Nerves are setting in…..

Everyone has said that Stats is the hardest class. I don’t know if it’s the hardest class, but it’s definitely the most nerve wracking. Homework #2 was due today. Well, Dr. Bendapudi wanted students to write their work up on the board. He was asking for someone to do #6 and I asked him to repeat which one he wanted done and he said “oh come on Amanda, you can do it” and of course you can’t say no to your professor, so I wrote my 5 step problem work up on the board. Waiting for him to finish looking at it was the most nervous I’ve been yet. My work is up on the board waiting for someone to tell  me I’m wrong made me so nervous. But…my answers were correct – yay! – But it did strike the most controversy about how to go about doing the problem. Multiple ways to do the same problem = confusion.

Anyway, here’s the picture of Dr. Bendapudi inspecting my work with my fearless group mate debating a different way to do one of my problems. Go Elle!

Look! There's all of my work in blue on the right! Woot Woot!
Look! There's all of my work in blue on the right! Woot Woot!

That’s all for now folks. Happy statistics! Exam next week. Don’t forget to study 🙂


Creepy Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins!

This Friday the Graduate Human Resources Association (GHRA) planned a social event to go to Terrorfest, a huge and very creepy haunted house in the Brewery District of Columbus and then go out after in the Gateway (a section of High St right off of campus).  I was really excited because our class hasn’t done a whole lot of out of class bonding.  Well…I was excited until I remembered what exactly a haunted house entails…creepy people, strobe lights and screaming.

I decided to suck it up and go.  We had about 26ish people go, a mix of first years, second years and friends and significant others.  Somehow…I don’t know how.. I ended up being at the front of our group (the worst place ever!) with Samantha, a second year who I work with.  We were pretty brave for the first 2-3 minutes or so, but then you kind of get tired of people jumping out at you all the time so we rotated back to the middle of the group 🙂

We all made it through the entire haunted house, chainsaws and all and I was actually surprised at how fun it was.  I started talking to the people who were scaring us and laughing and it was a very good bonding experience for everyone.  We all then drove back to the Gateway and went out to Ugly Tuna, a bar/restaurant.  The food seemed good they had a bunch of fun margarita drinks and it seems like it gets a pretty good crowd!

Overall it was a really good night and fun to do some out of class bonding and get to know some of the second years better as well.  They are such a good resource to ask about classes and interviews and companies and they are willing to share anything you want to know.

So thanks to Lauren Griffith and the rest of the GHRA social chairs/committee for organizing the event it was fun!!

(for pictures check out LaToya’s MLHR blog she was the smart one who remembered her camera!)

A busy week

It is really a busy week. I had two interviews and one project presentation. I got a full score in my first quiz in United States and I applied SSNON Friday.Frankly, the interviews went well while the presentation is bad.

My first interview is Pearl Interactive Network (PIN) in Merry`s house on Monday. Merry is the owner of it and it is a company help the people with challenge. I like that company, not only because it helps the people with challenge get the job, but also Diane and her team modified sort of high-tech tools to assist those people who need assistance. For instance, people who is sight challenged are able to operate Microsoft office software by PIN`s high-tech voice system. We talked something about my family and my study in China. I was not nervous to share my information with them. Even I would like to talk more to them, since they are very very nice! However, I can`t  get an intern there, since I have only been in United for 1 month and  I am not able  to have an effective communication with people with challenged . What`s more, PIN is a virtual home-base company and it will take a long time for me to realize  my development. But Merry told me to keep in touch and Diane said I would be hired if they have an office. I look forward to helping them in the future.

My second interview is with Erin from Roll-Royce. I did well since my awesome roommate Jessica helped me prepared it; Tanvi, who had internship this summer there, shared some information with me; Professor Hills taught  me  strategy of interview. And thank myself who did a good research in the company. I was excited to share my excellent experience in the Student Union with Erin and she definitely was attracted by my colorful experience.  She also smiled when I analyzed the business of Rolls-Royce. By the way, she is really interested in my position as a student blogger.

I didn’t give the class a good presentation yesterday. I felt ashamed. Sorry, team members. I should re-schedule my time and try to quickly adapt to my new and exciting life!

Interview Woes

I have had a couple of interviews in the past weeks and I have to come to the realization that I might not be very good at interviews.  Having fun and leaving the interview with a smile on my face does not necessarily mean that I wowed them with my professionalism and intelligence.  It probably just means I enjoyed talking to the person and that I am a spaz!

I do not get nervous for interviews.  I think this is mostly because I know I have a lot of great experience and I tend to feel if I am too uptight that it will make the interviewer uncomfortable.  I was in charge of recruiting at the company that I used to work for and we usually hired the people who we had the most fun with and who weren’t afraid to show their personality.  It worked out well for that particular company, but that was a small, family owned business.  We used these measures to judge if the person would fit in with our culture.  I think culture fit is so important, but I think it is almost more important in a small business because if you have one person who has a bad attitude or doesn’t quite fit in with everyone, the entire organization feels it and it becomes apparent very quickly!

Oh goodness, what am I to do?  It looks like it is time for me to call the Career Management office to set up my mock interview.  I have heard many good things about this process and I hope it will help me learn how to portray all of the positive attributes I have to offer a business.  It would also be nice if they could give me some tips on how to be less bubbly.  I just can’t control my excitement sometimes!

Go Team!

With week 5 right around the corner and the deadline of my three group projects looming overhead, I find it appropriate to dedicate this post to group projects.

So far in MGT 863 we’ve had 4 presentations on Current Issues in Business. They’ve all been pretty good, but one last night added some unintentional entertainment. On a presentation about companies going green, the entire class was given pencils which were made out of recycled newspaper. Pretty awesome, huh? All of the pencils had Chinese characters on them, so one of my group members, Lindsay (pictured below) and I asked our other group member Elle what it said. I won’t repeat what mine said, because it’s not very appropriate, but Lindsay’s said “blessed”. It was kind of cool. A really neat thing about group projects is that you have study buddies. My group has set aside 2 hours every Thursday before class where we can work on our group project or work on class work. I work almost 40 hours each week so it’s nice to have time devoted to nothing but studying because it’s hard for me to find the time otherwise.

Shameless plug: go out and vote! It’s your patriotic duty. I voted this week. What did you do for your country?

I’ve been researching internships. I’m limited in what I can do for an internship next summer. I have to stay in Columbus, so my options are a little more limited. I’ve found a few companies that have corporate headquarters in or near Columbus that I’m looking into, but if anyone has any brilliant suggestions, let me know. But OH!!! I got an interview for the Initiative for Managing Services (IMS) next week and I’m REALLY excited. I’ve recently had a eureka moment where I’ve planned out my entire life. I find intrinsic motivation fascinating. I want to discover the best ways – through training and compensation – to better motivate people to do a better job in the workforce and determine what employers can do to keep people motivated, but it’s more-so I want to find out how people are intrinsically motivated and incorporate that into training programs. IMS is a research center through Fisher and researches training programs, etc, so I think it would be a perfect fit. Excited/nervous about the interview.

That’s all for today! Happy Weekend! Go Bucks beat the Boilermakers!

Lindsay and her "blessed" pencil
Lindsay and her "blessed" pencil

GHRA Halloween Extravaganza


Did it work?  Are you scared?  Not even a little?

This Friday night the Graduate Human Resources Association is attending the World Renound “Terror Fest.”

Check out

If you are looking for something fun to do between now and November 1st, be sure to check it out.  We don’t go down to the Brewery District often, but this is a nationally ranked, true story, haunted house.

Who doesn’t like to get a little jeepers creepers feeling around Halloween,

If anyone is interested, please let me know!

Halloween Recipe

In the Spirit of Halloween and because I am a bit of a HP dork. Madam Rosmerta’s Pumpkin Shake.


  • 1 banana, peeled and frozen
  • 3 tablespoons orange juice concentrate
  • 3 tablespoons pumpkin puree
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 1/3 cup water or milk (creamier)
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Cinnamon (optional)


Step 1: Cut frozen banana into small pieces and put all ingredients into blender.

Step 2: Blend on high until smooth.

Step 3: Pour into two tall glasses, top with whipped cream and sprinkle cinnamon over the pumpkinshake. Serve while still chilled!


My Bad

I strongly dislike when people say, “My Bad” because it usually means they messed up.  But this time I admit, I let life get in the way of blogging.

So, I guess you are wondering, what have I been doing that is soooo important that my blog was neglected for the past two weeks.  Well, let me tell you,

This quarter I am a TA for BA 499.  If you are interested in Fisher, I strongly recommend you become a TA.  However, teaching two classes back to back is not as easy as one would thing.  Undergraduate business students are fairly needy.  Having 80 of them, is enough to drive someone crazy.  Don;t get me wrong, I love what I do.  Helping undergrads be better public speakers and more ethical business men/women makes me super happy.  Answering a million emails a day, unfortunately does not.

I hereby vow, to make more of an effort to blog about how exciting it is to help mold the young leaders of our future, rather then to let them interfere with my blogging (ness).

A Day of 1st

Today was a day of many first for me here at Fisher.  To start of, I had my first formal mock interview today at the Career Management Office with Mr. Singer.  Unfortunately, all of my interviews thus far have already occurred.  However, Mr. Singer did manage to give me some great pointers on how I can make myself a better interview.  My weakness, like many other students in my program is the behavioral interview questions.  In going into my interviews last week I initially thought the interviews would be a mix of traditional interview questions and behavioral.  However, after having my interviews I noticed that recruiters were more concerned with me giving examples of my skill set, versus me just telling them what my skills were.  After meeting with Mr. Singer I have a new found leash on interviews, and I believe and know that I will conquer the BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW…DUNH DUNH DUNHHHH!!! lol

Anyhow, besides my mock interview, I also gave my first group presentation as a graduate student.  I think it went pretty well.  After presenting, the class was free to ask questions about the topic and also to give general comments if they wished.  I surprised myself at the number of questions I was able to answer on behalf of my group.  Professor Heneman stressed to us on the first day of classes that now is the time to face your fears before entering the workforce and having to deal with them there.  I always have great apprehension when faced with public speaking.  Having so much attention on little old me is quite intimidating to me.  I admire so much those people who can get in front of a crowd and articulate their views and opinions with so much ease. I just don’t get it!  How do they do it?!  Throughout this program my intentions are to gain more experience with public speaking.  I may never be able to articulate in the manner that President Obama does in front of millions, however one day I will be able to stand in front of a crowd and control my fears and work through my insecurities.  That is my goal.

Lastly, today I received my first graded quiz back.  I got a 9/10 which is not bad considering I had to make educated guesses on about half of the questions on the quiz. I guess I’m just smart that way (hehehe).   Starting of the school year right…that’s great.  Now I just have to keep up with the pace.  But for now its EOTW…END OF THE WEEK. Yay!!!

Lessons I’ve learned from statistics

This post will be a total whining session about statistics and how useless it is.

[Disclaimer: I know how useful it is. It’s just currently not my friend]

Tuesday nights are statistics class and we have had three classes so far.  The first class our professor put us at ease saying we were going to take things step by step, there is nothing to be afraid of, we can all succeed in stats. That made me feel good.  I have taken stats before, freshman year of college and I did get an A-.  The second class was alright too, discussing types of data, mean median mode, and a little bit of standard deviation and as the lecture went on the more things kept coming back to me and I felt alright.

Then I started the homework that was due last night.  First of all, the book that we have involves the use of some things called Stats Tools that we need to download from the internet.  You would think that a bunch of graduate students who for the most part grew up around computers could handle this but for some that was the hardest part of the homework actually loading the software.  I was expecting the worse but it turns out I was one of the lucky ones and I got it working on my computer just fine.  The I started doing the problems and that was fine for the most part, until I got stuck on questions involving types of data.  Let me tell you there are a lot of types of data.  The book says one thing, the professor says another who knows what to think.  There were a lot of emails going around the class these past few days asking questions not about the charts/graphs etc but about types of data.

And that brings us to class last night.  There was a quiz scheduled but we first went over the homework which took much longer than anticipated and led to the great debate of what types of data rankings of colleges are.  And I still feel that I don’t have a for sure answer.  We took the quiz, it was challenging but I think I did ok.  I know for sure that I missed the one question asking me about data types.  Naturally.

Then we began talking about probability…and we actually did begin by talking about flipping coins and rolling dice.  I like starting off easy.  And while much of the crazy formulas look like nonsense, when they are explained in everyday English they weren’t too bad to grasp.  But this class is definitely one I cannot let my mind wander in.  I was thinking about this past weekend for about thirty seconds and then snapped back to attention when I realize that I had missed hearing about two whole slides.  Sigh.

The big kicker of the class was when we reviewed two probability problems from our book.  The first one no problem it was pretty straight forward.  The second one…oh boy.  I read the problem and started doing what I thought was the correct way to do it.

Then came another twenty minute debate about the question, how we were looking at it, what exactly was the question asking, how to solve it.  This debate resulted in my scribbling out my first answer and doing a whole bunch of garbled math mixing decimals and fractions, subtracting things, drawing lines everywhere.  My brain was hurting.  Then a classmate raised his hand and said “well all I did was this….” and it was exactly what I had done the first time.  Turns out that was right, I was right all along and now had developed an unnecessary headache.

Lessons that I’ve learned so far from stats:

-I won’t always be wrong so if things are getting a little nuts in class speak up with what I’ve done for the problem

-My class is a debating and analyzing class and it is highly entertaining and is making for a great learning experience

-Bring Advil to class