Busiest Week of My Life Continued…

My classmates and I entered the room for the networking dinner.  There were quite a few people there already, but the OSU people had the coolest name tags by far.  I think there was some name tag envy from the students who were there from Michigan and Illinois.

I was proud of myself.  I jumped in and started introducing myself to people.  During the dinner I spoke to an employee who is currently in the Leadership Development Program, the Director of the Director of HR, the HR Director of the Marine Division, and the HR Manager at the plant in Indianapolis.  All of the employees at Rolls-Royce seemed extremely enthusiastic about working for the company and were a lot of fun to talk to.

After the dinner we all went our separate ways and I headed to my room to relax for the evening.  I was really excited about sleeping in the big, fluffy bed.  Unfortunately, I was so nervous about the next day that I only slept a total of 2-3 hours.

The next morning we all met in the lobby of the hotel and headed to the Rolls-Royce plant on a shuttle.  I was nervous, but everyone at Rolls-Royce was very nice and kept telling us to just be ourselves.  We ate breakfast and the HR Manager did a quick presentation about the company.  After that it was time to interview.

The first activity I did was a written case study, next was a one-on-one with situational questions, then my 10 minute presentation with a question answer portion after, and then a group exercise where we were observed in a group and then presented after 15 minutes of discussion.  I really thought the presentation was going to be the most stressful part, but I actually was most nervous during the group exercise.  I didn’t want to be overly aggressive, but I also did not want to be too passive either.

It was a long day and I was relieved when it was over.  We headed back to the hotel and made the drive back to Columbus.  Unfortunately, I was not chosen to move forward as an intern at Rolls-Royce.  I was disappointed because I really like the company and the people there were really great, but on a positive note, it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

This actually only gets us through Wednesday of my busy week.  The rest of the week was midterms, another interview, group meetings, class, and finally a really fun Halloween Party.  Maybe this week will be less crazy but, every time I think that, something comes up!

My first buckeye game (and Halloween!)

So a round of applause please, I finally attended my first buckeye football game.  This was a big deal for me not only because it’s an amazing experience but also because I’m from the east coast and college football, to most people from the northeastern part of the US, is the equivalent of bird watching (no offense to those who enjoy that).  In other words…most people don’t care.

So Tuesday my boyfriend called me and let me know he could get two tickets to the game this weekend (because we played New Mexico State…everyone was practically giving away their tickets).  He has never been to a game either (but is a big fan…owns an OSU jersey) and was really excited so I evaluated what I had to this weekend which was basically a lot of reading…and a football game trumps reading even in my book.  So we ended up going to the game with our friends Dave and Brittany and Dave’s brother Tim who is also an OSU student studying physical therapy.  We started out at River Watch, an apartment complex that shuts down its parking lot and turns it into a mini fair..sort of…? They have drinks, food, and a stage with a band who got better as the morning went on.  The best part about it though was that it was Halloween:

Brittany and I with the BK man before the game!
Me and Brittany with the BK man before the game!

The game itself was really fun too, except for the wind and the temperature.  It was a little bit more low key than I was anticipating (I think because it wasn’t a Big Ten game) but I was happy about that…I wanted to ease into the madness.  We won the game which is wonderful but my favorite part was the half time show.  Again, it being Halloween the band had some awesome stuff planned, the best part being a little rendition, dancing included, of Thriller:

The OSU band performing Thriller
The OSU band performing Thriller

So needless to say it was pretty awesome to see.  I left the game a little bit after the start of the third quarter…we were winning and I couldn’t take the cold anymore.  The rest of the day I spent relaxing and then went to my friend’s Halloween party as a baseball player!! Overall a great weekend– now back to getting ready for the week ahead.  A lot of reading and more group projects.  Of course.

“it’s never too late to have a happy childhood…”

This week, as addressed by most of the bloggers, was marked by many different midterms and presentations.  Our group gave our presentation for the Organizational Behavior class on the company Build-A-Bear Workshop. (BBW)  BBW has an interesting view on the way their company works.  Maxine Clark, the founder and CEO, is known publicly as the Chief Executive Bear.   One of their motto’s is “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”  I thought this was an interesting motto to live by and something everyone should think about.

It is something that can easily be forgotten here, in the midst of work and readings, however this weekend we were able to take time to have fun and live a “happy childhood”.  On Friday, all the first year students took part in a community service day.  I was excited for it, but also wishing I just had Friday to work on work for the next week.  But when I got to the humane society and played with the dogs all afternoon, I realized that was just what we needed!  (I also realized that I want to take home Hairy- the cutest little pup! )

Everyone needs to take a break and have a little bit of fun.  Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time to just relax and have fun, because there is always something I could be doing…internship search…cough cough…  but taking the day off allowed me to keep a good perspective and have fun with other classmates.   Later that weekend, pretty much the whole class realized they wanted to relive a happy childhood and dressed up for our Halloween party.  It could not have come at a better time.

It was great to see everyone in a relaxed environment, all showing off their different original costume ideas- one of my favorites was a friend who dressed up like a “Harvard Business School Case Study.”  It just showed that while we are all working hard, and trying to be successful – it is never too late to have a childhood.  I think that Maxine Clark got it right.

The Show Must Go On!

The past week has been one of the busier since arriving here in Columbus; this weekend is proving to be no different.

I am currently taking a short break from working on my “Individual Case Assignment” for Dr. Inks’ & Dr. Rucci’s Organizational Behavio(u)r class. I am hoping that a witty, creative attempt at blogging will get the writing juices flowing for this ~20 page paper…

Here’s a brief, mostly chronological summary of what’s happened this past week:

  • Econ MidtermL-X graphs
  • Accounting Midtermproblem solving
  • Warren Buffet Trip Callout – A lot of people want to go, not many get to. 27 spots.
  • FGSA Meetings – Wednesday night  at the Varsity Club. More meetings should be at the Varsity Club. Professors agree.  No work got done Wednesday evening. Thursday in Fisher Graduate Student Association Board Room (it’s actually a closet…)
  • FisherServes Community Service Day -Building tables at Map Furniture Bank. Barbecue Conundrum – North Carolina vs. the world. I am on North Carolina’s side.
  • FCOB Halloween Celebration – BILLY MAYS HERE!

Billy Mays here!
Billy Mays here! R.I.P.

Back to working on the Cirque du Soleil case for Dr. Inks. The Show Must Go On.


Jay-Z and the rest of my week

As mentioned in my last post, I went to the Jay-Z concert on Wednesday. I thought the show would be good but it was even better than I expected. Jay-Z opened with Run This Town to get the crowd going and he didn’t stop for 90+ minutes. If you like Jay-Z and you ever have the chance to check him out – do it.
Friday night I went to the Blue Jackets – Penguins game. The game was sold out and it felt like half of the arena were Penguins fans. The Jackets got off to a good start and were up 3-1 with only a few minutes left in regulation before the defending Stanley Cup Champion Penguins stormed back to tie the game and take it into overtime. The Jackets ended up losing in a shootout. It was a frustrating loss, but this was not the first time the Jackets have blown a lead like that.
Today I decided to tailgate for the Ohio State – New Mexico State game and also scalped tickets for the game. We were able to get 2 pretty good seats right before kickoff for $40. Since the Buckeyes already have 2 losses this season and the game was supposed to be a blowout, I thought I’d be able to get a deal like that and I was right.
Anyway, my busy week is finally over and tomorrow I get to relax and will probably end up doing some work for class. Below are a few pictures from the Jay-Z show.

Halloween Fun

This year the student leadership is working hard on creating “One Fisher” by integrating all of the graduate programs together (MBA, MAcc, MLHR, MBLE, WPMBA). In the past the programs were very segregated and there was very little interaction between groups, even between the first year and second year MBA classes.

A step in the right direction was the Halloween Party last night that the Social Committee successfully orchestrated. Thank you to Dave, Jenny, Kevin and Jeremy for putting everything together (a quick shoutout to Social Committee member #5 Elias studying abroad in Denmark). We had over 240 people RSVP and people still paying at the door, so the turnout was great considering the size of our program. If you weren’t there you missed out on a great time and a chance to build relationships with your classmates in a more informal setting. The costume creativity was also very impressive.

Hrostoski’s Top 10 Costumes of the Night:
10. Jorge as Hannah Montana
9. Nick as Billy Mays
8. John as Bill Cosby
7. Anil as Bert from Sesame Street
6. Adam as Santa Claus
5. Scryan’s couples costume
4. Ian’s “In the mouth of a shark” costume
3. Shay’s iPhone
2. Jerry as the Pillsbury Doughboy
1. The Indian Mafia

Honorable Mention: Yours truly as Captain America

The full-time MBA program has the best of both worlds. On one hand, we grow so much in regards to improving our business acumen, global awareness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. On the other hand, we still take the time to celebrate life and remember that we’re all still kids at heart.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”George Bernard Shaw

Indian MBA Association

Well this has been an eventful week. There was Alumni Awards ceremony, pre-Game Tailgate with Deloitte associates and partners, mid-terms (more on that later) and Indian MBA association social mixer. A packed week after another. There were many notable moments in the week, but I would like to concentrate on the social mixer today, yeah you guessed it free food, that too Indian food….ah! To tell you more about the association Ashish Kumar, the president of the association, agreed to my request of writing a guest blog this week. So here on over to Ashish:

When Nikunj approached me to write a blog on the Indian MBA Association, I was glad to get this opportunity to share my experience.

The Indian MBA Association (IMBAA) has been an active organization in the Fisher College of Business for quite some time now. As the name suggests, this student body organization was instituted to bring all the MBA students of Indian origin under one umbrella. Over the course of time IMBAA has built credibility and reputation of being more than just an ethnic organization. Its mission is to provide opportunities to the Fisher community to experience Indian culture, heritage and business practices. The Diwali dinner, hosted to celebrate the festival of lights, is our first big event in the fall quarter. This year the Diwali Dinner is being held on 11/4/09. Since this event is open to all the students at Fisher, I highly recommend you to sign up on the hub and join us in the celebrations.

The signature event of IMBAA takes place in the spring. It’s called UTSAV, which means “Celebration”. I take the pride in saying that Utsav is THE BIGGEST event in Fisher organized by any student club. Last year it was held during the lunch hour on 21st May, with participation from over 30 students, staff and faculty members. There were dance performances, fashion shows and musical fusion. Dr. Karen Wruck walked the ramp with Prof. Dick Dietrich and Prof. Dave Williams. How cool is that? Entire Fisher came to live at the tunes of Bollywood numbers. Everyone was dressed up in beautiful traditional Indian outfits and was enjoying every moment of the event. Over 300 people enjoyed the delicious Indian food.

Video of UTSAV 2009

Cricket is more of a religion than a sport in India. It brings people from all walks of life together. So, to keep that spirit alive, IMBAA organized a half day event last year called “Cricket – learn n’ play”. After receiving an overwhelming response, IMBAA has decided to make it an annual event.

Is that what IMBAA is all about. Absolutely not! IMBAA is committed to all round development of its members. It is taken the onus to create possibilities for professional development and community outreach. IMBAA has partnered with Nationwide to organize a joint event this year. This is a great opportunity to network with Nationwide representatives and understand their business. Clearly “Nationwide is on our side”. This is just one of the several programs planned this year.


Ashish Kumar

Bengals – Bears and my busiest week ever

So I just got back from the Bengals – Bears game in Cincinnati and its time to get back to studying for my MBA 812 midterm on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I overbooked my week. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5:45 AM and drive to Cincinnati for work. On Monday night I am going to the Gaslight Anthem concert at the Newport, Tuesday night I have class and my midterm, Wednesday my part of the MBA 812 project is due to my group and I am going to the Jay-Z concert, Thursday I have class again and Friday I am going to the Blue Jackets – Penguins game. After that, life should return to normal and I am looking forward to it.

On the bright side, the Buckeyes bounced back and beat Minnesota after a poor first half and the Blue Jackets beat the Ducks on Saturday night after blowing leads in their last 2 games. Unfortunately, they are down 2-0 to the Kings as I write this post. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that I get through this week with my sanity in tact. Below are a few pictures from today’s game.

and the worst dressed award goes to…..

One of the first questions I was asked when I told people I was going to OSU for my MBA was, “Did you get football tickets?”  Despite getting an education at one of the top programs in the country, most people are more envious of the student football tickets at student prices.

So along with the amount of work on our plates, it has been one of my priorities to enjoy these highly coveted tickets.  However, I have discovered that I still have a lot to learn.  For example, I think that I have continually won the worst dressed award for the games that I have been to.  And I want to take most of the blame, but I am also giving part of my award to weather.com.

For example, for the first game against Illinois, on weather.com, the forecasters reported that rains should end by the 3 o’clock kick-off.  So I didn’t bring any rain gear at all.  By the fourth quarter, when I was shaking uncontrollably and soaked down to the skin, we decided it was time to head back to drier places – The Thirsty Scholar.

Then again, this past Saturday, at the Minnesota game, weather.com forecasted that it should be in the high-50’s.  I thought I dressed appropriately, however, it felt more like in the the 30’s.  Thankfully, one of the second years saved me by lending me some mittens, otherwise I would have been too cold to fully enjoy the coveted experience.

I am going to believe that my next game I am going to get it right.  One, I am not listening to weather.com, and two, I am going to hope that “third times a charm” holds up for me, and I will finally not be the worst dressed for another game.

Until them, “Go Bucks!”

TerrorFest with GHRA


Okay, I’m a little late with this post, but it’s better late than never.  Last Friday, the member of GHRA (Graduate Human Resources Association) got together for the first time this school year to celebrate the coming of Halloween.  It was a great opportunity to not only get together with some of my classmates outside of the classroom, but also a way to get to know the 2nd year MLHR students a bit better.

We started the night of by meeting at the Gateway, in which we then headed to the Haunted House.  I didn’t know this, but someone pointed out that this haunted house was rated amongst the Top 25 in the country.  Once arriving, we decided to partner up as we made our way through the old abandoned warehouse that had been filled with goons and goblins.  It was the most extravagant haunted house I’d ever been to.  You could tell that a lot of money was spent on making it a great production.  After the haunted house we headed back to the Gateway for some mixing and mingling.  We enjoyed food and adult beverages, followed by a little bit of dancing.  I can say that this was probably the best part of the night for me.  It really allowed me the chance to get to know my classmates a great deal better.  In addition, I was able to speak to some whom I had never spoken to before.  All in all it was a great Friday night.  Can’t wait to do it again.

Say Cheese!