Food continue… but not exactly food

Just complained about the busy schedule of an ordinary MBA student’s life… but I have to say that is not the whole story. In fact,  MBA includes not only busy schedule but also relaxing hours, not only tons of “painful” assignments but also numerous enjoyable moments.   And I will share one of such moments as following.

Just before the group discussion this Thursday,  some of my group members introduced a simple but delicious place to eat… When hearing the topic about “food”, I was eager to try (as always:))… Actually they talked about the “Junior’s Tacos” but the only thing I remember is that they sell the Tacos at the truck. Without any surprise, since my poor memory that could not remember the name of the food , I said “where to try the truck food” (obviously not a good expression to describe the food, especially when you taste it).  Anyway, we drove to the place and tried the different types of the food. What I bought is kinda “Tortos” (spanish word for sandwich I guess?) and with the help of one group member who is majoring in Spanish, I made the order of beef sandwich… And it turned out to be really really really DELICIOUS~  Moreover, I learned some interesting spanish words~~

Also some thoughts for international students, do not hesitate to try different things, especially out of your comfort zone… Food is like that, other things are the same. You will find much more surprise waiting for you on two years’ MBA study ahead~

Pics for Junior’s Tacos: (courtesy of

Juniors taco plate

Juniors menus

Try to get on board

2 weeks passed before I even noticed…

A sample schedule of Monday:

7:10 A.M  Get up, Take a  bath,  make  a coffee ;

7:50 A.M  Try to catch the shuttle bus; before that, make sure there is no activity requiring business professional attire;

8:15 A.M  Get to Fisher College and prepare for the classes;

12:18 P.M   Classes end;

12:30-1:18 P.M   Attending international culture presentation by Prof. Ankerman;

1:30- 3:30 P.M  Prepare for the group discussion materials

3:30-5:00 P.M Attending Fisher Professional Service group meeting

5:30-7:00 P.M. Group discussion on financial accounting project

7:10 P.M  Catch bus back home

7: 40 P.M  Home and prepare dinner tonight

8:30 – 11:30 P.M  Classes preparation for tomorrow

11:5o P.M Received phone call from classmates;

12:30 P.M Time to sleep

So one key issue of MBA study is, how to manage my time wisely? I have to understand how and when to trade-off and balance…   One solution, therefore, is to think as early as possible what I want to do in future , a consultant? a finance manager, a marketeer or an entrepreneur? And figure out a priority list for various activities (lessons, lectures, discussions, etc…) accordingly.  Only in this way that I could allocate limited time to the most valuable resources here in fisher, and “get most out of the school”, as Karen Wruck, our Assoc. Dean pointed out at the time of orientation.  Be focused and well prepared, and really look forward to the rest of the exciting days here.

First week MBA + First month USA

Time flies by.  Here comes the first week of my MBA study, and the first month of staying in USA for the first time.  My life seems never ever to be so exciting, fulfilling, and interesting:

1)  New York New York! – I went to Big Apple to attend 1st Asia MBA conference, and explore many sites of interest like MET, UN headquarter, 5th Avenue and Central Park. More over, during the football time of OSU vs USC on Sept 12, we joined a gathering with hundreds of OSU alumni in a bar near Time Square to watch the game. We drank, cheered, sang, applauded  and shouted “Go Bucks” all the time.  This is a really great experience.

2) Case study and group meetings – Given my engineering background and education experience in China and Singapore, I have never been exposed to the case method and group study. In first sessions, case study is really a challenge for me — professor talked about Opera show, which I have never seen although heard of; my group buddies used slams or idioms like “beat  a dead horse” that I am not quite sure the exact meaning; and topics in the class changed so quickly that you must be focused 110 percent to catch up…  But, I like challenges because challenges mean the opportunities for self improvment.

3) Food: Food is always an attractive topic.  I spent several years in Singapore, where I can find all kinds of oriental foods like Japanese Sashimi, Korean grill, roti prata from India, and Southeast Asia-style spicy seafood. Here in Columbus I had chances to try western style foods — like genuine American food (other than Macdonald and KFC of course), and my favorite is “sweet corn” (they put butter and pepper on the corn which is truly delicious). Last night I went to “Buca di Beppo”– an Italian restaurant in Columbus where got wonderful pasta, and I am planning to go “Schmidts” for German food now!

My happy ending: my first week/month is over, but the long journey just started.  Overcome the obstacles, acquire what I really want are the goals of my two year B-school study~  and don’t forget — have fun!