As many of my fellow bloggers pointed out, another quarter has gone by very quickly. What that means is before we get to push away our pens and notes for a week (yeah! spring break!!!), we must survive one last week of classes and finals. With 1 group project/presentation, 3 group assignments, and around 35 student reports to grade, I was overwhelmed last Sunday night and experienced the first insomnia in my life.

While many people have pulled “all-niters” before and know what that’s like (I’ve done several of those in my undergrad days for “non-academic” reasons, LOL), not being able to sleep is completely different. Imagine closing your eyes and there are just tens and hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind about projects, deadlines, grades, etc. You can feel the back of your neck getting tense, then you jump up from your bed, breathing hard. You gaze at the clock and it’s been 2 hours since you tried to sleep and yet you’re still wide awake. These were precisely my experience late Sunday night / early Monday morning.

I repeated the above activities for about 3 times trying everything I can to fall asleep to no avail. Eventually the sky started turning blue and it was time for class. I somehow managed to go through the day (8am – 7pm) without falling on my face and fortunately I was able to sleep with the help of Nyquil in the subsequent nights that week.

There are two lessons learned from this experience: 1. Time Management – Plan your deadlines well and plan them early; 2) Stress Management – this ties back to time management, don’t build up pressures on yourself til the very last minute. Otherwise you’ve read about happened to me, ha!

Enjoy the spring break, everyone. To my fellow MAccers, we got one more quarter to go!!! woot!


Pizza Power Ranking

I don’t if it’s the weather, but lately I’ve been eating lots of pizza from various chains. I’m normally not a very picky guy when it comes to food, however, some of them are just downright awful. So give this post some thought the next time you’re ordering pizza.

The rankings are as follow:

  1. Papa Johns – they’ve been my #1 and looks like it’ll stay this way for quite some time. You can get The Works for $10.99 regularly. To me their overall taste is the best and you’ll see the comparison below.
  2. Donatos – their ingredients actually taste more fresh than those of Papa Johns, but for the same pizza, The Works for example, it cost 40 % more with the coupon (60% without) so good ol’ stingy me will stick with Papa
  3. Dominos – they’re doing okay with their new pizza supposedly from all those commercials. I’ve never had Dominos before so I couldn’t tell how much improvement it’s been. One thing I do know is that you can get Papa Johns for the same price! So yeah they need to go out their ways to impress me.
  4. Pizza Hut – don’t get tricked by their $10 any pizza deal! Not only did their pizza taste like it barely has anything on it, their crusts was so dry and rock hard I think I can plow snow with them! LOL

I have my eyes set on Tommy’s next. Do you know any good local restaurants?


Excel & VBA

This combination is bringing back memories. Though I’ve never programmed in Visual Basic during my IT years, the terminology and underlying thinking are very similar. We were really fortunate to have DJ from Abercrombie & Fitch presenting in our class this week to demonstrate how he brings accounting + excel + VBA into the fashion industry. It’s interesting to note that he was wearing all Abercrombie from what I could tell, so I wonder if that’s their “uniform”? (Sign me up!!!)

I have to admit though, I am getting rusty a little bit but seeing the code editor window sort of brings me a warm fuzzy feeling. Ten minutes into the presentation I felt like I was surrounded by some old friends: OOP (Object Oriented Programming), functions, procedures, methods, loops, variables, constants, etc, just to name a few. It’s really exciting to see how you can build something custom that does exactly what you want that excel couldn’t offer. And of course it’s always fun to hear speakers ripping on Office 2007 or just Microsoft in general. LOL

So, this is to let you future MAccers get a preview of what’s to come should you decide to take Professor Oglevee’s FIN849. Not only will you become an excel wizard by the time you’re done with this class, but perhaps also a VBA guru.



Winter Adventure Part 3

In this entry I have pictures of Fisher, Fisher Commons, and Fred Beekman Park all covered in snow… for those of us who haven’t been exposed to this much snow in the winter, this is what you can expect:






My solution to combat this real-life freezer? Big South-Pole Coat (Timberland, Columbia, etc will also work) that covers your legs, Water-Proof Boots and Gloves, Scarfs, a Hat… you get the idea. Wear multiple layers ( I recommend minimum 3) and stay warm!!!

Now to the bright side. This madness only lasted about a week or so… and the past week’s been in the mid 30s to low 40s. So if this Texan can handle it you can too!!!

Winter Adventure Part 2

Another new lesson, if you plan to go out at 9, it’s probably better to get dressed (like heavy skiing gears) at 8 and go get the car ready… I’m serious I have pics to prove! See below,

first thing on the list, get the engine started
first thing on the list, get the engine started
hard labor... LOL... good thing you can't see my legs shaking...
hard labor... LOL... good thing you can't see my legs shaking...
Our neighbor didn't go out for an entire week it seems...
Our neighbor didn't go out for an entire week it seems...

The trip to Giant Eagle took nearly 2 hours and we only spent about 30 min inside… the rest of time we were just cruising at 10MPH along with everyone else. So another lesson learned, stock up food if you want to avoid the road!

30 min is all it took to accumulate this much snow...
30 min is all it took to accumulate this much snow...
Oops, Tiff's boots got trapped in the snow... LOL
Oops, Tiff's boots got submerged in the snow... wish I had a shot of her face panicking... LOL

First Winter Challenge

So we got back in town on Wednesday to beat the new year weekend travel crowds in the airports. It turned out to be a pretty smart thing to do, as security only took 15 minutes and there was no delay in our flight at all. Temperature here back in Columbus was about mid 30s so we thought “okay, we can handle this”. Not a bad way to end the year and get ready for the new quarter, I said to myself.

Next thing I know, the weather turned 180 the very same night and it got colder and colder and colder, and even colder the next few days!!! The average of the past couple of days was in the high teens, with windchill in the single digit, but we had no choice. There was no food in the house and we gotta go get something to eat, buy groceries, etc etc.

So here’s our little adventure on Saturday and a really interesting/shocking/surprising/whatever discovery. We decided to finally go see Avatar at the nearby AMC, but before we could drive the car out of the parking lot, there came the first winter challenge: our car door locks were frozen!!! I managed to stick the car key in with limited movements through my big, thick, skiing gloves, and turned very slowly and gently. Yes!!! The door opened, but wait a minute, how come it wouldn’t close?

No matter what I do the door hinges thing just wouldn’t latch on and just bounced the door right back. After about 5 minutes of mindlessly trying to get the door to close, Tiff decided it was too cold and she jumped inside the car to start the engine and get the heater going. I decided to do the same and held the door shut with my left hand. Then we heard this “click” sound and that door finally agreed to stay closed on its own.

So that’s how we learned that the door was actually frozen and I guess I better be taking the bus to school this quarter because I simply can’t afford to battle with the car door and be late to my classes, not to mention going into Dan-O’s class late… eeek that’s not gonna be pretty… last but not least, the movie was awesome!!! Go watch it if you haven’t already.

Escaping the cold~

With school out of the way for the next 3 weeks, that means no 804 papers, no 846 quizzes, and 824 cases (sigh, I actually enjoy them). After getting a glimpse of the real Ohio winter last week where the average high was in the 20s, heading back down to the south seems like a great idea. Last time I checked, the 10-day forecast for Houston is somewhere between 50 and 70 degrees! I’ll take that any day in December, ha!

Another thing we’ll be looking forward to is all the food in Chinatown in Houston. Since I’ve lost about 15 lbs since the beginning of the MAcc program, I’ve decided to put back on at least 5 this winter break, so stay tuned for all the food pics.

Finally, I wanna wish everyone Happy Holidays and may you all get lots of presents and gifts. If you’re staying in town, stay warm, eat lots of food, and drink lots of beer~ It’s been a tough (but rewarding, of course) first quarter for everyone at Fisher, and we all deserve a break!!!

See you guys in 2 weeks!!!

Henry & Tiffany

That is one big basket alright…

This past weekend Tiffany and I drove a little further east toward Newark, OH. to check out the famous Longaberger building. Supposedly this is one of the 10 most unique buildings in the world according to Quazen

Once we got there, I can totally see why. Mannnnnnnnn that is one big basket.

Front View IMG_2147

The town itself is not very exciting to be honest. This company is right off Hwy 16 and that’s about the only thing you can see around you besides farms. Nevertheless, it was a nice day out and Tiffany really enjoyed the scene and I can totally use some time away from accounting. =p It’s also interesting to note that the baskets these guys make can range anywhere from $30 to $200+ (maybe not much of a Christmas gift idea but just in case you’re a basket person). They also offer basket-making(or weaving?) classes. You can find more information on the Longaberger website.

IMG_2131 IMG_2149

Winter Quarter Overloaded

Last Wednesday I was able to put together my class schedule for the winter quarter. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. AMIS 803 (5) – MW 830-1018
  2. AMIS 866 (1~4) – MW 1030-1218
  3. AMIS 822 (5) – MW 130-318
  4. AMIS 894.40 (2) T 1030-1218
  5. BUSFIN 849 (4) – T 130-430

At first glance I was thinking, woot no classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Then I realized if I add up the numbers in parenthesis, which represent the number of credits for the course, I’m looking at somewhere between 17 and 20 credit hours!!! Not only is this schedule suicidal, if you go to Buckeye Link and look up the professors teaching the classes, the combo of Arya + Dan-O will easily destroy me, not to mention the AMIS 211 lab that I have to lead.

So one of them has to go. I’m determined to take 803 and 849 (hmmm… didn’t I just say these two will probably make my life miserable? lol). I really do need more assurance and auditing so 822 will likely stay. Lastly, 894.40 (BPM) is sort of interesting after attending the presentation by the Google VP because I can relate my consulting days to the importance of having a COE (Center of Excellence). So my only choice is down to 866, which fortunately is also offered in spring.

So what do you guys think? Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Why is it that Fisher offers so many classes I want to take in the same quarter?  Now I’m kind of jealous at the MBAs… grrrr

BRIO Tuscan Grille

Lately I’ve been pigging out a lot and this weekend was no exception. We tried out a new Italian place this time called BRIO Tuscan Grille. This is a new one for Tiffany and I, since we don’t have BRIO in Texas. For starters, in addition to the bread, we got some Calamari Fritto Misto or simply fried calamari dripped in some really yummy mayonnaise (I’m guessing) sauce.

IMG_9196 IMG_9197

Then, for the main course, I had my eyes set on the Garganelli Carbonara the moment I opened the menu because I have really low resistance for white sauce mixed with bacon and extra cheese. However, Tiffany beat me to it and picked this one so I had to improvise. After requesting extra time twice with our waiter, I decided to settle for some Lasagna Bolognese Al Forno. And man this lasagna turned out to be a big food coma inducer.

IMG_9200 IMG_9201

We were kind of shocked when the waiter brought the entrees over. 1) They were gi-normous, and 2) they weigh like a ton. My lasagna weighed at least 20lbs and when I joked with the waiter why he didn’t say anything when we placed the order, he goes “well you look like you can eat a lot”. LOL. gee thanks~ Nevertheless, we initiated contact with the food and put up a fight. I threw in the towel with about 1/3 left and I was ready to take a nap at that point because of all the cheese and pasta. Tiffany couldn’t pull it off either so we had 2 to-go boxes with us on the way home. As for the rest of the day I was sort of half-asleep and half-awake and reading the FASB Codification certainly didn’t help. So I told my laptop to go hibernate and I grabbed a blanket and also made up some Zz’s that I missed in the past couple of weeks.

One last note, you can get gift cards for these restaurants at the union for $15. The gift cards are good for $25 so it’s quite a bargain. You can only get them once per quarter so go get them while they last!!!