Counting Crows put on great shows.  What was even more exciting was the LC actually started the concert in the afternoon so they could show the Ohio State game at the venue. Everyone at the concert was able to stay on the lawn and watch the game projected on a big screen, which we all know is important here in Columbus!


(Citizen Cope performance)

Overall, all of the concert options last weekend reminded me how lucky we are with the music scene in Columbus. From well-known artists like Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw to local bars hosting open mic nights or karaoke, the options are endless. What makes this even better is the plethora of venue options. If you like the big feel of an arena, Nationwide Arena or the Schottenstein Center will have concerts throughout the year. On the other hand, if you are like me and prefer smaller venues where you can get super close to the stage, there are places like the Newport, the LC Pavilion or even bars like A&R bar that host small scale concerts.

As a student, I have seen a ton of concerts that offer a student discount option, either through the venue itself or through the Ohio Union. Ohio State also puts on an annual “Free Concert” which is amazing to experience as a student. No matter what genre, artist or atmosphere you are interested in, I can almost guarantee that Columbus will have a concert for you this year!

Lesson Learned.

Hello All! My name is Rachel, and I am a “newb” at this blogging thing! A little bit about myself, I guess:

  • MRHM Student
  • 24 years old
  • First Year
  • From West Virginia (yes, we are an actual state and no, I am not missing any teeth)
  • Getting married in less than 9 months!!

I just wanted to get on here and share a story of my awesome first day with Fisher. The term “awesome” is somewhat said in a sarcastic tone (it would make my life so much easier if sarcasm was readable).


My first class was great (MHRM 7301). I enjoyed the dry, witty humor that the professor shared throughout the class. It was an awesome experience to interact with others that are currently working towards the same goal as I am.

The trouble for me began after class–I parked in the parking garage right next to the architecture building, so as I went to leave for the evening, my key card would not let me out of the building. I tried and tried and tried to get out of the garage, and it wouldn’t let me. I finally got smart and called


Played a long game of “What parking garage are you in?”. For example,

CP: “Are you in the parking garage next to Hitchcock Hall?”
Me: “Is that the engineering building?”
CP: “I don’t know.”
Me: “I’m in the one right across the architecture building.”
CP: “What’s the architecture building?”
Me: “The only white building on North Campus?”
…You get the idea….

Long story short, I figured out that since my car is so small, the sensor wasn’t recognizing that my car was trying to leave.
A good first year lesson: pull up as far as you can while trying to leave the parking garages.
Another good lesson is to know what buildings are called.

Thanks for listening everyone!


<3 Rachel

Pre-MAcc and Orientation

As someone with almost no background in accounting (or economics…or business…), I was a little apprehensive about jumping into a Masters of Accounting program. I graduated from law school back in 2012, so I had experience with graduate level work, but I hadn’t taken a math class since high school. No worries, I was told, Fisher has a program for those who are new to accounting – the Pre-MAcc, which packs Intermediate Accounting I & II into a 2.5 week accounting bootcamp.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: the Pre-MAcc is intense. Packing that much accounting into that short of a timeframe is definitely a grind, but it’s also a great opportunity to get to know some of the other students before the full contingent arrives. Seeing familiar faces on the first day of MAcc Orientation was definitely a plus, and professors Stephanie Lewis and Marc Smith are both excellent teachers who somehow managed to keep six-days-a-week, nine-to-five accounting classes engaging and interesting throughout the program.

As soon as the Pre-MAcc ended, we jumped into orientation with the other MAcc students. Along with the typical introductions from faculty and mixers to meet the other students, we all participated in a group trip to Summit Vision for team-building exercises and zip-lining – a laid back way to get to know some of our fellow MAcc students, and a welcome break from the Pre-MAcc workload before classes got started!


New Year, New School, New City

August 25th, 2015 a.k.a the first day of class here at Ohio State. The day I had been awaiting for quite some time. After months of researching programs, filling out applications, visiting campuses, and constantly weighing out the pros and cons of where to attend graduate school, I had finally made my decision to be a Buckeye.

brutusI grew up in Naperville, IL, a suburb of Chicago with almost 150,000 people. My high school had over 3,000 people, so needless to say I was used to living in a bigger city with lots of people around. I then made the decision to attend Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH for my undergraduate degrees in accounting and finance. Springfield has only about 60,000 people and Wittenberg has an enrollment of just under 2,000 students. Clearly, this was quite a significant change in surroundings for me, but it turned out to be some of the best 4 years of my life.

Majoring in accounting, I knew early on that I would be attending graduate school to obtain my 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam. Quickly the time came where I actually had to start deciding where to attend. After some research and talking to previous alumni, I knew the MAcc program at Fisher was a strong contender, and after visiting the campus, it became even more clear that Ohio State would be an absolutely fantastic choice.

I finally clicked “accept” on my admissions offer to attend Ohio State 7 months ago, moved to Columbus 3 months ago for a summer internship, and now here I am sitting in beautiful Gerlach Hall in the Fisher College of Business. The start of this program happened so quickly and 2 weeks of classes have already gone by at the blink of an eye. Knowing this program will be over before I know it, my goal is to meet as many professors and students as I can as well as explore the countless opportunities here at Ohio State and Columbus in general. This year, I will be writing about many of these topics as I continue to meet all the thousands of wonderful people here and experience some of the seemingly infinite opportunities in this city and school that are completely new to me.

fisher college of business

Overhead view of the Fisher College of Business

Welcome Week

The new academic year began with Welcome Week. I don’t know other students’ feelings, but to me, Welcome Week is more like a party.


Actually, Welcome Week did start with a party-Global Buckeye Celebration. With food, games, and dancing, the celebration provided a good opportunity for new students to meet each other. I want to mention the dancer who led the dance that night. At first, not so many students danced with her (International students, especially Chinese students, are too shy to dance in front of a crowd). But slowly, maybe influenced by this brilliant dancer and the atmosphere she created, more and more students joined her. However, I did not join the dancing at last (Yes, I am shy :) ), but I tried some games and the pizza tasted great!


Another important event during Welcome Week is the Involvement Fair. Hundreds of organizations exhibited themselves on the Oval. In China, our university students also have an Involvement Fair but on a much smaller scale. Besides, the main aim of the Chinese Involvement Fair is to attract new members for university association, while the Involvement Fair at OSU was just like a university-wide celebration!


Finally, a concert pushed Welcome Week to an exciting climax. I was shocked because I had never seen so many people on campus before. In front of the Union was a huge crowd of people, on the street was a huge crowd of people…Some of my classmates were trapped on the street as the buses had to changed their routes.

In China, students are not allowed to have so many activities in their first week: people believe that students should calm down and get prepared for a new semester. Party? No way. But I do love Welcome Week in the Ohio State University, it gave me a wonderful beginning to my new academic year.

A Virtual Tour of Gerlach Hall

In this blog post I will show you what the day-time home of a Fisher Graduate Student looks like! Masters of Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Business Administration alike all share Gerlach Hall. So come along as show you some of the most popular places in Gerlach Hall according to Fisher Graduate Students.

 Gerlach Hall 3View from the Fisher Courtyard of the front of Gerlach Hall

Gerlach Lounge 12nd Floor Graduate Student Lounge

The Graduate Student Lounge is the popular place for group meetings, eating lunch, or taking a break in between classes. It is also conveniently located just a floor below a majority of classes!

Gerlach Hall ClassroomClassroom in Gerlach Hall

A majority of the classrooms in Gerlach Hall are set up in a similar style–concentric semi-circles surrounding a speaking area. This design is great for stimulating classroom communications as well as interactive lectures.

Gerlach Hall Comp LabGraduate Student Computer Lab

This computer lab, which is only open to Graduate Students, is located on the Second floor of Gerlach Hall and is open 24/7. Every graduate student is given a login and password and a print allotment for all of their classroom material needs.

It is also important to point out that Fisher Graduate students get out of the business school to explore all of the other great aspects of Ohio State’s campus outside of The Fisher College of Business! Stay tuned for a note on the most exciting experiences an OSU student can have when The Ohio State Buckeyes football team takes on The University of Hawaii at home on September 12th!

The Value of Internships

Welp, Summer has come and gone, and with that, so have most of our internships. In their place, many hope for full time offers or are seeking employment elsewhere. We’re getting closer to honing in on what are the most important things we want out of our careers as far as culture, job function, location, etc etc etc are concerned. But most importantly, we all came back…different people. We’re more knowledgeable not just about business and what we want to do, but who we are.

I personally consider my internship experience invaluable. I found a company that cares about business outcomes AND people. One of the drivers of my company’s success is the fact that they care about their people. They want their people to develop and they want their people to be happy. And they work hard to achieve that.

I’m fortunate enough to have an offer from this company that is not only willing to work with my school schedule, but also fully understand that I have a son who is my first priority.

My internship experience and events over the Summer have made me feel like a different person. I’m so excited about my future and where it’s taking me. Lastly (but not least), I’m STOKED to be back in school (really – but I’ll be singing a different tune come December). Bring on football season!

Go Bucks!

Beyond the Classroom – Real Estate Development Site Tours

One great aspect of the MBA program here at Fisher (and of OSU in general) is the extent to which the university is connected with the city’s local businesses. Student groups and faculty have hosted local business leaders from small startups to CEOs and CMOs from the city’s array of Fortune 500 companies.

Last semester I took a Real Estate Principles class which basically focuses on the real estate development process from cradle to grave. Taking advantage of the great connections between the university and local business leaders, the class featured 5 site visits to local development projects.  At each visit, we had the chance to meet with the real estate developers, project managers, and other key players involved with projects to learn the nuances of their developments and get a bit of first-hand knowledge to accompany our classroom discussions.

The central project for the class was a team-based development project where we were assigned several blocks in a downtown environment and were challenged to put together an investment proposal for the development site. Our class site visits were scheduled such that we had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, get questions answered, and see live projects to keep our own projects moving.

With an increasing number of online programs and online education in general, a unique and valuable benefit of an on-campus program is the ability to have experiences such as these. Having site visits with local professionals to compliment in-class lectures and readings provides a learning environment that neither format accomplishes on its own. This is just one more way OSU’s strong network provides rare, valuable opportunities for its students.

My First Day at Fisher

fisher hall

I am a first year full time MHRM student. As an international student from China, I experienced a lot of “first times” at the Fisher College of Business. I still remembered the day when I first saw our college: I stood opposite the street and looked at Fisher Hall. It was hard to describe my feeling. Everything was just like a dream as it was 2 months ago. I was in China celebrating my graduation with classmates, but now I am standing in front of a world-top business school! I was also excited because I knew that I would pursue my dreams here.

During orientation, I had a chance to take a close look at the college. In Chinese, we have an expression called “Gao Da Shang,” which means “marvelous, gorgeous, splendid and posh.” I think nothing is more suitable than this word to describe my impression of Fisher. Led by second-year students, I visited our school. I found the atmosphere here is a prefect mixture of business and academy. I love this atmosphere.


The last thing I want to mention is the clothing code at Fisher. We are required to wear business causal on the first day of our orientation. Chinese students (including business school students) do not usually wear business suits in the university, so “business casual” is not a familiar word to us. Therefore, my Chinese classmates and I spent a lot of time the day before the orientation discussing what to wear the next day. I have to say, it was the first time I wore a business suit. The influence was amazing: suddenly I felt I am not a student but a professional business woman.

I know some Chinese students might meet difficulty in adapting to American life. They may become homesick or even upset. Here is my advice: be open to new experiences and challenges, and enjoy your new life.

Class of 2016-MAcc Reception/ Mix & Mingle

One thing that I found really fantastic during the career orientation of the MAcc program was the Mix & Mingle MAcc reception held in Ohio Stadium. As a traditional part of the orientation, Mix & Mingle provides students in the MAcc program to meet alumni as well as employees. And this year, alumni and employees that attended this event even outnumbered our MAcc students. That’s really awesome!

Mr. Singer, career adviser of MAcc program, gave a brief opening speech and welcomed everyone. Then, Mr. Chabot, Director of Admissions and Recruiting, directed the prize lottery to kick off the whole event. Many of my classmates got really wonderful gift prizes sponsored by companies, gifts including Buckeye T-shirts and gift cards. I was really lucky to win a gift card as well. Chatting with alumni about their career story and listening to their opinions about Tax and audit are really helpful for me to learn more about careers in accounting. It’s really a good warm-up for the incoming career fair! Well, networking, networking, and networking! I bet you will hear this word for so many times during career orientation. The importance of networking is so important that you just cannot ignore it. So, as an international student, I really have to step out of my comfort zone and to be brave!


The most exciting part of Mix & Mingle is our visit to the Ohio stadium. It’s my first time to get into the stadium. I guess this may be the only chance I have to actually feel the grass. It’s amazing to stand in the middle of the field on which our heroes won the championship last year. Just proud to be a Buckeye!


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