Fisher Follies

While the Fisher College of Business has many excellent clubs and organizations that work to benefit its student’s professional and cultural experiences, only one organization is focused on providing students with financial support when they fall under some unexpected misfortune.

Fisher Follies is a student-run organization whose focus is on providing bridge funds to students who need help when the unexpected takes place. These unexpected costs range anywhere from car repairs and broken laptops, to providing support for students who need to move due to issues with their apartments.  Due to its philanthropic initiatives and student focus, it is one of the most highly regarded and actively involved organizations on campus.

To help fund these activities Fisher Follies hosts one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events of the year, the Follies Auction.

The Follies Auction is generally held in the Autumn Semester  and is primarily funded through donations from students, alumni, and faculty.  In the silent auction phase of the night, attendees have the ability to make bids on a variety of items and experiences that can range from cooking classes and Airbnb stays, to outdoor adventures including trap shooting and rock climbing.  Some of our most popular items this year included babysitting and dog sitting provided by students, as well as a homemade OSU quilt.  During the live auction half of the night, the bigger donations are put up for bid.  This year, the big-ticket item was a suite at the Schottenstein Arena for up to 12 people with food and drinks included, donated by OSU Athletic Director, Gene Smith.

With the funds raised through this night, Fisher Follies continues to be of great help to the student body, while providing one of the most unforgettable evenings of the school year!

Full-time Job Search Prep

Having just finished the fall semester, that means I have only one semester left in the MHRM program! AKA my full-time job search is in full swing. If you aren’t graduating and this topic doesn’t specifically pertain to you (yet) check out one of my previous posts that talks about Networking for Students. Having established relationships within your network before you start the recruiting process will make it much easier if you have individuals who can support your search as well as chat about potential roles and companies.

The recommendations I list below is not an inclusive list nor the only way to prepare for a job search. Each person’s job search is unique to him/her and the role s/he is looking for. Here are a few of my tips that I’ve used in preparing for my job search.

Do Your Research 

First and foremost you should be able to identify the type of function, industry, company, and job elements within the role you looking for. For example, going beyond “I’m searching for a job in Human Resources” to “I am searching for a role within Training & Development within Human Resources at a firm that is socially responsible, values work/life balance and career development.” That way you can eliminate companies & positions that don’t fit within your values or interests. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself what courses, activities, previous work experiences you were naturally drawn too and enjoyed being apart of.

Update Resume 

The most important item to have updated is your resume! Keep this clear, concise, and relevant to the type of jobs you are applying for. If you have access to a career management office they often do resume reviews but if you don’t then have a friend, co-worker, or professor review it for you. Many companies use applicant tracking systems to sift through resumes so be sure to use keywords or terminology that they may be looking for compared to their own internal job descriptions. Ensure your resume has no typos and is no longer than one page.

Utilize Social Media

Be sure all of your social media content is appropriate and an accurate representation of who you are because employers do check! If you aren’t already, use LinkedIn to create a brand for yourself and search for open positions based on your profile. You can update your job preferences to let employers and your network know that you are open to new opportunities. There are also many other websites like Indeed or Glassdoor where you can set job alerts to be sent to you to help find positions you are interested in.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A part of being prepared is not only knowing how to search for the right job but also being confident going into the next phase of the process. Interviewing in person or over the phone can be a nerve-wracking process for many people. Practice speaking about your experiences using the STAR method as well as common behavioral questions that are asked during an interview. Practice in front of a mirror or go through a mock interview if you have the chance. All of this will help get the nerves out and make sure you are prepared when you have the real interview. Be conscious of the type of body language you are projecting while doing this and most importantly of all don’t forget to be yourself!





Christmas Away From Home

I may not look like it, but I was born in Moscow, Russia. Celebrating Christmas was one of my family’s favorite traditions back then. When we moved back to Vietnam, the atmosphere just wasn’t the same without the snow and the cold (very odd reasons), so we just stopped enjoying the occasion altogether.

When I got the chance to study abroad in Wisconsin, I was very excited to get the opportunities to celebrate Christmas once again with SNOW. However, nothing had prepared me for the AMOUNT OF SNOW that we got. I was overwhelmed at first, but I came to love it and even miss it now that I’m in Columbus, OH. In my opinion, winter should not be one of your concerns about coming to Ohio to study. The weather in Columbus is very pleasant in comparison and I do believe it is treating all of us well so far (I might have jinxed it just now).

Wisconsin really loved me
Wisconsin really loved me

I got to celebrate Christmas during my undergraduate days in Wisconsin but it took a while for me to find the friends that I could spend the holiday with. In a new setting with unfamiliar faces, you might get stressed out or anxious when you don’t have people to do the things you are used to doing. Things take time. Related to what my classmate Namrata wrote about earlier, you will be able to find those who you can call Family and enjoy the holidays with, so don’t rush and take it easy.

Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

This winter is a bit more special for me this year because I got to spend it with my brother and sister and celebrate it the way we did back in Russia. We already set up a Christmas tree back at my sister’s apartment and was able to exchange gifts

I hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday and winter break! Now, back to reality and school …

Three Things I Learned in Business School Was …

It’s hard to believe that our first semester of the MAcc program is over and we’re now starting a new one. It seems like we were all going to our first classes only a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve survived that LOOONG drive back home to Wisconsin – and then back to Columbus … here are some of my reflections on my first semester in the MAcc program. Hopefully they can be useful to some of you readers out there.

Leverage Each Other’s Strengths

The MAcc program places a ton of emphasis on group work to prepare students for future careers because that’s how the actual working world will be. As I worked through the seemingly endless group projects with my team members, I noticed that so often each group member would really excel at one particular component of the project. People come into this program with a diverse set of backgrounds, and if you happen to have someone who’s a rock-star on your group project, don’t be afraid to lean into their ability. Everyone brings their own experience to the table.


Stay Organized!

After four years of making fun of all of my friends who did this in undergrad, I finally did the unthinkable and started religiously maintaining a Google Calendar for everything I have going on each week. From classes to recruiting events, group project meetings to dinners with friends, this turned out to be a real lifesaver. I found that keeping everything neatly scheduled let me stress less about having to remember everything. Know yourself and your style, but always be ready to adapt like I did with my calendar.


Have Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Being in Columbus for my MAcc has been rewarding academically, but all of the awesome entertainment along the way has helped me to take a breather from the grind. College football is the best sport in the world (biased opinion) and Ohio State is the best team in the world (not a biased opinion, straight facts). There are a ton of cool spots to explore in Columbus and I can’t wait to come back and keep on finding new things to enjoy.

Home for the Holidays

What a semester! As I spend time at home over the holiday season, I’ve gotten a chance to really reflect on my time at Ohio State in the MAcc program and all that I’m thankful for. While I’ve been home for break, I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family, which has been really nice for me after a semester of living in a single apartment.

Sadly, however, being a part of my family means taking cheesy Christmas card pictures for my mom and dad, a tradition that my brothers and I have suffered through since we’ve been born. This year, the photo was Chicago jersey-themed, as evidenced by the above picture. While the only time my brothers and I might be smiling during the ordeal is while the actual picture is being taken, it makes me laugh each year as my parents drag us three into the backyard while we complain about how cheesy the photograph is the entire time. No matter how long I’m away from my family, it’s good to see that nothing’s changed- as my parents continue their cheesy Christmas card tradition, and my brothers continue the tradition of whining and complaining while taking the photo.

One semester down and one more to go. Weird to think I’ll be graduating in less than five months from now. In the meantime, I hope everyone’s holiday season is a good one. Can’t wait to get back to campus and finish up strong!


Top Five Things I Learned About Myself

SMF Class after Core Capstone Presentations

As the semester comes to an end, and I prepare myself for an almost 48 hour journey to Mumbai, I can’t help but reflect on the 18 weeks that have passed by (or literally flown by).

Below are five things that I’ve learned about myself over the semester in the SMF program:

  • I’m capable of working with people from different backgrounds and who have different sets of views (hopefully my team will agree!). Working with the same people in every class (eight classes) teaches you a lot about yourself and others.
  • I can survive without mum and dorm life. I lived in dorms for all four years of undergrad, so, I didn’t have to worry about food, bills, etc. Living off-campus as a grad student is a whole new ball game.
  • I love any form of data analysis. After being able to take classes in different fields, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like any form of quantitative analysis (anything that’s connected to Math :P).
  • I can stay up the whole night to play cards, board games, or any game in general. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent playing some form of a game with my classmates.
  • My liberal arts education has come into use at a business school. This for those pursuing a liberal arts degree and wondering if they can pursue a business/finance master’s degree -a liberal arts degree teaches you how to learn, and that will be helpful anywhere you go. I’ve been able to use my undergraduate education in writing reports, reading long articles quickly (finance classes don’t come anywhere near to our history/English classes in terms of material to read), analyzing critically, and learning new material and being able to utilize it.

Overall, I’ve had a busy semester that has given me many opportunities to learn things academically but also on a personal level. Looking forward to new opportunities in the spring semester!

Happy Holidays!


Final Presentations

As the semester at Ohio State comes to a close, I had to give final presentations in many of my classes, discussing and explaining research that many of my teams had compiled over the course of the semester. However, I definitely had my most unique experience in my Business of College Sports class, in which I had to dress up as Jim Harbaugh for a recruiting pitch. (One of the Fisher MAcc program’s unique features is that up to half of your total credits can be in areas outside of accounting. The college wants its students to be well rounded in areas that complement knowledge and skills in accounting.)

As many of you might know, Jim Harbaugh is the head coach of Michigan football, Ohio State’s biggest rival. In a team with Celine (one of our MAcc graduate ambassadors) and five others, we got to present our recruiting pitch as a business idea to Gene Smith, the Ohio State athletics director. The experience was a little frightening- getting up in front of a world-renowned college AD and pitching him a business idea- but we made sure it was interactive and even got a few laughs along the way! Celine acted as the recruit I was giving my recruiting pitch to, and she played the role of “Justine Fields”, a highly-touted quarterback prospect out of Georgia. Needless to say, Justine Fields ended up choosing to go to Ohio State instead of Michigan in our recruiting simulation. Who would have thought?

My two current favorite off-campus study spots

Recently, I decided to explore some local coffee shops with a friend, Christina, in the MAcc program as I didn’t want to head for Starbucks constantly. Columbus is filled with some phenomenal coffee shops that are excellent study spots for Fisher graduate students. Below are my two of my current favorites near campus.

1. Stauf’s Coffee Roaster on Grandview

Some of Stauf’s food options

This location is pretty closed to campus, and it was very packed on the Sunday morning that we went! However, there is plenty of space inside the shop, so finding a table is pretty easy. Parking is spacious as well, and the prices are similar to those at Starbucks. There is a lot of food options too. I like to study with noise in the background, so this is a great option, and the food is there to feed us for however long we want to stay.

2. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse on Long St

I personally prefer this place more as the aesthetic is much nicer!

However, it is a bit farther away from campus as it’s in downtown, and parking can be a bit hard during peak hours. They have fewer tables compared to Stauf’s, so it may be hard to get one during busy hours. I like to come here when I need to get some serious work done, as it tends to be more quiet and calming inside, compared to the hectic atmosphere at Stauf’s.

That is my quick review of the two places. Columbus has a lot to offer Fisher graduate students, including a lot of coffee shops to choose from 🙂 I’m hoping to explore more local establishments during spring semester and to blog more about newly discovered favorites. Stay tuned!



Go Bucks! … My last home game :(

As many of you may know, Ohio State is a sports school, and we dominate in almost every division 1 sport you can think of. One in particular that brings a lot of attention to our school is… FOOTBALL. Ohio State is currently sitting as the number 1 ranked collegiate team in the nation, but this is not an unusual thing for Ohio State football. OSU is consistently a top 10 football team year in and year out in the recent past.

Ever since my freshman year of college here at Ohio State, I have gone to every single home football game to support the bucks. I love looking forward to Saturdays in the magical Shoe. The Shoe is our football stadium that seats 100,000+ fans every game. Being in the stadium is electric … every fan is decked out in red and is cheering at the top of their lungs to help root the Buckeyes to a victory.

If you attend Ohio State, you should try and go to at least one game while you are here because it is an experience like no other. I recently just attended my last home game as a student, and I can say I am still very emotional about it. On November 23rd, the Bucks played Penn State. It was supposed to be a massive game for us, but just like the rest of the teams, Penn State fell victim to an OSU win. Every fan in the stadium cheered the bucks on to a great victory, and at the end of the game, we even got to rush the field to celebrate a big win!


KPMG Masters of Accounting & Data Analytics

I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Kaufman Ortiz, the campus ambassador for the KPMG Masters of Accounting and Data Analytics (MADA) program here at the Ohio State University (OSU). After his studies at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez, he is thrilled to be here at OSU as a MADA participant. Here are a few questions I ran by him to learn more about what this program is all about.

What is MADA?

MADA helps move KPMG professionals into the data age by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven world. The MADA class of 2020 has 135 students (110 in audit and 25 in tax) receive full-ride scholarships and stipends to attend one of nine participating masters programs throughout the country in exchange for a three year commitment to the firm. The number of students in the program increases every year. A few of the other schools in the program include Villanova University, University of Mississippi, Virginia Tech, and the University of Georgia.

Ohio State is one of the founders of the program, and has 25 sponsored students this year. MADA participants take a full schedule in the fall, participate in a paid busy season internship, and return to campus in the summer to wrap up their Master in Accounting.

We take many of the same classes as the other OSU Master of Accounting students. However, the MADA students focus their electives on data-driven courses.

What is the application process for this program?

The application process is rigorous and consists of several interviews and taking the GMAT. Applicants are considered holistically. Additionally, MADA students apply and must be accepted to the MAcc programs they will be placed into separately through the school’s process. The process from initial application to acceptance of the offer takes around 6 months. If you’re interested in learning more about the program and its application process, click here.

How has MADA impacted your professional development?

This program has opened my eyes to data analysis tools like R, Python, SQL, and Tableau. Firsthand experience with all of these tools in my classes is very valuable. I think the biggest thing has been learning to think about things through the context of big data. As an accounting professional in the data age, the opportunity to adopt that mindset and be able to apply it in our future audit engagements is an invaluable skill for my future career at KPMG.