Blue Jackets vs Oilers

Monday night I went down to the Blue Jackets – Oilers hockey game. I walked down to the game with a friend planning to scalp tickets and we were lucky enough to get free tickets in the 3rd row of the upper bowl. All told, the evening cost me $7.50 – the price of a Labatt Blue Light draft. The Blue Jackets did not play particularly well on Monday night but were fortunate enough to escape with a 3-2 shootout win over the Oilers.

Nikita Filatov, the Blue Jackets 1st round pick in the 2008 draft was a healthy scratch for the game and today it was announced why: he’s heading back to Russia. Hopefully, it will only be a year and we will see Filatov on the ice for the Jackets next year.

In other news, it’s Michigan week! Michigan week is always bittersweet for me since it signifies the last regular season game of the year. The football season just isn’t long enough for me. Hopefully Coach Tressel can extend his winning streak against Michigan to 6 on Saturday.

Only one more week until my Thanksgiving break starts. Go Bucks! Beat Michigan!

New York [was once] New Amsterdam

“Even old New York was once New Amsterdam, why they changed it I can’t say, people just liked it better that way…” – Istanbul (not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants

Sitting in my apartment at 12:32am on Monday morning, I gaze around the room and reflect on how much has changed in the last year.  A year ago I was still learning to like football and I felt like MBA graduation was a lifetime away.  These are just two very small elements of the whole experience, but as I glance toward my kitchen to see the remnants of the Iowa v. Ohio State tailgate/Birthday party I held on Saturday – I smile at how the details make all the difference.

Saturday’s game was certainly exciting, but as an Iowa alum, I couldn’t help but walk away a bit sad.  Ohio State has taught me to appreciate the game, but I grew up with the Hawkeyes and my heart still bleeds a little black and gold.  With so much excitement surrounding this particular game, it was a great opportunity to invite some of my “pre-MBA” friends out to Ohio from DC and Iowa.  What a great time!

Having not seen most of these friends since a wedding in the spring, it was amazing how fast the time has gone by since we all lived in the same city, met for book clubs, and reflected on college as a thing of the past.  Merging my b-school life and these friends from the outside world highlights how at times there seems to be a gap between how I perceived myself then and what I view for the future.  It is only natural that we all feel this way as time passes, but I think the intensity of the MBA experience heightens ones awareness.

But as Monday continues to develop and weekend becomes but a memory, graduation feels closer than ever before.  The realization that in two more blinks, this MBA phase will have passed and a new adventure will ensue.

All things change.  That’s a good thing.  And despite a tradition built on the beer/football association, I always make room for cocktails on the menu… One of the cocktails I fixed this weekend for a friend included a product that will tie back into my They Might Be Giants reference, New Amsterdam Gin and Sprite… this particular friend used to be a huge fan of Vodka and Tonic, but like everything else, sometimes a little change is good.

(Side note to those of you who have noticed a bit of a gap since my last posting, all apologies, apparently technical difficulties have lost some of my posts – I’ll try to get those resolved.)

The Buckeyes are going to Pasadena

This weekend was a relatively low key one. Friday night I went to see “Where the Wild Things Are”. I am a big fan of the director, Spike Jonze, so I was excited to see this kids movie. I thought the movie was pretty good and really well done but I am not sure that kids would enjoy it simply because of how dark it is.

Saturday, I went down to campus to tailgate for the football game but since I did not have tickets for the game, I watched it at home with some friends. I was feeling pretty good when the Buckeyes went up by 2 TDs, but that changed after Iowa quickly tied the game at 24. Fortunately, the defense held Iowa scoreless in overtime and then the Buckeyes kicked a 39 yard field goal to win it. This coming Saturday the Bucks will play Michigan in Ann Arbor and wear these throwback uniforms. It makes me a little sad that there is only one more regular season game. Their last game of the year, the Rose Bowl on January 1, will likely be against the Oregon Ducks.

Today, I spent most of the day in the library doing schoolwork so that I can go to the Blue Jackets game on Monday and ultimately so that I don’t have any work to do over the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll have pictures from the hockey game on Wednesday.

Let’s all go jump in a lake!

The Game is almost upon us.

In 2000, ESPN ranked Ohio State vs. Michigan as the greatest North American sports rivalry. Over the years, The Game has determined countless Big Ten Championships, dozens of Rose Bowl match ups and several national championship games. Last year, I had the pleasure of watching the Buckeyes serve up a 42-7 beatdown at Ohio Stadium. This year, they will be going for their sixth win in a row against that school up north.

The week leading up to the game (aka: “Beat Michigan Week”) is always full of exciting events, fundraisers, parties and long-time traditions. One of the most interesting traditions during Beat Michigan Week is the Mirror Lake Jump. Every year, on the Thursday before the Michigan game, thousands of students make the trek to jump into Mirror Lake, a small lake on campus. This is supposedly carried out for good luck for the football game on Saturday. You can Google or YouTube “Mirror Lake Jump” to get a better idea.

I jumped in last year and it was one of the craziest scenes I’ve ever been a part of. Everywhere the eye could see were Buckeyes marching to the lake singing Ohio State fight songs, and jumping in as if it were a hot summer day. This year the temperature looks like it’s going to be around 40 degrees, which is incredibly warm considering last year it was snowing.

We had a solid group of MBA students participate last year, but it got a little disorganized and everyone went at different times. I’m hoping we can organize ourselves a little better this year. Maybe one of the Operations/Supply Chain guys can figure out the most efficient workflow. For those of you jumping into Mirror Lake this Thursday, here are a couple of tips:

1. Bring a towel and a change of clothes. Layer, layer, layer.
2. Go in a large group and have designated people to hold everyone’s stuff.
3. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee.
4. The lake is very shallow. Do not dive in headfirst.
5. Wear flip-flops, old sneakers or water shoes when you jump in. The lake isn’t exactly the cleanest body of water in Ohio.
6. Even if you’re not jumping in, I would leave your cellphone and camera home. Just in case that peer pressure kicks in and you find yourself in a lake with dozens of your friends.
7. If you’re on the fence, just do it! It’s a time honored tradition at Ohio State and something that you can proudly tell your kids when they become Buckeyes too. Remember, you’re only in college twice.

Mike ^_^

The Big Game

As you have read, I have had some interesting experiences at the past few football games I went too- such as being freezing cold and never wearing clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

But as the saying goes, I guess the third time really is a charm.  We could not have asked for a better day to face the Hawkeyes this past Saturday.  The weather was like that of early fall, with people everywhere to cheer the Bucks on to win the Big 10.

It is funny to me, that with good weather and a big game, people tend to forget everything else that is going on.  The whole day, I was able to focus on time with my family and enjoying the game, not the next accounting case,  the economics group project, or my internship search.  People were giving high fives and hugs with each big play, not worrying about catching the swine flu.  As all the students rushed the field after the field goal kick, it was as though people felt that they played a small part in the victory.

While coming to Columbus, I always thought people were crazy about football and I would never be a part of that.  but now, I see that after a good game, Ohio State football is something that the whole city rallies around.  It is fun to feel like a part of the big community.   I could not have asked for such a fun weekend, and now I am even more excited for Michigan week!

Go Bucks!

So… There Are 15 Commonalities to Buckeye Tailgating

So, there are 15 commonalities I discovered regarding Buckeye Tailgating. As many of you know, I’m not all that into sports. I actually had to Google this morning to discover how many points a touchdown is worth (I thought it was 7, it is actually 6). So I have been mostly removed this quarter from all things football, which is really hard to do especially living almost next door to Ohio State Football Stadium “The Shoe”. Normally on home football game days I go shopping to get some personal store time. However today was the last Buckeye home game for the season so I decode decided to go exploring to see what football culture (especially tailgating) is all about. After about 3 hours, I found 15 things that were common sights in nearly every tailgate site I visited. In no particular order, just the order they appeared on my camera:

1) Cornhole Game Boards

2) Families

6 Families

3) Ticket Scalpers

7 Ticket Scalpers

4) The “Shoe”

8 The "Shoe"

5) Buckeye Fans

15 Our Fans

6) Police

14 The Police

7) Traffic Barriers and Cones

3 Cones+Car Barriers-pola

8 ) Ambulances Converted to Party Mobiles

10 Ambulances Conversted to Party Mobiles

9) Brutus Mascot Inflatables

2 Brutus-pola

10) Food Being Cooked

4 Foods Being Cooked-pola

11) Satellite Dishes and Gas Generators

5 Satelitte+Generator

12) Flags and Tents

9 Flags+Tents

13) People Selling Food

11 People Selling Food

14) People Selling Buckeye Merchandise

12 People Selling Buckeye Merchandise

15) The Other Team’s Fans

13 Other Team's Fans

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Dodgeball Hero

It’s almost that time for one of my favorite events of the year, the Fisher Games! Twice a year, the Graduate Programs Office puts together a day of friendly athletic competition for the students, faculty and staff. It’s a great way to meet some of the students in the other programs and it’s also fun to see the professors out there running, jumping, passing, and shooting with all of the students. This year the games will be at the RPAC on Friday, November 20th from 10am to 5pm. Even if you aren’t participating, it’s a great event to watch.

Last year the Winter Games were: dodgeball, basketball and kickball. The Spring Games were: beach volleyball, softball, and capture the flag (which got a little crazy). Because of the change in venue from the ARC to the RPAC, this year’s Winter Games are going to be: basketball, indoor volleyball and dodgeball. Historically, the faculty have had very strong dodgeball and softball teams.

Last year, I was on the second place basketball team and first place volleyball team. This year I’m going for the illustrious Fisher Winter Games Triple Crown. I’ve been working out, doing my cardio, and eating my Wheaties. Only one man stands in my path to Fisher Games greatness, Larry “The Rifle” Inks.

Professor Inks teaches our core organizational behavior class with Professor Rucci. In the classroom, he’s calm, collected, and well-spoken. But on the court he’s a force to be reckoned with. Rumors have it that he once hit a kid so hard with a dodgeball, all his hair fell out. Last year, he hit a full-time MBA student so hard, she transferred to the part-time program. You know all those Chuck Norris jokes? They’re all actually facts about Professor Inks. He might teach soft skills in the classroom, but if you end up facing the faculty team, be forewarned. Inks will put a hurtin’ on you.

Mike ^_^

Professor Inks: Dodgeball Hero

Big win for the Buckeyes and the rest of my weekend

Today, I spent most of my time studying for Tuesday’s midterm in MBA 870. It was not nearly as enjoyable as yesterday. Saturday morning I was able to squeeze in a round of golf at Scarlet before the football game and enjoy the weather. I didn’t play particularly well, but I had fun.

After golf, I had some friends over and we watched the Buckeye defense dominate Penn State for 60 minutes. I particularly enjoyed watching Cameron Heyward get after Daryll Clark. The Buckeyes currently sit in the driver’s seat for a Big Ten championship and a Rose Bowl birth. With the loss of Ricky Stanzi, Ohio State shouldn’t have too much trouble beating the Hawkeyes next Saturday in Columbus.

After the football game I watched the Blue Jackets come from behind and beat the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. The Hurricanes lost their starting goalie, Cam Ward, early in the game when Rick Nash’s skate cut Ward in the thigh. Ward was helped off the ice by two trainers and left a trail of blood on the ice from the goal to the bench. The Jackets now sit atop their division one month into the season, 3 points ahead of the Red Wings who will be in town on Wednesday. You should go down to the game or watch it on TV if you have the time. The puck drops at 7pm.

All in all it was a good weekend, but I am looking forward to next weekend when I won’t have any tests to study for.

Ohio State vs. Penn State

The game on Saturday had huge implications for the Buckeyes. If they had any hope of winning an unprecedented fifth straight Big Ten Conference title, they had to beat Penn State. This was an away game at Beaver Stadium and it is no cakewalk. Also known as Happy Valley, the stadium is the largest in the country and fills with over 110,000 crazy fans for every home game. The fans do this “White-Out” where the entire crowd wears white and it looks like snow has fallen on the entire stadium. The funniest part- Ohio State was also wearing white! Jim Tressel, in the news conference after the game even joked about this and said: “We thought all of that white was cheering for us since we were wearing white. It was nice.”

The Buckeyes stepped it up and had zero turnovers and allowed zero sacks against “statistically” one of the best defenses in the country. Penn State’s defense was ranked 5th in the country coming into Saturday’s game. The Ohio State defense flexed their muscles and held Penn State to just over 200 yards, which is less than half of their normal average.

With two games left on the schedule, the Buckeyes need only to beat Iowa to smell the roses. For all of you that don’t understand this metaphor, it means that Ohio State will be playing in the Rose Bowl. This game usually features the top team in the Big 10 against the top team in the Pac 10 at the end of the season. But every Buckeye fan knows, that even if the game against the team up north means nothing, it still means everything.

First group project and another midterm on the way

Today, my first group project is due for MBA 812. We had to pick a project from the World Bank website and then analyze whether or not we think the project will be successful. Our project was trying to develop tourism in Ethiopia and we all decided that it would probably not be successful for a number of reasons.

Also coming up is my second midterm for MBA 870 – it is only a week away. If it is anything like the first midterm is shouldn’t be too bad, but studying is still going to take up a good chunk of my free time over the weekend.

In sports news, the Buckeyes start a tough 3 game stretch this weekend at Penn State. I am trying to be optimistic but I really don’t know what to expect. Lastly, my favorite show on TV right now, Mad Men, only has one episode left this season. It has been a phenomenal season thus far and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out.