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Did You Walk? Run? Crawl? Volunteer? Fisher 5k Success!

The 2012 Fisher 5k has come and gone.  Maybe you ran, maybe you walked, maybe you crawled, or maybe you made the mistake of not getting involved.  If the latter is the case, don’t worry – it’ll be back again next year!  I was lucky enough to attend the event, and here’s what I experienced.


Getting ready to start!

The event was incredibly well run.  All runners and walkers were placed in the corral with plenty of time to get rid of the pre-race jitters before the 9.00 start.  There was ample space in the corral too – some races make you feel so packed and uncomfortable while waiting to start, but that was not the case here.  Well done, Fisher 5k!  A member of the OSU Women’s Glee Club sang the national anthem for us, and soon after 9.00 the race began.

Along the race course, volunteers did an excellent job of pointing out the route.  Not once did I question where I was going.  Further, the volunteers did such a great job of cheering on all the participants, even when they had no idea who we were.  These anonymous words of encouragement can really make a big difference during a race – especially if you’re going through a bit of a tough time.

Speaking of the route – wow!  It was a new route this year, and was incredible!  I posted a map of the route, but seeing it firsthand was incredibly different and way awesome.  Participants got to see all portions of campus, and the stretch through Mirror Lake was so picturesque.  There were no laps or repeat stretches of the course, which is always nice too.

Following the race, generous sponsors provided Panera bagels, bananas, apples, oranges, and Nutrigrain bars.  And of course, there was plenty of water and Gatorade for runners to rehydrate with.  These treats are always appreciated when you’re dripping in sweat following your great race.

Can you see all those post-race goodies!?


I honestly don’t know what else the Fisher 5k could have done this year to make the event any better.  Operations seemed flawless, all participants I spoke to and saw had a great time, and it looked like a fantastic turnout.  I’ll be very excited to see what the final fundraising dollars are when they are released.  If you were unable to participate in some way this year, make sure you do next year – and remember, even if you’re graduating you can still run/walk/crawl!  Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it.

Fisher 5k – Run, Walk, Crawl, Volunteer!

Hasn’t the weather in May been fantastic so far?  I mean seriously – bright, sunny days…warm temperatures…it’s just the right weather to be outside!

Every year, Fisher does an incredible event in May called the Fisher 5k - you guessed it, a 5k run/walk (or even a crawl, according to Rob).  The Fisher 5k is always a lot of fun, but the heart of the event lies in service, which makes it even better.  It has been an annual event since 2004 and claims the title of the largest 5k on campus.  Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus.  Just to brag a little…in 2011, the Fisher 5k raised over $21,000 for the Boys and Girls Club.  Yeah, not too shabby!

Registration for the “race” (it is a race, but you certainly don’t have to treat it like one!) is open!  Further, registration is not open to just students.  Anyone can race – the more the merrier!  The Fisher 5k is also accepting volunteers, if that’s more your style.  Definitely consider getting involved in one of these two ways… I will be!

Looks fun! Such a nice tour of campus!!

Here are the quick facts for the 5k:

  • The race is May 20th at 9.00 AM
  • Preregistration is open, but you can register day of the race from 7.00AM-8.45AM
  • This year features a brand new course that winds through campus!  See the map above.
  • Parking for the event is FREE
  • Post race refreshments (bagels, fruit, beverages) are provided

The weather should be beautiful, you’re supporting a wonderful cause, and you’ll be surrounded by over 1,000 of your favorite Ohio State students, faculty, staff, alumni, and fans.  Sign up today and join us for the 2012 Fisher 5k!

A life-changing experience – Join the Buckeye Student Riders



Community service is an integral part of the MAcc program – you can get in with VITA, preparing tax returns.  FisherCares offers a multitude of opportunities to fundraise and give back.  And trust me, these are just the first two of many that pop into my head.

There’s a relatively new way to give back at Ohio State though, and its the way that I’ve chosen to devote my time and resources – Pelotonia.  Pelotonia is a bike ride (not a race!) that raises money for cancer research here at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center.  100% of every dollar raised comes back to the James, which is an incredible feat.  Pelotonia is giving patients all around the world new hope in their fight against cancer.  Further, the ride is fully supported…this means its an all you can eat, all you can drink, “we’ll fix your bike if you have an issue” kind of ride.  Pretty sweet, huh?

At Ohio State, we have Team Buckeye, and specifically the Team Buckeye Student Riders (of which there is a specific Fisher team).  This team offers students a multitude of benefits, such as a reduced registration fee and lower fundraising minimums.  Its a great way to join a group of students who all have one goal.

This year (Pelotonia 2012) will be my fourth year riding in the event.  Over the years, I’ve seen riders of all skill levels – from those with training wheels to those that live and breathe in spandex.  There’s definitely room for you to ride, and its a great way to connect with the Fisher community while giving back in a meaningful way.

For more information, also check out the Team Buckeye website (and specifically the student team).  There’s certainly a way for you to get involved if and when you choose to join the Ohio State community, whether you volunteer, donate, or ride 25/50/75/100/150/180 miles in the fully supported ride itself.


A group of us at the lunch break. Check out our awesome Team Buckeye jerseys!



Real world experience: VITA Day 1

Friday was the first day of VITA (a volunteer income tax program, with which we complete tax forms for those in need). Everything went very well! Though there were only 10 of us volunteering this evening, we have about 70 volunteers overall. Most are MAcc students, but some are undergraduate or law students. We had a fair amount of online training to prepare for this, so it was fun to actually put the training to use and help people!

Working in teams of two, we used supporting documents and information from “clients” (this is done for free) to fill out federal and state tax returns. The online system we use helps to generate the forms pretty easily and determines the amount of money owed or expected to be refunded. It was wonderful to be able to help people with their questions, and everyone was appreciative! We got done early, but none of us volunteers was in a big hurry to leave, as it is always fun to be able to chat with other MAcc students whenever possible! We will be doing VITA through early March, so be on the lookout for other posts about it.

Some of us after completing the first evening of tax returns!


I went to class, which was fun … seriously!

It is hard to believe that another week has gone by! The MLK Day of Service on Jan 16 was fulfilling, and our project (raising campus safety awareness) even made the local news.

I enjoyed catching up with those I had not seen over the long weekend in classes this week. Like last quarter, I am definitely enjoying my classes. On Thursday I was talking with my roommates and mentioned “I had fraud class today, which was fun.” Then, as usual, I thought about the fact that not everyone knows that “fraud class” is actually the very legitimate AMIS 861, Fraud Examination. In addition to that clarification, I wanted to clarify the fact that I was not being sarcastic in stating that class was fun! We analyzed a vendor information list, came up with a list of suspicious vendors, and then used invoices to determine which company was likely the fraudulent company.

In my services marketing class, we discussed the different strategic positioning of various ice cream companies. That was certainly fun as well! Classes have covered fascinating and beneficial material, and as scheduling for my last quarter of classes approaches, I know there are going to be more classes that I want to take than there will be room in my schedule. It is such a blessing to truly enjoy classes!


Gandhi  said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This week, between classes and group work, I have really enjoyed finding opportunities and time to volunteer! Ohio State and Columbus have opportunities for basically any interest. Aligning with my healthcare administration goals, I volunteered at a free medical clinic, passed out magazines to patients at the James Cancer Center, and donated blood. (The blood drive is a competition against Michigan, in case saving lives and getting a snack are not motivation enough.) I love food, so I also enjoyed my time distributing meals through Meals on Wheels.

In this blog post, though,I really want to focus on the FETCH program, for which several MAcc students volunteered on Wednesday.  We went to local schools and taught 5th graders about accounting by playing a game with them. Teams had to manage revenues and expenses associated with owning a (pretend/imaginary) pet dog.  I was impressed with the kids’ strategies, business ideas, and understanding of basic financial concepts. We all had so much fun, and hopefully we helped create some future accountants!

Learning outside the classroom is a key component of a well-rounded education, and serving others helps you forget about your own stress. Having a positive attitude and willingness to help can take you to a wide variety of places. Enjoy the experiences!

Fridays at Fisher

Some of you prospective MBA students may have noticed that at Fisher, we generally only have classes Monday through Thursday. That leaves Friday for something special almost every week here. I’m going to tell you about a few memorable Fridays I’ve had here this quarter.


Career Bootcamps are by far the best way to learn about a new industry you might be interested in, or to network with experts from a job function you aspire towards. I particularly enjoyed the Operations & Logistics Bootcamp, where we met with alumni and professionals from the industry. Greif’s airplane game was the most popular event, with teams of Fisher students racing the clock to be the most efficient paper airplane assembly line. It was loads of fun and amazingly insightful. My advice: attend all the bootcamps – you never know what will pique your interest.

Don't worry - they're nothing like this!

Fisher Community Service Day:

Fisher students are always looking to give back to the  Columbus community – and on this day, a whole bunch of us go out to volunteer at various locations. I spent my day packaging personal supplies for soldiers at an army base, and then inspecting and cleaning foodstuff for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. We had a great time and it felt so good to be contributing to the welfare of the Columbus family.

Mid-Ohio Food Bank


OLMA (Operations & Logistics Management Association) members had the amazing opportunity to visit the NetJets base at CMH airport. We were greeted by a Fisher alumnus who works there and were treated to an exhaustive tour of the operations. The highlight of the day was getting to walk through one of the luxurious private jets that the company has to offer.


Jeffersonville Outlet Mall:

On Veterans Day, a group of international students were treated to a day out to Jeffersonville’s outlet mall, where big brands sell their goods at ridiculously low prices. After an exhausting few hours of running around with plastic bags, we all returned with revamped wardrobes and lighter wallets!

Jeffersonville - Tanger Outlets



These are just a few of the many opportunities you will be provided with during your time at Fisher. This is apart from the hundreds of other events that the Ohio State University has to offer, so it really is up to you to make the utmost of the variety here.

As the philosopher Rebecca Black once said, “Gotta get down on Friday!”

Fun fun fun fun!

LIFE at Fisher

I had a few options of what I could write about this week. First, it was midterm week. While this is an important and challenging part of Fisher life, it is not what I want to discuss. Instead, I am going to follow this piece of advice: “Don’t let worrying about your GPA get in the way of real learning” and talk about what (besides preparedness, perseverance, and time management) I REALLY learned.

Two significant events happened last Friday: FisherServes community service day and the Alumni Award banquet. Community service day began with a presentation by Paula Davis, President of the Alcoa Foundation. She talked about how important it is for businesses to connect with their communities and how such engagement differs in various countries. Ms. Davis also discussed the importance of motivating employees to volunteer in areas about which they are passionate.

Fortunately, Fisher students were already motivated to volunteer, and we had enough people to split into eleven groups. Mine went to a hospice center and made crafts for patients and employees. It was wonderful to be in a relaxed, creative environment and to get to know classmates from various programs while making a difference! I learned about many people, cultures, programs, and career goals throughout the afternoon.

In the evening, I attended the Dean’s Dinner and Alumni Awards event at the Blackwell hotel on campus. It is so inspiring to hear about what former Fisher students have accomplished in their lives and know that I also have the opportunity to make a difference in the world. To learn more about the honored alumni, click here

These alumni demonstrate what can happen when you follow your passion and aim to positively impact the world. So many lives have been touched by Mr. Klamer’s invention of the Game of Life, Mr. Scott’s CASH program, and the improvements Mr. Heschel made to Kroger. Mr. Milby spoke about the importance of coming to Ohio State, and Mr. Yamasaki spoke about his inspiration. All of these men talked about the impact certain people had on their lives. Fisher is an amazing place to meet impactful people and to become one yourself. Growing up playing the game of “Life,” I had no idea I would someday sing about Ohio State with its inventor :-) You just never know what Fisher will do for you!

Hispanic Heritage in Columbus

Proclamation from Mayor's office and award from the Governor's office

Nationwide CEO speaking to audience

Hispanic Heritage Month lasts from 9/15-10/15. This year I had the pleasure of organizing one of the largest Hispanic events in Columbus. As the elected treasurer and co-founder of the National Latino Alliance, the Hispanic/Latino associate resource group for Nationwide Mutual, I was able to meet with Nationwide leadership to help manage this project. This position included the opportunity to speak with various executives, none more passionate about increasing the Hispanic representation at Nationwide than Matt Jauchius CMO. Through quarterly meetings about my community and Nationwide we have been able to ratify a plan to prepare Hispanic associates for future senior leadership positions and increase retention. This action combined with the increased financial focus on the Hispanic community shows that Nationwide leads the way in the Columbus area for valuing Hispanic talent. At the Hispanic Heritage Festival at Nationwide there were over 40 vendors, live music, and an address from CEO Steve Rasmussen, pictured here. The mayor had a representative issue a proclamation and a representative from the governor honored Nationwide with an award for the 9th annual Hispanic Heritage Festival. Columbus is a great city for diversity and appreciates the Hispanic/Latino community. I was happy to be a participate in this event that promotes the awareness and success of the Hispanic community in Columbus. It is nice to be a part of a community that not only embraces diversity but appreciates it. This is a feeling you will immediately feel here and especially at The Ohio State University and the Fisher College of Business. I will speak to Fisher’s passion for diversity in my next blog about NSHMBA and Fisher.

Back to blog: Sharing my summer internship experience!

Time flies like an arrow. It has been quite a long time since my last blog. You could interpret that the MBA program is so busy that students do not have much time to do other things. Well, it might be true in my case but let me tell you that it’s not the case for everyone in the program – you do have choice over your schedule here.

I have a lot of things to share with you about my activities during my first year in the MBA program. It was a truly life changing experience and I have learned a great deal of new things. At this moment, I would like to share you my current experience: a summer fellow at The Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship program, serving Tech Corps as a Marketing intern.

Tech Corps is a nonprofit organization whose vision is to build “a technologically literate society in which all K-12 students have equal access to the technology skills, programs and recourses that will enrich their education and allow them to successfully compete in the global workforce.” (from Tech Corps organization vision statement). My project at Tech Corps is to increase the organization’s online and offline campaigns to increase visibility with volunteers and supporters. I am at the half way mark of my summer fellowship here and my project is entering the production phase. My first “product” – Tech Corps Brand Identity Manual came out last week, and next I am developing the Annual Report for fiscal year 2010-2011.

Using my newly-learned skills with Photoshop I presented a more well-designed draft of the Brand Identity Manual to the Tech Corps management. I received their alignment on the proposed changes in the communication materials, and program names; which will convey a better awareness about Tech Corps. Some of these changes will require intervention from a professional designer, and I will leave this work aside to move on with my other projects. Tech Corps has not yet used an Annual Report as a marketing tool, so, the need to produce a well-designed and informative Annual Report is part of my plan. For years, people at Tech Corps - board, management, staff, and volunteers, have produced many wonderful programs as they prepare students for the high-tech era. However, one thing they need help with is recording these accomplishments, celebrating their successes and using these stories to promote Tech Corps’ mission. I am excited, but also a little nervous, to work on this task. I will be capturing the efforts of many people from the past and present and I will do my best to present their achievements and accomplishments the best I can. More importantly, I hope that this Annual Report will become standard process for the coming years and people will continue to recognize Tech Corps’ good work.

I believe my fellowship-internship at Tech Corps is providing me with intensive hands-on experience in marketing, much more than what I would have learned if I was working with a for profit organization. As a small organization with limited resources, Tech Corps, like most non-profits, needs help in a more end-to-end manner. The management has given me freedom to pick and choose my projects and they have counted on me to deliver the final product. I am developing multi-skills to perform that end-to-end product and I am learning a new perspective about marketing strategies for non-profit organizations. Summer is a busy time at Tech Corps. I have had to identify a way to fit my work into the current operation. Sometimes I feel guilty of taking away people time for my projects. I also feel difficulty with proposing the most feasible plan for Tech Corps considering their limited resources.

Last week at The Columbus Foundation I learned about Strategic Planning. I am thinking about a “game changing” strategy for engaging more volunteers. I want to bring more help to Tech Corps. This will help with the impact Tech Corps will have on the generations to come.

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