Be childlike, be crazy. Happy Halloween!

In China, Halloween is a day for a small group of people who wear horror costumes. But here, Halloween spirit is everywhere. In the store, I see Halloween decorations everywhere. Along the street, people cover their elegant houses with spider nets and skeletons. Halloween is also not just for children. Here, it’s a second chance for adults to be children again, becoming the character we dreamed to be and even getting candy in the process. I also learned that parents will go for “trick or treat” and some families will put special pumpkins as a sign for children with allergies to dairy and nuts. Halloween is not only about horror, but also about thrilling, caring, and community.




It is Dream Come True

A few days before, during the class break, I saw my classmates writing something on a paper. She told me she’s writing for the Fisher Grad Life Blog, which drove me back to the time when I got the first few emails from Fisher. I kept a diary since junior high, but I never show them publicly. One day we may forget the things which we thought were important; one day when we look back, some trivials of life may become the the most precious part of our life. I want to catch it. And when I read these blogs, I saw another version of the life I’m in with all of you.

I’m going to have the final exams of some of my classes. But it feels like I have just walked into my grad life. I still remember the time when I left my parents, got off the plane,  picked up by host family from IFI, open the door of my empty apartment, looked for my way in the big campus, orientation, the president’s opening speech, had no idea of what the professor is asking, and all of a sudden, I’ve already gave 2 presentations with my group in class, known a lot of names which I didn’t even know how to pronounce, got my first exam paper, made contact to future employer-to-be.

Mason Hall

I used to think that 4 years of undergraduate are a long time, but when I graduated, I eagerly hoped that I seized more. When I was in the red building in my high school, I never thought about that I can one day study in a foreign country, even after I visited some universities in America during a trip, which cost several months salary of my father, although I told myself it must be awesome to study here. My father told his colleagues that he probably can’t afford to send me study abroad, so he spare no efforts to provide me the chance to pay a visit to America.

WHU two

(Undergraduate: Wuhan University)

Five years later, conditions have changed a lot. But I actually just followed my classmates decision to apply for grad school in America. But during this process, I have figured out what I truly want to be in the future. That’s why I choose human resource management. Honestly, I aimed at Cornell and University of South California,  but they turned me off. However, the longer I am in OSU, in Fisher, the more I’m sure and grateful about I am in the right place!

I always think of the red teaching building in my high school, and when I stepped in OSU and Fisher, it was like coming back to the dream come true moment again, and this is a new dream. I will always remember the video interview from Fisher – pay forward. I love this idea. I have received a lot from my classmates, from the professors, from IFI, and from all the people around me. I want to share with you how amazing you are and how amazing it is to be here together.

Zhixin High School

(Zhixin High School)

This time, I will make sure I cherish every moment of it. I start a little late, but I can’t jump off from those wonderful things happened in the first few weeks, I will catch up with you next time.

Is Autumn Your Favorite Season?

Fall is coming, along with the new session of the semester.


In autumn, pumpkin seems really important here. My host family invited me to do the pumpkin carving. I thought pumpkin carving only looks like the creepy smiling face, but when I Googled it, I found that it actually can have many layers so that it generates amazing effects when the candle is lighted inside. I planned to do the Chinese paper cut pattern on it, but that’s too much for just 2 hours. People’s creativity impressed me.

pumpkin carving

It seems people only use the big pumpkin to carve and bake the seeds inside. I want to cook it as I did in China, but I’m surprised when the shopkeeper in Kroger told me he had never ate pumpkin, and he only know that it can be made into soup. I made some pumpkin bubbles, like the bubbles in bubble tea, but with pumpkin flavor. The pumpkin meat inside the carving pumpkin is actually very soft and sweet when cooked.


Our big MHRM family will also have all kind of events in this special season. This time, we went to the Lynd Fruit Farm. When we walked into the corn maze, I tried to study and follow the map with my schoolmate. But my classmates just walked around the maze at will. Driving along the way, two male senior students were shaking to music all the way. I didn’t know they looked like that when out of school and work. Work is work, life is life. It feels awesome to be with them and feel the cheerful energy. O-H-I-O. Life is wonderful!