Random Rants

Haven’t seen any posts from a few of the authors lately.

Heard that several people pulled all-nighters (literally) with the OB case. Well, guess what: we’re going to see the same case in Econ this week!

I’m undecided whether to prioritize a TV or a real cell phone in my purchases.

The unspoken thought that made GO choke with laughter was “So I heard that N had just as good a performance as your candidate”.

Speaking of which, so far Sunday pickup soccer has failed miserably.

Turned down a spiritual retreat organized by my Church for community service. Downside: I felt I was in hell. Upside: the opportunity cost was doubling the community service hours.

Alguna vez amenacé con escribir frases en español y hasta el momento se me había olvidado.

The phrase “He’s got a BS in BS” came to mind this week, but I haven’t been able to place it…

I walk into AAP to buy a part for my baby; guy in front very discreetly goes “español?”; guy at the counter exclaims “Claro que sí! Aquí todos hablamos español!”; my mind goes “right place, right time”; my face hints a grin.

I have to face the outside weather like 15 minutes in total during the day, but still it has me coughing.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

“Shake shake shake what yo mama te regaló” — Portorock Blades

“it’s never too late to have a happy childhood…”

This week, as addressed by most of the bloggers, was marked by many different midterms and presentations.  Our group gave our presentation for the Organizational Behavior class on the company Build-A-Bear Workshop. (BBW)  BBW has an interesting view on the way their company works.  Maxine Clark, the founder and CEO, is known publicly as the Chief Executive Bear.   One of their motto’s is “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”  I thought this was an interesting motto to live by and something everyone should think about.

It is something that can easily be forgotten here, in the midst of work and readings, however this weekend we were able to take time to have fun and live a “happy childhood”.  On Friday, all the first year students took part in a community service day.  I was excited for it, but also wishing I just had Friday to work on work for the next week.  But when I got to the humane society and played with the dogs all afternoon, I realized that was just what we needed!  (I also realized that I want to take home Hairy- the cutest little pup! )

Everyone needs to take a break and have a little bit of fun.  Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time to just relax and have fun, because there is always something I could be doing…internship search…cough cough…  but taking the day off allowed me to keep a good perspective and have fun with other classmates.   Later that weekend, pretty much the whole class realized they wanted to relive a happy childhood and dressed up for our Halloween party.  It could not have come at a better time.

It was great to see everyone in a relaxed environment, all showing off their different original costume ideas- one of my favorites was a friend who dressed up like a “Harvard Business School Case Study.”  It just showed that while we are all working hard, and trying to be successful – it is never too late to have a childhood.  I think that Maxine Clark got it right.

The Show Must Go On!

The past week has been one of the busier since arriving here in Columbus; this weekend is proving to be no different.

I am currently taking a short break from working on my “Individual Case Assignment” for Dr. Inks’ & Dr. Rucci’s Organizational Behavio(u)r class. I am hoping that a witty, creative attempt at blogging will get the writing juices flowing for this ~20 page paper…

Here’s a brief, mostly chronological summary of what’s happened this past week:

  • Econ MidtermL-X graphs
  • Accounting Midtermproblem solving
  • Warren Buffet Trip Callout – A lot of people want to go, not many get to. 27 spots.
  • FGSA Meetings – Wednesday night  at the Varsity Club. More meetings should be at the Varsity Club. Professors agree.  No work got done Wednesday evening. Thursday in Fisher Graduate Student Association Board Room (it’s actually a closet…)
  • FisherServes Community Service Day -Building tables at Map Furniture Bank. Barbecue Conundrum – North Carolina vs. the world. I am on North Carolina’s side.
  • FCOB Halloween Celebration – BILLY MAYS HERE!

Billy Mays here!
Billy Mays here! R.I.P.

Back to working on the Cirque du Soleil case for Dr. Inks. The Show Must Go On.


Halfway home

Midterms are over…I survived.  Grades come back for most classes next week… I’ll be happy until then.  Hopefully I’ll be happy afterwards, but I really have no idea how I did on my tests.   The Accounting midterm was probably my hardest exam.  I knew I was in trouble when the accounting class before me left the exam and a CPA in the class looked pale.  It was definitely one of those moments when you realize that an extra five minutes of studying has no utility.

As I mentioned in my last entry, Halloween celebrations are this weekend.  The FCOB social chairs are hosting a costume party at Mozaik on Friday night.  I bought a camouflage hunting suit at Goodwill for $6.  I’m sure I’ll be able to turn that into some sort of costume in the next few hours.  I’ll try to post a picture from the party.

Tomorrow is FisherServers Community Service Day.  This is an event for all the first year MBA students to work with a local non-profit organization around Columbus.  I’ve heard it’s a great class bonding event.  I’ll be working with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus with 25 other classmates.  Hopefully the weather holds up.

Service Projects

During my undergrad, I was a member of a National Honorary Band Service Sorority, Tau Beta Sigma – shout out to all of my Chi sisters. Our main focus was the Ohio State Marching Band and the School of Music while also helping music programs around the greater Columbus Area. I’ve had an interest in service projects since middle school, so I found this to be a good opportunity to get involved in a more unique way. Since becoming an Alumni, I’ve needed a new outlet, so I joined the GHRA and signed up to be on the Service Committee. Last night was our first service committee meeting. Our three chairs started talking to us about a potential service project which involved a somewhat sponsorship by General Mills in order to make Thanksgiving Baskets for the single parent students living in Buckeye Village. Great Idea!! The problem is that we don’t know how to get people involved and actually want to help. There’s so little time between now and Thanksgiving – three weeks or so – that we don’t have time to set up a full blown fundraiser or really market the activity. We’re working with a few other groups, I won’t mention them until it’s all set in stone, but we need some ideas on how to pull this off. Would it be easier to ask for money? To sell something – bake sale style or something else simple? Or to ask for donations such as food, materials to make the baskets, etc?

Does anyone have any ideas? The details are still being worked out, but any ideas in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!


Time to pick student organizations

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to eat Papa John’s pizza 4 days in a row? I have – and that’s why I attended every student organization’s information session in 375 Gerlach Hall this past week. By the fourth day, I had succumbed to pouring Papa J’s famous garlic dipping sauce all over my pizza to spice up the monotonous (but free) lunch. Am I alive? Yes. Does it feel like it? Not really.

Actually, the real reason I attended the meetings was not for the free pizza, but for the opportunity to learn more about the student run organizations at Fisher College. What I discovered is that Fisher has a plethora of organizations that span the diverse student body.  Since I have a limited amount of time, I am trying to whittle down the number of organizations that are attractive to me. I will probably join only 2 or possibly 3 clubs, so that I will have the time and energy to take an active leadership role within the organizations. I am currently interested in the following groups…

Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have made my decisions. 


If only I could be in two (or more) places at once!

While at the Fisher Student Organizations Fair this Monday, I concluded that there are enough student activities that I could literally spend 24/7/365 doing things related to Fisher!

I am definitely interested in several of the organizations, especially the Fisher Board Fellows, which places about 16 MBA candidates on boards of local non-profit organizations. What a wonderful way to give back to the community while growing your business skills! I’m also considering the Center for Operational Excellence, because of all the interesting work involving Six Sigma and Lean. While interviewing, I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Ward, the director of the Center, and was really intrigued by all the projects being pursued. I noticed the sign-up sheets for most of the organizations were getting pretty full, so it seems like the class of 2011 is definitely ready to get involved!

I’m looking forward to the Fisher experience over the next 21 months – not just the coursework, but the chance to really explore new ventures and meet motivated, engaged students and faculty.

Have a great first week of classes!


I said – “How can I help you?”

When I left India for Fisher College of Business, I told my mama that I will keep contributing to India in best possible manner. The week I arrived at Columbus, I heard that ‘Sankalpa’ needs volunteers for their football game stalls.

‘Sankalpa’  is an organization founded in 2001 by OSU students for social welfare in India.The philosophy of operation behind ‘Sankalpa’ is a resolution to commit to social development in India at an individual and/or organizational level. The money raised by ‘Sankalpa’ goes to the charity organizations in India.

Without any doubt in my mind, I said ‘YES’

What an experience !


OSU Football Team is also called the Buckeyes after the state tree. This team is a religion for OHIO. In the morning, the whole of the campus turned scarlet to support the home team. It was a festival outside the stadium before the final battle. In the early morning, we hurried into the stalls and prepared our things before we open.

Sir/Maam , How can I help you?

Serving at 'Sankalpa'

I was at the counter selling hotdogs,Bratwurst, Nachos, Popcorn,Candy, Cracker-Jack, Pretzel ,Soft Drinks and everything these supporters desired to keep their flames burning . It felt great as I was not only helping needy people back home in India but also serving Buckeyes with important fuels to keep them gorging at the enemy.

The whole stadium kept roaring!



After working for a long time, I got a chance to go and watch the game. I went up and I was with the crowd. The crowd had gone frenzied. There were shouts of O-H-I-O from each direction of the stadium in complete rhythm and tandem. I was in the part of the crowd that was shouting ‘I’. We shouted at the top of our voice I and it was such an unifying experience.

Then and there I felt that I belonged to this place.

Me with Brutus Supporting Buckeyes Jyotisko_Sinha_4

Buckeyes won their game and I felt myself to be a small factor in our win.

GO BUCKEYES !……………we love you.