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Freshmen Together!

OH-IO under the lights in Disney World!

I come from a large family, I am actually the eldest of five, and started the tradition of attending THE Ohio State University. This year is a special year for me as not only am I starting graduate school but my brother is following in my footsteps as he starts his first year in his undergraduate studies.

Having my brother here has been such an eye-opening experience for me. It makes me nostalgic of my freshman year, but also thrills me that I can live vicariously through him as he progresses through the year. It’s an exciting time for both of us. He is gradually adjusting to life as a college student as I attempt to juggle graduate-level classes, work, and also having a social life (don’t worry, it is definitely feasible!). Deep down, I like to think my brother fully appreciates the advice I give him and not just having me on campus for my chauffeur abilities. I also like to believe I’ll be getting a nice plaque/award/poster for all my help; yet I’ll settle for him asking me to a catch-up dinner instead. It’s neat to think that we are both starting a new chapter in our lives and that we are both able to go through it together. Most importantly, good news for my parents, they have only one stop to visit on Parents’ Weekend!

Columbus on a Budget

One of the coolest things offered by Ohio State to all students here (including MAcc) is its D-tix service. This service provides discounted tickets to different events. Some of these events include baseball (both MLB and Triple A), soccer, concerts, and even NFL tickets.  A great example of this is the USA vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier. Tickets for the match, which I attempted to purchase, were a minimum of $50 but D-tix was selling the same ticket for $25. Unlike most tickets, these tickets were lottery based, not first come first serve. Sadly, for me, I was unsuccessful both in the originally lottery for US Soccer as well as the D-tix lottery.

One tip: be aware of the line for the bigger shows. They are long and you need to get there early!

USA vs Mexico D-tix Line. Photo Credit: Ritika Shah

In addition, to the tickets, D-tix also offered discounted tickets to many of the tourist sites around Columbus as well as $25 dollar gift cards for $10 to some of the best restaurants in Columbus. You are only able to purchase 2 per semester but these are just some of the small ways you can enjoy Columbus without killing your wallet!

MAcc Electives – Business of College Sports

One of the aspects of the MAcc program at OSU that really attracted me was the fact that the curriculum is made up of not only excellent accounting classes, but also a variety of electives in different areas of business. Having come into the program with my undergraduate major in accounting has allowed me to branch out and explore some additional areas of business that are of specific interest to me. I’ve always been a fan of Ohio State athletics, so one of my most interesting electives this semester is “The Business of College Sports” taught by Sheila and Gene Smith (Athletic Director for Ohio State!). Their experience and perspective into the business aspect of college sports, particularly here at Ohio State, is eye-opening and truly one of a kind.

Today our class had the opportunity to tour the Woody Hayes Athletic facility. This complex is where the football team’s main weight lifting room, team meeting rooms, and coaches offices are located. In addition, there is an indoor practice field for various sports teams to use during times when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Photo Courtesy of

Taking this class has made me consider just how similar athletics and business really are. Just like a business, Ohio State must make investments in facilities and programs that will pay the best returns in helping their athletes achieve their goals. The administration must make decisions to innovate and stay at the “cutting-edge” of the college sports arms race, while at the same time staying true to the traditions , values, and core mission of Ohio State. There are countless other comparisons such as game day logistics, talent utilization and recruitment, and performance evaluation that we have talked about in class. When you stop to think about how much effort goes on behind the scenes of the athletic programs to help make the Buckeyes as successful as possible, it is simply astounding!

Classes like this are one of the reasons that I am so glad that I chose the MAcc program at Fisher. When I graduate I will not only have a greater working knowledge of my field, but also a more extensive knowledge and greater appreciation of the role business plays in many other areas!

To learn more about other MAcc electives and the program curriculum click here . If you have any other questions about this, or any of the other classes in the MAcc program, feel free to comment on this post and I would be happy to get back to you the best I can!

Return of the MAcc

I will begin by saying the title of my first blog is a bit misleading. The Fisher Master of Accounting program only lasts one academic year, so you only get one Fall to be a MAcc student. However, it is the title of a song by Mark Morrison I used to listen to as kind of a joke during the long nights I spent self-studying for the GMAT last October.

I do not recommend doing this if you can avoid it, but if you do, start with Cracking the GMAT. I self-studied out of books from the library and videos I found online because getting into the MAcc program felt like a long shot for me and I am a risk adverse investor. My background is somewhat different than the typical MAcc student, insofar as there is such a thing. I received my bachelors degree in 2008 in Philosophy and History. After figuring out I did not want to be a lawyer and experiencing several part time jobs I decided to take an accounting course at a community college. One class led to many more and I ended up with the 30 hours of upper level accounting courses required to sit for the CPA exam. OSU’s MAcc program was the only one I seriously considered. In terms of reputation, quality of education, and geographical proximity, it was simply my top choice. The extensive amount of electives that make up the curriculum meant I could focus on what I was really interested in, a somewhat more career oriented version of the approach I took when choosing my undergraduate majors.

What I considered to be a distant possibility happened. Orientation was fun and its fast and furious pace set the tone for grad school. But the fact that all of the hard work I had done had paid off really only hit me during my first class, which happened to be with Dr. Arya. The first time I met Dr. Arya was during a tour of Gerlach last January, right before I was about to hear if I had been admitted. That day we sat down with the student tour guide and had a discussion about why I wanted to be a MAcc student and what the program entailed. To actually be sitting in a class with this same man who had I had talked with when I was so hopeful and uncertain was a bit overwhelming. I was here, in Gerlach. I had done it. So in a way, that hopeful accounting student really did get to return to the MAcc program.

Library Sunday!

In last week’s post I described a few sites to visit off-campus, so today I thought I would share a little about one of my favorite sites on-campus: Thompson Library! (aka-The Main Library).

This gem is located right at the heart of campus, just a five to ten minute walk from Gerlach Hall. One of the most iconic buildings at Ohio State, Thompson offers an array of services. First and foremost of course is the extensive archive.

You can find books surrounding just about every topic here. You can even conduct an online search at the Ohio State Library website, and have the book you want pulled from the shelves and waiting at the front desk for you when you arrive. What’s more, if by chance Thompson Library doesn’t have the book you are looking for, you can request to have the piece sent over from another library on-campus or from libraries all across the state, sometimes even nationally.

That’s not all, here are a few more terrific amenities provided in the Library:

  • Buckeye Bar: Having a problem with your laptop? Come see the experts at Buckeye Bar for an in-person technology help session.

  • Berry Cafe: Feeling a little hungry? Head over to Berry Cafe to enjoy a delicious deli sandwich, healthy fruit and yogurt treat, or sweet coffee pick-me-up.
  • Gallery Exhibits: Need a study break? The galleries are, in my opinion, one of the most unique aspects of the library. I always feel like I’m traveling back in time when I visit them.

And last but not least, what most students come to the library to do-Study! Here’s a typical Sunday in the Grand Reading Room…Remember to be quiet, shhh…

If you’re interested in taking in a view while you crack the books, head up to the 11th floor for a breath-taking scene of campus…

And finally one of the more unexpected, but delightfully pleasant parts of visiting Thompson-the possibility of meeting someone new. Students from all over campus come to study at Thompson. Just today I had the honor of meeting 2 wonderful students in the MHRM program, right here at Fisher, who I probably wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t been awkwardly reaching over them to take a picture out the window. The campus might be large, and the student body very diverse, but it’s always a nice surprise to meet a new Buckeye.

Catch fun in Buckeye Village

Do you know Buckeye Village? Have you ever been there before?  It is an off-campus family housing at Ohio State University. It is a quiet and safe community designed for students who have been married or have children. If you do not have time to take care of your children, don’t worry, there is a child care center close to Buckeye Village. If you do not have a car, you can take a bus to campus and back home. If you want to kill your time, there are playgrounds and basketball court for families to relax. There is also a recreation center where family members can have fun and hang out inside during high-temperature periods. This is just a brief introduction of Buckeye Village, you can refer to school website for more details, and here is the link:

I always do my grocery shopping at the University Shopping Center, distance walking from Buckeye Village.  One day, when I walked to the Buckeye Village bus stop with spoils of my grocery shopping, I caught some interesting scenes:

That’s right! Gooses lined up to cross the street together. It may seem normal to local residents, but it is new and interesting to me. They will not stop even when cars are approaching. They acted like foot passengers and said in silent: ” we are pedestrian, and we have the priority to cross the street”, ” you should wait and be patient” or ” do not disturb us,  we are on our way to attend an important ceremony”. I can think of many interesting dialogues to describe their communication between each other. They marched very slowly, but pretty organized. The first goose is like a General, leading his or her soldiers to join another army. They are ready for a fight to earn great living space at Buckeye Village.

There are many interesting things around campus area, waiting for you to find it out. I believe you will love Columbus and enjoy the life here as I do.

First Few Weeks Impression

After having some time to think back on my first several weeks in the MAcc program at Fisher, a few things became apparent. First, the MAcc class of 2014 is full of diverse, intelligent, and fun individuals! Second, if these three weeks serve as any indication, this school year will be full of new experiences, learning opportunities, and great memories. Some highlights:

  • It seems like the common theme in each class is “diversity”. It’s beneficial to make sure project groups include individuals from different ungraduate universities, nationalities, majors, and personalities. I find that this is helpful because it brings fresh perspective to the assignments and helps avoid “group think” that can happen when everyone works on the tasks in the same way. Also, it is a great way to get out of your comfort area, meet new people, and build your network.
  • Time management is key. The MAcc program is only one school year long, and there are so many great events to take a part in. To make sure that I take full advantage of all the opportunities this program offers, I’m going to need to stay on top of my schedule and squeeze all of the time I can out of it.
  • Close knit, but with BIG resources: One thing that became apparent when I visited OSU was the fact that well… it is a really BIG University! I’m not going to lie, I did not want to look like a freshman carrying around a campus map at all times to help find my buildings. After finishing up orientation and my first weeks of class that concern quickly disappeared. The Fisher campus (where all of my classes and professors’ offices are at) is a one-stop shop for everything I need. There is even a Starbucks in Mason Hall on the Fisher campus. It’s important to note though that being a part of The Ohio State University’s main campus does offer students benefits outside of Fisher. The RPAC, Thomson Library, and of course football games at Ohio Stadium are just a few of the many perks.

I could go on about all the great experiences I have had in such a short time, however I will have to save them for a future blog post. Go Bucks!

Summer in Gerlach Hall: The PreMAcc Seminar

As a current MAcc student at Fisher, who did not major in accounting as an undergraduate, I chose to complete some of my prerequisite courses through the Pre-MAcc Seminar. This program, which is administered by the Fisher College of Business Office of Executive Education, allows students to fulfill the Intermediate Accounting I & II prerequisite requirements the summer before beginning the MAcc program. This seminar lasts approximately 2.5 weeks and provides students, particularly those who hold Bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than accounting, with some of the additional foundational knowledge that they need to be sufficiently prepared for the MAcc program. This past summer, the Pre-MAcc Seminar went from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm for approximately 13 days.

During the program, our instructors, Marc Smith and Stephanie Lewis, would introduce new material through lectures and practice problems and would then give students the opportunity to try additional problems on their own in order to gauge their comprehension of the material. Given the small class size of about 18 students, the seminar lent itself to significant interaction between the students and instructors as well as small-group discussions. Not only was I able to better prepare myself for the Autumn semester in the MAcc Program by completing this seminar but I was also able to meet a variety of students from different educational backgrounds and many different countries. I feel that this seminar allowed me to transition more easily into the MAcc program since I didn’t major in accounting as an undergraduate.

Since I moved to Columbus about five weeks before the start of the Autumn term, I have had plenty of time to explore the city. It’s difficult to keep track of the many great restaurants and entertainment venues around Columbus, but a few that really stand out are Huntington Park (home of the Clippers), Due Amici and Rigsby’s Kitchen. Be sure to check back here for more on the MAcc program and life in Columbus!

Stephanie Lewis
Senior Lecturer, Accounting & MIS


Marc Smith
Senior Lecturer, Accounting & MIS

Exploring Sites near Campus!

The Labor Day long weekend has just started! So some of you may be wondering, ‘Hmmm-so when I have some free time and I’m not attending class, studying, or engaging in all the great Ohio State campus extra-curricular activities, what else could I be doing in Columbus?’ Well there is definitely no shortage of fun to be had in this great capital. In fact, just a few minutes drive from Fisher is an intriguing little strip on Columbus’s main High Street known as, ‘The Short North Arts District.’ From dining options to shopping experiences, this area offers something for everyone. Here are two sites I can’t wait to check out on my next trip to The Short North:

  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Jeni’s is a Columbus favorite as the dessert shop was founded right here in the city in 2002. The ice cream maker is known for creating one of a kind, handmade delights with unique flavors. My current favorite is the Bergamont Frozen Yogurt. With every bite I get a burst of tart citrus and a slight hint of Earl Gray tea. Every time I visit Jeni’s I am surprised with a new flavor combination that never disappoints!

    Photo-shoot from one of my last trips to Jeni’s!

  • Gallery Hops: As The Short North is known as the Arts District, every first Saturday of the month the area is full of visitors crowded on the strip to see new art exhibits and watch live street performances. I have yet to experience my first Gallery Hop, but have heard so many good things about this event that it is definitely on my to-do list this year! Some of the MAcc students have even been chatting about organizing a group to gallery hop together!
I’ll try to snap a few pictures from my next trip to share with all of you!


Moving to Columbus

Not from Columbus? Not from Central Ohio? Not from Ohio? No problem! Columbus is a city eager to please and with a generous learning curve to ride while acclimating yourself to a new environment.

I grew up in a rural area of Springfield Ohio about 45 minutes southwest of Columbus near a small artsy little town called Yellow Springs (definitely worth the day trip if you’re interested!).  I completed my undergraduate degree at Hiram College in rural northeast Ohio, about 45 minutes south east of Cleveland.  My knowledge of Columbus started with the fastest way to get through/around the city to get to Cleveland and ended with the general location of the Columbus Zoo with few auxiliary details in-between.

Fisher College of Business caught my eye the summer between my junior and senior year of my undergraduate degree. While visiting, not only did I fall head over heels for Fisher’s MAcc program and the opportunities it offered, I fell in love with the city of Columbus.  So this person who had always lived in the middle of nowhere decided to pack up her things after graduation and haul a carload of memories and very uncomfortable high heels to a 3 bedroom house in Grandview Heights, a community located about 2.5 miles from Fisher Campus.

I started looking for places to live 3 months before finding my roommates and our house in Grandview Heights. I live with two OSU Veterinary School students who are both in their final year and will graduate along with me in the spring of 2014. Finding roommates for me was unconventional. I lucked out and they found me. I did plenty of searching before that opportunity came around though!

Trying to find an apartment for the first time is hard enough now add on top of that the fact that most students are not from Columbus, many are not from Ohio and some are even from different countries. The staff at the Fisher Graduate Programs Office was extremely helpful.

Using their own experience with the city they helped me to familiarize myself with the area before I started my search. I found Columbus to be a city that was easy to get to know. The apartment owners I spoke with were kind, accommodating and patient. Rent was pretty standard across the board and each landlord was relatively transparent and even went so far as to give me an idea of what bills would be. As someone who was terribly naïve concerning “living on your own in the real world” it was wonderful to have so many resources and kind people available to me.

Columbus is a city begging to be explored. I have only been here since
May and already I have been to a Clipper’s game, found the best taco truck in town, explored OSU’s campus, wandered the German Village and eaten a giant cream puff from Schmidt’s. I have even found a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to get some amazing and cheap Thai food and a little Chinese grocery that carries all the things I miss from my time abroad. I have my own secret places in Columbus now! You’ll have to keep reading the blogs to discover them along with me.

I am so glad that I chose Fisher and Columbus to become my new home. If given the choice I would pick Columbus all over again and I would definitely recommend it to any considering the move.

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