The Columbus Zoo

This week I’ll let my lovely wife, Tiffany, share her experience at the zoo with everyone.

Tiffany: The Columbus Zoo is a fun place for the whole family to spend a half day.  The zoo is clean and we like how the zoo is designed so we won’t miss any attractions.

The Halloween decorations are all over the zoo. You can see pumpkins everywhere. The zoo is a good place for picnic and there are also many outdoor eating areas. We arrived at the zoo at noon and noticed that not all the food court and food stands are open. I guess it’s because it’s a weekday.

IMG_8497 IMG_8503

My three favorite places in the zoo are the aquarium, the kangaroos, and the baby elephant areas. At the Aquarium, there is a huge fish tank with hundreds of colored fish. It’s easy to stay there for an hour watching beautiful fish and tank decorations, and watch every kid hunting for Dory (one of nemo’s good friends). We like the kangaroo area because we get the chance to be in close contacts with these wild animals. For example, the fences are so low that the kangaroos can jump over easily.

IMG_8560 IMG_8599

Instead of buying general admission for $12 ($11 on the website), you can buy tickets from the Ohio Union located in the Ohio Stadium for $5. Parking is an extra $5 and you can pay for parking on the Columbus zoo website to save time at the tollbooth.

If you want to beat the crowd, go during the weekdays. However, some attractions are weekends only such as pony ride (for children), boat ride, and the penguin area.  So you may want to check the zoo website to see the show schedule and what attractions are open on the weekends.

Take advantage of the nice weather while you still can. Our next stop is probably the German Village or the Amish Towns. See ya~

Saturday at Paninis

Yesterday, Sarah and I were invited to go watch Football at Paninis, a local bar/grill. We went to watch the Buckeyes, and the Texas/OU game. Quite a fun time, with a lot of MAccers in attendance, as well as a few significant others, and a couple of OSU Law students as well. The food at Paninis is great. They serve paninis (big surprise) but these things are different than panini I have ever seen before. They are piled high with meat/cheese/cole slaw or whatever else you ordered, and are absolutely monstrous, just huge! Sarah and I had a lot of fun watching the game and meeting a few new people, it was definitely a bummer the way the Buckeyes game ended. Only consolation is that if we win out, I still think we win the Big Ten, and go to a BCS bowl game. Sarah has some things she would like to say, so here goes!

Hi Everyone!

I just have a few words of advice for any significant other considering coming to Ohio.

1. Make sure you have a George Foreman grill. It will allow you to make the aforementioned paninis for…500% cheaper. Seriously. George is my new best friend.
2. Buy an OSU jersey. If you’re like me and you don’t know a single person in Ohio, you will with one of these! I’m still struggling with the whole talking to strangers thing, (so many people are shocked to find I am less outgoing and sociable than Kyle) so details to come.
3. Don’t be afraid to try a new hairstyle. If you’re like me, the idea of letting anyone but your trusted hometown stylist handle your locks terrifies you. Therefore, I am a HUGE proponent of trying a new style–it’s called grow it out (or buy clippers…but that’s a whole new ballgame.)
4. Find a new hobby or focus in your life. We got a puppy, and she helps take away the lonely 🙂 You could try knitting, studying for a certification (also a new hobby of mine), picking up a new sport, or pet sitting/volunteering (if you’re volunteer pet-sitting…let Kyle and me know [only kidding, you will need to submit your social security number so we can run a background to get your hands on L.E. dog without parental supervision])

That’s all folks–George is calling my name! So until next time, bye y’all!

Northstar Cafe

When I was working I often felt like Sundays carried a different weight than other days of the week.  If things were great at work, Sunday was a often spent out with friends at brunch, shopping, cooking, in the park, or sleeping in after a great Saturday night out on the town.  During busy weeks at the office, or when I was less than excited about my job, Sunday carried that scent of anxiety or sounds of a steady clock ticking down on remaining free time, or sometimes, I was already back in the office.

First year at Fisher, Sunday took on a different space, often feeling much like the next day in a continuous week.  School somehow felt like a fully integrated element of life – the separation of personal life, school life and career often seemed blurred into one and the same; full of team meetings, homework, internship applications, the occasional brunch, and yes, sometimes a great day for sleeping in.

This year, I have tried to set aside many Sundays to enjoy some of the rituals I most enjoy:  Sunday morning news and political round tables on TV, a delicious cup of coffee, some lounging around and organizing paper files in my apartment, and a true joy – brunch and tasty breakfast dishes.  Most mornings this all takes place within my own home, but at least once a month, if not twice, it is spent at Northstar Cafe (Beechwold location) with a pup at my feet and a dear companion across the table.

All of the food I’ve ever had there is amazing, and the blueberry smoothies are almost too hard to pass up, however, my dish of choice has definitely become the:  Classic Egg Sandwich – Warm from the oven buttermilk biscuit topped with two over-medium eggs* and aged white cheddar (Add your choice of bacon or housemade King Family pork sausage)* I always get the bacon and ask for a side of preserves for the biscuit… Mmmmm!!!

Although this morning I’m enjoying CBS News Sunday Morning  and Meet the Press with a cup of Stauf’s Coffee from the comfort of my own home… it won’t be long until my next trip to Northstar.

Melissa and Phineas at Northstar Cafe

In case you’re inspired and now throwing a full on brunch of your own.  Consider celebrating Sunday with friends and a classic brunch cocktail:  the Mimosa

Grab some sparkling wine (try one of my grad school budget favorites: anything from Gruet’s sparkling selection) and orange juice (find blood orange juice if you can – just for fun) and pour into a champagne flute.  Enjoy!

Creepy Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins!

This Friday the Graduate Human Resources Association (GHRA) planned a social event to go to Terrorfest, a huge and very creepy haunted house in the Brewery District of Columbus and then go out after in the Gateway (a section of High St right off of campus).  I was really excited because our class hasn’t done a whole lot of out of class bonding.  Well…I was excited until I remembered what exactly a haunted house entails…creepy people, strobe lights and screaming.

I decided to suck it up and go.  We had about 26ish people go, a mix of first years, second years and friends and significant others.  Somehow…I don’t know how.. I ended up being at the front of our group (the worst place ever!) with Samantha, a second year who I work with.  We were pretty brave for the first 2-3 minutes or so, but then you kind of get tired of people jumping out at you all the time so we rotated back to the middle of the group 🙂

We all made it through the entire haunted house, chainsaws and all and I was actually surprised at how fun it was.  I started talking to the people who were scaring us and laughing and it was a very good bonding experience for everyone.  We all then drove back to the Gateway and went out to Ugly Tuna, a bar/restaurant.  The food seemed good they had a bunch of fun margarita drinks and it seems like it gets a pretty good crowd!

Overall it was a really good night and fun to do some out of class bonding and get to know some of the second years better as well.  They are such a good resource to ask about classes and interviews and companies and they are willing to share anything you want to know.

So thanks to Lauren Griffith and the rest of the GHRA social chairs/committee for organizing the event it was fun!!

(for pictures check out LaToya’s MLHR blog she was the smart one who remembered her camera!)

GHRA Halloween Extravaganza


Did it work?  Are you scared?  Not even a little?

This Friday night the Graduate Human Resources Association is attending the World Renound “Terror Fest.”

Check out

If you are looking for something fun to do between now and November 1st, be sure to check it out.  We don’t go down to the Brewery District often, but this is a nationally ranked, true story, haunted house.

Who doesn’t like to get a little jeepers creepers feeling around Halloween,

If anyone is interested, please let me know!

Life as Is….

So, I have officially been in Columbus, for a month.  While I still feel like a newbie, I am beginning to attain more of a social life.  I still primarily hang out by myself on the weekends, but slowly but surely I am gaining friends whom I can associate with outside of the classroom… Thank God!  I had my first “clubbing” experience last weekend, which was interesting (dance club).  We had no idea, but we ended up at a spot that was geared more towards the undergraduate crowd.  It definitely took me back 4-5 years ago when I was still new to the club scene and college life.  I am looking forward to attaining more friendships as the school year goes on, in addition to experiencing more of Columbus. More to come…

Autumn: apples

Fantastic fall foods for feasting...Last weekend a small group of Fisher students went out to a local apple orchard to pick apples and rejoice in the fall.  Of course, it is impossible to capture the beauty of that day (especially after a series of cold, rainy days), but what I can tell you is that it was picture perfect in every way!

Lynd’s Fruit Farm is an orchard and in my opinion, a “general fall extravaganza” in Pataskala, OH, just north east of Columbus.  It was a little difficult to find at first, but after a short drive we arrived to an intersection of orchards and kettle corn in the beautiful Ohio countryside.

Malika and Rob kicked the morning off right with a tour of the big tent filled with fall decorations, squash, gourds, cider tastings, jams and preserves, honey and fruit butters, and of course… a diverse selection of apples. Once out in the orchard, Scott and Ryan sought out the very best from each tree and enlisted Elsie in the process. TEAMWORK!

Malika and RobScott, Ryan and Elsie picking apples

As the morning drew to a close and the afternoon was quickly upon us, many had team meetings and projects to get back to…  Fortunately, I came home with Honeycrisp apples, spaghetti squash, apple cider and mulling spices, and another wonderful memory of good times with my Fisher friends. Today’s beverage of choice – Lynd Farm’s Apple Cider… delicious!The Author - Melissa

The Columbus Italian Festival

As I mentioned in my last post, Columbus’ Italian Festival was this weekend. And since I have lived in the Italian Village area of the Short North for over 4 years, it has become somewhat of a fall tradition for me. The festival is held on Columbus Day weekend every year and it is always a great time. The weather didn’t really cooperate on Friday night, but the rest of the weekend was fairly nice. My favorite food of the weekend was the sausage and peppers I got from Carfagna’s.
Sunday I went to the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library to renew my library card because I needed to check out some books for my MBA 812 team project. My card hadn’t actually expired though because I still owed $3 in fines. Regardless, I got a new card and reserved some books for my project. The library has a expansive selection of DVDs and CDs (in addition to the books) which you can reserve online and have delivered to the branch closest to you for pickup. For those of you on a tight budget, it is an excellent alternative to Netflix.
Anyway, that was pretty much the extent of my weekend. On Wednesday I will write a little about seeing David Cross and Wilco. Below are a few pictures from the Italian Festival.

I know no one likes baseball in the Buckeye State but….

The title of this post is not exactly what I am going to be writing about but I just have to say that I was watching the ALDS Yankees v. Twins baseball game on Friday night and I think MLB needs to develop some sort of rule about fair v. foul balls in the outfield.  Towards the end of the game the Twins had a hit to left field that landed SO incredibly fair and was called foul.  It cost the Twins the game and it made me depressed because who in the world wants the Yankees to win (I’m a Mets fan but am contemplating adopting a new team because they stink). And of course to top it off Mark Texiera the baseball robot hit a walk off home run to win the game for the Yankees.

Enough about baseball.  Other comments/observations from the weekend…

-I spent the majority of today and yesterday reading and catching up on work.  I read about half of my reading for my Fundamentals of HR book (this is the second book I’m reading for the class and it is slightly more interesting than the first thank goodness) and I caught up on stats and became a master of excel and StatTools this awful (but helpful) stats program for Excel that came with our book.

-I went out to dinner on Friday night for a late birthday celebration (my birthday was 9/30).  It was at a restaurant in Delaware, OH where Ohio Wesleyan is and where I went to undergrad.  I know I know why would I leave Columbus when there are so many good places to eat but the reason is because the restaurant is called Nova and they have the most amazing grilled chicken salad I have ever had.  It has a sweet onion balsamic vinaigrette that they home make in the kitchen, the chicken is delicious, it has blue cheese, spinach, strawberries and blueberries in it.  Hi amazing. So it was worth the trip to Delaware (which is actually a really cute town to walk around if you want to see someplace outside of Columbus).

-I had Rita’s again.  I went in sweatpants with my friend Rachel.  It was delicious.  I have two more stamps to get until I get a free ice.

-I discovered Antrim Park, up on Olentangy River Rd.  It’s a pretty park with a little lake and a 1.2 mile path around the lake.  There were a lot of people there with their dogs and people just walking and running.  I’m not a runner, I’m a brisk walker so I walked around the lake twice.  It was a beautiful day outside, I’m glad I found the park.  Sometimes I just need to get fresh air it helps me think.

-The same friend I went to Rita’s with, Rachel, said that I needed to do some more decorating in my apartment so I was inspired and got some nice pillows for my couch/loveseat and a pretty candle centerpiece for my dinged up coffee table.  Now I just need some things for my walls…it’s fun decorating an apartment except sometimes I’m completely uninspired and I get confused about what would look good so I never get anything.

So fun weekend for me (minus the homework) I’m off to read more and watch game three of Yankees Twins series.  If the Yankees win I’ll cry.

I have less and less free time

Tomorrow will be the fifth time we meet for class and things are starting to pick up. I have my first MBA 870 midterm on October 20th and my team is in the process of picking a project for MBA 812. Not only that, but work has been very busy and my social calendar is very busy this month as I have stated before. In order to get my work done, I am going to need to make it over to the library for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Friday through Sunday I have the Italian festival. I am 0% Italian but my condo is literally inside the festival grounds and so I always have friends and family over that weekend to eat, drink and have fun. Sunday night I am going to see comedian David Cross who some of you might know from Mr. Show with Bob and David or Arrested Development. As of this writing, tickets are still available.

Monday night I am going to see Wilco at Mershon Auditorium. If you are a fan of good independent music, you need to keep an eye on the Wexner Center’s website for upcoming shows. I have seen a lot of great bands there over the last few years. There are still a few tickets available for the Wilco show as well, but I am guessing that it will probably sell out before Monday.

If you do decide to go to the Italian Festival this weekend, you can get 50% off of admission if you bring this flyer provided by Experience Columbus. Sunday afternoon I will post pictures from the Italian Festival for those of you that may be interested.