Non-Accounting Background, Not a Problem-It’s all about Diversity

To start off, I want to back track a little and introduce myself. I was so excited to tell you all about the sites in the area in my first few posts, that I left out this little detail. My name is Sabah, and I received by undergraduate degree right here at Fisher with specializations in Finance, Risk Management and Insurance. So I must admit, I was slightly nervous coming into a Master of Accounting program having taken only a few basic accounting classes. But as time has passed, I have realized that I may have to work a little harder, but the material is very interesting, the professors are incredibly helpful, and the student body is very welcoming and friendly, so it hasn’t felt like I am missing much. In fact, chatting with the Director of MAcc Admissions and Recruiting, Rob Chabot, I learned that the Fisher College of Business prides itself on having a diverse MAcc class.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Here is some input from a few of my fellow classmates:

Yanchao Ma

Undergraduate Major: French, International Economics and Trade

First few weeks in the MAcc program: I definitely felt a little intimidated at the beginning of the MAcc program, worrying that I may not have as much accounting experience or knowledge as other students. But as time goes by and I become more familiar with the material, I become more confident of myself. I have also learned a lot from my classmates.

Yanchao’s Advice: My advice is to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, not only from professors but also from fellow classmates and to maintain a positive mindset.

Tyler Turner

Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Arts in Music

First few weeks in the MAcc program: The first few weeks have been very busy and having career fairs and interviews not even a month after the start of classes has been more than a little overwhelming. But the experience so far has been great; the classes are interesting and the professors are wonderful. A couple professors told me that coming from a non-accounting background wouldn’t be much of an issue, and as skeptical as I was, it turns out they were right. The Pre-MAcc program* (accounting boot camp), as awful as it seemed at the time, was great preparation for the MAcc program.

*A fellow blogger, Victoria, wrote a great post a few weeks ago on the Pre-MAcc program. Read it here!*

Tyler’s Advice: The best advice I can give to students with similar situations is to use the resources that are available. And the best of those resources are the people. Get to know your professors, faculty and fellow classmates. Everybody involved with the MAcc program and Fisher want you to succeed and all of them are ready to help you in any way possible.

Mayuran Chandrakanthan

Undergraduate Major: Biology with a certificate in Entrepreneurship

First few weeks in the MAcc program: My first few weeks in the MAcc program have been extremely busy. I have had to spend some extra time learning the material because my background in accounting isn’t at the same level as some other people. I have enjoyed my first few weeks but I still think I think about accounting differently than many students. Many students accounting comes naturally but for me, I sometimes forget I’m an accounting student and try to solve problems using a different approach. Overall though, I feel as though my hard work will payoff in the long run.

Mayuran’s Advice: As long as you put your mind into being able to accomplish something you will be successful. Make a lot of friends, ask questions and get involved. If you want to be successful you will be successful.

Hope this information eases a few minds!

A big thank you to these MAcc students for taking the time to share their insights! Until next time, O-H…I-O!

Art Museum Adventure

Hi All,

As the middle of the first term of Autumn Semester draws near, recruiting, midterm studying, and loads of group work have been taking most of our time. Today a few of us MAcc students decided to take a mini-break from work and head downtown to visit the Columbus Museum of Art and we thought you might like to join us on our trip!

Our adventure started by heading to the Student Union to pick up some free tickets. As a student at Ohio State you will have the opportunity to receive several discount tickets (abbreviated d-tix) for local attractions, theater shows, concerts, sporting events and much more (Tip-be sure to go pick-up tickets early in the week as unfortunately the union was all out of discount tickets on Saturday). But the silver lining was that we were still able to use our student ID’s to purchase discounted tickets at the museum for only $8. Another perk is that the museum offers free parking! And if you happen to visit on a Sunday, don’t even worry about picking up a d-tix because Sundays are free admission days.

After purchasing tickets, our real journey began as we entered the museum and walked through several rooms full of masterpieces. In fact, even the inside of the building looked like a piece of art. As we browsed the collections, we had the opportunity to tune into our creative sides by participating in a few hands on activities.

Puzzle piecing a painting
Trying our hand at drawing. What better subject than the Ohio State signature ‘O.














After about an hour we were unexpectedly surprised by an event that for us girls, became one of the highlights of the trip: A wedding right in the middle of the museum! The five of us couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the bride after her bridesmaids walked down the aisle to none other than, “Beauty and the Beast,” the theme song from the classic Disney movie.

As our exploration came to a close we decided to stop for a group picture at the entrance of the museum before heading back to hit the books.

Hope you enjoyed taking this little trip with us! Until next time…

Wish us luck on our Monday midterm!

Library Sunday!

In last week’s post I described a few sites to visit off-campus, so today I thought I would share a little about one of my favorite sites on-campus: Thompson Library! (aka-The Main Library).

This gem is located right at the heart of campus, just a five to ten minute walk from Gerlach Hall. One of the most iconic buildings at Ohio State, Thompson offers an array of services. First and foremost of course is the extensive archive.

You can find books surrounding just about every topic here. You can even conduct an online search at the Ohio State Library website, and have the book you want pulled from the shelves and waiting at the front desk for you when you arrive. What’s more, if by chance Thompson Library doesn’t have the book you are looking for, you can request to have the piece sent over from another library on-campus or from libraries all across the state, sometimes even nationally.

That’s not all, here are a few more terrific amenities provided in the Library:

  • Buckeye Bar: Having a problem with your laptop? Come see the experts at Buckeye Bar for an in-person technology help session.

  • Berry Cafe: Feeling a little hungry? Head over to Berry Cafe to enjoy a delicious deli sandwich, healthy fruit and yogurt treat, or sweet coffee pick-me-up.
  • Gallery Exhibits: Need a study break? The galleries are, in my opinion, one of the most unique aspects of the library. I always feel like I’m traveling back in time when I visit them.

And last but not least, what most students come to the library to do-Study! Here’s a typical Sunday in the Grand Reading Room…Remember to be quiet, shhh…

If you’re interested in taking in a view while you crack the books, head up to the 11th floor for a breath-taking scene of campus…

And finally one of the more unexpected, but delightfully pleasant parts of visiting Thompson-the possibility of meeting someone new. Students from all over campus come to study at Thompson. Just today I had the honor of meeting 2 wonderful students in the MHRM program, right here at Fisher, who I probably wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t been awkwardly reaching over them to take a picture out the window. The campus might be large, and the student body very diverse, but it’s always a nice surprise to meet a new Buckeye.

Exploring Sites near Campus!

The Labor Day long weekend has just started! So some of you may be wondering, ‘Hmmm-so when I have some free time and I’m not attending class, studying, or engaging in all the great Ohio State campus extra-curricular activities, what else could I be doing in Columbus?’ Well there is definitely no shortage of fun to be had in this great capital. In fact, just a few minutes drive from Fisher is an intriguing little strip on Columbus’s main High Street known as, ‘The Short North Arts District.’ From dining options to shopping experiences, this area offers something for everyone. Here are two sites I can’t wait to check out on my next trip to The Short North:

  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Jeni’s is a Columbus favorite as the dessert shop was founded right here in the city in 2002. The ice cream maker is known for creating one of a kind, handmade delights with unique flavors. My current favorite is the Bergamont Frozen Yogurt. With every bite I get a burst of tart citrus and a slight hint of Earl Gray tea. Every time I visit Jeni’s I am surprised with a new flavor combination that never disappoints!

    Photo-shoot from one of my last trips to Jeni’s!
  • Gallery Hops: As The Short North is known as the Arts District, every first Saturday of the month the area is full of visitors crowded on the strip to see new art exhibits and watch live street performances. I have yet to experience my first Gallery Hop, but have heard so many good things about this event that it is definitely on my to-do list this year! Some of the MAcc students have even been chatting about organizing a group to gallery hop together!
I’ll try to snap a few pictures from my next trip to share with all of you!