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What do I do with my hands?

It seems like we are doing presentations every two weeks or so. Presenting can be stressful, but also fun!  I typically spend a lot of time in preparing for presentations and always like to sneak in subtle humor. I have a pretty dry sense of humor, but so far it seems to blend well with what we have presented so far. One professor made the comment though, that I might want to be careful about being too comfortable with the audience and losing the nature of the presentation.

Everyone has their own style of presenting, but I don’t like using note cards and prefer to improvise over an extensively rehearsed speech. It makes me feel more comfortable to present this way and allows the presentation to be a little flexible. This method does require a lot more rehearsals in preparing for it and also requires that I be over prepared. I may rehearse much more than I actually say due to the way the presentation flows. This also opens the door for more preparation for a Q and A session afterwards.

At a recent information session for a case competition, I learned that the judges are not only observing the person currently presenting, but also the other people in the presentation. It stimulated a thought of my ability to actively listen to my colleagues as they present as opposed to looking at my watch and waiting for my part. In another sense, it improves the general flow of the presentation, by connecting specific examples that a previous presenter has mentioned into your section. On a different note, my gestures are pretty minimal when I am presenting, but I started to wonder about what I am doing with my hands when I am “on stage” but not presenting. The best thing I came up with was to put my hands in my pocket and to focus all my attention on listening and following my colleagues as they talk. Not necessarily a “best solution” but I figure that it will be a good holdover until I view more presentations and get ideas from my other classmates.

Finishing the Term and Fall Break

What an extraordinary couple of weeks it has been… I was cruising through this year, able to balance work, school and my extracurricular activities perfectly fine until about two weeks ago. It’s crazy how things (*cough* school work *cough*) can sneak up you when you least expect it! I woke up one Sunday morning after having enjoyed a great Buckeye football game the day before to realize that I had an entire day of work ahead of me just to get caught up. There were projects to finish for my Leadership, Corporate Finance, Data Analysis and Industry, Risk & Pricing courses. Not only did I have to finish those projects and get ready to present them, but I had two exams to study for and a group case analysis to finish up. All of this within a week and a half. After what was probably the longest and most productive Sunday of my life, I was about 1/3 of the way to being done. Needless to say, the following week was a little hectic and stressful. If I might offer a piece of advice: Don’t Wait until you have a week left in the term to try and finish everything. Thank goodness all of my groups were organized and we powered through without any major hiccups!

mirror lake

But don’t worry, the program isn’t always as crazy as I just made it seem. The entire time I was grinding away I knew that Fall Break was around the corner. Ever since OSU switched to semesters my sophomore year of undergrad, I had been waiting for the University to add a fall break to our schedule. I had friends at other semester schools who had a Fall Break but we never had one! Until this year! You’d better believe I took advantage of it. Right after my last two exams on Wednesday, I hit the golf course for a nice round with some of the guys. Afterwards I took off for my home town of Centerville where I was able to spend time with my family for the first time in what seemed like ages. Fast-forward to Saturday morning and I’m back in Columbus getting ready to tailgate and cheer on the Buckeyes to victory against Penn State! All-in-all, the past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way!golf

Be childlike, be crazy. Happy Halloween!

In China, Halloween is a day for a small group of people who wear horror costumes. But here, Halloween spirit is everywhere. In the store, I see Halloween decorations everywhere. Along the street, people cover their elegant houses with spider nets and skeletons. Halloween is also not just for children. Here, it’s a second chance for adults to be children again, becoming the character we dreamed to be and even getting candy in the process. I also learned that parents will go for “trick or treat” and some families will put special pumpkins as a sign for children with allergies to dairy and nuts. Halloween is not only about horror, but also about thrilling, caring, and community.




“Free” Education

Information sessions are presented by various companies on campus to talk about human resources in their respective industries.  These sessions are typically presented by previous students from the MHRM program and how they have excelled in their careers.

I have attended quite a few sessions and believe that there are many benefits to attend.  Gaining knowledge about the company, learning more about the respective industry, interacting with MHRM professionals, understanding more about the perspective of HR through different lenses, and developing your ability to talk with recruiters. A lot of the info sessions also provide a free dinner!

One time, I was sitting in the grad lounge studying when a couple of my classmates invited me to go up to an information session that wasn’t advertised.  I did and got some experience analyzing a case.

Most recently, I attended an information session with Pepsi and managed to squeeze into the last interview spot that they had.  The following day, I went in for my interview, and they called me that same afternoon to offer me an internship!  I was shocked, but extremely excited for the opportunity.  Over the next week or two, my wife and I talked about it constantly and accepted the internship.  We knew that it was going to be different, but a crucial step in my professional development.

Information sessions are a great way of gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the business culture and learning the language to become a better professional.

Exams. Exams? Exams!

It has been 2 months since our program started. Since I have gone through several different exams, I think it is interesting to talk about them.

My roommate is a PhD of geophysics, and when he received his exam paper, which just included 12 multi-choice questions, via email, I complained to him about my exams as his seemed so easy. He argued,” You do have multi-choose, you can choose two from three essay questions.” He was right. The exam of MHRM 7301: Foundations of Labor and Human Resource is an essay-questions exam. We can choose to complete 2 from 3 essay questions and each accounts for 50 points. When I got the answer sheet I was shocked: it was a booklet! The questions were not easy, either. In order to solve these questions, I had to use my logical thinking and refer to the theories learned in class and from textbooks (Yes, textbooks because we must finish reading three textbooks for this course.)

The exam of MHRM 7302: Markets Organizations and Human Resource Management was even harder, even though it was a virtual exam, which means we can refer to our textbook and notes and complete it at home. The professor said there would be 12 questions and we could choose 10 of them to complete. He also said the exam would be finished within 3 hours. However, when my classmates and I received the exam e-mail, we found it actually contained 10 questions and each of them had 2 sub-questions! As a result, I spent 2 days completing a 10-page-essay-question exam.

Exams for MHRM 7321: Business Excellence 2 are more fun because we have no exams! But we are asked to complete 2 papers: one is an individual paper and another is group work. The paper is limited to 2 pages, but we should first read a case that is provided by our professor and then use our analytic thinking to find out situations and solutions of the company discussed in the case. We should also base our thinking on what we had learned in the classes. As what the professor said, he did not want a summary but his students to push themselves a little bit and show off what they have learned.


When it comes to the topic of exams, students always have a lot to talk about. But my opinion is although exams in our program are pushy, by taking them seriously and preparing well we will receive good marks. Any way, good luck with mid-terms and go buckeyes!


What did you do on Friday night?

I pulled up and parked on the street across from my house (as I usually do), got out of my car and looked up at the window. My daughter was saying “Daddy!” and my boy was making excited sounds with a smile stretching across his face. After two really busy weeks of exams for first term classes, presentations, and work being persistently busy, this was an incredible moment for me. They both tackled me coming into the door and I was almost in tears to spend some time with them so my wife would have a little time to herself.

Later on that evening, my daughter (three years old) was watching Pokemon, while my son (1 year old) and I were playing together. He wanted to lay down on the floor and he started staring at the ceiling.  He kept saying “Bah”, “Bah”, “Bah”  I looked up and he was pointing to the balloons that were left over from his first birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Him and I just talked for a few minutes about balloons.

I cannot imagine a more enjoyable way to spend my Friday night.

My First Presentation at Fisher

Last Wednesday, I made my first presentation for the course: Foundation of Labor and Human Resource. Actually, because of my undergraduate background (I did my undergraduate in business school), I often made presentations in classes. But it was my first time to make a presentation in English and in front of my American classmates! What is more, the presentation was too long- 15 minutes! Just imagine if you were asked to do a presentation in Chinese for 15 minutes and you will understand my feeling.

This presentation was a part of our group project. In the project, we had to choose an organization, evaluate whether it is a high performance organization, and then give our suggestions. Luckily, I was on a “high performance team”: we were efficient and everything went smoothly. However, because one of my group members had a business trip on presentation day, the other member and I had to do the presentation. I felt a little bit stressed as I was afraid the presentation would suffer from my not-so fluently spoken English. So I spent a majority of my time practicing my presentation, which made me less nervous.


But the nervousness just came back to me on my presentation day. When the previous group were making their presentation, I could feel my hands were cold, my heart started to beat fast and I kept thinking “Come on, just make everything finish as soon as possible.”


Finally, it was my turn. I even could not remember how I got to the stage. I just remembered some of my classmates gave me encouraging smiles. I felt better. I found my classmates were nice and patient, which made me feel comfortable. After the presentation, I felt a sense of achievement: I made it. I knew there were still some opportunities for me to improve my presentation skills: for example, because I was so nervous, I spoke too fast. But with this successful experience, I knew I would do better and better.


My Chinese Cuisine

I still remembered on my first day of orientation, one of my American classmates asked me “What is your favorite Chinese cuisine?” I thought for a moment and said,” I can’t answer this question because there are so many cuisines in China and they are all delicious.”

When I came to the U.S., one of the things I missed most about my home country is its different-kinds of delicious cuisines. Actually, people in different parts of China have different cuisines. There are eight famous cuisines in China and each of them has its unique favor. For example, Benbang Cuisine origins in Shanghai and is sweet. Sichuan cuisine origins in south-west of China and is famous for its spicy favor. Below is a picture I took this summer when I dined out with my friends, looks delicious, right? They taste delicious, too!


As I am in America, far away from my hometown, I started to cook traditional Chinese cuisines for my roommates and myself. Soon I found I love cooking: I love the feeling that different food materials turned to delicious dishes in my hand. I also love the feeling that my roommates are surprised by what I made. When I am interested in a new dish, I will search the recipe on the Internet. When my “experiment” on a new dish was successful, I had a sense of achievement. Here are some dishes I have cooked.(Yes, I am just showing off! :))



Among all dishes I made, what I enjoyed most is the soup. Just image on a rainy afternoon, I sat in the living room, reading, with soup cooking on the oven. When I am tired of reading, I just stand up and walk into kitchen, uncover the pot, suddenly, delicious smell fills the room. What a warm and relaxing feeling! Chinese cuisine culture is broad and deep. It is quite true. Cooking now becomes one of my interests as it gives me a sense of belonging, relax and satisfaction. My life becomes more colorful because of these different dishes.


It is Dream Come True

A few days before, during the class break, I saw my classmates writing something on a paper. She told me she’s writing for the Fisher Grad Life Blog, which drove me back to the time when I got the first few emails from Fisher. I kept a diary since junior high, but I never show them publicly. One day we may forget the things which we thought were important; one day when we look back, some trivials of life may become the the most precious part of our life. I want to catch it. And when I read these blogs, I saw another version of the life I’m in with all of you.

I’m going to have the final exams of some of my classes. But it feels like I have just walked into my grad life. I still remember the time when I left my parents, got off the plane,  picked up by host family from IFI, open the door of my empty apartment, looked for my way in the big campus, orientation, the president’s opening speech, had no idea of what the professor is asking, and all of a sudden, I’ve already gave 2 presentations with my group in class, known a lot of names which I didn’t even know how to pronounce, got my first exam paper, made contact to future employer-to-be.

Mason Hall

I used to think that 4 years of undergraduate are a long time, but when I graduated, I eagerly hoped that I seized more. When I was in the red building in my high school, I never thought about that I can one day study in a foreign country, even after I visited some universities in America during a trip, which cost several months salary of my father, although I told myself it must be awesome to study here. My father told his colleagues that he probably can’t afford to send me study abroad, so he spare no efforts to provide me the chance to pay a visit to America.

WHU two

(Undergraduate: Wuhan University)

Five years later, conditions have changed a lot. But I actually just followed my classmates decision to apply for grad school in America. But during this process, I have figured out what I truly want to be in the future. That’s why I choose human resource management. Honestly, I aimed at Cornell and University of South California,  but they turned me off. However, the longer I am in OSU, in Fisher, the more I’m sure and grateful about I am in the right place!

I always think of the red teaching building in my high school, and when I stepped in OSU and Fisher, it was like coming back to the dream come true moment again, and this is a new dream. I will always remember the video interview from Fisher – pay forward. I love this idea. I have received a lot from my classmates, from the professors, from IFI, and from all the people around me. I want to share with you how amazing you are and how amazing it is to be here together.

Zhixin High School

(Zhixin High School)

This time, I will make sure I cherish every moment of it. I start a little late, but I can’t jump off from those wonderful things happened in the first few weeks, I will catch up with you next time.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game to the Internship/Job Search

Recruiting season is back, which means it’s time to bring your ‘A’ game.

Most of Fisher’s MAcc and SMF students are going through the full-time job search process (1 year programs), while the MBA and MHRM students are either going through the internship search process or full-time job search process (2 year programs). Regardless of program though, this is an exciting time of year, and students are dressed to impress!

My tips for those going through the internship or full-time job search process are quite similar, and they are as follows:

Reflect on what is important to you, both professionally and personally. Take into consideration what intrinsically motivates you (what are you passionate for), as well as what extrinsically motivates you (what tangible rewards bring you satisfaction and pleasure)? In addition, take into consideration your ‘must-have’ and ‘deal-breaker’ items. Examples of these would be location, amount of required travel, development programs, and more.

Also, consider what industries interest you. It’s okay if you are still unsure of which industries peak your interest, but narrow it down by eliminating those that you know do not interest you at all. This is where you can ask yourself questions about what products you feel some kind of connection with, or what products resonate with you or excite you.

Furthermore, consider what type of environment you are looking for. What type of culture will inspire you and bring out the most in you? Additionally, what values do you have that you would like aligned with the company you choose to work for?

Most of the tips above are focused on being introspective and thoughtful about the search process. This is because it is important to take time to soul search and identify who you are, and then how you can best align yourself with the right company and right position. Once you have taken the time to do this, I think it becomes much easier to bring your ‘A’ game, ‘A’ referring to ‘AUTHENTIC’ game (or self) in this particular instance.

Authentic Self


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