Fisher Follies

While the Fisher College of Business has many excellent clubs and organizations that work to benefit its student’s professional and cultural experiences, only one organization is focused on providing students with financial support when they fall under some unexpected misfortune.

Fisher Follies is a student-run organization whose focus is on providing bridge funds to students who need help when the unexpected takes place. These unexpected costs range anywhere from car repairs and broken laptops, to providing support for students who need to move due to issues with their apartments.  Due to its philanthropic initiatives and student focus, it is one of the most highly regarded and actively involved organizations on campus.

To help fund these activities Fisher Follies hosts one of the most exciting and highly anticipated events of the year, the Follies Auction.

The Follies Auction is generally held in the Autumn Semester  and is primarily funded through donations from students, alumni, and faculty.  In the silent auction phase of the night, attendees have the ability to make bids on a variety of items and experiences that can range from cooking classes and Airbnb stays, to outdoor adventures including trap shooting and rock climbing.  Some of our most popular items this year included babysitting and dog sitting provided by students, as well as a homemade OSU quilt.  During the live auction half of the night, the bigger donations are put up for bid.  This year, the big-ticket item was a suite at the Schottenstein Arena for up to 12 people with food and drinks included, donated by OSU Athletic Director, Gene Smith.

With the funds raised through this night, Fisher Follies continues to be of great help to the student body, while providing one of the most unforgettable evenings of the school year!

My best and saddest moment of this semester

It’s still quite surreal for me sitting here, back from being in Houston for my winter break knowing that I have made it through half of the program! I still remember my struggle when moving in August, adjusting to the new environment (especially the weather), and getting to know all of the people in the program, and here we are about to start our last semester after a phenomenal autumn/first semester. There are many moments that I would always cherish when I leave this program, but two of them are the best and saddest during the past few months.

My best experience is definitely my first time at the Shoe, when we beat Michigan State! Coming from a Division III liberal arts college, I’ve never experienced being in a stadium with that number of people. The atmosphere is just so different and so much more exciting compared to watching the games on the screen. It was a great opportunity for many of us in the program to bond together outside of class as well.

Our first Big 10 home game against Michigan State

On the other hand, my saddest moment was the end-of-semester reception in early December where we celebrated the end of all fall classes and, at the same time, saying goodbyes to students in the KPMG MADA program as they head out for their internships in the Spring semester. Having working with and getting to know many of them personally, I’ll definitely miss seeing them around and being in the same classes with them. It’s also weird to know that I may not be able to see some of them after all as they would come back to campus for summer term after we graduate at the end of spring semester.

During winter break, I was able to relax, recharge myself after a very fast-paced semester, and enjoy my time away from classes. Now that spring semester has started, I’m ready to head into the home stretch. Stay tuned!

Three Things I Learned in Business School Was …

It’s hard to believe that our first semester of the MAcc program is over and we’re now starting a new one. It seems like we were all going to our first classes only a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve survived that LOOONG drive back home to Wisconsin – and then back to Columbus … here are some of my reflections on my first semester in the MAcc program. Hopefully they can be useful to some of you readers out there.

Leverage Each Other’s Strengths

The MAcc program places a ton of emphasis on group work to prepare students for future careers because that’s how the actual working world will be. As I worked through the seemingly endless group projects with my team members, I noticed that so often each group member would really excel at one particular component of the project. People come into this program with a diverse set of backgrounds, and if you happen to have someone who’s a rock-star on your group project, don’t be afraid to lean into their ability. Everyone brings their own experience to the table.


Stay Organized!

After four years of making fun of all of my friends who did this in undergrad, I finally did the unthinkable and started religiously maintaining a Google Calendar for everything I have going on each week. From classes to recruiting events, group project meetings to dinners with friends, this turned out to be a real lifesaver. I found that keeping everything neatly scheduled let me stress less about having to remember everything. Know yourself and your style, but always be ready to adapt like I did with my calendar.


Have Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Being in Columbus for my MAcc has been rewarding academically, but all of the awesome entertainment along the way has helped me to take a breather from the grind. College football is the best sport in the world (biased opinion) and Ohio State is the best team in the world (not a biased opinion, straight facts). There are a ton of cool spots to explore in Columbus and I can’t wait to come back and keep on finding new things to enjoy.

MAcc Fall Reception

As a way to celebrate the end of our semester, the Fisher MAcc program hosted a MAcc Fall reception for us the Friday after our last classes, and it was a very festive event! The MAcc Fall reception at the Faculty Club consisted of a cocktail hour, dinner, and speeches. This event was an excellent opportunity to bring students, faculty and staff together one last time before the holiday break! I even had the chance to mingle with one of my professors from undergrad.

I enjoyed the cocktail hour of the event because it was a great opportunity to mingle and say hi to all of my classmates, some of whom I may not have seen recently and will not see for a while. It was bittersweet time to say bye to all the students who are a part of the KPMG program and will be heading off to their internships next semester. Some of us had gotten very close over the semester and will miss their presence in the program. (They’ll be back at Ohio State in summer semester 2020.)

After the cocktail hour, we enjoyed a dinner buffet and listened to Dr. Zach give a speech that had us all laughing as he wove some of his classic jokes that he had told throughout the semester. Additionally, we had a guest speaker who was a prior OSU MAcc student. It was really neat to listen to her advice about how to handle the MAcc and post-grad life as she was in our exact shoes, just two years ago.

After the reception, to continue celebrating being halfway done with the Masters program, we all headed over to one of our friend’s apartment to hang out and relax. Then after a while, we all decided to go and explore the nightlife in downtown Columbus to say goodbye one final time. I wish all the KPMG students the best of luck with their internships, and we will all truly miss them next semester!

Go Bucks! … My last home game :(

As many of you may know, Ohio State is a sports school, and we dominate in almost every division 1 sport you can think of. One in particular that brings a lot of attention to our school is… FOOTBALL. Ohio State is currently sitting as the number 1 ranked collegiate team in the nation, but this is not an unusual thing for Ohio State football. OSU is consistently a top 10 football team year in and year out in the recent past.

Ever since my freshman year of college here at Ohio State, I have gone to every single home football game to support the bucks. I love looking forward to Saturdays in the magical Shoe. The Shoe is our football stadium that seats 100,000+ fans every game. Being in the stadium is electric … every fan is decked out in red and is cheering at the top of their lungs to help root the Buckeyes to a victory.

If you attend Ohio State, you should try and go to at least one game while you are here because it is an experience like no other. I recently just attended my last home game as a student, and I can say I am still very emotional about it. On November 23rd, the Bucks played Penn State. It was supposed to be a massive game for us, but just like the rest of the teams, Penn State fell victim to an OSU win. Every fan in the stadium cheered the bucks on to a great victory, and at the end of the game, we even got to rush the field to celebrate a big win!


Travelling Across Campus and Around Columbus

Most people use COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) to get around the city. For Ohio State students, the bus service is almost free (we pay a small fee at the beginning of each semester). We just swipe our BuckID as the fare when we get onto the bus.


I live about twenty minutes away from Fisher. So, on lazy (and/or cold) days, there are a couple of buses that can get me to college – route 1, 2 or 8. These buses come every fifteen or so minutes. Fisher is just a one-minute walk from the bus stop that most of us use (W Lane Ave and Neil Ave).

COTA takes you places other than just Fisher like the zoo, good restaurants, shopping centers, etc. Most of my SMF friends live in University Village. So, by now, I know the last bus from their place to mine, and vice versa (I also know the first bus because we usually miss the last bus :)).

Ohio State students use Campus Area Bus Service (CABS) to travel across campus. There are ten routes that encompasses the whole campus. These buses come every five-ten minutes, and you can look at the bus arrival times via the Ohio State app.

Ohio State App showing Campus Loop North and South routes

When I want to walk a bit (instead of taking the COTA bus), I walk to Ohio Union, and take a CABS bus from there to Fisher. The Campus Loop South bus drops us right outside Mason Hall.


If you want to go somewhere across campus or around Columbus, one of these two bus services will get you there!


Let’s have a little tour!

I decided to switch things around for the blog this time and give you guys a little sneak peek of some of the places that I regularly visit in Gerlach Hall.

As one of the Graduate Ambassadors for the Specialized Master in Finance program, I spend a lot of my weekly hours in the Graduate Programs Office (GPO). My daily tasks would include going over inquiries emails, reaching out and planning visits for prospective students. Over the semester, I have grown to enjoy working in the office and with the students alongside GAs from other programs (MAcc, MHRM, and MBA).

Graduate Programs Office

Another place that I often spend my hours studying at is the computer lab on the second floor in Gerlach Hall. It’s a great quiet study area where you can get stuff done pretty efficiently if you tend to get distracted quickly like I do. In the lab, you can utilize a lot of different software that you might not be able to run on your PC such as SAS or applications that you don’t normally have access to such as Capital IQ.

Gerlach Lab

The student lounge is probably one of the busiest areas in Gerlach Hall. It is located on the second floor and is a huge open space where students come to have their meals and enjoy their breaks. I spend a lot of my times here chatting with friends and catching up on things during the breaks.

Gerlach Lounge (Another Perspective)

That’s all I have for today’s blog. I will cook up more exciting things to discuss as the break is just around the corner.

Hungry? Six places to eat within 5 mins of Fisher’s campus

Ohio State has an abundance of places to eat on campus for every appetite. We have café’s, dining halls, and grab and go options. Additionally, dinning locations offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten/ allergen-free options. So if you are ever on campus and want to grab a quick bite, I have created a list of 6 places that are on campus and are within a 5-minute walk of Fisher.

  1. Rohr Café

Rohr Café is located in the Fisher Business school, so you never have to leave the building to refuel; this is very convenient when the weather outside is not appealing. Rohr Café serves Starbucks beverages, and they have pastries and sandwiches. It is an excellent choice for a quick drink or snack in between classes.

Rohr Cafe

2. Scott Dining Hall 

Scott dining hall is one of three all you can eat dining halls on campus. Scott’s main food attractions include a Mongolian grill, taco station, orange chicken and fried rice station, make your own omelet station, salad bar, and dessert station. There is also breakfast food all day, grilled cheese and soup, yogurt station, meats, baked potatoes, etc. Scott is a great place to go if you want a wide array of options or want an all you can eat buffet!

3. Connecting Grounds 

Connecting Grounds is right next to Scott and is about a two-minute walk from Fisher. This dining location is a café style location but also has a c- store attached to it. The c-store is a mini version of a grocery store; they have everything from frozen meals to plastic cups. Connecting grounds is also an excellent go-to study place if you are looking for a change in scenery.

Connecting Grounds

4. KSA Café

KSA is located in the architectural building, which is across the street from Fisher. KSA is very similar to Connecting Grounds and Rorh Cafe. They usually have a unique option of pastries, such as donuts. But, they also have other food such as sushi and pasta salad and bagel sandwiches, etc.

5. Oxley’s and Oxeleys To-Go

Both Oxley’s and Oxley’s To-Go are within a five-minute walk of Fisher and located right next door to each other. Both serve sandwiches primarily, and Oxeley’s to Go is primarily make-your-own subs and take them to go as the name suggests. Whereas, Oxley’s has a more extensive selection of food and drinks available to choose from.

6.  Curl 

Curl is one of my go-to places to grab a quick bite on campus because it is less than a 5-minute walk away and has a wide variety of food I can choose. One of my go to’s at Curl is sushi, which they have a large selection of. Additionally, they have a make your own pasta station, burrito station, rice bowl station, and sandwich station. They also have a fruit and vegetable bar and refrigerated food as well. Overall, this is an excellent go-to place to grab food if you are interested in a quick meal.

Finding Your People

To echo what An spoke about in her post (finding a little piece of home), it is important to have your people when you’re in college, especially as an international student.

As most know, India has many festivals that are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and love. Being away from home on such occasions is difficult but the Indian Students Association (ISA) does their best to make you feel at home. ISA celebrated Navratri with a Garba night at RPAC. There was music, food and people – that’s all we need to celebrate any festival. After that event, my friends and I decided we weren’t done for the night. So, we went over to a friend’s place, had tea, and played the game, Mafia till sunrise (literally sunrise)…

Garba Night

Another big Indian festival, Diwali, was the weekend after Navratri. We planned to celebrate it with dinner, dessert and games. So, we all (somewhat) dressed up, had dinner, played cards and charades, and again hung out till almost sunrise.

All The SMF South Asian Ladies
Almost All The SMF South Asian Men
Trying To Guess (Probably A Made-Up) Hindi Movie
Lots Of Biryani!

When I started this program, I thought I would meet a few people who probably would become my people but I didn’t know so many people would become mine. 



Being Sporty

In one of my prior blog posts, I mentioned several ways to stay fit on campus. In this blog post, I am going to reflect with you all how I took advantage of intramural sports at Ohio State this fall semester.

The registration for intramural sports comes around early on during the fall and spring semesters, and often you can miss the registration if you are still getting adjusted to the groove of school. If you have an interest in playing intramural sports at Ohio State, you should make sure to gather some friends at the beginning of the semester and look for emails from Rec Sports at Ohio State. Playing intramural sports is a great way to de-stress. It only costs $80 for a team to register, and you get to play around 3-5 games per season – the length of season is contingent on whether there are playoffs and whether your teams advances into the playoffs. When you go to register your team, make sure you have discussed with your teammates what times they are available to play and what location they prefer to play at. Note that some areas will require your team to drive to or take a campus bus.

My Rec Volleyball Team

This past semester I played on two teams: co-rec beach volleyball and soccer. I played volleyball games at 10 PM on Sunday nights in Fred Beekman Park. The volleyball rules required that we played with two guys and two girls. At first, I was hesitant about playing so late on Sunday nights, but I had a blast de-stressing, laughing, and spending time with my friends week after week. None of us had ever played organized volleyball before; thus, we got some good laughs out of our lack of experience.

The second team I played on was a co-rec soccer team with accounting friends. In high school, I played soccer, leading to my desire to want to play recreationally in college. The rules for rec- soccer allowed us to have three guys and three girls on the field plus a goalie. My team and I played every Thursday at the Praire, and I promise you we had some of the best times every single Thursday, whether we lost or lost (yes, we lost every single game).

I would highly recommend making the most of your time while at Ohio State and get involved with whatever you feel most passionate about!