Try to get on board

2 weeks passed before I even noticed…

A sample schedule of Monday:

7:10 A.M  Get up, Take a  bath,  make  a coffee ;

7:50 A.M  Try to catch the shuttle bus; before that, make sure there is no activity requiring business professional attire;

8:15 A.M  Get to Fisher College and prepare for the classes;

12:18 P.M   Classes end;

12:30-1:18 P.M   Attending international culture presentation by Prof. Ankerman;

1:30- 3:30 P.M  Prepare for the group discussion materials

3:30-5:00 P.M Attending Fisher Professional Service group meeting

5:30-7:00 P.M. Group discussion on financial accounting project

7:10 P.M  Catch bus back home

7: 40 P.M  Home and prepare dinner tonight

8:30 – 11:30 P.M  Classes preparation for tomorrow

11:5o P.M Received phone call from classmates;

12:30 P.M Time to sleep

So one key issue of MBA study is, how to manage my time wisely? I have to understand how and when to trade-off and balance…   One solution, therefore, is to think as early as possible what I want to do in future , a consultant? a finance manager, a marketeer or an entrepreneur? And figure out a priority list for various activities (lessons, lectures, discussions, etc…) accordingly.  Only in this way that I could allocate limited time to the most valuable resources here in fisher, and “get most out of the school”, as Karen Wruck, our Assoc. Dean pointed out at the time of orientation.  Be focused and well prepared, and really look forward to the rest of the exciting days here.

Much Ado About Nothing

Welcome back everyone. We’ve got a considerable amount of material to cover and, as always, I am pressed for time. Therefore, I am going to utilize bullet points:

  • Hitting the deck seems to have been a theme for me this past week. On Saturday, myself, JF, MF, and MH met at the ARC to play some basketball. For those of you who have met me, you know I don’t exactly have a basketball build. For those of you have haven’t, be creative. This was also the second time I touched a basketball since sometime in high school  (Lebron, watch out, I’m coming for ya). After playing some knockout and a couple of 2 on 2 games, we all were a little tired and sweaty. However, as business students always looking for a challenge, we tried to find some people to play us 4 on 4. Apparently, undergraduates are afraid of us at the ARC – wouldn’t play us.  Little did they know we are all old, out-of-shape graduate students. After this, we simply returned to play another 2 on 2 game – and the plot thickens. During this game, as I was changing direction, I heard that unmistakable pop, made an unforgettable face, and fell to the ground. There was no laughing this time. I sprained my right ankle pretty good. So I apologized to my friends for bailing early, limped home, applied pressure, iced it, and popped some painkillers. Thankfully, I was feeling good enough to make it out for Saturday night celebrations as the chauffeur, the always popular fedora and all.
  • I signed up for the Vietnam Emerging Market Field Study class and put down the deposit. This a 4 credit hour course for the winter quarter and ends with a ~10 day trip to Vietnam to solve some business problems and briefly immerse one’s self in the country. I can’t wait!
  • Football – Purdue blew their lead over Northwestern and now has a 1-4 record. It’s practically like being a Brown’s fan at this point…
  • Football –  OSU rolled over Indiana. Well done.
  • Football –  St. Xavier High School defeated their arch-rival Cincinnati Elder on Friday night. Yes, I know I am a graduate student but I definitely still follow my high school’s football team. Don’t judge me.
  • Football – While watching the Bengals – Browns game I heard Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” being played in the stadium before the beginning of overtime. Do I even need to explain this one?
  • Fisher Professional Services – Project One kick-off was today, free lunch and all – NOT pizza. FPS is a student organization that sets FCOB apart from almost all other business schools. If you are a prospective student reading this, you really should check out their website.
  • MBA860 – Professor Inks asked if we had “hit our stride” yet. I knew precisely what he meant. I know for myself, I have not been asked to perform at this level since my undergraduate days. Early mornings and late nights are common. Tons of reading. Student organizations to get involved in. Information Sessions. Career management meetings. It’s a lot of work, but as the FPS 2nd years told us later in the day, it’s manageable. “We are all survivors of what you are going through. You’ll look back and realize how much fun you had.”

“In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.” – William Shakespeare


Thoughts on the past 2 weeks

So it’s the middle of the second full week of classes… Here are some musings:

  • Can you get carpal tunnel from turning 100+ pages in an Economics text book? (I certainly hope not!)
  • Will I ever get a full (I use this term loosely) night’s sleep again? (Does it count if I dream about getting one?)
  • Have I ever been in a classroom with so many intelligent, engaged people? (Nope, but it’s great!)

I have to say, it’s definitely been a huge breath of fresh air to get to know so many interesting, smart, funny people, who are all driven to succeed.

I’m hopeful that I’ll get into a good routine in terms of my schedule – I think it’s going to be critical  to do some school work every day, especially as we begin the team projects in several classes.

However, I know it’s going to be important to carve out some time to really get to know my team members and classmates better – we’re in this together for the next 21 months – might as well be friendly 🙂

Good luck to everyone!


I am a fan of ….

Not sure how many people know but we have a real V-ball star in the MBA 2011 class. Last Friday, I had the chance to watch the game OSU vs Wisconsin at the St. John Arena. Even though it was not a winning game for the buckeyes, it was a really fun game to watch.  Our classmate Anna Szerszen, an extremely talented V-ball player, had a great performance and some very impressive kills (scary spikes) during the game.

Talking about different types of leadership, I will say she is a true leader in the court. She showed her power and talent, enthusiasm and positive attitude at all times. Anna was constantly cheering her teammates even when the game was going badly for the buckeyes. As a good leader she kept the team together and they kept fighting together until the end. I was very impressed by Anna, looking at her play and hearing her name several times over the commentary. She was a real star!

Thinking about the amount of time she puts into the training and games on top of all the MBA classes makes me sincerely admire her. It is a tough life style and she shows great fortitude in managing both time and pressure!! I congratulate her for being such a hard worker and an achiever, and also for successfully representing Fisher and OSU.

This Wednesday (10/07), the buckeyes are playing the #1 team in the country Penn State; it should be an exciting game. There will be more games coming played in Columbus, so if there is a chance I definitely recommend everybody to go and cheer Anna and the buckeye team. The schedule and results can be checked at Women’s Volleyball – 2009 Schedule & Results. Plus the entrance is free for all OSU students with Buck-ID!

So yes, I am now officially a fan Anna Szerszen!


Kid’s story: Girlie football

Timeline: Sunday, 12:45 a.m. (that means the beginning of Sunday)

I see: the F1 grid ready to start at Susuka

I hear: the commentators giving all sorts of information about the race, the country, etc.

I smell: the terrible coffee available in the common room

I feel: anxious… Go, Vettel!!!

I grew up under one premise: love everything about your life except for traffic.

I must say that, where I come from, average income is around one-fifth of what it is in the US and cars cost twice or three times as much, yet the very few people who can actually afford to drive around in cars still make things chaotic. The public transportation system is decent, and definitely better than in Columbus, but there are so many people who use it that it’s not something you want either.

However, I have never seen such a BAD case of traffic woes as in Columbus, OH. The case is so bad that I’ve actually come to think that it’s not the only place around here where this happens.

Now, if you know about Columbus, you’re probably scratching your head thinking how this can be so in a city with something around a million or so inhabitants spread out over such a wide area, and famous for everything being at most 20 minutes away. If you’ve actually lived in Columbus, there’s still a chance that you don’t yet get my point. However, if you’re a foreigner living here, you know what I’m talking about: home-game Saturdays.

Whenever there’s a home game in our beloved Horseshoe (that’s the girlie-football stadium, for those who haven’t been here), I look out my window and see a corner that’s about four or five blocks to the west of it and see four to six people in glow-in-the-dark attire with cones, lighted sticks, whistles and a very serious attitude. The scene repeats itself in just about every single corner around campus, and yes, I mean just around campus, because on campus there are people from every three-letter government agency and their respective uniforms armed to their teeth patrolling of standing guard in groups of no less than three people covering all known campus area. I’m pretty sure there’s even some we cannot see.

The first time I saw the scene I was vaguely reminded of the times the President of our country visited my college’s campus back home. I remember thinking “well, this is kind of exaggerated, but it must happen only for the inaugural game of the season”. But no, it happens every single time the Buckeye team plays whomever, and I’ve learned several things the hard way: first, do NOT make any plans whatsoever that involve mobility around the city, and second, traffic in my hometown is beautiful compared to this. I truly admire the passion that people feel around these games, but I think they’re overspending taxpayer money mobilizing the small army they deploy just to watch over a bunch of college students cheer for some guys hitting their heads against others’ (even if it is a big bunch: over 100,000 people fit into the Horseshoe, with easily 4 times as many around it).

Here’s a thing: I’m writing this before seeing what it’s like when the Buckeyes play the school up north.

“I’m someone else, I’m someone new, I’m someone stupid just like you” –Marilyn Manson

This Week’s Top Five

  1. The effort: I posted up against MH in a basketball game, and he’s only like 8 feet taller than I.
  2. Event: Friday accounting review!
  3. Quote: “I felt just like Charlie Brown”. That was DW referring to the Friday accounting review.
  4. Place: “Great Clips” at the University Plaza on Olentangy. They really are great!
  5. Song: “Untouched”, by The Veronicas. I can’t get enough of it, for some reason.

“[unintelligible]” –Decapitated

TechLife Columbus and the Business Builders Club

One unique part of the Ohio State University culture is the Business Builders Club (BBC).  The club, which sits apart from the business school, focuses on building a foundation for entrepreneurship for OSU students.  Since its founding in 2000, the club has developed a reputation for developing innovative and successful businesspeople and has become a differentiator for OSU. Although the BBC is primarily geared toward undergraduates, I “sneaked in” to the first meeting of the year this past Tuesday.

Sandy Blanquera, the keynote speaker, told a remarkably personal story of her own journey from corporate employee, to franchisee, to entrepreneur.  She now owns and operates the Columbus-based social marketing company, Social Boomerang.  Additionally, Sandy and her husband are very active in the Columbus entrepreneur community.  In fact, on her recommendation I joined TechLife Columbus: a group focused on technology, entrepreneurship, education and “accelerating the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town.”

Although I have only been an active member TechLife Columbus for a few days now, I already got the opportunity to attend an event—a social event at the economic development and incubator facility, TechColumbus.  From these two events my excitement for the entrepreneur community in Columbus has grown immensely, and I am looking forward to getting more involved with both organizations.

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Becoming an American citizen

It’s been almost five years since I have come to live in the United States and this Thursday (10/8) I will be taking my naturalization test in hopes of becoming an American citizen.

Since coming to the U.S. I have finished my undergrad, worked in two different American corporations, got married, got a dog, met several great people, and finally started the MBA program.  It’s amazing to think about all that has happened since I first arrived here and it is always fun to remember the unique experiences I have had here: snow days and driving in bad weather, interacting with people from different cultures, etc…it’s been a great ride!

Trip to NYCI know a lot of people would be really worried about the test, but I am actually looking forward to it.  Since I was young I have had the dream of living and studying in the U.S. – being a citizen would be a true honor.

In preparation for the upcoming test, this weekend I went through the studying materials one more time and, for those of you that do not know, the naturalization test covers: 1) civics (basically U.S. history), and 2)English.

I shall keep you posted on the results if I learn anything on Thursday.  For those of you that have just arrived in the U.S., I will dedicate some of my upcoming posts to give you a flavor of some of the cultural shock that you may experience in your first year here.  Regardless of where you come from, this is indeed a great country.

Have a great week and stay warm!

Dont stop till you get enough @Fisher

It was yet another hectic and happening week at Fisher.

This week we had the Fisher Fall Career Fair 2009. We had the information session of some of the companies. We had the operations boot camp(apart from all the regular classes).


The Fisher Fall Career Fair 2009 was spread across 3 days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with each day focusing on a different specialization. It was huge. There were so many companies. Every company was eager to share information and help us with our resumes and questions.

On Thursday, it was the Deloitte information session. There was a networking session too after the event. It was awesome to learn about the company from the big drivers of the company- directors, recruiting heads and senior consultants.


On Friday , it was the Operations Boot camp. There were people from the industry telling us why it is one of the best industry to work for and how we can break into it.There were leaders of the field explaining their work. There were operation games.

With this event came the end of the week for me.Now, I can relax over the weekend.

A Valuable Lesson in Teamwork

Last Tuesday, just as an ordinary sort of day, I drove to school 30 minutes early with my classmate, Alex, to go to Data Analysis class at 10:30 AM. I picked up Alex at Fisher Commons, drove safely on West Lane Ave., approached the parking lot near Gerlach Hall, and then…. we found a very serious problem:


Oh my god, it’s almost 10:20 and I still could not find one! Alex was also anxious; he looked for the space hardly but, just as my other classmates (I saw Kai drove his car around, also looked for the space at the same time), he could not find any empty spot at all. I drove around the parking lot and it was 10:30! What should I do? Should I keep looking for the space? Should I drive back to Fisher Commons and skip the class? If I skip the class, what information and knowledge I will miss (since I invest a lot of tuition in the MBA program!) ?

Suddenly, a very good idea came into my mind:

‘Go to the class right now!!’ I told Alex.

‘But how about you? Will you skip the class?’ said Alex.

‘Go to the class and work hard. I will try to find a parking space and I will be late, but you can teach me the contents I missed in class today!’

‘Sure!’ said Alex.

Finally, I parked my car in Tuttle Garage and paid 7 dollars for parking over 5 hours (It’s too bad… since I already paid over 200 dollars for the student’s parking permit!). I still went to the class but almost 1 hour late. Fortunately, the professor was so kind and he did not blame me. Alex taught me how to make a pivot table, so I still learn new knowledge.

Clearly, this is a valuable lesson in ‘teamwork’, which is an important element of MBA program. Alex and I cooperated with each other when we faced the difficulty. However, Alex was also late for class for 2 minutes. Therefore, I feel that I should make the decision much earlier when I found that we certainly cannot find the parking space in 20 minutes.

Most importantly, after that Tuesday, I decided that —-


Ha ha~~~