The Joy of Being a TA

I finished teaching my BA 499 recitation today and left thinking, “Wow, this is really boring and repetitive.”  I keep telling myself how much I enjoy the students but don’t like the paper/presentation grading.  Frankly, it is a bit monotonous.

I walked out of class and made a phone call to a friend who taught the class last year and is now working full time.  He asked what I was doing.  I groaned and said just leaving 499.

To my surprise, I could hear him got very excited and jump out of his seat.  “Lauren, you are living the dream!” he said.

Then it hit be, this is the only time in my life I am going to be a TA.  I should be having way more fun with it.  I am in HR and am going to be sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life.

Being a TA is going to be a lot more fun for the rest of the year.  I suppose I just needed the pep talk from an old friend.

Service Projects

During my undergrad, I was a member of a National Honorary Band Service Sorority, Tau Beta Sigma – shout out to all of my Chi sisters. Our main focus was the Ohio State Marching Band and the School of Music while also helping music programs around the greater Columbus Area. I’ve had an interest in service projects since middle school, so I found this to be a good opportunity to get involved in a more unique way. Since becoming an Alumni, I’ve needed a new outlet, so I joined the GHRA and signed up to be on the Service Committee. Last night was our first service committee meeting. Our three chairs started talking to us about a potential service project which involved a somewhat sponsorship by General Mills in order to make Thanksgiving Baskets for the single parent students living in Buckeye Village. Great Idea!! The problem is that we don’t know how to get people involved and actually want to help. There’s so little time between now and Thanksgiving – three weeks or so – that we don’t have time to set up a full blown fundraiser or really market the activity. We’re working with a few other groups, I won’t mention them until it’s all set in stone, but we need some ideas on how to pull this off. Would it be easier to ask for money? To sell something – bake sale style or something else simple? Or to ask for donations such as food, materials to make the baskets, etc?

Does anyone have any ideas? The details are still being worked out, but any ideas in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!


Random rants

Prof. Inks says: “Ask yourself what you’re learning right now”; the Kid says to himself: “no, what you’re thinking is not the answer he intended”.

Ideal situation: everyone stop whining! This is grad school, so it’s not easy, but it’s not really that bad. Reality: whine on.

Saw the Google VP today. He was cool. It was cool. Maybe I’ll work there.

Dayum, I missed my cooking!

This week, I have noticed many people in class who I hadn’t seen before…

I really need to diversify the beverage options in my fridge.

My apartment’s looking quite crappy; I really have to dedicate more time to it. At least it still smells quite nice.

So I better start planning for Thanksgiving… I don’t want to stay “home” wallowing in self-pity, and the date is just around the corner.

The Cavs play the Celtics tonight in Columbus. It’s 10 a.m. day of, and I’m still undecided on going.

Ah, the warmth of these past few days 🙂 … Still, I think I’ll enjoy the winter here.

So there.

“The dress code there is: wear clothes to work” — KS

Silly Me…

For some reason I had thought that this week was going to be a super easy, laid back week.  Wow!  I was extremely wrong about that and it put me in a funky mood.  Well, I should say it put me in a funky mood for about a day and a half.  I have since had an attitude adjustment and I’m feeling good about the rest of the week.

I am going to take this new adjusted attitude of mine and do some serious planning.  Midterms are next week and although I had an outstanding time at the GHRA Halloween night, I have already informed many of my classmates that I will not be doing anything except studying this weekend.

So, back to the bad mood that I mentioned, part of the reason I was feeling so down is because I can be a bit of a goofball.  Now, you may be asking what in the world being a goofball has to do with being in a bad mood.  Well, I will explain.  I had this epiphany that it is possible that people don’t view me as an intelligent person because I am so silly a good part of the time.  This epiphany was stressing me out a lot.  I was literally trying to think of strategies of how to change my personality.  This task seemed extremely unrealistic, but being the determined person that I am, I thought surely I could come up with a way.  Luckily someone reminded me of some great advice that Dean Poon gave to our class at our orientation.  She said one of the best ways to reach success is to, “be yourself.”

Ah, Yes!  Those are the words that I so needed to be reminded of.  Teams and workplaces thrive on diversity and I just needed to be reminded that my silly, upbeat demeanor can bring something valuable to a team or organization.  So, thank you to the classmate who reminded me of Dean Poon’s words and I will go forth and be myself!

Busy doesn’t know what busy is!

My dad sent me an e-mail the other day asking how I was doing. my answer was…..”You want to know whats going? I AM BUSY!”

So I am starting to learn the work/life balance of business school and fortunately up to this point I haven’t had to sacrifice any readings because of being too busy but we will see how it goes after these next two weeks.

Today we had our first exam for Data Analysis. I think I was prepared, I studied all weekend long and through the Phillies amazing comeback on Monday night!!!!!

So since the test was out of the way and before the next round hits I got a little time in tonight with some of my MBA friends and blew steam off playing basketball in one of the many rec centers.

Adventure Rec Center

As for whats coming up here is a run down of the next week….

(Tomorrow) Wednesday – Class from 8:30-12:30, Negotiation workshop from 12:30-1:30 Limited Brands Visit 5:30-9:30
Thursday – Class from 10:30 to 3:30, Advisory council meeting for the Center of Real Estate from 5:30-7:30, TA my class till 10 PM
Friday – Real Estate Bootcamp 8-12, Accounting Review for midterm 3:30-5, Nike 10k 7PM (signed up for it which supports OSU charities)
Saturday – Home football game
Saturday & Sunday – Accounting studying for midterm tuesday along with econ studying with midterm wednesday along with working on 5-8 page paper for Organizational Behavior due wednesday.

So that is some of the stuff coming up the next few days. Busy Busy Busy

Food continue… but not exactly food

Just complained about the busy schedule of an ordinary MBA student’s life… but I have to say that is not the whole story. In fact,  MBA includes not only busy schedule but also relaxing hours, not only tons of “painful” assignments but also numerous enjoyable moments.   And I will share one of such moments as following.

Just before the group discussion this Thursday,  some of my group members introduced a simple but delicious place to eat… When hearing the topic about “food”, I was eager to try (as always:))… Actually they talked about the “Junior’s Tacos” but the only thing I remember is that they sell the Tacos at the truck. Without any surprise, since my poor memory that could not remember the name of the food , I said “where to try the truck food” (obviously not a good expression to describe the food, especially when you taste it).  Anyway, we drove to the place and tried the different types of the food. What I bought is kinda “Tortos” (spanish word for sandwich I guess?) and with the help of one group member who is majoring in Spanish, I made the order of beef sandwich… And it turned out to be really really really DELICIOUS~  Moreover, I learned some interesting spanish words~~

Also some thoughts for international students, do not hesitate to try different things, especially out of your comfort zone… Food is like that, other things are the same. You will find much more surprise waiting for you on two years’ MBA study ahead~

Pics for Junior’s Tacos: (courtesy of

Juniors taco plate

Juniors menus

Opportunity Only Knocks Once – Proverb

Hello again. The principal purpose of the My Fisher Grad Life experiment is to give prospective students a perspective into what it’s like being a graduate student at The Fisher College of Business. I hope that you have been able to cut through my thinly veiled attempt at humor and that  I have provided some insight  into what MBA student life is really like.

First, BOILER UP! Even though I am now a Buckeye I will always be a Boilermaker at heart.  Hopefully this win for Purdue will make tickets to the upcoming Iowa game cheaper. Another reason to enjoy the win!

Second, I’ve noticed a peculiar state-of-mind develop among myself and my fellow MBA classmates. Obviously, we are all occupied with coursework. In fact, between classes, group meetings, and homework – coursework itself is a significant time commitment (if you’ve been following my posts, you already knew this). However, coursework isn’t what consumes our thoughts or conversations.

Rather, the tremendous amount of opportunities in extracurricular and personal/leadership development activities seem to consume us.  Conversations typically cover what lunchtime information sessions, speaker,  interviews for various organizations, or team meetings for non-course related projects we are going to attend.

As an example, here are the extras I am participating in (or plan to participate in):

My short list of activities just scratches the surface of what is available. A more complete list of Fisher’s student organizations can be found here.

Professors, if you are reading this, please don’t interpret this as a reason to make your courses more difficult. The last thing I need is the class hating me for something like that! They are challenging, I assure you.  Classes are table-stakes – everyone does it. I think each student differentiates himself/herself by his/her performance in the classroom and by which of Fisher’s unique opportunities he/she takes advantage of.

I apologize for the relative sincerity of this post. More humor will follow.

Caveat lector. Finis.

Random Rants: on Andrew Schmidt

I have a general policy not to include people’s names in my posts. I also tend to break my policies every once in a while, so here it is.

One of my classmates, Andrew, recently underwent surgery to repair a an injury in his leg that he suffered “while playing basketball”. At least that’s how he said he got the injury.

When he told me about it, I found it strange. In case you don’t know Andrew, he’s… well, let’s just say he’s hard to miss; he’s something like 195 cm and 130 kg (yup, I use Metric), so he’s pretty tough to bring down. Plus, there’s also the fact that he’s obviously a nice guy, despite sounding as tough as he looks. A friendly game of basketball as the cause for his injury just didn’t make sense.

That’s when I started formulating a conspiracy theory that I found appealing. It just so happened that, a few days before, Andrew gave a persuasive speech in the EPI class on why all the single girls in the class should date CH. Now, as I said before, it would be hard for most men to take Andrew down, so what I’m thinking is that CH has some “platonic love” (a woman) in the class who got jealous because of the presentation, and it was she who injured Andrew. I mean, a jealous woman is way more dangerous than any man (if you don’t believe me, I encourage you to do a field test of my hypothesis at your own risk). I also have shortlisted who it might be, but if she could take Andrew down, I can’t imagine what she could do to me, so I’ll refrain from sharing that information.

So there you have it.

If you’re still wondering “hm, so what’s the point of this post?”, it is as follows.

Andrew: I miss your big head covering my name plate in Econ; I hope you get well soon.

“…let’s find the mean and standard deviation of this portfolio.” — Prof. Schilling

This week’s top five

  1. Best person in the world award this week goes to AG for letting me cut in line at Subway and saving me two or three hours that I couldn’t afford.
  2. Quote: “You’re an inspiration to me”. That was BG and he actually said that to me. I was speechless, thankful… and worried for him. But it was cool 🙂
  3. Event: nerd-ing in Gerlach Hall on Sunday. I thought that was a sacrilege, but apparently I’m alone in that opinion, as everyone was there today.
  4. Lie: “Some snow is expected for this weekend, so be prepared”, by the weather guy.
  5. Article: “The Big Night In”, in the “A Man’s Life” section of the latest Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

A special mention goes out to Jenson Button for winning this year’s Formula One championship and destroying my chances at the bookies at the same time.

“Honey, give me a real gentle life, I feel like taking a life…” – Miss Kittin

Get Away From Me

This fall has been a lot of new firsts for me….first OSU football game, first class in grad school, first time in Columbus, etc.  But there is another first that is not the most positive experience.  This is my first epidemic.

While I have not had H1N1 yet, (knock on wood) I have heard through the news and through friends that H1N1, as well as the regular flu, are spreading quickly throughout the country.   For example, my mother teaches a fourth grade class of 24 students.  Last Friday, 16 of the students were out six with the flu, leaving a class of 8, which as my mom described it was basically a party.

We have signs up all around Gerlach with tips for preventing the spread of the flu, such as getting enough sleep, drinking water, and washing your hands.  Luckily, I don’t think the flu has hit Fisher too hard yet.  However, with midterms coming up soon, I think people will be sleeping less, eating less healthy, and therefore putting themselves at risk.

The part that worries me the most is not the actual flu.  It is the reputation that seems to come with the flu.  My mom said it felt as though her classroom was quarantined.  Despite the fact that she did not do anything wrong- no one wanted to be anywhere near her.

I have felt that way with the way some of our professors who won’t go anywhere near us because they do not want the flu…even though I don’t have the flu.  One professor jumped back from shaking my hand saying loudly that he doesn’t want the flu.  This lead to other students backing away from me as though I had the flu.

While everyone needs to be cautious this flu season, we also need to show consideration towards others who may have been sick, because at the end of the day I don’t think anyone really wants the flu.