So… I Went To Tommy’s Pizza and Subs

If you are like me, Lunch is probably the highlight of your school/work day, it is the delineation from being really, really tired in the morning, to being exhausted in the afternoon. But at least my tummy won’t be growling. This far in my Fisher experience, lunch usually means Free Food! Which Usually means Free Papa John’s Pizza! It hasn’t gotten old yet, but I suspect that it may soon. In the off chance that free pizza may get boring, I decided to see what other operations were available to me around Fisher. Luckily, as I was staring wistfully out a third-story window in Gerlach, I saw the enticing red block lettering of Tommy’s Pizza and Subs.

Tommy's Pizza And Subs
Tommy's Pizza And Subs

I made the 5 minute walk across Lane Ave with a member of my cohort to the homey and cozy interior of Tommy’s, which reminded me a lot of the inside of a bowling alley, without the whole bowling part. The menu is pretty standard for your general neighborhood pizza/sandwich place, but what turned me on this very day was the lunch special: Half an oven toasted sandwich, side and drink for just under 6 dollars.

What About Six Dollars Looks LIke
What About Six Dollars Looks Like

I got a turkey sandwich and french fries with a coke. In all honesty, it wasn’t the best sandwich I have ever had, but it wasn’t the worst either. However it was much superior to the Subway in the quickie mart next-door or the pre-made wraps sold in the cafe in the nearby architecture school, even though all 3 options were sold at basically the same price-point.

Doesn't That Look Delicious?
Doesn't That Look Delicious?

I’ll probably be going back the next time there isn’t free food during lunch… which I hope doesn’t happen for a long time. Tommy’s has a website… just in case you want to plan ahead before your trip.

Much Ado About Nothing

Welcome back everyone. We’ve got a considerable amount of material to cover and, as always, I am pressed for time. Therefore, I am going to utilize bullet points:

  • Hitting the deck seems to have been a theme for me this past week. On Saturday, myself, JF, MF, and MH met at the ARC to play some basketball. For those of you who have met me, you know I don’t exactly have a basketball build. For those of you have haven’t, be creative. This was also the second time I touched a basketball since sometime in high school  (Lebron, watch out, I’m coming for ya). After playing some knockout and a couple of 2 on 2 games, we all were a little tired and sweaty. However, as business students always looking for a challenge, we tried to find some people to play us 4 on 4. Apparently, undergraduates are afraid of us at the ARC – wouldn’t play us.  Little did they know we are all old, out-of-shape graduate students. After this, we simply returned to play another 2 on 2 game – and the plot thickens. During this game, as I was changing direction, I heard that unmistakable pop, made an unforgettable face, and fell to the ground. There was no laughing this time. I sprained my right ankle pretty good. So I apologized to my friends for bailing early, limped home, applied pressure, iced it, and popped some painkillers. Thankfully, I was feeling good enough to make it out for Saturday night celebrations as the chauffeur, the always popular fedora and all.
  • I signed up for the Vietnam Emerging Market Field Study class and put down the deposit. This a 4 credit hour course for the winter quarter and ends with a ~10 day trip to Vietnam to solve some business problems and briefly immerse one’s self in the country. I can’t wait!
  • Football – Purdue blew their lead over Northwestern and now has a 1-4 record. It’s practically like being a Brown’s fan at this point…
  • Football –  OSU rolled over Indiana. Well done.
  • Football –  St. Xavier High School defeated their arch-rival Cincinnati Elder on Friday night. Yes, I know I am a graduate student but I definitely still follow my high school’s football team. Don’t judge me.
  • Football – While watching the Bengals – Browns game I heard Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” being played in the stadium before the beginning of overtime. Do I even need to explain this one?
  • Fisher Professional Services – Project One kick-off was today, free lunch and all – NOT pizza. FPS is a student organization that sets FCOB apart from almost all other business schools. If you are a prospective student reading this, you really should check out their website.
  • MBA860 – Professor Inks asked if we had “hit our stride” yet. I knew precisely what he meant. I know for myself, I have not been asked to perform at this level since my undergraduate days. Early mornings and late nights are common. Tons of reading. Student organizations to get involved in. Information Sessions. Career management meetings. It’s a lot of work, but as the FPS 2nd years told us later in the day, it’s manageable. “We are all survivors of what you are going through. You’ll look back and realize how much fun you had.”

“In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke.” – William Shakespeare


Kid’s story: Girlie football

Timeline: Sunday, 12:45 a.m. (that means the beginning of Sunday)

I see: the F1 grid ready to start at Susuka

I hear: the commentators giving all sorts of information about the race, the country, etc.

I smell: the terrible coffee available in the common room

I feel: anxious… Go, Vettel!!!

I grew up under one premise: love everything about your life except for traffic.

I must say that, where I come from, average income is around one-fifth of what it is in the US and cars cost twice or three times as much, yet the very few people who can actually afford to drive around in cars still make things chaotic. The public transportation system is decent, and definitely better than in Columbus, but there are so many people who use it that it’s not something you want either.

However, I have never seen such a BAD case of traffic woes as in Columbus, OH. The case is so bad that I’ve actually come to think that it’s not the only place around here where this happens.

Now, if you know about Columbus, you’re probably scratching your head thinking how this can be so in a city with something around a million or so inhabitants spread out over such a wide area, and famous for everything being at most 20 minutes away. If you’ve actually lived in Columbus, there’s still a chance that you don’t yet get my point. However, if you’re a foreigner living here, you know what I’m talking about: home-game Saturdays.

Whenever there’s a home game in our beloved Horseshoe (that’s the girlie-football stadium, for those who haven’t been here), I look out my window and see a corner that’s about four or five blocks to the west of it and see four to six people in glow-in-the-dark attire with cones, lighted sticks, whistles and a very serious attitude. The scene repeats itself in just about every single corner around campus, and yes, I mean just around campus, because on campus there are people from every three-letter government agency and their respective uniforms armed to their teeth patrolling of standing guard in groups of no less than three people covering all known campus area. I’m pretty sure there’s even some we cannot see.

The first time I saw the scene I was vaguely reminded of the times the President of our country visited my college’s campus back home. I remember thinking “well, this is kind of exaggerated, but it must happen only for the inaugural game of the season”. But no, it happens every single time the Buckeye team plays whomever, and I’ve learned several things the hard way: first, do NOT make any plans whatsoever that involve mobility around the city, and second, traffic in my hometown is beautiful compared to this. I truly admire the passion that people feel around these games, but I think they’re overspending taxpayer money mobilizing the small army they deploy just to watch over a bunch of college students cheer for some guys hitting their heads against others’ (even if it is a big bunch: over 100,000 people fit into the Horseshoe, with easily 4 times as many around it).

Here’s a thing: I’m writing this before seeing what it’s like when the Buckeyes play the school up north.

“I’m someone else, I’m someone new, I’m someone stupid just like you” –Marilyn Manson

This Week’s Top Five

  1. The effort: I posted up against MH in a basketball game, and he’s only like 8 feet taller than I.
  2. Event: Friday accounting review!
  3. Quote: “I felt just like Charlie Brown”. That was DW referring to the Friday accounting review.
  4. Place: “Great Clips” at the University Plaza on Olentangy. They really are great!
  5. Song: “Untouched”, by The Veronicas. I can’t get enough of it, for some reason.

“[unintelligible]” –Decapitated

Ohio State Football

If you are not familiar with Ohio State Football and how much it means to the city of Columbus, you are in for a big surprise when you step on campus on a football Saturday. A stretch of Lane Avenue is closed from High Street to Olentangy River Road to make room for tailgating and football fun. Everywhere you look, you will find Scarlet jerseys, Ohio State apparel, and buckeye necklaces. Sounds of The Ohio State Marching Band play from various speakers up and down the street. You hear someone yell out a loud “O-H!”, and with that comes an even louder uproar of” I-O!”. As game time approaches, the fans lucky enough to have tickets pour into the stadium to watch TBDBITL perform “Script Ohio” at the start of the game.

The Illinois game showcased the dedication of Buckeye fans. It was raining hard, rain that just never let up in the first half, but the stands were filled with fans to support their Buckeyes. The crowd noise was loud throughout the game, which led to penalties and poor decisions by the Illinois quarterback. Stadium OHIO and the exuberance that reverberates around the stadium is nothing short of amazing. If you are not familiar with how this works- basically the stadium divides up into four sections, each with a letter. It starts with the south stands- O- and travels around, H, I, O. It continues to go around the stadium until the kickoff.

After four quarters of marching down the field and an Ohio State victory, the team heads to the South Stadium and joins in with the band to sing The Ohio State University’s alma mater, Carmen Ohio. To learn more about Carmen Ohio and other Ohio State fight songs, click HERE.

This was just a small taste of an Ohio State game day. Game days are not only about football, they are an opportunity to step away from school work and enjoy an afternoon with your closest friends.

We didn't let the rain stop us from having a great time!
We didn't let the rain stop us from having a great time!

Weekend studying and other stuff

This weekend was rather uneventful. I spent my time sleeping, studying, catching up on TV shows and watching sports. And I also just got back from seeing “It Might Get Loud” at the Landmark Gateway Theater on campus, which was good, but not quite as good as I was hoping.

This morning I went to campus around 10:30 am to do some studying for MBA 812 and MBA 870. Unfortunately, the main library doesn’t open until 11 am on Sundays so I ended up going to the Science & Engineering library, which I know from my undergrad days is open 24 hours a day. There I was able to get a few hours of studying in and get caught up on some of my reading and homework.

On the way back to my car from the Science & Engineering libary, I decided to stop in the main library and look around since it was recently renovated. Wow. The library looked really great. It is much, much nicer than it was when I was an undergrad. However, one downside is that it was very crowded and I don’t think I’d be able to focus as well there.

Rewinding the weekend a little, the Buckeyes and Blue Jackets both won on Saturday night. I am a big Blue Jackets fan and Saturday night was their first game of the season so it was nice to see them get off to a good start. I had some friends over and we set up two TVs so we could watch both games at the same time.

The weekend is winding down now, but fortunately tonight I have some time to watch a few of my favorite shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm and Mad Men. If you haven’t seen either of these shows, I recommend checking them out.


On October, 2nd, I met my English Conversation Speaking Partner Brooke who is an awesome first year student in OSU!

I decided to participate in the English Conversation Partners (ECP) program offered by Office of International Affairs (OIA) and that’s how I was assigned Brooke.

The ECP program is designed to help international students like me, get adjusted and transition to OSU and life in the United States quickly.

I was initially unable to attend the ECP orientation on Sep, 29th, as I had to attend the Shell information Session at Fisher. And I thought I may not be matched with any conversation partners. But I received an email titled “Hello from your Conversation Partner” and I was ecstatic to have been assigned one partner anyway. I was also very thrilled when I learnt that she works in Fisher and felt pretty lucky.


I was so excited to meet and talk with Brooke at the Brennen’s Cafe in the Architecture building and never wanted our conversation to end that day. Fortunately, We will be meeting for at least an hour every week! And so we both picked Friday which worked great for both of us!!!!!

I thought fate has some hand in bringing us together for many reasons. Her undergraduate major is marketing, and so was mine in my undergrad! She has applied for some part-time jobs in Fisher, which is my dream part-time working place! Now she is working in Fisher while I am studying in Fisher. Also, we both like dancing and education. And we both can’t wait to meet next Friday and go to Rag-A-Rama and buy some fun discount clothing! I am now trying to find more similar characteristics between us. 

I have some American peers, but it is Brooke that made me feel really comfortable interacting with Americans. I am trying to wonder what might be the reason and I can actually think of two. First, we share the same interesting terms of education. We really want to commit more to help the others become better and better. So she chose High Education as her graduate major while I attend master of labor and human resource program. And secondly, she is really open and willing to learn more about foreign countries. She has some learning experience in England and is very interested in Chinese culture. From my experience I have observed that many Americans focus on their own country, even limited to their hometown without considering the world or the voice outside of United States. When I spoke with some Americans, I was interested in them and their country, but didn’t find them reciprocate the same interest or emotions toward me and my country. But with Brooke, it was so different. We both exchanged a lot of interests and we both enjoy learning from each other. That’s awesome! 

This reminds me of what I said in one of my classes BUS-MHR863. I said: “So far, I have not found anything boring here, since I like anything new here. And I am thrilled to discover the differences. Those differences between China and America don’t mean that America is superior while China is inferior. We are now in an international program and we must all be open and learn form each other. We are born to win!”

(Eva helped me to refine the article, thank you , Eva!)

Coffee Talk

I know all professors want to hear students pay attention and do not surf the web or do other activities while sitting in a lecture.  I understand that and recognize that we all wish to get full attention while presenting, however, sometimes that is just not possible.

Today as I sit in a lecture, one that I’ve already contributed to multiple times (yay – multi-tasking!) I am thinking about how I’ve already enjoyed a grande coffee today and am already dreaming of a second.

Fortunately, there are a long list of options close to campus where I could dash and pick up a pipping hot beverage.  Unfortunately, my favorite spot, Staufs Coffee Roasters is not within walking distance.  They do have a Cup o’ Joe cafe at Lennox Mall, however, I still don’t have time during my 15 minute break in between classes.

Ah well.  Back to discussion – mmmmm…. coffee.

Wednesday is my “Friday” when it comes to classes and Friday is often associated with cocktails and celebrating the end of the week, so in celebration of the end of the week… I proposed a coffee-flavored toast – Irish Coffee.

I think the Buena Vista in San Francisco does it best… check out their recipe here.

Slainte!  Back to California dreamin’…

The Dreaded Flu!

If you haven’t already done so, I would highly recommend getting a Flu shot!  I came home from class on Tuesday night and out of nowhere started shivering and coughing.  While in graduate school, we don’t have time to be sick and take it from me, this Flu is a doozy!

Well, I’m spent.  I have included the Wellness Center Flu shot schedule information below.  You can also visit their website at  Take care of yourselves!

Flu Shot Clinics

Walk-in Clinics

  • Location: Wilce Student Health Center Ground Floor
  • Dates: October 6, 12, 22, 26, November 4, 9
  • Times: 4:00PM – 6:30PM
  • No appointment needed

Additional Flu Shot Opportunities:

  • Morning Clinic: Walk-in to our Pharmacy, Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Afternoon Clinic: Call ahead (614) 292-4321
    • Location: Wilce Student Health Center room 264-C
    • Dates: September 23, 24, 25, October 1, 8, 15, 29, November 5, 12, 19
    • Times: 2:00PM – 4:00PM< /br>

Cost for all Clinics:

  • $25 due at time of service
  • Covered in full under the Student Health Insurance Plan

** Flu Shots given at an individual appointment have a cost of $36.

Why Fisher?

Kumar, Fan & Robyn in the lounge
Kumar, Fan & Robyn in the lounge

So I am sitting in the Fisher student lounge with a few of my fellow classmates after an excellent discussion in our Economics class about supply & demand curves and how it relates to Organ donation. Sounds boring but trust me it got heated. So I have a few hours to kill between an MBA Intro Real estate class I am a Teaching Assistant in (a little bit more about that later) so I figured I would let you in on a little bit about myself and why I chose Fisher.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, went to the University of Arizona originally to study business but found Regional Development, a major that focused on economic development and land planning, to be more interesting. While in college I had a few internships with different real estate companies and found that I really enjoyed real estate development. After college I worked in Phoenix for two different real estate firms but decided to move back to Philadelphia to work for a commercial real estate private equity firm that focused on industrial real estate. Have I lost you yet? So after working in Philadelphia for the last year and a half and after the real estate market/stock market crash, I knew I always wanted to go back to school for an MBA and figured that now was the perfect time to take two years out of the workforce.

In evaluating schools I looked at the top 30 list and took off the schools I either thought I couldn’t get into and places I didn’t want to live. I was also focused on programs that had some type of real estate focus. My list was narrowed down to five schools, USC, OSU, ASU, Wisconsin & University of Florida. After going through the application process and visiting my top choices (USC, OSU, ASU) I was able to really find why Fisher was perfect for me.

My interview day at Fisher was long, just as long as all the other interviews but what stood out was the time the people took to help answer questions after I had left. After meeting professors that had been recruited from HBS and Booth, I was thoroughly impressed with the teaching faculty and the level of participation in the classroom visit during a first year strategy class. As I was on the way to the airport I had multiple e-mails from people I met throughout the day asking what else they could do to answer questions as well as a voice mail from the Director of the Center of Real Estate (which i am now a TA & Graduate Assistant in), Ken Gold. Obviously not only did this impress me but it gave me the feeling that Fisher wanted me and valued me.

When it came down to it all of the schools I looked at had great programs in Real Estate but what stood out were the people at Fisher. The atmosphere here is unlike any other. People are supportive, not competitive, friendly, not awkward and most of all everyone is really smart! The caliber of student I have met here is higher then any other info session I attended at all the other schools I applied to.

So the group I was sitting with just left to head to a Deloitte info session and I have some time to kill but I see some of my other friends from class at another table. I think I’ll join them before tonight’s weekly social event.