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Your Car Needs a Bath

On top of all the craziness of being in grad school, along with the daily living responsibilities you will encounter, it’s at these busiest times that one may forget to do other “required” things.   One of them could/may be car maintenance. While most people are good about getting oil changes, inflating their tires and preparing the car for winter, one major activity needs to be done for keeping the body of your car beautiful. Yes, it is washing your car.  The simple expense of a car wash in the winter could save years of value in your car.

Since Columbus recently has seen snow (as have many other Eastern and Midwest states), the slushy mix up and melting snow on the roads usually splatters onto cars.   This mess includes the salt used by road crews to better maintain clean streets and avoid ice build up. Sources such as the AAA and auto repair blog sites do in fact recommend getting your car washed through out the winter. Once temperatures rise above freezing, removing the salt from your car should be done. This helps to avoid rust and corrosion not only on the body of your car, but also the undercarriage which basically is the support of your car.

Sax Car Wash: They even promise to remove the french fries left in your seat

However how does one spot a good deal on car washes?   Yes, gas stations usually offer a car wash at a cheap price (usually $5-9) after filling up, however most of these washes do not include undercarriage washing.   As many readers of this blog know, I like to promote local establishments that in my opinion offer great value for your dollar.    Today I present Sax Car Wash on 5th Avenue (1319 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212).  The place not only cleans your car, but offers great affordable packages to detail, wax, and even freshen up the scent of your car.   Not only does it come with great customer service, but, after the car is washed, you also get the door jars cleaned, a simple vacuuming, and even the dashboard gets wiped down of dust, etc..  For the “works” package, which is priced under $20, you receive the car wash, undercarriage wash, wax, vacuum, and a choice of over 8 different air fresheners that are pumped directly into the fan of your climate control.

Regardless of where you go to get it done, I recommend all drivers and students (and students to be) in Columbus during the winter to take extra good care of your car.   You will be glad you did when the resale value and appearance show.


Things to do in Columbus (plus, a little buckeye)

This past weekend, I was able to go to the Columbus Blue Jackets game with my younger sister. While my wonderful Jackets lost 2-3, Erin and I had a blast AND we received free hats!

My younger sister is a freshman at Ohio State and currently applying to the nursing program. I am so happy that she chose to attend OSU – so I can see her a little more frequently AND keep an eye on her. Because truly, what are big sisters for?

My sister & I cheering on the Blue Jackets!

I’ve mentioned it in a few previous posts, but I love Columbus, Ohio. I moved here in 2007 when I started at OSU as an undergrad, and I now consider the 614 my home. I moved back to Cincinnati for a summer or two, and then Orlando, Florida when I was working at Walt Disney World. Still, from Southern  Ohio to Florida – there is something special about Columbus.

When entering the MBA program, you are surrounding yourself with resources, both inside and outside school. We have top companies in the Columbus Area (check out this article that appeared in Inc. in 2011), cool neighborhoods when you are ready for some fun and great sports teams (what can I say – I’m a sports girl).

Cool places to around school:

  • Arena District – see a show and have a drink – I’m in heaven!
  • Short North – edgy and express (see my post about Betty’s!)
  • German Village – shopping, bakeries, coffee and beautiful architecture
  • Grandview – Close to campus and great for place for graduate students to go when wanting to relax and enjoy a happy hour
Sports around Columbus:
Other cool things in my favorite city:
So, why are you still reading? go explore this fabulous city – see you around :)


Beating the cold

“It’s currently 7 degrees, but with the windchill it feel about 5 degrees below zero.” OK, not exactly what I wanted to hear waking up and getting ready for class. Coming off a long weekend filled with leisurely studying made the news even more painful.

But, no matter the temperature outside, we are already in our 3rd week of the term and classes are in full swing. Cases are due within days, project deadlines are approaching, two midterms on Monday and my operations homework is due on Thursday.

Don’t forget the internship search is in full swing and interviews are popping up every week. Fisher keeps students on their toes and constantly growing and improving… However, it’s not all work and studying!

After about 18 weeks of being in class together, I know and love my core group. We have a system in place for projects and it seems to be working on very well. All the first years have figured out ways to study and prepare for class – even good ol’ finance. Our social chairs host great events that allow the class to mingle and relax at the end of the week.

If looking to get off campus for a bit, I am happy to report the Columbus Blue Jackets have (finally) returned – and starting the season off strong. You can always take a Short North Walking tour and experience the incredible food of the North Market. I love the Arena District, and they always have something exciting going out to beat the cold and snow.

Bottom line? No time for winter blues here at Fisher.  

Winter Festivities: The 2013 Columbus Beer Festival

Winter in Columbus warrants many fun activities, one of them is the annual Columbus Winter Beer Festival! This event is exactly is the name portrays, a festival of beers in which participants get to experience tastings from over 60 breweries (both local, domestic, and imports), 300+ beers, and a 10,000 person capacity! The festival was held at the Columbus Convention Center, which I discovered is a humongous venue. I was lucky enough to attend this event along with some fellow MAcc students this past Saturday  and had a great time.

The festival ticket provided entry, a 5 oz. tasting cup, 25 tickets to sample the various beers at the brewery booths distributed around the convention center floor, and a map of the layout. In addition to tastings at each booth, there were concession stands, raffles, projections of the NFL football playoff games, and a “silent disco.” If you were wondering what a silent disco is, it basically consists of a typical dance area, but dancers are wearing headphones to listen to the DJ’s music, versus through speaker projection (a very odd concept). The event also offered a “designated driver” program, which offered non-alcohol drinkers a discounted ticket and food/beverage vouchers, a great way to promote alcohol safety

The 5 oz. tasting mug

As a person not so familiar with the science behind brewing, this was a great opportunity to try something different and experience the taste of IPAs versus Pale Ales and so on. Some of my favorite samples were from the Victory, Harpoon, and Ace Cider brewery booths. The Ace Cider booth had an excellent Pear Cider flavor, which was so refreshing! Columbus is a great city with quirky events such as this, an event full of young professionals, academics, and Columbus locals looking for a weekend activity. Stay tuned for updates on further Columbus adventures.

Some of the cider flavors offered at the brewery, Ace

Back to the grind

Yesterday marked the start of my Spring semester in the MAcc program, which is my last semester eek! Winter break felt like it flew by, though it was definitely nice to relax before hitting the books once again. I also came to the somewhat sad realization that this is the last year I will have a “winter break.” From here on out it will be all paid vacation in smaller increments.  Over winter break, I was able to spend a beautiful winter weekend in Deep Creek Lake (as I mentioned in my last post). While in Deep Creek, I was able to go hiking in the state park by the shore, ice skate at opening weekend of WISP ski resort, and relax by the fire in the cozy cabin we rented. Below are a few pictures from my cabin adventure.

View from the cabin in Deep Creek at sunset


Taking a walk by the lake at Deep Creek State Park


Also over winter break, I was able to spend some time at home with my family in Maryland, where I was able to enjoy some Redskins football, good food, and relaxation! It was great to be home, but I am recharged and ready to go for the Spring semester. The MAcc students are actually required to submit the application to graduate this first week back. I will have completed a total of 31 credit hours this year, including our core classes, accounting electives, and non-accounting electives. Since it seems like the end of the program is nearing far too soon, I am going to make it a point to work hard in school, yet also have some fun with my classmates. On our first day back, I was able to venture to lunch with some MAcc friends to a spot I have never been to before that day: the quaint restaurant in the Short North, Tasi. This cafe was friendly, casual, and had delicious fresh food. Tasi serves breakfast all day long (made from scratch), delicious sandwiches and paninis, salads, and beer/wine. I ordered a grilled chicken panini and it was delish! I will most definitely be going back for brunch in the near future! Below is a view of the counter inside Tasi. I will continue to post about classes and Columbus adventures as the semester continues!

A view of the counter inside Tasi

Breakfast in Columbus: Sweet and Spicy Goodness

When I came across this article about the expected bacon price increase due to droughts that led to shortages of corn last harvesting season, I have to admit, I panicked a little. I was on a mission to consume as much of this pork belly goodness as possible before it became too expensive for my meager student budget. As I was searching for places in Columbus that serve the traditional bacon, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast one day, I came across reviews of a place that serves crispy bacon that is both sweet and spicy. Intrigued, I knew I had to make my way to Katalina’s to taste the creation for myself.

Mmm…Sweet and spicy bacon!

Katalina’s Café Corner is a small mom and pop restaurant on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and W 3rd Ave, which is a short COTA bus ride south of campus.  I ordered the Nutella filled pancake balls with a side of their mouthwatering crispy bacon.  I’m usually a wimp when it comes to spicy foods, but to my surprise, the sweet glaze coating on the bacon turned back the dial on the heat and prevented total annihilation of my poor taste buds.  The pancake balls were lightly dusted with powdered sugar and definitely a nice deviation from the usual pancakes served for breakfast. You may want to think twice about popping the whole pancake ball into your mouth.  I found out the hard way that the Nutella filling takes a bit more time to cool down than the outer pancake shell.

On the corner of Pennsylvania Ave & W 3rd Ave.

Apples to Apples

In Ohio, when the leaves change from green to red and yellow, you know Fall is finally here! It’s time for football, bonfires, festivals, Halloween, and perfect weather for sweatshirts and jeans. Fall is a sign that summer is over and school has begun. When I was little, my grandparents used to take all eight grandkids to Fulton Farms to pick apples and sweet corn and every year we went on a hayride together. A couple of weekends ago, I got to share our Ohio tradition with my friend and California native, Ashley.  We went with a few of my friends from undergrad to Lynd Fruit Farm. Lynd Fruit Farm is located in Pataskala, OH about 35 minutes from campus. (But definitely worth the drive!) We picked apples and pumpkins straight from the patch! Check out a sampling of the 10,000 pictures we took that day:

What a gorgeous day for picking apples…

With my beautiful friends: Ashley, Lauren, Kati and Sarah!

Real friends…walk with you…

Share with you…

And laugh with you!

Annie Leibovitz at the Wexner Center

As an SMF graduate student with limited funds, I love to maximize the utility I can get with every single bill that leaves my wallet, or rather, with every swipe of the plastic these days. From plotting all the happy hour spots around campus (check out James’ blog post on $3.50 burgers on Wednesday at Brazenhead), to scoring deeply discounted tickets to events (check out Jessica’s blog post on d-tix), there’s nothing more exciting than discovering fun things to do on a tight student budget.

One of the activities I would love to spend more of my free time on is visiting museums. Luckily for OSU students, we have the Wexner Center for the Arts on campus. Not only is the museum conveniently located, but admission is also free for all college students with ID. Do not worry if you are not a college student. The Wexner Center takes care of the general public as well by offering free admissions on the first Sunday of each month and every Thursday after 4 PM.

Currently, the masterpieces of Annie Leibovitz are on display through the end of the year. Annie started her career in the early 70s as a photographer for the Rolling Stone magazine and has amassed a huge collection of well-known celebrities she has worked with over the years. The works of art are not limited to musicians. The exhibit also includes iconic athletes like Muhammad Ali, actresses like Angelina Jolie, and political figures like Condoleezza Rice.

If you are on campus, you should definitely swing by the Wexner Center for the Arts and check out the exhibition! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Beautiful Ohio State: Top-Five Visual Moments of the Fall Season

There is a certain magic that sweeps through campus during fall at The Ohio State University. Between the start of MAcc classes, Buckeye football, and wonderful autumn weather we are truly spoiled in Columbus, OH. Moreover, Fall is a visual reminder of how beautiful our campus truly is. And so, without further ado, I would like to present Beautiful Ohio State, a countdown of my top-five visual moments of the Fall season on campus.

5.) Running along the banks of the Olentangy River on the Olentangy Trail.













4.) Bringing a date to Mirror Lake (grab ice-cream at the Mirror Lake Creamery).













3.) Hanging out with friends in the Oval (Frisbee, football, or soccer ball recommended).













2.) Simply walking around campus (don’t underestimate this one).



















1.) The Shoe (There’s nothing like a football game at Ohio Stadium).

Columbus Favorites: Blue Ginger

One of the things about being a Fisher MBA student and living in Columbus is your food choices, especially if you like to dine out on occasion. If you like Asian Fusion, you will love Blue Ginger. It’s located on Sawmill road, so it’s about a 15 minute drive from campus, but it is definitely worth the drive (plus, Sawmill road has all the best places to shop, including one of my favorite places: Trader Joe’s).

Their appetizers are delicious! One of my favorites is the shrimp tempura, which has a lemongrass sauce that I have never been able to replicate (and not for lack of trying!).



Their selling point (for me, anyway!) is the shrimp pad thai… hands down, the best shrimp pad thai in town!


Would you like to see it from another delicious angle? Sure thing!


They also have some great sushi.. the Sawmill Road roll is famous around here, and for good reason!

I have out of town friends who request a trip to Blue Ginger just for the Sawmill Road roll.. and I am always happy to oblige!


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