Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with UGC

Ohio State’s Urban Gaming Club is just one example of all the zany and niche student groups you can find on a huge campus like Ohio State. Currently the UGC is running their fall game of “Infection”, with over 200 students playing a week-long, campus wide game of tag. Except with nerf guns. And one team is zombies. Fast zombies that will chase you in between your classes.

Of course there are plenty of precautions taken to ensure everyone’s safety during the game (players and onlookers alike). The club’s golden rule is this – the “No D-Bag” rule. While there are club officers who overlook play, the game is largely self-regulated with players using the honor code to make sure the game is fun and fair for everyone. And when someone breaks a rule, all the players can call them out for being a “d-bag” and the transgression can be recorded online at the UGC’s Infection website.

Night Mission - Infection
Humans gather to survive their final mission - Courtesy of

The game’s stats can be tracked online as well. The most recent “casualties” are up for everyone to see, so players can see the human numbers quickly dwindling as the week goes on. Aside from the skirmishes that happen on campus between classes (sometimes you might see some poor sap with a nerf gun being chased by four “zombies” during your lunch break), the game features night missions with specific objectives aimed at larger-scale engagements. Last year the game ended with a huge night mission extraction, where the small amount of remaining human players had to survive on campus while the zombies searched for them. At the end of the night they all gathered around Thompson library to be extracted by a giant cardboard tank (driven Flintstones style) and make it off campus alive and well. It was really a blast to watch.

UGC runs other games through the year, including capture-the-flag matches and a week game of Assassins, which is like Infection with less zombies and more skullduggery. It can be a really entertaining group to be a part of.

Some of us imagine what life might ever be like if there were a zombie apocalypse. UGC’s Infection might be the closest you can comfortably get to a similar situation. Get on campus, grab a few like-minded friends and sign-up for some of the UGC games. I can only imagine the kind of camaraderie born from a week-long nerf gun survival fest. You never know how much you valued your friends until you’ve had to leave them behind for the horde.

Check the group out at

Fisher College of Business – The Happiest Place on Earth

That is, unless you have a class at 8:30 AM. But somehow my early morning tax class is also my favorite class in my schedule.

I have to say that life as a MAcc graduate student at Fisher is just on a whole other level compared to life as an undergraduate. It starts with orientation – three days of getting to know the people you’re spending the next three quarters with. My classmates are the most educated, interesting and diverse group that I’ve met at Fisher. Orientation provided the perfect environment for getting to know as many students as I could. In undergrad I might not have taken advantage of such an opportunity – I’m glad I didn’t make that mistake this time. We have a group with very diverse backgrounds, from other states or countries and with different academic and professional experiences. As a graduate, I feel really prepared and even psyched to become accounting masters with the people I’ve gotten to know over the first three days of the program.

Gerlach Hall - my new center of learning.

It’s a different vibe from undergrad, sharing the same courses with the same tight-knit group. Someone I have in one class can always provide input on what happened in another. There are always MAcc students doing something together outside of classes as well, whether it’s going out for hamburger specials or attending a recruiting event. I’ve become especially close with the students who took the Pre-MAcc program with me – three weeks of eight-hour class days will do that. We made it through a crash course on more accounting rules than you can shake a ledger at and now I’m guaranteed a close friend in any one of my accounting classes. In undergrad, my closest friends were in my dorm. In graduate school, my closest friends are my classmates, and it makes school work and projects a lot more entertaining and insightful. You get closer to your classmates when you work and play together.

My mother told me undergrad would be the best years of my life. She was right. Towards graduation, she told me grad school would be the best year(s) of my life. I think she might be right about that one, too. While I’m just barely into classes and the recruiting cycle, I’m confident this year at Fisher will be the richest and most entertaining year of my education, and it’s all because of the people – both students and faculty. I hadn’t planned on becoming a master of accounting, but right now I’m very glad I did.