Officially Almost Complete

Well, now that I finally have Internet back, I figured I would get a good post in before things got really busy this weekend. Since my last post, I have moved, started a new job and this Saturday will be my last day at my job of 3 1/2 years. Sad face. But, as with everything else, all good things must come to an end.

So, my first day at GE – well, my first two days. They were fairly uneventful. I did a lot of safety training – A LOT! The other CO-OP, Rana, took me on a tour of the plant. She said it was like the blind leading the blind because she had only been there a week. It was really interesting, though. I’ve never been in an industry setting, much less a union setting. There is definitely a very unique culture. The vast majority of employees have been working there for 30 years or so, and then a small percentage were hired within the last two years. It’s just a very different vibe from the two sets of employees. On Tuesday, I got to see the production of black lights. Apparently GE only produces them once a year, and I was lucky enough to be there. It’s really awesome. I’ll try and take some pictures, but I’m not sure that would fly, because of proprietary information, etc, but I’ll see what I can do. For now, I do have a picture of my 50 minute drive to Bucyrus on my first day. It’s a nice drive, and very scenic, but very long.

My drive to work - country roads, take me home...

I know, not safe to take pictures while driving, but at least I stopped. I figured there was no one coming either direction so it was ok.

Next week should be more exciting. I’ll get into the training of how to set up job postings and manage them, and schedule people for interviews and do phone interviews, etc.

I also moved into my new apartment over the weekend. Again, more pictures to come, but I do have pictures of my new bed and dresser. 🙂 It’s a great apartment. Internet was installed yesterday, I finally have my mailbox keys, and even though we’re next to a train track, it’s very quiet. We can’t even hear the next door dog barking all of the time. I feel like he barks at his shadow. Oh well. Once we have more stuff unpacked, I’ll take pictures and post them.

In wedding world, my bachelorette party is this weekend, on Sunday. Should be fun. My sister is planning it. It’s weird to think my wedding is >>9!!!!<< days away! That’s crazy. Mostly everything is done, just small stuff now. We met with the DJ and our caterer to confirm everything, the honeymoon hotel is confirmed, and we should be set. Now we just have to make a list of everything we need to remember for the honeymoon so that we don’t forget something important…like a camera.

Tonight is our MHR 854 final. Thank goodness. I’m worn out due to having to remember everything at once, and it will be so much better to be able to be done with this school year. So far the grades that have come in are looking pretty good – no final grades yet, but an A- on the 854 project, a B+ on the 856 final, and who knows about 865. I’ll just be glad to be done with this quarter. It’s been rough.

For now, I’m off to study and get lunch. A shout out to Rob Chabot, the fearless leader of the My Fisher Grad Life Bloggers. He sent me a really nice email, and I am officially signed up to continue blogging through the summer and next school year. So, be on the lookout for more shenanigans being broadcast to the world.

Congratulations to everyone who is graduating this weekend. Be safe on senior crawl tonight!


Unexpected Surprises

I logged into Facebook this morning, just like any other morning. And as I was perusing through my typical “stalker” routine, I noticed that the Fisher MLHR page had a link advertising the MLHR students’ blogs! After my initial excitement that we were being publicized, I clicked on the link and noticed my latest blog was the first to pop up. And not only that, but I had TWO comments! That’s pretty exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had comments before, but most of the time, it’s only one comment per blog, and typically happens about a month after I write. These comments were within 27 hours of my blog being posted. That’s pretty awesome. A shoutout to Urmi and Amelia for writing such wonderful notes.

Last night marked the completion of our Compensation course. Thank goodness. I’m pretty sure if I had put one more hour into my studying I could have done better, but I’ve done really well in all of my projects and exams in that class so far, so I could stand to have a few points deducted. At least my slacking wasn’t due to doing unimportant stuff. Working two jobs, packing for the big move and finishing everything for the wedding is taking a toll on my time allotment. But the countdown continues to the end of my first year in graduate school. All that I have left are 1 class, 2 papers due (one is done, minus final edits, the other is 3/4 of the way done) and one final. I still have to email some poor professor and sucker them into being my internship advisor. I may wait for that requirement for Winter quarter because my boss at GE said that it will probably carry through into the fall. And, I already have enough courses on my plate for the fall.

So, straw vote. With my internship and graduate assistantship, there’s no way I can take both electives I’ve signed up for. I already have one of my elective credits, so I only need one more in the fall. I need help deciding which one to drop.

The first, MHR 869: Strategic Management of Human Assets.

  • Description – Acquaint students with theory and research regarding teamwork and leadership, and apply concepts to enhance understanding/build skills in team leadership, membership, change and follower-ship.
  • Positives – really goes along with what I want to do later in life (convince people the company really does care about them, train and develop them, and hire the right people for the job); the professor is apparently really awesome; I had to beg and plead my way into the class; no exams, just papers and projects; It’s on the same days as my 2 night classes, so I would only have to drive into campus twice a week.
  • Negatives – Well, it’s two days a week, in the early middle of the day, so I wouldn’t be able to work as much, or my work at MSE would be really choppy.

The second, MHR 870: The Business of College Sports.

  • Description – Course provides business analysis of intercollegiate athletics, including an in depth look at OSU athletic program; develop understanding or college sports administration, educational, business missions.
  • Positives – It’s with Gene Smith! The OSU Athletics Director!; It’s at 8:00 in the morning, so I could work all day, without interruption; no exams, just a paper or two and a project; all of the people who have taken it say it’s a lot of fun, really relaxed and you learn a lot; Jaimie’s in the class; Gene Smith teaches it!
  • Negatives – It’s at 8:00 in the morning and I live 20 minutes away; It’s on opposite days as my night classes; It doesn’t really have that much to do with what I want to do in life.

So…do I take the class that’s bound to be more fun, and I’ll learn a lot of unrelated knowledge from? Or do I take the class which is probably more applicable to my future, but will be a lot more work in an already shaping out to be very busy quarter? Help!

Happy Thursday to you all, and for all of the business students, Happy Weekend, because we don’t have classes on Fridays! Good luck studying for finals!

So Close, and Yet, So Far

As a side note, my fiance tells me I have “random song association disorder”. Basically, I randomly think of songs at the most random times that somehow seem to fit perfectly into whatever situation I’m in. When I was typing the title of this post, the song “So Far Away” by Carol King. So anyway, if you know the song, I think you might agree it somewhat fits.

So this week, for all intensive purposes, is finals week. Tonight is our staffing final, tomorrow is our compensation final, and our FastCat paper is also due tomorrow. Thursday we, thankfully, do not have a quiz in MHR 854 because our papers are due. And next week, during finals week, we only have a paper due on Tuesday and our MHR 854 final on Thursday. If I can make it through tomorrow night, I’ll be smooth sailing into the weekend. My part is done on all of my papers, minus 2 1/2 or so pages for our staffing paper, which is the one due next week. Shouldn’t be too bad. I’m glad the majority of finals and papers are this week because I’m moving on Sunday! The scary part isn’t the moving part, it’s the fact that this is the new place with my fiance – which means the wedding is right around the corner! At this time, in 18 days, I will be all dressed up, getting ready to be married. Such a weird thought and feeling.

On Monday, June 7, I start my internship with General Electric. I’m really excited. It seems like it will be a great fit. when they phone interviewed me, they asked me why I decided to be in HR. It’s taken a while to really figure out what I want to do, but I told them that I’m really interested in training and development and a little bit of recruiting and staffing. I really want to be able to help an organization find individuals who are a good fit for the company and also making sure that the company is a good fit for the individual. And, along the way, I want to develop training programs to continue to build the skill sets of employees. After my explanation of what I wanted to do, Dan, the HR manager told me that what I described is exactly what the intern would be doing. That really excited me – to find an internship which would allow me to do what I think I want to do for a career and help me decide if it truly is my career path. And another perk is that I told them I would only be able to work 25 hours or so with my Graduate Assistantship, and they were fine with it. It just seems like the perfect job. I’ll be sure to update everyone on my first day and how things go throughout the summer.

For now, it’s time to work and attempt to get some studying done along the way. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and that you spent it remembering those who gave their lives to make sure that we have the freedoms we do. Also, read this post by my classmate Mandy Molter. It’s good to show support to our troops, and also those who are civilians who are working overseas to help other countries build their resources so that they can be self-sustaining.

Counting Down

Well, the school year is almost finished. I almost feel like I’m in high school or even elementary anxiously anticipating the summer so that I would be done with school and also to have a blast during the summer. This summer looks to be a lot of fun, possibly stressful along the way, but enjoyable none-the-less.

There are 5 actual class days left. Two of them are finals, then there’s a final during finals week. It’s hard to believe. It’s been such a stressful quarter, and I can’t wait until it’s over.

Here’s a brief picture at what my summer looks like:

  • Continue working at CMS
  • Continue working at MSE for my GAA
  • Start working at GE! (Official internship announcement!)
  • Get married
  • Go on honeymoon
  • Go to Denver to see Benjamin present at a national conference
  • Go to 4-H camp as a dean
  • Relax at the State Fair instead of having to work the whole time
  • Visit the Hartford Fair
  • Drive to Washington D.C. to see the Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond
  • See Wicked for the 3rd time

All in 2 1/2 months, and then school starts again. Geez.

Tonight is my group’s presentation for our compensation class. I’m looking forward to it being completed. I just need to write my portion of the paper which is due next week. And, I also have to write my portion of the paper for 854, which is also due next week. It’s my project for tonight during presentations and also tomorrow before class. I’ll be hard pressed for time this weekend because on Saturday we’re having an assembly day for all of the favors, centerpieces, etc for the wedding. Sunday is Benjamin’s sister’s senior recital.

For now, time to continue working. Hope everyone has a great day out in the sun. Don’t overheat.

Oh, and our engagement pictures were finally posted online. Here’s one of my favorites so far. More to come!

Oh yeah...mad monkey bar skills!

Well, Well, What do we have here?

I think what we have are the following:

  • Gerlach having the fire department called on it for the 3rd time in 2 weeks
  • The rooms, which are sometimes freezing, are now sometimes “roasting”
  • Being finished!! with my IMS project
  • About finished with one other project
  • Almost half finished with my other two projects
  • My wedding being officially less than one month away!
  • Found an internship! (more details to come once all of the offer paperwork is completed)
  • Completely forgot about my bridal shower, and then remembered it all later
  • Moving in 16 days

This quarter seems to be in a major hurry to end, and I’m not ready for that yet. Good news is that my IMS project is finished, presentation given, and I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I should go ahead and start working on the presentation for our Compensation project, but I just haven’t had time yet. I’ve been way too busy with everything else. But at least 2 of my group projects are past the “having to meet every week” phase and we can pretty much work on stuff on our own. The Compensation project, however, that may be the death of us all. Good job to everyone who presented last night.

So, my goal for this month was to be in the top 5 of the top content report. I think this is a lost goal. A lot of my fellow bloggers seem to be on hiatus, and since only a few of us are consistently blogging, it’s not a fair competition. But, I have been advertising my blog to all of my classmates. Shout out to Jenn Cargile who has the top “comment” posts for my blogs.

It’s still hard to believe that it’s the end of week 8. Time just flies when you’re having fun. Or, in my case, when you’re really, really busy. Today is the first day I don’t have a meeting, or a conference call. I can finally use my lunch hour to get errands done that I need done for myself. Yay for that. Well, have a great day!

Two Weddings and A Formal

What a weekend. I’m sure I would have updated sometime before now, if I hadn’t been in a car all weekend. Since Friday, I have dressed up 3 times, was almost claustrophobic at the Fisher Formal, went to two weddings in two different states, and both of the brides names are Megan (the grooms had different names, Kyle and Chris – so still a “kuh” sound, but that would be too strange if they had the same name), and now I’m finishing up my IMS project from forever ago that practically got put on the back burner with everything else going on.

I promise to post pictures from the formal and the weddings, but there’s just too much to do right now. This week should be more relaxed than the last several have been. I only have one, maybe two group meetings, the rest is just writing papers and finishing the projects. Nothing too terrible.

Since school is relaxed right now, I’ll give a brief update on the wedding. My dress has arrived! I tried it on last Friday, I go for alterations this Friday, and it shouldn’t be too bad, really, just hemming and letting out the lining/slip thing on my hips. So, not too bad at all. Tomorrow, my mom and I go to our final cake consultation. I’m excited. It’ll be one more thing we can check off the list. About two weeks ago, we went to look at the reception hall to check up on the renovations they had during the winter, and it’s a good thing we went, because we found out the tables hold 8, not 10, so we had to buy more centerpieces. It’s good that we found out now, instead of two weeks before the wedding. Speaking of, t-minus 33 days. Isn’t that CRAZY!?!?! For all of you who are married, I’m sure you remember the month leading up to the wedding and feeling like you were freaking out. If you have any advice for me on how to calm the nerves, that would be amazing.

For now. I’m going to finish getting stuff ready for dinner tonight, finish my project, and head off to campus. Happy Monday!

Unusual Occurrences

Well, last night I was sitting in MHR 856 – Staffing, as I do every Tuesday night, and all of a sudden the fire alarm started going off. Now, for those of you who remember back to elementary school, fire alarms usually happened in the dead of winter when it was -25 degrees and you had to stand outside for 30 minutes or so while they “made sure the fire was out.” And for those of you who went to Ohio State (I’m sure it happened at other schools, I just only know about OSU) when you live in the dorms, within the first week of classes had a random fire drill in the dorms. These fire alarms were normally around 10:00 at night, or very early in the morning. Also, since it was a “fire” you weren’t able to take the elevator, so trotting down 20 flights of stairs and then back up again once the “fire was out” made for a seemingly disruptive hour or so. But this fire alarm was not the usual annoyance that most are – no, it allowed me to get out of class an hour early and go home and enjoy a nice dinner with my fiance. I’m sure Dr. Klein disagrees with me on the fact that it was a glorious event, but oh well. It gave me a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep.

So, for everyone’s enjoyment, I have included a picture from last night. Of course I wish no ill harm on any part of Fisher, especially our beloved Gerlach Hall, but it was a fun and memorable event – as fun as that sort of thing can get, I guess.

All of the commotion outside Gerlach.

I’m sure tonight’s class will be much less eventful, but it’s ok. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head

Well, despite the beauty of yesterday’s weather, today leaves a lot to be desired. I know rain is important, but I wish it would rain when I didn’t have to walk around outside and have conveniently left my umbrella at my parents’ house. Lucky me.

Anyway – this week was packed full of fun and exciting things. First off, my fiance graduated from Michigan State this weekend! Congratulations to him! He’s now officially back in Columbus. Yesterday he started working for Animal Sciences and he’s now a Buckeye! BuckID and all!

Yesterday I started my GAA position with Materials Science and Engineering. They took me on a tour of all of the different labs within the three buildings which house MSE. It was pretty awesome. Apparently there was a fire in the Foundry a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, like me before yesterday, a Foundry is where molds are made and liquid metal is poured into the molds to make pieces and parts. I think this position will be a lot of fun. Definitely a learning experience, but fun nonetheless. It will also be a chance for me to come out of my shell a little bit. One random part of yesterday is one of the guys who is a student worker in the department is a friend of mine from when I worked with the Marching and Athletic Bands. I haven’t seen Shawn in a while, so it was good to see him and know that I’ll be working with him a little bit with my GAA.

Group projects seem to be overwhelming my life right now – that and my project for IMS, which I still have to put the finishing touches on. I need about 4 more hours in the day to get everything done. Our compensation project is delayed because all of us are so busy. But the good thing is that we got a lot done in our last meeting, more than most groups have done, so we’re a little bit ahead of the game at this point.

Oh! And great news! After studying for about 20 hours leading up to my 854 exam (it was a midterm, not final like I said in my last blog) with only a 6 hour break for sleep in the middle, I managed to pull off a 95%! My only regrets were that extra credit was only finding the equilibrium in a monopoly and a perfect competition. I wish it would have asked us to find the profit difference between the two. After all, I did study that a lot with the expectation that we would have to do some math. Oh well.

For now, I hope every stays out of the rain, and if you can’t, hopefully you have an umbrella. Happy Tuesday!

I Saw Elephants Rolling Down the Road!

No Joke! Ok, well maybe they weren’t real elephants, but they were elephants to me! So when you move into the dorm, there are these people, OWLs, who help you move in. OWLs are Ohio state Welcome Leaders. And, to get all of your stuff up to your new room, there are these large wooden boxes on wheels with doors called elephants. My freshman and sophomore years, I was an OWL (you get to move in early for free, don’t judge) and became very well acquainted with said elephants. The looming question I’ve had for years is where do they keep the elephants! Seriously — there are 40 some dorms, and each one had close to 50 elephants, and these things are huge! Where do they keep them? I should really ask my Aunt Christy. She’s the assistant director of housing, but that would be too easy. Anyway, this morning, I was driving to work and I saw an OSU box truck with elephants in the back of it. If not for the fact that it was turning the opposite way of my work and I was already late, I would have followed it to see where they’re stored. Oh well, another time.

I suppose that has nothing to do with OSU or Fisher, so I’ll get back to business. Today is our econ final. Be impressed. I went from being majorly confused to understanding most of it! I still have some more studying to do, but it’s just from last week’s class and it’s math formulas which come pretty easily to me. Hopefully it stays that way for tonight’s exam. The worst part of it all has been figuring out when to move along a curve and when to shift a curve. But I’m fairly convinced I have it figured out – movement along a curve is due to a change in price which affects the quantity supplied or demanded; a shift of the curve comes from a change in the demand or supply, more suppliers entering the market, etc. Hopefully that’s all right. Thank goodness for online resources – not that the book is written poorly, but because it’s a custom textbook and a collaboration of 3, you there’s no index in the back and not all of the chapter have key terms, so you never really know where to look to find something.

I finally scheduled for classes. Word to the wise – make sure you have no holds on your account BEFORE you try to schedule. I went to schedule the other night and to my surprise, I had a hold on my account due to someone’s error other than mine. After 3 hours of waiting to talk to someone, the hold was lifted! I’m excited about the fall. I’m taking 2 electives in addition to the 2 required courses: MHR 870 – The Business of College Sports with Mr. Gene Smith himself, and MHR 869 – Strategic Management of Human Assets. I might drop one of the two, but for now, I’m going to try and stick with it. Both look to be very interesting, and 869 has no exams, just papers and a presentation, which I’m good at.

At Summit Vision, I was talking about my blog to some of my classmates, and they mentioned that I should be the Perez Hilton of the MLHR program. As much as I love gossip and knowing what’s going on, I think I’ll steer clear of that one. But a shout out to Jim for the idea. I’m finding that lately my blogs have become very lengthy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad for the readership, but I’ll end this one here. Have a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!

What do you say to Taking Chances?

Oh, this weekend…It was a blast in many, many different ways. Friday was Summit Vision, and as promised, pictures are below. Immediately after getting back to campus, I left for Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Yes, I’m one of those. Sunday was a chance to relax and then start studying for our 854 exam.

Summit Vision was fun. We were split up into 4 groups of 7 or so students each. My group started off with the highest challenge of the day – the zip line. That platform is at least 40 feet in the air. For a person who’s afraid of heights, aka me, this was a very nerve-wracking way to start the day. The worst part wasn’t climbing up the pole to the top with staples for the thing to climb on, no…the worst part was going second to last and every time someone jumped off the entire platform shook horribly. That was awful. My heart is racing just a little bit just thinking about it. Our next challenge was the Integrity walk. Each of us had a 2 foot long section of a 4″x4″. We had to walk only on these boards a distance of about thirty feet. If a board wasn’t being touched by at least one person at all times, we lost the board. A lesson we learned very early on. Woops… But, after invading everyone’s personal space, we made it the distance, and Jacob, our leader said it was the best he’s seen. No one fell off, we didn’t have to start over, so kudos to us! Our third challenge was recreating a picture which had a bunch of 2″x2″ boards connected together, to make a geometric shape, in under 40 seconds. This was challenging. I’m pretty sure the most frustrating, too. But after much deliberation, we managed to go from over 5 minutes to 27 seconds! Patient Persistence! <— See Dr. Mangum, I did learn something! Our final challenge was the giant swing. It wasn’t as high as the zip line, but just as scary. Instead of scooting off the platform, you have to just step off to the side. Instead of the other analogy I was going to use, I’ll just compare it to stepping off the side of a pool into the water – except 30 feet in the air. It was a lot of fun though. Check out my facebook profile picture if you’re interested.

And then the Vera Bradley Sale…6:30 in the morning is too early to stand in line for 2 hours in the rain. But, we found some amazing deals. Karen, my friend I grew up with, and I went dumpster diving into these bins which were the ‘rejects’ from the people checking out, and ended up finding everything our moms wanted. That was successful. We bartered with a woman for about 20 minutes to snag some super totes from her. She had at least thirty – I think it was ok that she gave up 3. Insane. Pictures are below of the lines to get in, people as they came out then the line we had to stand in to check out. It was crazier than Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving.

The final adventure of the weekend was making the window swags for my church. They turned out beautifully! I’m so happy with them.

So – lesson for the weekend – take chances. You’ll probably never again have the opportunity to do what you could do at this moment. Throw a little bit of caution to the wind and allow yourself to grow! Enjoy the pictures, and I hope your Monday isn’t too manic!