Quarter is flying by

This quarter has absolutely flown by. I have barely had time to breath, let alone relax. I am currently taking two accounting courses (an IFRS course, and a cost-accounting course) as well as taking a trading and markets course, and my personal favorite (not!) an introduction to ethics course necessary to earn the Maryland CPA designation.

We are already past mid-terms, and it seems like this quarter is going by faster than any other. Soon I will be done with the MAcc program, and my time at Ohio State will be but a fond memory. I am already making plans to come back for the Ohio State vs Miami football game this fall. A few friends and I have actually discussed renting an RV for the drive from DC to Columbus, hopefully that comes together, as it sounds like an amazing trip.

The hugely positive aspect of this education is how much I enjoyed working with some of the best accounting students in the land. Everyone in my groups and that I associate with is absolutely top-notch, and that certainly makes things easier.


Well, the habitual “check your grades every 2 hours” has commenced. In light of being done with my first quarter as a graduate student, I figured I would prepare for everyone for winter by listing the biggest misconceptions about Ohio winters.

1. It’s really not the worst winter out there. Sure, the snow is horrible and the roads are never clear enough, but let me tell you about Michigan. In one night, they got over 3 inches, in the morning, at 10:00, the roads still weren’t that great and even the ones that had been cleared had snow drifts over them. If you want bad weather, drive up 23 approximately 230 miles.

2. Don’t let the sun fool you. While it may be sunny, it still is only -5 degrees out, and freezing. Cold enough that my Columbia coat makes crinkle noises when I move.

3. Don’t be fooled. Even though it may be raining one day, this does not necessarily mean it will be raining, or even above freezing tomorrow (or even later that day). Always expect the worst, and if you don’t like the weather, just wait 2 or 3 hours and it will change.

4. Even though there are hills in Ohio, there is still a lot of wind. The wind is the worst part.

5. Don’t bother taking your car to the car wash. Next week it will be covered in salt again, even if it doesn’t snow. We Ohioans like to stay prepared, just in case.

Stay warm out there. Congrats to everyone for finishing the quarter. I know it was rough for some of us, but the first one’s out of the way. Just think, we are 1/6 finished with our degree! In 6 months, we will be half way there!


It’s kind of like…

Hello again everyone. As I sit here writing this at 8:23 PM on Friday evening, I have a sense of urgency; not because I am preparing for a night out on the town, but because I have a yellow legal pad to-do list for the evening. For this reason, I am going to use bullet points:

  • Finance Boot Camp – Kara Albert of Career Management ran a terrific program today that covered a lot of information concerning career options for Finance majors. Presentations included two representatives from Barclays (who gave a fantastic presentation on the nuances of interviews), Dean Wruck who, among other things, encouraged us to be more aggressive than perhaps our mid-western sensibilities would allow, several representatives from Nationwide who covered case interviews, and Senior Lecturer Daniel Oglevee. Despite his unapproachable, arrogant first impression (“You only get one chance to make a first impression”),  he is a wealth of knowledge who wants to see all of us succeed (Professor Oglevee – if you are reading this – please don’t hurt me). His presentation covered I-Banking; his stories are fantastic.
  • Innovation – I had a moment of brilliance today which I am going to share. People come in all shapes and sizes – desk chairs mostly do not. I constantly find myself sitting in desk chairs leaned all the way back (reclined) since it’s the most comfortable position for me. Some people tell me this isn’t always a good thing as it shows that I am not interested in what’s going on. This makes sense to me. However, I also realized another reason I likely end up reclined. All the chairs have that spring-reclining-apparatus-knob adjusted to “normal” sized people – a group in which I do not fit. Then it occurred to me (listen up Herman-Miller) – why not make the chairs weight-sensitive. When heavier people sit down, make it harder to recline. Sounds easy enough. Over-sized people like me will forever love you.
  • THIS JUST IN – The Fisher College of Business Class of 2011 has selected the following 5 members as their Fisher Graduate Student Association representatives: Sam Adams, Emily Bae, Joe Fahrendorf, Nick Fischer (not a typo – that’s me!),  and Michael Thompson. I am humbled by my selection and look forward to representing our class!
  • Riding your Bike – This is my best analogy so far for business school. In the beginning, you need training wheels (Fisher Advantage). After you take the wheels off, you are shaky at first but you’ve largely got things under control (first week or so). Then you try going off road and crash into a tree (approx. 10.15.2009). At this point, you slow down and take it easy (fall asleep on the couch at 7:30 PM on a Thursday because you haven’t slept more than 4 hours a night in several days). Finally, your parents trust you to ride down the street and explore the vast world around you (graduation – not sure what this feels like!).