Fisher+2011= awesome

So, I have been missing in action the past month or so but accomplished much in that time.

A brief rundown of what has happened over the past quarter. I attended and worked the NSHMBA event in Anaheim with my fellow Latino Graduate Students. The event was great, fun with peers and employers, as well as interviews. Upon my return more interviews ensued followed by offers. My plan was to go back to Nationwide, the company I left to complete my MBA full time at OSU. They also gave me an offer, after reviewing my options I accepted that offer.

My recommendation to everyone going through the process is to pick the opportunity that gives you the best feeling and culture fit. After going to various companies and meeting so many people each company had a unique feel and culture. When I went into Nationwide to interview I felt so comfortable and it seemed like I was home. I also noticed that I always get along best with fellow Nationwiders and we gravitate to each other at recruiting events. I am so happy With my decision and was fortunate to get various offers and was able to meet so many people.

I accepted the offer the week of finals which worked out well as I felt. Big weight lifted from my shoulders. I was to do well on my finals and have another very successful quarter.

Make sure you anticipate the time consumption of the job or internship searches and interviews as it cuts into your time for school. Many students signed up for so many clubs or other organizations that they felt stressed and their quality of work suffered on some fronts. Pace yourself and set yourself up for success!

Breathe in and breathe out …

As a graduate student entering your first year or a returning graduate student coming back after a longer break, like myself, you need to relax. I had the fortune of having a very successful first year in the MBA program, due to hard work, studying, and maximizing my time. Coming into year two I have increased my course load with the expectation that I will not tolerate a dip in success. After the first week back I felt I was out of my “groove” and felt overwhelmed. This combined with the fact that I was taking classes with people I have never had class before, since I was taking evening classes with part-time students and now I am in day classes with only full-time students, I felt anxious and buried. This will happen to everyone at some point or another; before an exam, an interview, a class, etc. Now that I am also starting to attend information sessions, job hunt, and still maintain my responsibilities at home, I remembered something. This is a temporary stop for me to have an outstanding future. The stress I am feeling now will only last nine more months and then it is over. If you do not stop and look around you may lose your perspective or goal.

So, if you are feeling out of sorts or a bit overwhelmed follow these steps.

1. You are only here for a short amount of time, appreciate that time because you will never experience this again.

2. Remember why you are here

3. Realize how lucky you are to be here and in this situation

4. You will hit your stride as long as you stay calm

5. Breathe. Look around, take it all in. Talk to your professors, students, career management, these are relationships you need and will benefit from.

You are here for a purpose and everyone here is in a similar situation or here to help you. Take advantage of your resources and thank the stars you are at The Fisher College of Business on the campus of the best University. Once you graduate no more daily interactions with classmates, professors, student tickets. You will look back and think your stress over exams was ill placed because real stress lies in making tough decisions every day at your workplace, which is what Fisher is preparing you for. After doing this I feel more relaxed and am back in my “groove” baby. Let’s do this!

Now breathe in….hold it…..a little longer….breathe out….

Next thing you know it will be commencement. Time will fly.

Hispanic Heritage in Columbus

Proclamation from Mayor's office and award from the Governor's office
Nationwide CEO speaking to audience

Hispanic Heritage Month lasts from 9/15-10/15. This year I had the pleasure of organizing one of the largest Hispanic events in Columbus. As the elected treasurer and co-founder of the National Latino Alliance, the Hispanic/Latino associate resource group for Nationwide Mutual, I was able to meet with Nationwide leadership to help manage this project. This position included the opportunity to speak with various executives, none more passionate about increasing the Hispanic representation at Nationwide than Matt Jauchius CMO. Through quarterly meetings about my community and Nationwide we have been able to ratify a plan to prepare Hispanic associates for future senior leadership positions and increase retention. This action combined with the increased financial focus on the Hispanic community shows that Nationwide leads the way in the Columbus area for valuing Hispanic talent. At the Hispanic Heritage Festival at Nationwide there were over 40 vendors, live music, and an address from CEO Steve Rasmussen, pictured here. The mayor had a representative issue a proclamation and a representative from the governor honored Nationwide with an award for the 9th annual Hispanic Heritage Festival. Columbus is a great city for diversity and appreciates the Hispanic/Latino community. I was happy to be a participate in this event that promotes the awareness and success of the Hispanic community in Columbus. It is nice to be a part of a community that not only embraces diversity but appreciates it. This is a feeling you will immediately feel here and especially at The Ohio State University and the Fisher College of Business. I will speak to Fisher’s passion for diversity in my next blog about NSHMBA and Fisher.