Nearing The Finish Line

It seems like just yesterday that I was signing the plaque that adorns the walls of Gerlach’s second floor. My journey to obtain my MBA was going to be grueling, with working forty hours, on top of going to class a few nights per week. But now that I am in my last quarter, I look back and realize it went a lot faster than expected. The relationships and the experiences I was able to gain through the program have been unparalleled. I look forward to the next five weeks and graduating from Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University with my Master’s!

Beat M!ch!g@n Week!

In Columbus, Ohio, football is a way of life. We live football, we breathe football, and we cherish every Saturday like it is a gift from above. No week is bigger than the one leading up to The Game.

Ohio State has a university sponsored Web site devoted to beating the Team Up North. They have a Web site devoted to the history of the two teams. There are special “gold pants” pendants given out to the Buckeye players for a win. In the year 2000, it was rated by ESPN as the greatest rivalry of all sports.

The Game has decided the Big Ten Conference championship on 22 occasions, and has affected the conference title an additional 25 times. This year, it’s the same story. The Ohio State Buckeyes come into The Game with a three-way tie for an unprecedented sixth-straight Big Ten title and could be in line for a record sixth-straight BCS Bowl game.

What does this have to do with Fisher College of Business? During the past quarter I have taken a class called “Business in College Sports” that is taught in Gerlach Hall. The class focuses on the business aspects of collegiate sports, especially those at The Ohio State University.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and an entire wall was dedicated to “The Game”.

Potential revenue hangs in the balance when it comes to 5-star recruits. Our current quarterback thought about going North, but decided to play in Columbus instead. The People, The Tradition, The Excellence. The Ohio State University. Go Buckeyes!

WPMBA Executive Council Web Site & Halloween

Have you ever been to

It is a Web site brought to you by your Working Professional MBA Executive council and discusses upcoming WPMBA events and features highlights of past events. It also showcases fellow students in the “Student Spotlight”.

Important events coming up: Friday, October 29th 8pm-12am

Halloween Party at Callahan’s – If you didn’t sign up to go, you can still buy a ticket at the door for $30.00.

Party Details:
Who:  Fisher Graduate Students and their Guests
What: Halloween Costume Party with fellow students 
Where:  Callahan’s Bar & Grill (Upstairs dance area and patio reserved for Fisher)
Address – 520 Park St
Columbus, OH 43215-2224
(614) 223-1200

If you show up to the party, you just might be featured on the WPMBA Web site! Check back next week to find out if you made the cut. Best costume might just get a feature spot!

Pumpkin Carving & Circleville Pumpkin Show

October is a time of leaves changing and scary movies, but it also provides the opportunity to express your artistic side on a pumpkin. It’s no Ohio Stadium, like I said I would step up and attempt after my dismal performance last year, but then again, I have yet to carve a real pumpkin (the one in the picture below is a Styrofoam one), so it is still a possibility.

Speaking of pumpkins, The Circleville Pumpkin Show is a four day event that celebrates everything pumpkin. The show kicks off this Tuesday night, but the actual show starts on Wednesday. The schedule of events can be found here. Special note: TBDBITL is part of the Parade of Bands that occurs from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM on Thursday.

The Great Pumpkin weigh-in starts at 9:15 AM on Wednesday morning and I came across a very informative article from the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science of The Ohio State University explaining how to grow your own giant pumpkin– maybe next year I might give it a try and sign up for the competition!

WPMBA Tailgate

The Working Professional MBA Council hosted a co-sponsored tailgate with the Full-Time MBA program for the football game against Indiana this past weekend. It was a beautiful day and Fisher Commons was an excellent host for the event. As the council president, I was put in charge of the grilling and after 80 hot dogs, 50 hamburgers, 25 brats, and 15 turkey burgers, it was time to head to the football game.

We also attempted a cornhole tournament, but ran out of time! We may hold a separate cornhole tournament in the future for those of you that were signed up to play and didn’t get the opportunity.

We had a great turnout from both full-time and part-time programs, along with alumni from Fisher College of Business. We are looking to make this an annual event that will help networking between the two MBA programs, so be on the lookout next year for this event!

Front Row of Ohio Stadium

Being at The Ohio State University has its privileges. A great education, top-tier professors, and an alumni network around the globe. Then there is Ohio State football. Tickets to the game are discounted for students, and given the fact that I went to Ohio State for undergrad, and I’m still here, I ended up with some great seats.

I never had the opportunity to experience front row seats before, so when I showed up to the game and realized I was sitting front row, I was very excited. The game featured The Buckeyes vs. The Bobcats, OU vs. OSU, or The Battle of Ohio. Anyway you spin it, the game featured the #2 team in the nation, so excitement was bound to happen.

Check out the video below to see what happened when I spotted Brutus!

[youtube FU1A9tu3CX8]

First Annual Fisher W(semi)P MBA Golf Scramble

Saturday marked the First Annual Fisher W(semi)P MBA Golf Scramble. We had beautiful weather and a great turn out! Thanks to Walt Lewis and Tim Linn for putting the event together.

A big thank you goes out to Mental Memorial Golf Course for hosting the event. Prizes were given out to Longest Drive, Longest Putt, and First and Last Place teams. Check out our team photo. It was Matt McFaddens first time out, so a round of applause for him, Chris Sloey kept us in the fairway most of the day, and Brian Phillips kept it massive, which is all we really ask for out of him. As for me, I had a great time, although I’m not sure how this picture happened, but it looks funny, so it is a keeper.

Working Professional MBA Council Survey

We will be passing out the following survey in class the next two days and we are very interested in hearing the opinions of the the Working Professional MBA students. If you are not in one of the core classes: MBA 800, MBA 820, MBA 860- please take a moment to copy this into an email and send it my way– I will make sure your voice is heard.


WPMBA Council Survey – Summer 2010

1.) Please list suggestions for future events that you would enjoy attending. If you have attended a previous event, what did you enjoy the most?

2.) What subject matter would you like to hear a speaker discuss next quarter?

3.) What days of the week are you available to attend events this FALL? (circle all that apply)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

4.) Are you interested in ordering dinner for the break between classes?   Circle One: Yes No

Circle the options would you prefer (Circle No More than TWO):       Jimmy Johns     Papa Johns        Subway        Raising Cane’s

Other: ________________________________

5.) Write any additional comments here:

My Apologies…

My apologies for taking a few weeks between blogs. I’ve had a few speed bumps including:

1. Hard drive crash: Have you ever heard of the blue screen of death for a PC? Well, apparently the question mark folder is the equivalent for the Mac. I’ve had my Macbook for over four years now and it has been great to me, but of course it is out of warranty now and the cost of fixing is not worth it. I have created a work-around using an external hard drive, but this makes the computer more of a desktop than a laptop, so it is still not the ideal situation.

2. Moving: I moved to The Quarry on June 8 and it has been a challenge to get things set up and make the place feel like home. Add to this the fact that my cable company managed to give me a modem with no power cord. This meant no Internet for over a week. Without a working laptop, it makes it a little difficult.

3. Classes: Well it’s more like class. This quarter, the professors decided to break the classes into two- five week terms. That means focusing in on one class as opposed to trying to study for two classes at once. I love the idea, but it makes for a TON of reading for one class. Sometimes it is nice to break up the studying for one class with a little studying for the other.

Anyway, I’m excited to be blogging again and I will try to make up for my lost time by blogging a few additional times in the upcoming weeks.  Enjoy!

WPMBA Cookie Break

The Working Professional MBA Executive Council started an event last year that was hosted between the 6 PM and 8 PM classes. It has been said that this event makes that big blue furry guy from Sesame Street jealous. Yes, that’s right folks, C is for Cookie.

The idea behind the event was to provide motivation to get up out of your seat and converse with the rest of the WPMBA students during the break between classes.  Some call it networking, others call it empty calories, but most would agree- it is delicious.  Combine these scrumptious cookies with thirst-quenching Coca-Cola beverages, and you have just what you need to fuel you through that 8 PM class. After all, no one wants to fall asleep and miss the proper way to debit your contra-assets or even worse- have a closure conversation.

If you attended the event, did you enjoy the cookies and beverages? Did you meet anyone new? The Executive Council is currently accepting suggestions for future events. Please comment on this post or contact me directly with any comments from this past event or ideas that you might have for a future one at  Shawn’s Email.