Oil Spill

If you have been aware of what is going on in the news, you have seen the devastating effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.

As we were talking about possible issues that affect the prices of stocks in Finance, the oil spill was debated. A fellow student heard on the news that BP would lose an estimated$20-$30 billion due to the spill; however, when looking at the amount that the stock price has dropped and calculating in the amount of shares of stock that are in the market, the loss was more on the $70-$80 billion range.  When your stock plummets from $62 to $38, there are some major financial implications for the stockholders of the company.

And as BP’s failed attempts to control the oil spill continue, the stock price continues to fall.


Gulf of Mexico update from BP CEO Tony Hayward:

“Over the course of this week, our share price has decreased significantly, no doubt reflecting the market’s anxiety about our progress in stopping flow from the Macondo well and the longer term impact of the spill on BP.”

The financial losses for BP will be recovered eventually, but the massive ecological effect the oil has had on this part of the Gulf will be difficult to determine. The list affected by this accident is too long to capture, but hopefully BP can get a handle on the leak and clean this up before it gets much worse.

America’s Pastime…

Perfect Game- Ref Blows It – watch the play!

As I was listening to the radio this morning, they were talking about how a referee blew a perfect game. Picture this- 9th inning, 2 outs, and a grounder between the first and second basemen. The first baseman fields the ball and throws it to the pitcher which was covering the bag and CLEARLY beats the runner. Third out, game over, Perfect Game, right? Wrong. The referee blew the call.

America’s Pastime? It’s not hard to believe that with all the hoopla of the NBA Finals, with the Lakers and Celtics and all of their history, and the Stanley Cup Finals, that I totally missed this, and it happened to my favorite team!

So this got me thinking- what would be worse than pitching 9 innings of PERFECT baseball and knowing you got the last out, all to have a referee take it all away from you? Armando Galarraga of the Detriot Tigers knows this feeling. But the best part- he didn’t whine, cry, or get upset about someone else taking history away from him. He was quoted as saying “It is what it is”, and that was about the extent of his emotions. If you watched the video, he even smiles when he is going back to the mound.

But good things happen to good people. The very next day, GM awarded his sportsmanship with a Cherry Red Corvette. He may not be in the record book for a perfect game, but when the game wasn’t perfect, his attitude shined. I think we could all learn a thing or two from this situation. There are times in life when you are going to be down and out. Times when you feel like the rug was ripped from under your feet. No, you probably won’t get a shiny new car, but just know that other people are paying attention to how you react.

Ohio State Football

It’s that time of year again… Time to purchase your Ohio State Student Football tickets!

Let’s be honest, who came to The Ohio State University for the football?

I’m not going to lie to you, it was in my top 3. The University having a very strong College of Pharmacy was number one and having a top tier education system coming in at number two. As you might already know, I am a huge sports nut, so the Buckeyes were the obvious choice for me. I’ve traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and State College, Pennsylvania, and these trips would not have occurred without the Ohio State football team. Yeah, even though we didn’t win the National Championship those years, they were still experiences that I will never forget.

The best part, I still received a high quality education in undergrad, met my best friend through my pharmacy coursework, and I’m back for more football tickets AND education at one of the top tier business schools in the nation. My journey to Ohio State may have been influenced by football (twice), but I am happy to say that I have loved every minute of the time spent here, especially during football season.

Could this be the year that Jim Tressel takes home another BCS Championship?

PAC-MAN Google Doodle!

Google has done it again- only this time, it was better than ever. They created a playable Google Doodle of PAC-MAN, for the 30th Anniversary of the game. I can remember playing PAC-MAN when I was a child, eating the fruit, chasing ghosts after eating the “power pellet”, and trying not to get captured by them when they turned back to their colorful origins.

If you are unfamiliar of the game-play, here’s a great description provided by the PAC-MAN Web site: “The player controls PAC-MAN while attempting to eat all the dots in the maze and avoid getting caught by the ghosts through an extremely simple user interface consisting only of a single joystick.” PAC-MAN was also in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records: Gaming Edition for the best known Video Game Character of all time, so chances are pretty good that you know who and what I am talking about.

If you missed the Google tribute to PAC-MAN, you can still play the game at: http://www.google.com/pacman/

Hint: Press “Insert Coin” to get started, press it twice for Mrs. PAC-MAN to join in on the fun. To control Mrs. PAC-MAN, use the AWSD buttons.

Turning this more business related: Google doesn’t make their money from their homepage- If you went to Google.com to search for something or use a different Google function, and got caught up in PAC-MAN for a length of time (I know I did), then Google is losing out on potential revenue via advertisements and links. But having multiple outlets blog about it or say to their buddies: “Did you play PAC-MAN on Google today?” most likely brought in substantial traffic to their site, which does make money. Worth it? Totally.

In related news: Conan O’Brien pokes fun at the Arizona legislation on his Twitter account, saying: “Pac-Man’s 30th birthday was marred by the sudden deportation of the Super Mario Bros. What were those fools doing in Arizona?” And speaking of Conan, he will be visiting The Ohio State University at the Schottenstein Center today- May 24, 2010, with his “Conan: The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour!”
Now go play some PAC-MAN and see if you can top the following score that I received:

Yearly Review- My MBA Progress To Date

Three more weeks and Spring quarter classes will be in the books. We will all be one step closer to that coveted MBA. To those of you that will be graduating, congratulations on completing your journey and the best of luck in all that you do in the years ahead!

Since the past four quarters have flown by, I would like to take a look back and provide a quick overview:

Summer Quarter: Professor Ford literally wrote the book on effective managerial communication, and let me tell you, it’s all about the deliverables. Professor Wallin broke out the t-accounts for some accounting fun.

Fall Quarter: Professor Gray taught of empirical rules, regressions, and how Microsoft Excel can make my life so much easier. He’s also the only professor to break the 19 minute barrier in the Fisher 5k.  Professor Campbell taught us about supply and demand curves and the invisible hand. We even dabbled in healthcare, talking about the issues of moral hazard and adverse selection.

Winter Quarter: Professor AC taught us the importance of reducing inventory while hedging against uncertainties and how cricket is a game that he would dominate anyone in, just ask him. Professor Ankerman made sure we “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them” and Professor Mittendorf taught us the true cost of a product or service and how yachts are sometimes thrown into an expense report and hidden as part of costs.

Spring Quarter: So far, Professor Ben-David has taught us about annuities, perpetuities, net present value, and portfolio theories. We also learned that following Jim Cramer’s advice about all of your stock moves may not be the best idea. Professor Robinson has given us cases to study on Marketing subjects like branding, pricing, and positioning, and how using the Internet, when executed properly, can be an effective marketing tool.

This list of topics covered in class is not an all encompassing one, but looking back on the Core courses that I have taken to date, it definitely makes me feel like I have learned quite a bit in the short amount of time I have been at Fisher. Most definitely a positive NPV.

Branding- Opinions?

Maybe it has been the past few marketing lectures on ways to increase your brand equity or my fascination of advertisements. Maybe the fact that it’s 5:00 AM and I am drinking coffee to stay awake. At any rate, after coming across this change in logo, I thought I would throw in my two cents.

First, this new logo looks like something I could do on Paint. Yes, Microsoft Paint, the free editing tool that comes with every PC.  How much did Starbucks pay to have someone design a logo this simplistic?

Second, it doesn’t look like a coffee mug, or a drop of coffee, both of which are supposed to be represented by this logo. According to a poll on the Seattle Time’s Web site,  73% of the 2,714 votes came to an agreement that “They should try again”.

When asked about this change, a company representative said that it “has to live in all kinds of environments” and they “want it to be a universal sign for good coffee someday.”  Tropicana had the same idea, but reverted back to their old labels after two short months. Their redesigned Tropicana Pure Premium line, took a plunge of 20% between January 1 and February 22. Watch a short video of the CEO of the advertisement agency in charge of the Tropicana redesign make an attempt to explain the situation by clicking here.

Will Seattle’s Best Coffee have better luck with their logo redesign than Tropicana?

Personally, the only thing that I like is the fact that it is Buckeye colors!

Mother’s Day

With continuation of my Google Doodle fascination, I want to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day!

I was surprised to find out that Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States, with more than six out of ten Americans celebrating the special day dining out. My family spends Mom’s Day in a different way, with the males taking care of the cooking and cleaning as our family gathers at my grandparents house. It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember, and it is always funny to see my grandmother sitting on the couch “relaxing”, when you know it is driving her crazy not being in the kitchen!

So if it slipped your mind, take a moment to give that special lady in your life a call. After all, nine months of suffering, countless hours of worrying,  and more years than most of us would like to count, were spent grooming you into the fine young professional that you are today.

Mom, I know you are reading this- so thank you. I would not be where I am today without the countless sacrifices you made in your life. I appreciate everything you have done for me and everything you continue to do. Happy Mother’s Day!

Fisher 5K

The Fisher 5K was a nice stroll around campus and featured great weather and a visit from Brutus!  I was also excited to see EAS handing out free samples of Myoplex® Strength after the finish of the race.  Other delicious treats, like Panera bagels, were also provided.

According to the Fisher 5K Web site, 730 individuals registered for the 2010 Fisher 5K, which was up 20% from 2009 and 556 individuals finished the race, which was up 45% from 2009.  Even some of Fisher’s professors finished the race strong; check out Dr. Gray in the top 20!   He finished 17th with a time of 19:39! Dr. Gray’s name is called out because he challenged the class and wanted to see if anyone could keep up. Well, I am sorry to say that I finished a few minutes behind, at #83, with a time of 22:58.

The Fisher 5K supports the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus and raised over $21,000 last year. The numbers for the current year are yet to be posted, but keep an eye on the Web site if you would like to see how much they raised!

Earth Day!

If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I am a big fan of the Google Doodles.

Today is Earth Day, and clicking on the Google picture will provide the results of the Google search for Earth Day. If you are interested in Earth Day and the events that take place, check out www.earthday.org for more information.

This also provides the opportunity to discuss recycling at Fisher. All of the Fisher buildings have recycling compartments and special recycling cans. Please make sure to take advantage of these recycling opportunities and make a concerted effort to not throw garbage in the containers that are for specific items.

For information on The Ohio State University and the recycling efforts that occur on and around campus, please visit http://fod.osu.edu/recycling/. According to the OSU recycling Web site, “any recyclable item – including newspapers, printed and writing paper, glass bottles and jars, #1 & #2 plastic bottles, and all cans – may be placed in ANY recycling container on campus.”

Earth Day

NBA Playoffs!

I really enjoy the NBA playoffs. I remember growing up and watching the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. He was my favorite player, the best player in NBA history, AND he endorsed McDonald’s! There was a time when I rooted for the Bulls, and when they beat the Cavaliers, it was a good thing. After Michael retired and LeBron James joined the league, I have been enjoying Cleveland basketball. Fast forward to today- LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers have started their journey to the NBA Finals, with their first road block being the Chicago Bulls. LeBron has been carrying the Cavs the past few years, but the supporting cast should prove to be the key to finally bringing a Championship to Cleveland.

Only one problem- some of the games happen to fall on Tuesday or Thursday. This is part of the sacrifice of the Working Professional MBA program- you might miss out on history. With technology these days, you can watch the game on your laptop during class, or follow the entire game on your iPhone; however, you come to class to learn! So, as much as I love sports, I will have to watch LeBron’s highlights on SportsCenter and realize that the future value of my Finance class far outweighs the present value of watching a basketball game live. I’ll tell you this though, if the Cavs are in the NBA Finals and Game 7 is on a Tuesday or Thursday- I might have to take a bathroom break and check the score.