Making Strides – Women in Business at Fisher

Have you ever felt hesitant to speak your mind in a meeting, own up to your recent accomplishments at work or take the first chance to raise your hand in class? These are thoughts common to many women in the business world. Fisher Graduate Women in Business (FGWIB) just hosted a workshop to help bring women together and begin combatting these very issues.

The first of four workshops in the series, “Raise Your Hand: A Workshop for Fisher Women,” led by Dr. Claire Kamp Dush, was both encouraging and inspiring! We learned and compared with other women how much we are affected by imposter syndrome, or the tendency for successful individuals to not accept their own accomplishments and develop a fear of being seen as a fraud. We shared stories and created action steps to support one another in preventing some of our default imposter syndrome actions moving forward. Overall, the workshop provided a confidence boost through developing aspirations for being fearless in work, life and school. I am looking forward to the next workshop focused on the best ways for women to self-promote.

Throughout my time at Fisher, FGWIB events and workshops like these have helped bring women together in support and empowerment. I am also a Forté Fellow, and as a part of the Forté Foundation, I am able to expand my network beyond the Fisher community. All female MBA students are able to join Forté as soon as they start the program. Through Forté, I attended one of their annual conferences to network with organizations and other schools, I have listened in on inspiring webinars led by female business leaders across the US, and I have leveraged their job center through posting my resume and interviewing for several positions targeting Forté members.

Overall, despite some of the challenges we face as women in business, being surrounded by conversations bringing these challenges to light, workshops to rise above and resources to expand and grow professionally has made a significant impact on my experience here at Fisher. I look forward to seeing these experiences continue on into the year and for future Fisher women!

My internship at L Brands

 As a JD/MBA student, I am taking a little bit of a non-traditional route to employment after graduation. I am looking for a path that allows me to use the skills I acquired from both programs to find a dynamic career. Thankfully, thru Fisher Career Services, I was given the opportunity to work for L Brands this summer in somewhat of a unique role.
I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do over this past summer. I had always been interested in real estate, but wasn’t sure exactly in what capacity I wanted to be. When I had the opportunity to work in retail real estate, I was intrigued. Despite seeing all the “malls are dying” stories in the news, I am a firm believer that retail is changing, but certainly not going away. My experience at L Brands this summer solidified this.
I spent 12 weeks at the fashion retailer in their real estate department, working in the department that handles the leases for all brick-and-mortar locations across the globe. L Brands (Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Pink, La Senza, Henri Bendel) has some of the best real estate assets in the retail world, and I got to see first hand why this is true.
I was given the opportunity to see all sides of the process, including the forecasting, negotiating, and execution of making the most financially compelling deals for the company. I viewed each task I performed thru the lens of being a real estate investor— and acted as if my own personal money was on the line.
The coolest part of my experience was getting to travel on-site and see how the different brands operate in different types of venues. One of my trips this summer to a market outside Columbus allowed me to view the market holistically, see how the brands operate in strip centers vs. enclosed malls, and what capital investments make sense to produce the highest return.
I was thankful for the opportunity to negotiate with landlords, participate in the capital forecasting process, validating tactical planning strategies, and see how each deal in each venue is completely different. Luckily, I will be able to continue working there part-time during my last year of graduate school, and am excited for the opportunity to learn more.

How to Rock the Recruiting Process

Start Early

While it may tempting to spend the summer before business school taking a bit of a break from work, there are a ton of great opportunities and resources that you can take advantage of before school starts. Search for “Pre-MBA Boot Camps” and find something that fits your interests or career goals. There are numerous opportunities across a wide range of industries including The Forte Foundation’s Financial Services Fast Track, Google’s Student Veteran Summit, and P&G’s Brand Camp, to name a few.

Use your Resources

Take advantage of the awesome resources and staff at the Fisher College of Business Office of Career Management (OCM). Career consultants from a variety of backgrounds help students narrow down career goals, fine-tune resumes, and practice elevator pitches and behavioral interview questions. In addition to the one-on-one sessions that students can schedule with career advisors, the OCM routinely holds seminars and workshops to prepare students for the job hunt.

Know your Deadlines

There can’t be a worse feeling then checking a job posting for your dream company and realizing the deadline has passed. The best way to stay on top of deadlines and other important dates in the recruiting process is with an Excel file. Keep track of important deadlines, as well as the dates that you applied for and interviewed for positions. If you haven’t heard back in a few weeks it may be a good time to follow up with your company contact.

Dress the Part

When it comes to recruiting events and interviews, the rule of thumb is that it’s always better to overdress rather than underdress. If you are looking for some more affordable options to purchase a suit, check out the Tanger Outlets or Ohio State’s Career Closet. The Career Closet occurs every fall prior to recruiting season and has lightly used business attire, shoes, and accessories offered to students for free!


A Beast Called GMAT

One of the application requirements for admission into the SMF program is submission of standardized test scores of either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE). In this post, I seek to describe my experience with the GMAT exam and offer advice on how to tackle the exam. defines the word “beast” as “something formidably difficult to control or deal with.” This is exactly how I felt about the GMAT when I was preparing to sit for the exam. The nature of the exam—computer adaptive, time allocation per question and question type—are aspects that I struggled so much to adjust to. By reflecting on the things I did good versus the mistakes that I did, I realize that I made more mistakes than good. It’s through sharing about these that I hope to help you achieve your desired goal of getting a satisfactory score without experiencing the agony of sitting through for the exam multiple times like I did.

Respect the exam

The biggest mistake that I made was underestimating the exam. When I heard that the exam covers Math and English principles that I had encountered already, I thought that the exam would be nothing but just a revision of concepts. With this attitude, as you can imagine, I did poorly on the exam the first time I took it and this served as a wake up call for me to respect the exam and properly study for it. My advice to you, therefore, is to not underestimate the exam. No matter how strong your quantitative or verbal skills may be, do no think the GMAT will be easy because the GMAT takes those concepts students have learned already and then reconfigures them into upper-level application-based questions.

The preparation materials you use matter

The GMAT exam was unlike any other exam I had ever encountered. The way the questions were structured and the reasoning behind the answers were not always easy for me to comprehend. With this said, I realized that the prep materials I used the first time were not enough to help me understand the logic and intuition behind why an answer was correct.

My advice, therefore, is for you to avoid going for the cheap options. This is a short-term solution that will only save you a couple of dollars in the short run, but you might end up screaming in pain if you have to retake the exam due to a low score. Although a higher quality prep course doesn’t guarantee a high score, it increases the chances of a good score.

If you are deciding on which preparation materials to use, I suggest you go for online prep courses that offer a variety of delivery methods such as videos or webinars. Such courses are usually better than just a stand alone book because more information can be packed and concisely explained through a video compared to a book. By using this method to prepare, you can leverage the power of video and audio delivery to your advantage.

Although this blog post was brief and not comprehensive, I hope it provides quick pointers for you all as you prepare for the GMAT.

Good luck!

Buckeye Road Trip

School spirit runs high at Ohio State, especially during football season. On September 28, my friends and I made the trek to State College, PA, to watch our undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes play Penn State. We sat in the Ohio State student section and cheered as loudly as we could as Ohio State fans were vastly outnumbered in the stadium. Penn State set an attendance record with 110,800 people, and of those only about 5,000 were dawning the scarlet and gray.

This was one of the most stressful athletic events I have ever watched in my

Cheering on the Buckeyes

life. This game, between #4 Ohio State and #9 Penn State, had massive implications on who would advance to the college football playoff in December. I have always wanted to experience a National Championship at some point during my Ohio State career, so this was a crucial game to win.

Ohio State was down 12 points with 8 minutes left, and scored 13 points to win the game in what became the highest rated college football game of the year. Chants of “OH-“ followed by “-IO” rang throughout Beaver Stadium just before we celebrated our win by singing “Carmen Ohio” with the players. Hanging out with Ohio State students and alumni before, during, and after the game showed me how passionate Buckeyes are about our school.

This game was a memory I’ll never forget. I am glad to have the opportunity to go to a school with such a plethora of athletic, academic, and social activities!

When Fall Falls

It’s Pumpkin Season!

Who doesn’t love autumn?

I just got back from Global Engagement’s Trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm. It was a very sunny day and I got kinda dizzy, so a little less talk… let’s just see what I did, shall we?

Big pumpkins
Small pumpkins
Jack of all trades 

Pumpkins…everywhere… I am really pumpkin obsessed, so imagine what a good time I must have had at the market!

Some tasty peanut butter

Oh, by the way, I am also crazy about peanut butter…

(Free samples were given with a slice of apple! Yummy!)

A LOT OF apples

I picked some apples as well. I will never tell you how many I ate while picking though.

(If this was the tree that Isaac Newton sit under, he would have been hit hard.)

Life should be like this

Isn’t it nice to wrap up September with some sunlight? See how people are enjoying themselves on campus 🙂

(It’s going to get colder and colder in the following months… Nooooo)

Oh, and did I mention that last week was Burger & Beer Week, where you could enjoy awesome burgers for only six dollars?

Food attack!

A week before finals

Hi there!

This is Ferny again, sharing some new stories about the SMF program.

These past few weeks have been busy for everyone, as first-session finals are right around the corner. Personally, right after attending the Prospanica Conference, I came back to Columbus to take a midterm that Monday. Since then first session classes have gone by rather fast and now it is time for finals! In this post, I would like to highlight a couple of activities that happened at Fisher since the last time I posted.

During one of our investment classes, we were fortunate to receive a visit from SMF alum Nitish Gupta. Nitish is currently working at Diamond Hill Capital Management as an ETF Consultant. He shared his advice on career search, networking skills and how to break into investment management.

Nitish Gupta at Fisher

Professor Pinteris also held a professional development presentation in which he described thoroughly different career paths that we could follow within finance. This session helped students who are still undecided about which career track to follow, get a better idea of career options available for Master in Finance students. Professor Pinteris also gave great advice on what steps to follow for specific career paths.

More recently we heard from Phil Renaud, the Executive Director of Risk Institute as well as Mary Beth McMormick, Executive Director of the Real Estate Center as they presented their respective organizations and several activities organized by their institutes throughout the year.

As a side note, my classmates and I also spent a lot of time these past few weeks at the Bloomberg Computer Lab, completing assignments for our Financial Software Applications class.

Picture of SMF students in Bloomberg mode, completing the Bloomberg Markets Concept course on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Side note 2, I hope you had the time to watch the Buckeyes’ comeback versus Penn State recently. If you follow college football we have climbed up to the number 3 spot in the AP top 25 poll, beating all other Big Ten schools. As always, it is a great time to be a Buckeye!

I promise to make the next post a little longer and to share with you more stories outside academics. 😊

I hope you all have a great rest of your week.

– Ferny

Are You Ready To Master Your Future?

While the authors of the Fisher Grad Life belong to different programs and speak to their own experiences, one similarity we share is having gone through the process of selecting a masters program. Pursuing this type of degree is a big investment and the key to finding the right program lies in conducting thorough research.Image result for masters program

This week I decided to share what factors I found helpful when I began to consider business graduate programs.

Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a short list of items that will push you in the right direction for your search.


Are you willing to relocate?  I would determine this as soon as possible, doing so will either narrow or expand your search for prospective programs. Depending on where you are currently located, expanding your Image result for locationsearch may allow you to consider more competitive programs. However, do not consume your time searching for or applying to universities in locations you would not actually relocate to if accepted.

Program Length

The average length of a masters program is typically two years. However, you will find that some programs can be shorter or longer based on the specialty you are interested in. If you wish to remain working full-time during this period, it can take anywhere from 3-6 years to complete a program as a part-time student. The duration of a program can easily be found on a program’s website.

Program Type

Not all programs are created equal. Even if they sound similar, be aware of the “College” or “School” that each program is associated with. Using Human Resources as an example, the Master of Human Resource Managment Program at Ohio State is in the Fisher College of Business but many other universities have their HR programs within a School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Navigate to the university’s website and reference the curriculum to get a better sense of what type of coursework each program focuses on.

Related imageRequirements

Each university will differ in this category. Majority of programs will have you submit a resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts, essay, and test scores. Some programs may waive or not require you to take the GMAT or GRE while other programs could require prior work experience in order to be admitted.


To estimate the cost of attendance, I suggest searching for the tuition and fees and the cost of living on the universities website. In addition to this, you may want to consider if the university is a private or public institution, if you would be paying in or out of state tuition as well as what type of financial assistance is available.

Financial Assistance

Compared to undergraduate studies, FASFA or federal student aid is much more limited for graduate students. Therefore, a majority of students will fund their education Image result for costwith student loans. I suggest speaking with a representative of the program about opportunities for scholarships, graduate assistantship, and fellowships that you may be eligible for.


To conclude, I suggest looking into each university’s accreditation, reputation, ranking, faculty, campus life, student resources/involvement opportunities and career outcomes of past graduates. Most importantly, search for programs that align with your short and long-term career goals.

No matter where you are in this process, I encourage you to utilize the information highlighted in this post and begin your graduate program search today. If you are interested in any of the Fisher College of Business graduate programs, please reach out to us at any time!

Easiest Lunch Spots

On the days where classes have been getting out at noon providing only a hour lunch break before the next one begins, and there are no job or club info sessions providing the ubiquitous pizza, the Fisher Grad student has been left with a simple question: What the heck am I doing for lunch?

Ignoring the overachievers who choose to pack, the rest of us are left to find our own way into the Fisher campus culinary experience.

Rohr Café

Starting off we have Mason Hall’s own Rohr Café, always good for a Starbucks coffee or espresso to get the caffeine boost one immediately begins to rely upon when Student becomes one’s job description. This quick café is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the crowds generally forming before 8:30 a.m. classes and around lunch. Offering a selection of sandwiches and other baked goods, it is a reliable option for a quick bite.


Only a five-minute walk away from Gerlach Hall, the Lane St. Panera has quickly become one the most popular nearby restaurants for lunch.  Offering a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads, this lunch spot provides a nice change of pace for those looking for something a bit healthier than the universal Domino’s pizza.  Along with their Rapid Pickup app, allowing people to preorder and skip the line, it is a speedy and healthy stop for the grad on the go.

Bistro 2110

Located in the nearby and gorgeous Blackwell Hotel, Bistro 2110 offers a high scale experience at an affordable price and easy access.  Their lunch buffet, coming in at $12.95/person, offers a changing rotation of options, ranging from sirloin steak with butternut squash to a seared salmon over rice pilaf.  For those looking for a more specialized option their lunch and dinner menus offers a mix of made order items, the Blackwell Burger and Sriracha Fried Shrimp Tacos are always a solid choice.


The Shoe on game day against Rutgers

It’s officially my favorite time of year again… football season. Probably one of the things I was most excited about coming to Ohio State was experiencing the game day culture here. After going to three home games I can now say it does not disappoint. The stadium itself can fit over 100,000 people and almost always sells out so it’s an amazing environment to experience the game

As a MAcc student you have the opportunity to purchase season tickets or Big Ten (our conference) tickets only. I ended up going with the season tickets and have been to the Oregon State, Rutgers and Tulane game and so far all have ended up in a blowout, something I am definitely not used to from my undergrad. Despite Columbus deciding to rain every Saturday, game days have been a highlight of my time here so far.

Group of MAcc Student before the Tulane game!


I’ve spend most game days with a group of MAcc students to tailgate and go to the game together. Walking through campus to get to The Ohio Stadium aka The Shoe you are surrounded by a sea of red and white. The atmosphere around campus and in the stadium is electric and can’t not get you pumped up for the game. I’m not sure if there is anyone more passionate than an Ohio State Football fan. I am looking forward to some of the bigger games this year like the home game against Michigan at the end of the season and just many more Saturdays at the Shoe. Experiencing at least one game day while in the MAcc program is a must! Go Bucks!