My first buckeye game (and Halloween!)

So a round of applause please, I finally attended my first buckeye football game.  This was a big deal for me not only because it’s an amazing experience but also because I’m from the east coast and college football, to most people from the northeastern part of the US, is the equivalent of bird watching (no offense to those who enjoy that).  In other words…most people don’t care.

So Tuesday my boyfriend called me and let me know he could get two tickets to the game this weekend (because we played New Mexico State…everyone was practically giving away their tickets).  He has never been to a game either (but is a big fan…owns an OSU jersey) and was really excited so I evaluated what I had to this weekend which was basically a lot of reading…and a football game trumps reading even in my book.  So we ended up going to the game with our friends Dave and Brittany and Dave’s brother Tim who is also an OSU student studying physical therapy.  We started out at River Watch, an apartment complex that shuts down its parking lot and turns it into a mini fair..sort of…? They have drinks, food, and a stage with a band who got better as the morning went on.  The best part about it though was that it was Halloween:

Brittany and I with the BK man before the game!
Me and Brittany with the BK man before the game!

The game itself was really fun too, except for the wind and the temperature.  It was a little bit more low key than I was anticipating (I think because it wasn’t a Big Ten game) but I was happy about that…I wanted to ease into the madness.  We won the game which is wonderful but my favorite part was the half time show.  Again, it being Halloween the band had some awesome stuff planned, the best part being a little rendition, dancing included, of Thriller:

The OSU band performing Thriller
The OSU band performing Thriller

So needless to say it was pretty awesome to see.  I left the game a little bit after the start of the third quarter…we were winning and I couldn’t take the cold anymore.  The rest of the day I spent relaxing and then went to my friend’s Halloween party as a baseball player!! Overall a great weekend– now back to getting ready for the week ahead.  A lot of reading and more group projects.  Of course.

The Show Must Go On!

The past week has been one of the busier since arriving here in Columbus; this weekend is proving to be no different.

I am currently taking a short break from working on my “Individual Case Assignment” for Dr. Inks’ & Dr. Rucci’s Organizational Behavio(u)r class. I am hoping that a witty, creative attempt at blogging will get the writing juices flowing for this ~20 page paper…

Here’s a brief, mostly chronological summary of what’s happened this past week:

  • Econ MidtermL-X graphs
  • Accounting Midtermproblem solving
  • Warren Buffet Trip Callout – A lot of people want to go, not many get to. 27 spots.
  • FGSA Meetings – Wednesday night  at the Varsity Club. More meetings should be at the Varsity Club. Professors agree.  No work got done Wednesday evening. Thursday in Fisher Graduate Student Association Board Room (it’s actually a closet…)
  • FisherServes Community Service Day -Building tables at Map Furniture Bank. Barbecue Conundrum – North Carolina vs. the world. I am on North Carolina’s side.
  • FCOB Halloween Celebration – BILLY MAYS HERE!

Billy Mays here!
Billy Mays here! R.I.P.

Back to working on the Cirque du Soleil case for Dr. Inks. The Show Must Go On.


Halfway home

Midterms are over…I survived.  Grades come back for most classes next week… I’ll be happy until then.  Hopefully I’ll be happy afterwards, but I really have no idea how I did on my tests.   The Accounting midterm was probably my hardest exam.  I knew I was in trouble when the accounting class before me left the exam and a CPA in the class looked pale.  It was definitely one of those moments when you realize that an extra five minutes of studying has no utility.

As I mentioned in my last entry, Halloween celebrations are this weekend.  The FCOB social chairs are hosting a costume party at Mozaik on Friday night.  I bought a camouflage hunting suit at Goodwill for $6.  I’m sure I’ll be able to turn that into some sort of costume in the next few hours.  I’ll try to post a picture from the party.

Tomorrow is FisherServers Community Service Day.  This is an event for all the first year MBA students to work with a local non-profit organization around Columbus.  I’ve heard it’s a great class bonding event.  I’ll be working with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus with 25 other classmates.  Hopefully the weather holds up.

This week’s top five

  1. Fact: I requested my SSN.
  2. Quote: “I hate you”, by the Baby. Yeah, right…
  3. Event: the workshop with the Google VP of Finance.
  4. Location: Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville
  5. Class thing: I saw that name tags can be confusing, as SM was called by KD’s name in class, with the corresponding following awkward silence.

“…so we take the LIFO reserve…” – Prof. Roulstone


It is that time of year again, yeah, you guessed it- pumpkin time! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, Little Debbie pumpkin cakes, pumpkin flavored Hershey Kisses, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin scones, and pumpkin muffins. I realize  I just sounded like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but seriously- it is the one time of year I get to enjoy the deliciousness that is pumpkin. Pumpkin is very healthy for you, especially when not prepared in all of the aforementioned ways. It is a significant source of Vitamin A, and is a decent source of fiber and potassium. You can buy the stuff in a can year round’, but it’s just not the same when the leaves are green and it is 95 degrees outside! Pumpkin just tastes better when the leaves are turning colors and falling to the ground and there is a slight chill in the air.

I also love carving pumpkins- here is a picture of Shawn’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge:


The pumpkin on the right was my lame attempt at an intricate Ohio State emblem- turns out when they tell you where to cut first, you should listen. After carving “State”, the top and the bottom of the “S” just broke off and it looked horrible- so I thought I would just cut a huge mouth with little eyes. The pumpkin on the left was designed and sculpted by my best friend. She obviously knows the art of pumpkin carving better than me and that is why she won Shawn’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge, in case you were wondering. Bonus points were given for the top of her pumpkin having an intricate design, mine was just a circle. Basically, she won by a landslide. Maybe next year I will step up my game and carve Ohio Stadium.


I failed in Rolls-Royce interview.

I did not get a full score in the second quiz of  Business Practice &  Human Resource Manager.

I didn’t do well in my project.

I was proud of myself before.

Now I have to consider myself again.

About the interview, I didn’t think I did bad. I am happy that I had my first interview experience and I know what questions HR prefer to ask in the interview. Also, I now understand what kind of knowledge is important to the company here. Moreover, I have to work with Steve Singer or other professors or classmates to make a practical strategy of my career.  I am confident that people in Fisher can give me great suggestions and information!  And late I will make a SOWT analysis for myself. I will tell you later!

Absolutely, I have learned some knowledge the same with now before. But I forgot some knowledge and I have learn something different in the same field. I should not be that confident in what I have learned before. I have to study more before and after the class. Today, Courtney told me that I can search SHRM for more professional information. That`s awesome!

And I am now working on two projects. I will appropriately budge my time to do them. And I should also share my teammates my idea clearly and logically.

I will be good later and I will be excellent in the future!

I am busy now, so talk to you later!

and the worst dressed award goes to…..

One of the first questions I was asked when I told people I was going to OSU for my MBA was, “Did you get football tickets?”  Despite getting an education at one of the top programs in the country, most people are more envious of the student football tickets at student prices.

So along with the amount of work on our plates, it has been one of my priorities to enjoy these highly coveted tickets.  However, I have discovered that I still have a lot to learn.  For example, I think that I have continually won the worst dressed award for the games that I have been to.  And I want to take most of the blame, but I am also giving part of my award to

For example, for the first game against Illinois, on, the forecasters reported that rains should end by the 3 o’clock kick-off.  So I didn’t bring any rain gear at all.  By the fourth quarter, when I was shaking uncontrollably and soaked down to the skin, we decided it was time to head back to drier places – The Thirsty Scholar.

Then again, this past Saturday, at the Minnesota game, forecasted that it should be in the high-50’s.  I thought I dressed appropriately, however, it felt more like in the the 30’s.  Thankfully, one of the second years saved me by lending me some mittens, otherwise I would have been too cold to fully enjoy the coveted experience.

I am going to believe that my next game I am going to get it right.  One, I am not listening to, and two, I am going to hope that “third times a charm” holds up for me, and I will finally not be the worst dressed for another game.

Until them, “Go Bucks!”

Autumn is here… love the seasons!!!

This may sound weird, but back in the days in Houston we really just have 2 seasons: Summer and Winter. Plus the majority of the time I would be in t-shirts and shorts. Winter usually lasts about 3 months at the most, and you can get by pretty easily just by throwing a jacket on. Therefore, you can see that the first real autumn for Tiffany and I are quite exciting, and apparently, we have no idea what a real winter is like. XD



Instead of remembering autumn as the season that I always spend lots of time plowing leaves in the front yard, I’m really enjoying the colors and the scenery at Fred Beekman Park. So what would a real winter look like? I can’t wait to take more pictures!!!



Some more pictures while I was jogging. heheh =)

1st Years out in full force.

Professor Bendapudi looked at us and stopped our stats class last year.  He fealt that we, now the second year class, did not have as much of a social bond as previous classes before us.

I think he was right.  We as a group did not party together, study together, or spend much time outside of class together at all.  Although we are getting better, I am much more impressed with the now 1st year class.

We have had several social events and have been participating in the MBA EOTWs and I would like to mention how impressed I am with the 1st year classes commitment to balancing life and school.

They are out in full force and I am completely impressed.  I know they have a quiz tonight and don’t get out of class till 9:48, but I am looking forwards to seeing them all at Hampton’s on King for the EOTW.

GHRA Social Events

Being one of the Social Chairs for the Graduate Human Resources Association is a ton of fun!  We have some really great events coming soon.

The trip to Terror Fest was a blast and people were screaming their heads off.  Talk about a great way to meet fellow classmates!

Next week, we are doing a pre-class meet and greet at Buffalo Wild Wings at 3:30 so we can get to know each other  in a non-academic setting.

Upcoming events include a Holiday light show, a Blue Jackets game, and even a trip to the funny bone!

I can’t wait to plan these events and see both 1st and 2nd year GHRA members out in full force!