I’m a slacker!

The title of this post is my apology for being a slacker…but I think you will understand when I enlighten you about my life this quarter….or convince you that I am utterly crazy and I tend to take on a lot.

But first–this past Monday (as in a week ago…I know I know I know) was MLK day and Ohio State (unlike my undergrad) honors the day and everyone has the day off.  So while I could have spent the day sleeping in and watching episodes of Mad Men (my new obsession) I decided to join some other MLHR students and volunteer.  A group of about 9 of us all showed up bright and early to school at 7am to receive our volunteer assignment and spend the morning volunteering in honor of MLK.  Our group got assigned to the King Arts Complex which was putting on a full day event of performances, singing, recitation of famous speeches, etc.  Our group ended up helping to set up tables and having attendees fill out surveys so the King Arts Complex had more information on their visitors.  It was a nice way to spend the day and I was really happy that I took the time to do that, it makes me want to volunteer more often….now if I could just find the time.

Now as to my reasons why I have been a slacker on this blog.  This quarter I am taking 18 credit hours…this includes the 3 normal classes for the HR program which are 4 credits each.  I am also taking my yoga class (which I LOVE) which is one credit AND I am taking a practicum class through the Higher Ed department (this counts as my practicum/internship requirement to graduate…takes some of the pressure off).  This practicum class is 5 credits and requires that I work 10 hours a week in a different higher ed office (I’m working at Ohio Wesleyan).

So if you have done the math, I am taking 18 credit hours AND working 30 hours a week (my practicum and my assistantship).  Therefore I have become the master of lists and my planner is being used in full force.  I also finally got my outlook calendar on my phone so I can now use that….so needless to say it has been a lot but I feel more productive than I did last quarter…I think because I’m getting better at managing my time.

I also had my second round interview this past Friday.  I traveled to Pittsburgh (which seems like a nice city, although I didn’t see much of it…just highways) and had a 2 hour long interview.  By the time I was done I was exhausted and couldn’t put together coherent sentences.  It’s an internship I really want but I left feeling unsure of how I did.  I didn’t feel like I needed to cry about how awful I did but I also didn’t feel like throwing myself a party (although I did eat a greasy hamburger at Denny’s on the way home).  I should hear back in around 2 weeks (toooo loooong) so I’ll let you know.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So that’s been life, I promise I’ll update regularly again this week! It’s slightly less crazy!

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-January

And the start of Week 3 of Winter Quarter!

The past week has had quite a few highlights, some school-related and some not.

1) Two very interesting Marketing lectures, with lots of eye-opening information about the anchoring effect, behavioral economics, irrational consumers, and many other concepts. Marketing is definitely one of my favorite classes this quarter.

2) A talk from an AEP representative about their ground-breaking Mountaineer, WV plant, with has the first large-scale carbon capture sequestration (CCS) operation. Our class learned a great deal about the technology behind CCS, the possible concerns, and the limitations of it.

3) AG’s apartment-warming party was a blast! There were at least 30 Fisher students, along with lots of AG’s other friends. It was nice to unwind with classmates, make some jokes, drink some tasty beverages, and get the long weekend started!

4) Reaching Expert level on several duets in “Beatles Rock Band”. What a blast!

5) (Successfully) cooking jambalaya for the first time. I was reminiscing about my trip to New Orleans over winter break, and decided that with a little luck, some sausage, rice, beans and spices, I too, could make jambalaya.

6) Getting matched with a “Little Sister” through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. Nesha is awesome! She’s a freshman at a local high school, loves basketball and soccer, and has a very cool family. We had a nice lunch on Monday, and I introduced her to my guinea pigs, which she really enjoyed. I also showed her a bunch of games using the Wii Fit Balance Board – she was a natural! She did better on some of the balance games on her first try than I’ve ever done.

Well, it’s about time for my first class of the week, so I’ll sign off for now!


DayQuil + Taxes = Party

Geoff and I finally caved in and purchased a Costco membership, which ended up costing us $30 instead of $50 . Apparently, if a new member can use an existing member as a “referrer,” each party receives $10 in Costco Cash. My father happened to be my referrer, and worrying that I wasn’t getting enough to eat, handed over his moolah. I don’t know when I’ll ever need a ten-pound block of cheese, but there are some great deals on frozen lunch items. Except it’s really hard to get to a microwave in Gerlach around lunchtime, so I think I’ll be switching to sandwiches. I don’t know what the real point of that story was, but if anyone out there wants to get a cheap membership, I’ll hook you up (assuming the Costco in Columbus works the same way as the one in Pittsburgh).

There’s not really a whole lot going on right now. I was sick over the weekend, and ended up having to finish VITA in a medicated stupor, and that’s about as exciting as my life got. It took much longer than I expected (probably fifteen hours altogether), so it was definitely something I should have done over winter break. Having a buddy risk her health to spend quality tax time with me definitely helped. Thank you LA!

Lessons from last quarter: 1) whenever possible, make sure to pick team members who share your work ethic and are aiming for similar grades, 2) depending on who you are, night classes might not be the best idea, especially ones on Thursday nights because they conflict with pretty much every single EOTW event.

Accountancy Shanty (by Monty Python)

This past Thursday I participated in Accounting For Kids Day, and ended up spending a couple of hours playing a stock market simulation game with a group of fifth graders. It was fun to see all the different personalities – I realized that overachievers (and I’m using that term in a loving way) are most likely born, not made. One of the students spent her Wednesday evening preparing for the big day by talking to her mom about stocks and dividends – thinking about that puts a smile on my face. You go young lady!

I’m also looking forward to the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) information session scheduled for November 18th. I haven’t had a tax class yet, but I’m definitely thinking of signing up. Who knows, what I learn for VITA might help me do my own taxes.

On a side note, even though I live 1.5 miles from The ‘Shoe, I can hear the stadium crowd when I’m in my apartment. Sometimes when I mute the TV during halftime, I can hear the band. Pretty crazy. Maybe it’s the lack of hills and other barriers? I think this is the flattest city I’ve ever lived in (except for when I’m trying to bike to Fisher with a ginormous laptop strapped to my back).

Week 7

Finally!…mid-terms and the papers are done. It has been a crazy 2 weeks, sleep deprivation is probably an understatement. I am so happy that humans discovered coffee and mass-marketed it. I went to Columbus Zoo for community service. And I also attended my first ever Halloween party. I was captain Jack Sparrow and I found at least half a dozen other pirates to recruit to sail on the mighty Black Pearl. It was a fun event. A great turnout, I could almost find all of my classmates there.

Lets begin with the mid-terms. They began really smooth with Data Analysis, which was almost a cake walk. Followed by EPI mid-term in which we had to give a speech, which I thought was decent. Then came the really interesting exam, Economics. Can you believe that we got a Dilbert comic script as a reading for the questions. If you want to see the reading for the question it can be found here. It was a fun exam but a lengthy one. Moving on the my favorite (bah!), accounts, it was surprisingly simple to begin with. I was actually impressed with my preparation till I hit the last question on Cash-Flows. I actually spent over 45 minutes to solve it but couldn’t get it, partly due to lack of confidence in my numbers. With that I had thought the tougher part of mid-terms was over. But as usual there was twist to the tale, in came OB’s case write-up. It wasn’t tough but certainly was lengthy. It basically ate up the entire Sunday. To add to the injury we had the Economics team paper due today. It was tough to balance the two and get things done. Economics actually took true team effort to finish. All of my team members contributed and some got up at weird hours to finish it. kudos to my team!

Community service day was really fun. I was part of the group, which went to the Columbus Zoo. For the first half I was picking and digging up stones. Jyotisko and I, probably dug up the biggest stone, it was so huge that we didn’t even try picking it up. Post lunch, we saw Manatees. For those who don’t know was a Manatee is, I will add some pictures, but basically they are large, gentle, lettuce eating marine mammals. The I was set to rake leaves. This was a brand new experience. In India, we don’t rake leaves, mostly because the trees don’t shed so much. Besides, labor being cheap it is not a required activity. Talking with David during the raking was fun and in every 20 minutes we would haul the dry leaves to a huge pile, riding in the back of an open truck. David really enjoyed himself in the heap of dry leaves. As he told me American kids love to jump in dry leaves. Taking a cue I jumped myself, and understood why it was so much fun.

From tomorrow we begin the normal schedule. Just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed.

The pause that refreshes

I know it’s been a while, loyal readers /skimmers! As I’m sure you’ve realized from other bloggers, one of the two really excellent times during a quarter is just wrapping up – MIDTERMS! To satisfy your curiosity, the other really excellent time is FINALS!

Of course, I’m being slightly sarcastic, but in truth, it is exciting to show all the professors what I’ve learned so far. And the feeling once all the midterms are over… nearly priceless.

So let’s have  a recap of what’s been happening recently.

The good news:

  • All midterm exams and projects are completed
  • The quarter is more than half-way over
  • The community service day was a great opportunity to learn more about the Waste Not Center, run by Professor Neil Drobny
  • The Halloween party was a smashing success! (see the pictures for proof!)
  • U of M has been having a pretty poor football season AND MSU beat U of M

The bad news

  • The quarter is more than half-way over
  • There is another exam next week!
  • The weather is becoming a serious de-motivator… I forget every year just how awful it is to see your breath while walking out to the car… which needs the ice scraped off!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now! Time to relax for a little bit, which means sprinkling in some episodes of House and perhaps a movie or two, while doing all the normal reading, accounting cases, and other assignments!

Pictures from the 2009 Fisher Halloween Party at Mozaik

Myself, Maria and Aaron
Myself, Maria and Aaron
Orlie, Jon and myself
Orlie, Jon and myself
Andrew, Sam, Erin, myself and Anthony
Andrew, Sam, Erin, myself and Anthony

Random Rants

Haven’t seen any posts from a few of the authors lately.

Heard that several people pulled all-nighters (literally) with the OB case. Well, guess what: we’re going to see the same case in Econ this week!

I’m undecided whether to prioritize a TV or a real cell phone in my purchases.

The unspoken thought that made GO choke with laughter was “So I heard that N had just as good a performance as your candidate”.

Speaking of which, so far Sunday pickup soccer has failed miserably.

Turned down a spiritual retreat organized by my Church for community service. Downside: I felt I was in hell. Upside: the opportunity cost was doubling the community service hours.

Alguna vez amenacé con escribir frases en español y hasta el momento se me había olvidado.

The phrase “He’s got a BS in BS” came to mind this week, but I haven’t been able to place it…

I walk into AAP to buy a part for my baby; guy in front very discreetly goes “español?”; guy at the counter exclaims “Claro que sí! Aquí todos hablamos español!”; my mind goes “right place, right time”; my face hints a grin.

I have to face the outside weather like 15 minutes in total during the day, but still it has me coughing.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.

“Shake shake shake what yo mama te regaló” — Portorock Blades

“it’s never too late to have a happy childhood…”

This week, as addressed by most of the bloggers, was marked by many different midterms and presentations.  Our group gave our presentation for the Organizational Behavior class on the company Build-A-Bear Workshop. (BBW)  BBW has an interesting view on the way their company works.  Maxine Clark, the founder and CEO, is known publicly as the Chief Executive Bear.   One of their motto’s is “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.”  I thought this was an interesting motto to live by and something everyone should think about.

It is something that can easily be forgotten here, in the midst of work and readings, however this weekend we were able to take time to have fun and live a “happy childhood”.  On Friday, all the first year students took part in a community service day.  I was excited for it, but also wishing I just had Friday to work on work for the next week.  But when I got to the humane society and played with the dogs all afternoon, I realized that was just what we needed!  (I also realized that I want to take home Hairy- the cutest little pup! )

Everyone needs to take a break and have a little bit of fun.  Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time to just relax and have fun, because there is always something I could be doing…internship search…cough cough…  but taking the day off allowed me to keep a good perspective and have fun with other classmates.   Later that weekend, pretty much the whole class realized they wanted to relive a happy childhood and dressed up for our Halloween party.  It could not have come at a better time.

It was great to see everyone in a relaxed environment, all showing off their different original costume ideas- one of my favorites was a friend who dressed up like a “Harvard Business School Case Study.”  It just showed that while we are all working hard, and trying to be successful – it is never too late to have a childhood.  I think that Maxine Clark got it right.

The Show Must Go On!

The past week has been one of the busier since arriving here in Columbus; this weekend is proving to be no different.

I am currently taking a short break from working on my “Individual Case Assignment” for Dr. Inks’ & Dr. Rucci’s Organizational Behavio(u)r class. I am hoping that a witty, creative attempt at blogging will get the writing juices flowing for this ~20 page paper…

Here’s a brief, mostly chronological summary of what’s happened this past week:

  • Econ MidtermL-X graphs
  • Accounting Midtermproblem solving
  • Warren Buffet Trip Callout – A lot of people want to go, not many get to. 27 spots.
  • FGSA Meetings – Wednesday night  at the Varsity Club. More meetings should be at the Varsity Club. Professors agree.  No work got done Wednesday evening. Thursday in Fisher Graduate Student Association Board Room (it’s actually a closet…)
  • FisherServes Community Service Day -Building tables at Map Furniture Bank. Barbecue Conundrum – North Carolina vs. the world. I am on North Carolina’s side.
  • FCOB Halloween Celebration – BILLY MAYS HERE!

Billy Mays here!
Billy Mays here! R.I.P.

Back to working on the Cirque du Soleil case for Dr. Inks. The Show Must Go On.


Halfway home

Midterms are over…I survived.  Grades come back for most classes next week… I’ll be happy until then.  Hopefully I’ll be happy afterwards, but I really have no idea how I did on my tests.   The Accounting midterm was probably my hardest exam.  I knew I was in trouble when the accounting class before me left the exam and a CPA in the class looked pale.  It was definitely one of those moments when you realize that an extra five minutes of studying has no utility.

As I mentioned in my last entry, Halloween celebrations are this weekend.  The FCOB social chairs are hosting a costume party at Mozaik on Friday night.  I bought a camouflage hunting suit at Goodwill for $6.  I’m sure I’ll be able to turn that into some sort of costume in the next few hours.  I’ll try to post a picture from the party.

Tomorrow is FisherServers Community Service Day.  This is an event for all the first year MBA students to work with a local non-profit organization around Columbus.  I’ve heard it’s a great class bonding event.  I’ll be working with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus with 25 other classmates.  Hopefully the weather holds up.