I know no one likes baseball in the Buckeye State but….

The title of this post is not exactly what I am going to be writing about but I just have to say that I was watching the ALDS Yankees v. Twins baseball game on Friday night and I think MLB needs to develop some sort of rule about fair v. foul balls in the outfield.  Towards the end of the game the Twins had a hit to left field that landed SO incredibly fair and was called foul.  It cost the Twins the game and it made me depressed because who in the world wants the Yankees to win (I’m a Mets fan but am contemplating adopting a new team because they stink). And of course to top it off Mark Texiera the baseball robot hit a walk off home run to win the game for the Yankees.

Enough about baseball.  Other comments/observations from the weekend…

-I spent the majority of today and yesterday reading and catching up on work.  I read about half of my reading for my Fundamentals of HR book (this is the second book I’m reading for the class and it is slightly more interesting than the first thank goodness) and I caught up on stats and became a master of excel and StatTools this awful (but helpful) stats program for Excel that came with our book.

-I went out to dinner on Friday night for a late birthday celebration (my birthday was 9/30).  It was at a restaurant in Delaware, OH where Ohio Wesleyan is and where I went to undergrad.  I know I know why would I leave Columbus when there are so many good places to eat but the reason is because the restaurant is called Nova and they have the most amazing grilled chicken salad I have ever had.  It has a sweet onion balsamic vinaigrette that they home make in the kitchen, the chicken is delicious, it has blue cheese, spinach, strawberries and blueberries in it.  Hi amazing. So it was worth the trip to Delaware (which is actually a really cute town to walk around if you want to see someplace outside of Columbus).

-I had Rita’s again.  I went in sweatpants with my friend Rachel.  It was delicious.  I have two more stamps to get until I get a free ice.

-I discovered Antrim Park, up on Olentangy River Rd.  It’s a pretty park with a little lake and a 1.2 mile path around the lake.  There were a lot of people there with their dogs and people just walking and running.  I’m not a runner, I’m a brisk walker so I walked around the lake twice.  It was a beautiful day outside, I’m glad I found the park.  Sometimes I just need to get fresh air it helps me think.

-The same friend I went to Rita’s with, Rachel, said that I needed to do some more decorating in my apartment so I was inspired and got some nice pillows for my couch/loveseat and a pretty candle centerpiece for my dinged up coffee table.  Now I just need some things for my walls…it’s fun decorating an apartment except sometimes I’m completely uninspired and I get confused about what would look good so I never get anything.

So fun weekend for me (minus the homework) I’m off to read more and watch game three of Yankees Twins series.  If the Yankees win I’ll cry.

Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens

Recently I’ve been missing Austin, but as soon as the leaves started changing, I quickly remembered why I moved back to the Midwest.  I love the seasons, especially fall.  There are so many fun fall activities such as pumpkin carving, corn mazes, and of course, football!

When the leaves have changed to beautiful oranges, reds, and purples I can sit and stare at the trees forever.  OSU campus has the perfect place to enjoy the fall colors too.  It is called Chadwick Arboretum and it is right next to the business college.  Chadwick Arboretum is such a perfect place to take one of those extremely interesting books about business structures or strategic business planning and study.

Chadwick Arboretum also has a labyrinth in its Lane Avenue Gardens.  Sometimes, as graduate students, we need a place to go contemplate life.  As stated on the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens website, “The labyrinth symbolizes the cyclic journey that each of us must take daily and seasonally throughout our lives as we follow a path to unity and wholeness. While reaching the center of the labyrinth is a goal, every participant in this ancient ritual will approach the center and then be taken back to an outer circuit that is far removed from their destination. Eventually, however, the center is reached. The lesson of the labyrinth is simple: As long as you persist, you will reach your destination.”

There is a ton of excellent information on the Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens website about the labyrinth, as well as information about their volunteer program.  I hope everyone gets out to visit the Arboretum because it is truly beautiful!


Yesterday I drew up a mission statement for my team, which is aimed to summarize the characteristics of high performance organization.  You can see as follows.


Our vision is to learn from each other, improve our practical abilities though the process of the project and get an excellent score.

1. Members of the team should at least have one meeting per week. Anyone who cannot attend the meeting should make an announcement at least 24 hours ahead.

2. The collected information should be shared through email on time. And everybody needs to check the common emails at least every two days to make a grasp of the team discussion.

3. Everyone should have an in-depth understanding of the company so as to reach a better communication among the team members. On the other hand, each should clearly understand her own division of responsibility and effectively in charge of the part which is assigned to the specific one.

4. We appreciate any idea. And every opinion given out should be backed with strong references.

5. Everyone should claim her own responsibilities and the goal that should be reached in the next time, and also a clear due date should be promptly given.

6. We should respect  each other, take care and help each other. ^_^

7. We can hang out together at a leisure time. lol.

I am so happy that my teammates are ok with it. And I really hope that we can get along well with each other as well as the project!


Days go by…

That is one of my favorite Keith Urban songs (yes even though I’m from the east coast I enjoy some country music) and it always seems to come up on my ipod at times like these when I feel like days are literally flying by.

Yesterday marked the first two weeks of the quarter and of my time here at Fisher/OSU and it actually feels like I’ve been here forever.  The experiences I’ve had in the past two weeks have been amazing and I am so excited to see what awaits….some highlights:

-I am presenting my first actual group project tonight for class.  My group is amazing, we work so well together and I’m really excited to do our presentation.  It’s about the banking bailout and its effect on the US economy and I’m sure in the Q&A time our class will start to debate, we have a ton of really outspoken people which makes it fun

-I survived two of my first legitimate interviews.  Both of which I feel went well, but let’s face it you just never know with these things.  If anything they were wonderful practice for those dreaded behavior based questions….”tell me about a time when…”

-One of my best friends from undergrad moved back to Columbus and she is working at the zoo.  It’s nice to have her back and I get to go on behind the scenes tours of the zoo! I’ll be sure to take my camera to that.

-I’ve started to embrace football…although I didn’t get tickets this year (I know I know…I’ll get them next year) I actually make an effort to watch the games and get excited.  This is a huge milestone for me!

-Our MLHR class is really starting to come together (a lot in part to the stress of interviewing and group projects literally everyday in our classes) and everyone seems so awesome and to have so many unique experiences, I am definitely looking forward to getting to know all of them better.

That’s life currently.  A lot of homework and reading to catch up on this weekend, but I will make time to watch the game and relax too 🙂

Porter’s Five Forces model -Business Practice and Human Resource Mananger

Porter’s Five Forces model: In accordance with Porter’s view, there are five basic competitive forces that affect the competition within an industry. The five forces are threat of competitors, entry, substitutes, suppliers and buyers.

The competitors are known as companies which offer the similar products or  as the focal company. And the rivals and focal company usually have the same target customers. Take China Telecommunication Industry as example. With the advance of telecommunications reform, there are three companies- China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. Their business is the same, including telephone services Broadband Internet access services cell phone services and professional business services. Each one of them is always trying to enlarging market share by getting the customers from the other two companies. Thus, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile are competitors. And it is said that the following conditions may facilitate the rivalry, large number of competitors, slow and declining growth, high fixed costs and/or high storage costs and low product differentiation. For instance, there are only three telecommunication companies in China, so it is easy for each of them get large amount of customers. To this degree the competition is very low. But many other factors should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the technical skills don’t change a lot in this era, so the rate of growth is slow. Secondly, the fixed costs in this industry are outrageously high. Telecommunication companies have to invest numerous high-tech fundamental facilities in different places in the very beginning and always repair or upgrade these facilities. Eventually, these three companies offer virtually the same services to the customers. Therefore, the threat of competitors is of high in China Telecommunication Industry.

Concept of the threat of entry is easily to understand. And the barriers to entry refer to these factors-economies of scale, product differentiation, cost advantages independent of scale and government polices. Let’s exemplify it by analyzing China Communication Industry. It is very difficult for new companies to enter into this industry. First of all, the three current companies are state-owned and Chinese central government has implemented very strict regulation of entering this industry, though China has join WTO. Second, building networks requires large sums of investments. Third, strong technical support is essential in this high-tech industry. It would be time-consuming and money-consuming for a new company to obtain the out-of-date technology for this industry. Moreover, it is pretty difficult for entrant get enough customers in the early period. If the entrants can’t produce the minimum efficient scale, it will be at a disadvantage.

The threat of buyers roughly decided by the bargaining power of buyers. The power is mainly affected by three factors-the number of products the buyer required, the preferences of buyers and the cost of alternatives. The buyers may try to get high-quality products or services with low price. Furthermore, if the requirement surpasses the demand, the price of products or services would drop and vice versus.

Similarly, the threat of suppliers can be evaluated by analyzing the bargaining power of suppliers. There are various kinds of conditions result in high supplier power, including small number of firms in supplier’s industry, highly differentiated product, lack of close substitutes for suppliers’ products, supplier could integrate forward, and focal firm is an insignificant customer of supplier. If Suppliers have strong power, the focal company might have to spend more money in materials, thus increasing the cost.

Substitutes offer different products or services that have the same kinds of functions to satisfy the customers. Generally speaking, almost all enterprises in an industry are subject to the threat of substitutes. In addition, the price of substitute’s products decides the highest price of the products of focal industry.

In all, Porter’s five forces model is a great “tool” to understand the external environment of the industry.

Relationship Drama

I was so excited to meet him the first day of class.  He was intriguing, logical, and extremely diverse.  I’ve been getting to know him better over the past two weeks and even though he is all of the above, our relationship already seems to be hitting some of those normal bumps in the road.  He seemed so clear in the beginning and then, BAM, he became very confusing.  I never know what he is trying to get at. Ugh!

Statistics, the guy I am talking about, is no longer so enticing, but I’ve got to stick though with him until at least the first week of December.  Luckily it seems there are a lot of people in my class who have also dated him and they have some great advice for me.  They have told me I need to approach him with patience, really listen to what he is trying to tell me, and focus!

Well, like any relationship, I think Statistics and I are going to have some drama, but it looks like I have a great support system and with my classmates’ and Professor Bendapudi’s help we will make it though the quarter.  Statistics and I are going to make many memories together!

A few laughs and time for yourself

As I logged in this morning to provide my weekly dose of “Fisher Life”, I started reading some of the other blogs. It’s really cool to see the perspective of other students who have never been at OSU until this year. I, however, have been on the OSU campus my entire life, I’ve worked here since I was in eighth grade (woot woot, summer job!) and I’ve been going to football games since I was 8. My mom is faculty in the Animal Sciences department and between my parents, my sister and myself, there are currently 7 degrees from The Ohio State University and currently the 8th is in progress. I guess the funny part comes from reading posts and imagining that their thoughts are how I reacted when I first saw OSU and the first time I went to an Ohio State game. I’ve befriended a girl who is each of my classes, Xing Xing, also known as Elle – like the magazine (that’s what she says each time someone asks her name). It’s been a lot of fun talking to her because the things that I pass off as every day common occurrences are things that she otherwise would never have encountered. I suppose even though I’m an old vet at this OSU thing, it’s still fun to get to explain everything and see it all for the first time through another person’s eyes.

I definitely recommend reading the other posts. There are quite a few laughs in there and they’re sure to brighten anyone’s day. Especially the post about Tommy’s Pizza by Shay Merritte.

Amanda’s Tip of the Week:

Take time for yourself. Having class three days a week, each class 4 hours and each having about 100 pages worth of reading each week can be overwhelming. I’m taking a yoga class every Tuesday for two hours and it is one of the most relaxing things I could do. Yesterday in class, our teacher Shannon Titus, had us do her ‘word-call-out’ where we say how we’re feeling. The majority of my classmates, including myself, said either tired or stressed, and I’m the only grad student. It’s only the third week and we’re already feeling this way. So, take some time to yourself. Make sure after you get home and before you start studying or even before you go to bed that you take time to unwind from the day and make time for yourself. Otherwise you’re going to go crazy and stress out even more.

Happy Wednesday!

Interviewing 101

Wow, with school starting just 2 1/2 weeks ago, balancing your course workload along with preparing from summer internships interviews can be hectic!  Deciding which one to place more emphasis on can be a tough decision, considering that they both will have a great impact on your future in HR.  One word of advice that I can offer future Buckeyes, is to make sure you secure a mock interview prior to your orientation.  With so much going on throughout the school year, it is easy for your career adviser to book up with other responsibilities, while leaving you without an opportunity to get one mock interview in before your interview.  One mock interview that can make or break you.

When speaking to my classmates about how their interview experience has been thus far, the general feeling is that they did “Okay!” Not too reassuring!  However, I am a firm believer that practice is the key to making a great impression in your job interviews. With each interview you get better and better at answering those tough questions.  As well as figuring ways around those questions you just don’t seem to have an answer for.  So in conclusion, “Good luck to everyone as they proceed through the recruitment season at Fisher. May the forces be with you!”


After a busy end of last week and an even busier weekend (undergrad homecoming!) I’m back to the grind of what looks like a very busy Sunday evening.  By the end of my time here at Fisher and OSU I will be a professional multi-tasker…as I write this article I am catching up on Project Runway and once I am done writing this I will still be watching Project Runway and writing an email to my group for my “Business 101” class. Then I will be running through some talking points for my interview tomorrow (insert music from Jaws here) and then finally reading for class on Wednesday…in bed…which means I’ll make it through 5 pages before falling asleep.  But I planned for that don’t worry.

“Business 101” is actually Business for the HR Professional and it is like getting your MBA in one quarter.  Only not as intense.  No where near as intense.  I’m really glad it is required though because I definitely will feel more confident after this class about the business world and how organizations really work.  I’ll also be veryyyy well versed on the Banking Bailout, which is the project topic my group picked.  We are presenting a lovely power point presentation in class this Thursday.  My group is made up of three other girls and myself and I couldn’t be happier with us all.  We are very productive and efficient and get along really well together.  We’ve had two group meetings and assigned different parts of the project and then we will meet this week two times before class to run through the presentation.  We also did a short presentation this past Thursday which went pretty well.  By the time I’m done at Fisher my fear of public speaking will be completely eliminated.

And yes I have an interview tomorrow.  I also have one on Tuesday.  I feel much more confident about tomorrow because it’s actually for the company my Dad has worked for since the early 90’s so at least I have something going for me.  Tuesday is another story….I felt compelled to sign up to be preselected for every interview I possibly could and now I’m thinking that was a bad idea because the industry of Tuesday’s company is not my cup of tea.  But at least it will be good practice and who knows…maybe I will change my mind.

So I’m off to be busy and productive with my time and to keep on talking to myself about myself in preparation for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!!


On October, 2nd, I met my English Conversation Speaking Partner Brooke who is an awesome first year student in OSU!

I decided to participate in the English Conversation Partners (ECP) program offered by Office of International Affairs (OIA) and that’s how I was assigned Brooke.

The ECP program is designed to help international students like me, get adjusted and transition to OSU and life in the United States quickly.

I was initially unable to attend the ECP orientation on Sep, 29th, as I had to attend the Shell information Session at Fisher. And I thought I may not be matched with any conversation partners. But I received an email titled “Hello from your Conversation Partner” and I was ecstatic to have been assigned one partner anyway. I was also very thrilled when I learnt that she works in Fisher and felt pretty lucky.


I was so excited to meet and talk with Brooke at the Brennen’s Cafe in the Architecture building and never wanted our conversation to end that day. Fortunately, We will be meeting for at least an hour every week! And so we both picked Friday which worked great for both of us!!!!!

I thought fate has some hand in bringing us together for many reasons. Her undergraduate major is marketing, and so was mine in my undergrad! She has applied for some part-time jobs in Fisher, which is my dream part-time working place! Now she is working in Fisher while I am studying in Fisher. Also, we both like dancing and education. And we both can’t wait to meet next Friday and go to Rag-A-Rama and buy some fun discount clothing! I am now trying to find more similar characteristics between us. 

I have some American peers, but it is Brooke that made me feel really comfortable interacting with Americans. I am trying to wonder what might be the reason and I can actually think of two. First, we share the same interesting terms of education. We really want to commit more to help the others become better and better. So she chose High Education as her graduate major while I attend master of labor and human resource program. And secondly, she is really open and willing to learn more about foreign countries. She has some learning experience in England and is very interested in Chinese culture. From my experience I have observed that many Americans focus on their own country, even limited to their hometown without considering the world or the voice outside of United States. When I spoke with some Americans, I was interested in them and their country, but didn’t find them reciprocate the same interest or emotions toward me and my country. But with Brooke, it was so different. We both exchanged a lot of interests and we both enjoy learning from each other. That’s awesome! 

This reminds me of what I said in one of my classes BUS-MHR863. I said: “So far, I have not found anything boring here, since I like anything new here. And I am thrilled to discover the differences. Those differences between China and America don’t mean that America is superior while China is inferior. We are now in an international program and we must all be open and learn form each other. We are born to win!”

(Eva helped me to refine the article, thank you , Eva!)