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We are Buckeyes fans now!

Before I came to America, I hardly know anything about football because I lived in a country where football means soccer! However, now I’m a real buckeye fan and I know many things about Ohio State football! How did it happen?

Last Saturday, Ohio State played against UCF (University of Central Florida). We international students were all invited by David Smith, who works for international students services in Fisher, to have a football 101 lesson and watch the game. David definitely is a big Ohio State fan. As we all know, a characteristic about sports fans is that they always want everybody know and love the team they support, and so was David. However, instead of introducing football to us directly, he asked us to have an Ohio State treasure hunt game!

We were divided into several groups and each group got a list of objectives. I was with 3 other Chinese guys, but we were forbidden to speak Chinese during the game. After we took a quick look at the list, we rushed out to the stadium. At first, we were shocked by the number of people going to watch OSU’s game. It’s such a great scene when more than 100,000 people in red shirts or jerseys moving, talking, cheering and screaming. Lost in that atmosphere, we almost forgot our task(s)!



There were around 15 photo-taking tasks on our list. We did easy things at first like taking photo in front of stadium, asking OSU fans to do O-H-I-O, taking photo of someone wearing Ohio State jersey. Then, we started to deal with some special demands on that list. We took photo of Ohio State faculty member, Ohio fan and UCF fan together, band member, superfan, food vendor and fans who were wearing jerseys of number 27, 45 and 10. Finally, we came to challenging tasks. Photos of Buckeye Grove, two specific tailgates, and Woody Hayes were on the list, so we turned to some OSU fans and asked them for locations and details. I was deeply impressed by them, the fans. They were so passinate and proud of Ohio State. Everytime I asked them about Woody Hayes or tailgates, they couldn’t wait to tell me everything they know about Ohio State, almost like they were talking about their own kids. :-)  And, I would high-five with them and say “Go Buckeyes” after every chat. Gradually, I felt more and more involved in that thing. I’m an OSU student and I’m really proud to be part of it.

Ohio state fan, me, UCF fan!

After one and a half hour of searching, we finally finished all the tasks except one – go find and take photo of someone wearing Michigan jersey. Well, all of us seriously doubted whether David put that goal in the list just for fun. Because in that atmosphere, a guy in Michigan jersey would might be punched by OSU fans in the face! So, we just came back to Gerlach and turned in our work. Surprisingly, only two teams, including us, finished the most goals on that list. And the other team didn’t get a Michigan fan, either! In the end, we two teams tied and both got the first prize.

With someone wearing #10!

Then we watched the game. There is no wonder that Ohio State would win. We enjoyed the game, pizzas and David’s 101 lessons about football rules. It was an amazing day and all of our international students can say: WE ARE BUCKEYES FANS NOW!


There is a huge difference between my undergrad and grad life. During my undergrad experience, we looked for jobs nearer graduation. Now, we are already preparing for job seeking right after our grad program just started. Sometimes the game just kick-off before you’re ready. And it’s harder when you even don’t know the rules.

On September 5th, Fisher hosted a big job fair at the Ohio Union. A large number of companies came to Ohio State and try to find their future employees there. The weather was pretty warm that day. I got up very early, suited up in a semi-ill-fitting suit, and reached the Union to attend my first professional job fair. Personally, I’m not nervous but confused, confused about everything, especially on how to network with employers. Though I spoke to many employers and they were kind and patient, I still felt not good because of my poor(er) listening and speaking abilities. This is a huge gap between me and employers. It not only let you miss important information, but can also challenge your confidence.

So, later that day, I made a phone call to Ran, a second-year MLHR student who is always willing to help. She told me that it doesn’t matter if there are problems with your communication. Everyone would feel frustrated at the very beginning because you don’t know how it works. You need to experience it to get experienced. Don’t always focus on the short term results and just keep trying and learning. Well, after that call, I felt much better.

Over the next few days, we are having classes. I tried hard to talk to my American classmates, chat with them and find out what they’re interested in. Every time I understood a joke from them, or even what I was saying made them surprised, I would feel like it was a positive achievement – and, as a result, gained a little confidence for myself. An offhand conversation or a simple body language from them can help me a lot because they want to talk to me even though I’m still working on my English. Thanks to Nick, Gabe, Dave, Jon, Sarah and so many of them, I start to feel confident again and ready for the challenge. :-)

Yesterday, September 10, the job fair for Fisher’s graduate students was held on campus. This time I think I did a better job. I spoke to many employers for more than 5 minutes at a time. I could do more than just asking for e-mail addresses. I could deal with “language embarrassment” skillfully this time. In conclusion, I’m proud of every progress I’ve made now. Although there are still many problems and difficulties, I want my confidence with me all the time and believe I can overcome all of them in future. Being a Fisher student, the most important thing is to be confident. Then, go get better and better.

The Columbus Cat Show

Over Labor Day weekend the International Cat Show was in Columbus, OH.  I have watched dog shows on television and am a huge fan of the mockumentory “Best In Show,” but I had never experienced something like the cat show.  My boyfriend and I did not have any plans for Sunday so we decided to head to the Columbus Convention Center to check out the cats.  When we first walked into the hall, there was a cat fashion show taking place on the main stage.  We saw cats in top hats and cats dressed like flowers.  I have no urge to dress up my new cat, Dagny, like a baby (even if she would let me), but it was definitely an entertaining event.

After watching the fashion show we walked around the vendors booths.  They were selling everything from organic cat food to six foot tall cat towers to handmade cat sweaters.  We were also able to catch some of the judging competitions.  We saw the short haired kittens and the adult Maine coons.  One of the judges explained the characteristics that she looks for in a Maine coon, including the shape of the muzzle and length of the tail.

Judge looking at one of the Maine coon champions

In addition, we watched some of the cat agility competition.  There were different obstacles in an enclosed arena that the cat could navigate for different amount of points.  The owners guided the cats through tunnels and over hurdles using the cats favorite toy on the end of a stick.

Cat and owner performing in the agility competition

While I don’t plan on breeding cats for show or dressing up Dagny, the cat show was a fun experience.  It was certainly cheaper and a more unique way to spend the afternoon than going to the movies!

What is the Correct Shortcut to Prepare for a Job Fair – Part One

As an international student who’s been to the United States before, I attended my very first job fair last week. I might not gain an expected intern position for the coming up summer immediately, but I got asked for my resume 8 times. Not bad for the first job fair, right?

DO NOT consider the amount of resumes that you have handed out as the final accomplishment.

Then what can be counted as the real gains? Many students, especially international students, have complained that we’ve gained not much from all these job fairs. Normally, we would just swing by for an hour, give our resumes to a couple of companies, and then leave.

Well, I would say different people have various evaluations on these events. But for those who find my title interesting and still want to gain something from similar events, let’s get rid of some of the following misconceptions of job fairs first before we move on to the shortcuts.

  1. DO NOT take finding a job or internship as a day to day event. You don not want to attend just because your other classmates go there and you do not want to fall behind. Once again, it is the quality that matters, not the numbers. You could have participated in 5 job fairs and get interview chances with a couple of companies, or you could attend 20 and achieve nothing. So the number of job fairs you attend is not really important – it’s what you do at each one that’s most important.
  2. Being turned down by a company does not mean that you should give up communicating or connecting with their recruiters in subsequent job fairs. This case is commonly found among international students. The visa policies limit students to work under sponsorship; as such, lots of companies are not willing to provide sponsorships to international students, who want to work for a company for the long-term, due to the costs. Therefore, many local companies would bring up these conditions at the beginning to screen international students.

These are the two misconceptions that you might probably hear about when you first enrolled in school. To me, though I am an international student who might not have a perfect local (or “native”) accent, I’ve never thought of myself inferior to the other students. I’ve learned and gained through the process of communicating with the companies’ recruiters. The job fair is never a day to day event. It is a way of getting important information in addition to anything you may learn via  research about a company online. It is also a way for you to network to people who can be influential in your career development, regardless of how it all unfolds.


You might be complaining about not having enough time to prepare for a job fair beforehand with so much homework and school activities before and after classes. After we resolve some of the misconceptions of job fairs in this blog, I am going to share with you  some  shortcuts to prepare for a job fair.

If you have any other different ideas about job fairs or anything related to the info I’ve written about above, feel free to comment or send me an email: I am more than willing to have further discussions with you. This is Missy. And see you next time!

Hey, want to be my friend?

It’s so easy in elementary school. “Hey, want to be my friend?” And boom. You’re besties. Inseparable. Then years go by, inhibitions set in, and it’s not quite so easy to make new friends. Grad school is hard enough; making friends with your classmates is not only going to make it manageable, but, perhaps, even enjoyable. In the last few weeks, I’ve learned a few things about making friends in Grad school:

Hanging out after our first week of classes

1.       Be yourself. It’s normal for you to want to put your best face forward, but don’t disguise the quirks that make you, well, you. Maybe someone else is just as obsessed as you are with this season of So You Think You Can Dance.
2.       Be open. Look for opportunities to introduce yourself and learn about others. You never know how much you’ll have in common with the person sitting next to you. They just might be looking to join a Fantasy Football league and you just might need one more fantasy coach.
3.       Get involved. For those of you that aren’t quite outgoing enough to strike up a conversation, join a group on campus! There are clubs and organizations for almost any interest. Or join a degree specific group like the MHRM Council. (My shameless plug.)
4.       Connect online. You can find out a lot about a person from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Plus, it creates a real life connection when you tag them in your latest post about your major lack of sleep #GradSchoolProblems.
5.       Be Inviting. No one wants to be leftout. So when you see that one person sitting alone—ask them to sit with you or invite them to lunch with a big group. Or host a beer and pizza night for your classmates so you can compare notes on that 500 page reading assignment.
Grad school is a time for new beginnings. Be proud of who you are, look for opportunities to meet others, get involved on campus, connect online with your classmates, and try to include everyone. Get out of your comfort zone, reach out to your classmates and create new bonds. And if all else fails, “Hey want to be my friend?” is always a solid standby.

Let’s Go Bucks!

Confession- I am a massive football fan! Without a doubt those boys of fall make autumn the absolute best time of year. My undergrad institution didn’t necessarily have the best football team around (let’s just say we are much more well known for our basketball team) but Ohio State football has a long history of greatness when it comes to college football. If you don’t believe me, just check out those seven national championships.

Posing with Brutus at Ohio State’s 2012 Season Opener


This past Saturday marked the opener for the 2012 season; and the beginning of a new era in OSU football- the Urban Era. Personally, I could not be more excited to be attending a school with such a powerhouse program. Our boys introduced a new tradition this weekend- quick cals- and came out fighting, showing their dominance over Miami (OH) with a 56-10 victory.

This being only my second OSU football experience, it is safe to say I was overwhelmed when I walked in to The Shoe and saw the sea of scarlet cheering on our boys. Being a part of the student section in the south stands is absolutely incredible. I am still learning all the buckeye traditions but, after Saturdays game I’ve definitely got the Buckeye Bounce and kickoff O-H-I-O down!

Ohio State about to score vs Miami (OH)

Whether or not you are a football fan, you absolutely must take the time to go to an Ohio State football game. Trust me, if you don’t- you will be missing out on one of the most exciting opportunities this university has to offer. Attending a game, wearing your scarlet and gray amongst 100,000 other buckeye supporters is a fast and easy way to feel like you are a part of the massive Ohio State family and show off some school spirit!

Great day for OSU fans

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Bible Reading Night with IFI

My roommate and I were invited to a weekly fellowship/Bible discussion gathering last Friday, which was held by IFI. I met Sally and Jim and they volunteered to drive us to the church and later I also joined their discussion group.

I didn’t expect that there would be so many students in the church and the hall was super lively and crowded. They were all enjoying the homemade Chinese and American food when I arrived. It was hard not to be excited when you saw those Chinese fry rice and traditional food and it seemed that the stir-fried bean sprout was the most popular dish. :)  My first impression was that people in the church are warm-hearted and generous.

The singing part began after the dinner. Led by a band, we sang a few beautiful songs. Well, actually, I was just listening because all the songs were new to me and I couldn’t follow them. But immersed in the music, I felt touched.

The Bible reading part was the most interesting part. Led by our group leaders Sally and Jim, all of us first made a self-introduction and then were asked to talk about one happy thing and one bad thing happened this week. It’s really funny to hear other people’s stories. Some students were worried about their readings and one girl was driven crazy by the cockroach in her kitchen. Sharing was one part of the discussion. After then, we read the first few pages of the Bible which talked about the very beginning of human beings. This story was not unfamiliar with me since I have read it before. The discussion part was pretty cool. When we were talking about God, the creator of human beings, we even discussed whether there was “God of God,” an entity who may have created God. In fact, we had no answer to most of the questions.

It was one of our teammates’ 20th birthday that night. We sang the Chinese happy birthday song for him and a boy in our group played the saxophone for him, which was quite touching. I guessed it would be a special birthday for him. The last part of the discussion was the praying part. Sally listed all the things we wanted to pray for and I just wished everybody good luck for everything.

Goliath, Bugs, & “That Way”

I have  been living in Columbus, Ohio for 1 month now, and I have learned a few new things along the way…

1-    It is loud in Ohio. I don’t mean there are a lot of cars, people, or airplanes making noise. I mean nature is loud. The trees buzz out here; the night is loud because of crickets and sometimes thunder. The first time I walked by a tree and it sounded like construction was happening on it, I was truly freaked out, which brings me to my second point.

2-    BUGS.  There are a lot! There are loud bugs like the Cicada (tree buzzing). I never realized that high elevation and low humidity also equated to lower amounts of insects, but it does. We deal with bugs in the Rockies, but not like this. When I tell people that I was never concerned about Fleas before moving here they look at me like I am crazy. I have been told that there are more bugs this year because of the mild winter, so maybe this will change a little. Not complaining just saying there are infinite amounts of bugs here.

3-    I am constantly swimming. No, I am not literally in a bathing suit everyday. What I mean is that my lungs are heavy out here- you know how you feel while you are in a pool. My husband who is from the Midwest says he can finally breathe, but I feel like I am breathing in water.

4-    That Way” is all I know.

 In Utah the mountains are to the East. Now, if you are not from Utah, and are visiting you might say, “The Mountains are every way.”  They are not though…. They ARE to the EAST, because of this I have always known which direction and what way I am heading in and what way I need to go.  Cardinal directions are really important, and will allow you to navigate through Utah much easier. That is not necessarily the case here. All I need to know is what way I need to go. I still have no idea whether I live on the north, south, or whatever end of the City, but I have been able to navigate around just knowing that I need to go “that way.”

5-    Cheering for Goliath is getting easier. I went to a mid-major school, and loved the athletics of my school and involved myself in them as much as I could. I HATED the big schools because of this. I would always cheer for the mid-major school over the others. Now, I find myself donning Scarlet and Gray and wanting us to smash those small schools. Do I still cheer for upsets outside of Ohio State? Yes. Will I be cheering for Utah State over Wisconsin? YES! Do I love the hugeness that is The Ohio State’s Athletic Program? With all my heart. I mean how could you not cheer for this… 

6-    I LOVE IT. Despite the noise, bugs, humidity, lack of direction, and newness of the Culture, I have truly felt at home since the move. I figured I would have a lot of homesickness for the mountains, my family, and my friends, but there is something about Columbus and the Fisher/Buckeye family that is so welcoming. I am not saying that I haven’t missed my family (If you are reading family, I have missed you very much), nor that at points things haven’t shocked me, but I do still know that I made the right choice in choosing to attend OSU- Fisher CoB, and I am having a blast discovering the differences between the Rockies and the Midwest.

Lunch at Schmidt’s

The other day I experienced a true Columbus original, Schmidt’s.  Schmidt’s is a German restaurant in an area near downtown called German Village. It has a reputation for serving the tastiest bratwurst and most delicious cream puffs.  Driving on the brick streets of German Village past the classic brick houses, got me in the mood for sauerkraut and sausages.  The restaurant itself shows its authentic German heritage in the architecture.  Since it was my first visit, I chose the bratwurst platter, the most well known of the dishes served at Schmidt’s.  Everything on my plate from the homemade applesauce to the potato salad was fantastic!  Ted, my boyfriend, and I split a cream puff the size of a baseball for dessert.  Schmidt’s has a great atmosphere and friendly staff.  It’s a place that ‘s definitely worth the short drive from campus.  When you do stop by for a meal, be sure to get your picture taken in the faces out front–this is as much a tradition as the brats!

Ted and I posing after a delicious meal at Schmidt’s

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