A busy Session for MAcc Students

Time is flying! I can’t believe that half of a semester is already over. There were so many things that happened during September and the first half of October.

We finally had our Summit Vision during September. It was a half-day activity and was lots of fun. We were split into several groups and each group had one mentor. For our group, because of the time limitation, we only tried four games. However, each game was interesting and needed a lot of collaboration. More importantly, I got to know more about my fellows in MAcc program.Summit Vision

When it comes to the curriculum, it’s different from most of the classes from undergraduate; MAcc classes are all session-based. That means we have to do all the group projects, presentations and finals in seven weeks! How stressful that is! At first, I did feel huge pressure because of all the schoolwork. However, as time went by, I could work with the schedule and eventually, I found out that my efficiency was improved. Another big difference between the undergraduate classes and graduate classes is that we have more group work to do. Almost every class has to form a group and do assignments together. It’s not a bad idea because in the real world, we do have a lot of teamwork to do.

The biggest thing during September was the kick-off of recruiting season. We had several career fairs during the month. After the career fairs, interviews were scheduled (and everyone was so busy during that time).Career Fair

So, at first it was really hard to balance work and play, but I finally conquered all the difficulties. For people who want to attend the program, I just want to say it is really a perfect place for you to study, improve yourself and have fun! Now, back to my study time…


WOW! A Fun Orientation for MAcc program

Hello, everyone! I am so excited since this is the first blog I am going to post. So I am just going to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Ning Tang. I am currently in the MAcc program. I am an international student from China and I went to undergraduate school in Fisher.

Although MAcc is just a one-year program, faculty members really want us to learn a lot, enjoy our lives and find a job after graduation. The week before beginning of the new semester, MAcc already organized so many activities and networking events. We started the week by chatting with our classmates. Then, Deans, professors and advisors gave us welcome speeches and introduced the MAcc program. On day two and day three of the orientation, the program invited alumni, recruiters and even people from CPA review course to class and gave us speeches. We also had the Mix and Mingle during the orientation. Recruiters from the Big Four, local public accounting firms and other big firms came. We could ask any questions we had. So this event gave us a great opportunity to find out which job we really want to apply. Besides networking with recruiters, the tour to the Ohio Stadium was another exciting part of the event. Although I have been at OSU for four years. This was only the second time I had a tour in the stadium. The picture below really shows how great of a stadium it was. Stadium is full of people every football game. If you come to OSU, watching a football game should definitely on your to-do list and you won’t be disappointment after watching the game. The only imperfect thing we had during the orientation was because of weather, the activity in Summit Vision was cancelled.
32Ohio Stdium

As an international student, I had an extra event called “Career Foundation Seminar for International Students” to attend. The event was really useful for international students. It introduced the difficulties we would meet and invited international students who were in our shoes but now find a job to give us speeches. Through this event, I can see Fisher really cares about the international students.