My top 5 from the Thanksgiving holiday…

The Thanksgiving holiday could not have come in a better time. It really helped me to have a little break right before the crazy final week of classes, in which I am schedule to have infinite number of team meetings, 2 presentations, final team projects, individual papers, visit to the Lexant (research and user experience firm ) as part of the MBAMA activities, Group activity at the Candle lab with FBS, Project 1 presentation, among others.

In any case my top 5 from the holidays are:

  1. As my teammate Christina will say: “I had a good quality sleep hours” I finally was able to sleep more than 8 hours for a couple of days. I absolutely loved it!!
  2. Spent time with my favorite people and talk to home for hours 🙂
  3. Delicious Thanksgiving dinner hosted by my Indonesian friends. I especially applaud the homemade corn bread prepared by Chitra. It was extremely yummy! And I have to admit, it was even better than the meat.
  4. Did some Christmas shopping online, taking advantage of the holiday discounts available in many stores. I really appreciate the capability of doing online shopping; it is a great time saver!
  5. Finally I got things done: team projects and some really good accounting study with my smarty teammate Karan G.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and that all of you are ready to beat the final two weeks of the quarter. Looking forward to the last day of finals for some celebration time!!!

A tradition that never gets old!

This weekend past was the ‘game’, which apparently was not only a game but also a great opportunity for research on human behavior (“studying the big game”). The game is the annual college football match between The Ohio State ‘Buckeyes’ and The University of Michigan ‘Wolverines’. The rivalry has dated back to 1897 and there have been 106 meetings total between the two teams. The University of Michigan has an edge overall with 57 to 43 wins but in recent years Ohio State has been the stronger of the two teams with a run of 6 victories in a row. This weekend they got the sixth win with a 21-10 score line in Ann Arbor, MI to leave the team 10-2 on the season and heading to a big bowl game in Pasadena CA in January known as the Rose Bowl.

rose bowl

The rivalry has a range of traditions such as jumping in Mirror Lake on the OSU campus on the Thursday night before the game (where did the jumping tradition came from?), usually in some very cold temperatures leading to a range of illnesses….. The scene on a Thursday night is something that everyone should experience, jumping into questionable water quality in sub zero temperatures, I’m not so sure……



The game also allows for a range of charitable organizations to benefit, with a run for cancer occurring between the two universities and also a blood battle to see which university can gain the most donations playing a role in stocking local hospitals blood supplies. It is also the last game of the intense football season and everyone’s attention on campus focuses on it with a range of events occurring.

This year the football team has had a good year – one poor performance against big ten rival Purdue and a tough loss against University of Southern California has meant they do not get to go for a national championship title. It does mean however that the team won a Big Ten title and the team has improved as the season has gone on and the campus is excited for next season already. The only problem is that the season doesn’t start until August of next year!

As I write this blog, I need to acknowledge my sports advisor Ed, a big contributor for this blog and without whom I would not have any idea of what is football or its rules so ever 🙂

An elite Fisher Talent called SHAY MERRITE

All of us have different talents with which we are born. If there is any specific talent that Shay was gifted with it is definitely the artistic and creative talent. Everything he does is so different and artistic that it is extremely hard not to be attracted by his amazing work. I remember during orientation week looking at his notes and poorly thinking “this guy is having fun drawing all those things while people are speaking to us?”, until I realized he was a fantastically talented artist. He obviously was paying attention to all the presentations and taking notes, he just had a completely different way to take them. Take a look at the example below, how many pages of notes would you have made instead?

Shay 1

The second time I was extremely surprised by his art was during the visit to The Limited Brands. Instead of carrying a file with resumes like all of us do, he had a high quality book with little writing but more graphs, pictures, diagrams, something so unexpected. I am pretty sure recruiters will find this very unique, differentiating and a chance to hire an artistic, creative talent. If you have an opportunity, I highly suggest looking at his book, Tiffany and I couldn’t stop being amazed by the great the incredible work Shay put into creating the book.

Halloween was definitely an event for Shay. He put all his creativity to work and came up with a fantastic and colorful iPhone costume. If you read his blog, you will see the patience and dedication he devoted to his customized creation. He surely deserves all the credit for the really cool costume.

Shay 2

Last Friday, during the P&G case competition, he offered a great input to his team. When his power point was presented, everybody in the audience was just so astonished by how creative and different it was. Even if Shay had not been physically present in the presentation, we all knew Shay was responsible for coming up with such a piece of business art! If there had been a prize for the most creative and innovative mind, you definitely had it Shay.

Now on a daily basis, you can easily see his artistic side by the stylish way he dresses up. He is very humble about his talent, and he even said, “That is not what recruiters want, or that is not what is going to help me in school”. I think winning the case competition was a first sign that your talent is definitely much appreciated and highly valued. You have a huge advantage compare to others, you see things different and you think differently and out of the box. You’re cut from a different cloth and will be able to offer companies solutions and inputs that nobody else will think of.

Congratulations Shay, you are a born talent, keep using it, and be confident of the great things you will achieve with it! If anybody is interested to learn more about the things that Shay creates, follow him at

Diwali Dinner: All in one event

Finally… I am back to slightly normal life 🙂

Really delicious food, fabulous company, integration of cultures and great dancing is how I would describe the Diwali dinner hosted by the India MBA Association.  Even before the event took place it was evident the success it was going to have. Tickets sold out immediately and in the restaurant there was barely any free space to sit down. The hosts of the event were amazing. They not only gave a warm welcome to all the guests, they also dressed up with traditional clothing, they made sure that everybody was enjoying the food and finally they made us burn some calories by dancing according to the very energizing Indian music. My favorite dancers of the night were definitely Ashish K, Tanvy N, and Basesh G.  Very impressive movements and great entertainment through the night!!

These types of events certainly define what Fisher is about. Diversity, great people, sharing and learning of different cultures, hard work and fun. These are the moments that promote integration and friendship in the program, and these are the things that will definitely stay in my memories throughout the years. The smiles and laughs at some very exotic dancing put everybody in a good mood after a busy week. The crowd was very boisterous and made for a great night as staff and students mingled alike and created a din of chatter despite the lovely food which people ate like there was no tomorrow.

Thanks to the Indian association for the fantastic event and wonderful time I spend at Diwali. Please keep organizing more of these events, I am pretty sure all of them will be a complete success just as the Diwali was. Its success was indicated in the sellout of tickets and people discussing the fact they will be back next year already, sounds like a good business model!

My uniquely talented Project ONE team

The more people I get to know the more I believe that Fisher is a great place to be. Last week each member of my Project ONE team gave a brief personal introduction and I discovered quite a few interesting things about my teammates.  The introduction started with Robert C, who I personally think has a special positive aura around him (every time I talk to him, I find that in less than ten seconds I am having a blast and have a big smile). He has a successful financial software/product management background, currently focusing on strategy/Marketing.  Robert has some music talent as a classically trained pianist!! I have already asked for a demonstration. Hopefully I can enjoy it before graduation J. I know he is trying to learn some salsa dancing, so I am assuming he is already pretty good dancer in other types of rhythms, he used to play capoeira anyways. Bryan B was next, he is a very young professional but full or rich experiences. He claims to be one of the shortest in our MBA program (5’7”), which does not mean he is short on talent. Actually is the opposite. He is a google/qualtrics geek. Good for us because he is already applying the technology to the team’s benefit. Brian worked in HR during his entire undergrad, he also worked for Qualtrics, training people on how to use the software, he lived in Germany doing missionary work, and then taught German for 3 years! Nowadays he is one of those brave classmates who are going through the MBA, AND, together with his amazing wife, enjoying the incredible experience of being the Daddy of a beautiful little 6-week-old girl. Congrats! That is very admirable Bryan!

Xiu-Yu J., is one of those girls that inspire power, energy, and cheer.  She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English, she holds a Masters degree in HR, and she has over 9 years of work experience with NEC (an IT network solutions provider), in both China and Japan.  Xiu-Yu also has a music talent. She plays the Yangqin, which is a traditional Chinese instrument.

Another talented girl is Hyewon S., who by the way has a very creative method to make you remember her name. It is like saying “Hey” + “One” but with no intonation. Let me make this clear, no intonation for Korean names. Different to when we were trying to get Xiu-Yu’s name right and we needed to put some intonation. Anyways Hyewon also has a lot and variety of experiences in her resume. Knowledgeable in Technology, although she prefers to call it business development, she also speaks a little bit of several languages (French, Chinese, Japanese), she loves cooking (we might get some Korean food one of these daysJ). Hyewon also likes trying different sports, play drums, belly dancing and yoga!!!! Quite an interesting combination!

Project 1 Team

I am very grateful that we have the chance to meet people with such a diversity and talent. We have a huge amount of things to learn not only from the classes but from our own classmates…. Who knows, I might end up learning to play a little bit of piano and drum, be able to say a couple of words in German, Chinese and Korean, do some dancing and “maybe” cook a new Korean dish? If you are interested in learning any of the above mention activities, you know who to contact now. Do not miss the chance! The talent is here at Fisher!

Thank you Planeteers!!! I really enjoy hearing your stories, and I look forward working with you all!


Feeling the pressure!!

We are less than a week to the start of our midterms, and I am definitely feeling the pressure! I had the chance to attend the NSHMBA conference last weekend, made contacts, learned more about companies, networked with other Fisher students, did some dancing, and had lots of fun. BUT, can you imagine what it is to lose 3 days of study? The coming two weeks are definitely looking tough. Not only midterms, but presentations, group projects, cases, career management activities, associations activities, GA, internship applications, personal life and fun. It is a LOT!!

I can tell some of my classmates are also going through the same situation. I can see more people getting irritated at class when the subject gets complicated or there are more things that remain unclear. I had a club meeting today, and even though there was FREE food and drinks, people left early to do some work!!!

But as we are learning from the B-school, we need to prioritize and balance. Plus I got to know some second year MBA students, and realized that they are doing 10x more things than me, and still able to enjoy life. Like my new friend Angel, he is a really successful student, working for the minority office, president of FLGA and member of many other associations, coordinator of the Key Bank case competition, future Daddy, and great friend. With his crazy agenda, he amazingly still finds time to do some really good dancing and have a great sense of humor!


Anyways, I will keep putting a lot of effort to manage all the work and activities but also remember the wise words of my mom “nutrition and health are vital to keep going, without health you will not get too far on the road” So please remember to eat well and stay healthy!!!  Here is a sample of my breakfast, when time allows 🙂


Good luck everyone and GO BUCKS!

I am a fan of ….

Not sure how many people know but we have a real V-ball star in the MBA 2011 class. Last Friday, I had the chance to watch the game OSU vs Wisconsin at the St. John Arena. Even though it was not a winning game for the buckeyes, it was a really fun game to watch.  Our classmate Anna Szerszen, an extremely talented V-ball player, had a great performance and some very impressive kills (scary spikes) during the game.

Talking about different types of leadership, I will say she is a true leader in the court. She showed her power and talent, enthusiasm and positive attitude at all times. Anna was constantly cheering her teammates even when the game was going badly for the buckeyes. As a good leader she kept the team together and they kept fighting together until the end. I was very impressed by Anna, looking at her play and hearing her name several times over the commentary. She was a real star!

Thinking about the amount of time she puts into the training and games on top of all the MBA classes makes me sincerely admire her. It is a tough life style and she shows great fortitude in managing both time and pressure!! I congratulate her for being such a hard worker and an achiever, and also for successfully representing Fisher and OSU.

This Wednesday (10/07), the buckeyes are playing the #1 team in the country Penn State; it should be an exciting game. There will be more games coming played in Columbus, so if there is a chance I definitely recommend everybody to go and cheer Anna and the buckeye team. The schedule and results can be checked at Women’s Volleyball – 2009 Schedule & Results. Plus the entrance is free for all OSU students with Buck-ID!

So yes, I am now officially a fan Anna Szerszen!


It really helps!

It really helps to use the career management resources. It was not only during Orientation week but it keeps going!! I am extremely happy by the continuous and amazing support I am receiving from the Career Management office. Having a science background I felt slightly lost on how to focus my resume, brand and interview skills for a new career path such as Marketing. Some of the highlights that have been really helpful for me are:

  • Career Assessment: to discover strengths, abilities, motivational things I need to work on, and possible career paths.
  • Mix and Mingle with recruiters: to start practicing networking skills and develop some practice with informational interviews (Do not overwhelm the recruiter trying to tell them your life in one minute, have an engaging “conversation”).
  • Resume: reviewed and significantly improved. Jenny Hecksher’s (MKT consultant) feedback was extremely quick but most importantly tremendously useful to have her Marketing input on the content.
  • Career search resources: I explored some of the resources and so far my favorite is Hoover’s Online. It offers summarize key information about companies and different industries. In addition, while looking at this resource I also came by another very interesting website related to “cool running companies” ( focused mainly on companies that have proof to be very creative and innovative in our days. The site is really fun and interesting to look for original businesses.
  • Crack the Case Workshop: with David Ohrvall. I was definitely not ready for a case interview. Actually I am still not. But this workshop definitely helps to know what to expect and how to get prepared for a case interview. A key thing is to anticipate possible questions, situations and reactions. If you think you may need to develop some of these skills, I definitely suggest looking at his website and even more attend one of these events in the future (
  • Companies Information session: this is very resourceful to know what exactly the company is about and their culture but more importantly what are they looking for and what type of candidate are they trying to recruit. Let’s not forget that these sessions are a great opportunity to network too.
  • Getting ready for a career fair: I learned some strategies on how to make a difference with recruiters in between thousands of applicants in a career fair.  Consultants at the career management office have a huge amount of experience in dealing with these issues. They have several suggestions to share according to each person’s needs.
  • Practicing for Interviews: if you need advising and practice for your interviews, career management is the place to go! They know what recruiters are looking for, and they will act like recruiters. This is the safest place to practice and get ready to make an impact on your interview!

These are just some of the things that have had direct impact on me. However there is a much larger amount of resources and activities organized by the career management office. Be sure to stay in tune on what is going on through Fisherconnect or the Hub. There are a lot of things going on and it could be overwhelming, but this is exactly how we learn to manage our time, prioritize and make wise selections.

A really beautiful mind: Professor Robert Langer

Thanks must go to the Center for entrepreneurship, their Kick-off Event was held last Tuesday (09/22) and I got to see one of the brightest minds I have ever listened to. The featured keynote was Breakthrough Medical Technologies by MIT Professor Robert Langer as speaker.

Robert Langer

With more than 1000 papers published and over 750 issued or pending patent worldwide, Professor Langer is the most cited engineer in history!! He is focused in Biomedical research, development of specific polymers, non invasive techniques for delivery of drugs, effective delivery system of specific compounds, to mention few of them.

Impressive right? But it does not stop here. He has not only been extremely successful as a scientist but also as an entrepreneur.  He has more than 20 amazingly successful stories of bringing technologies from the lab to the market. How does he do that? He never stops thinking on how to solve problems or how to help patients. He has an incredible passion for innovation and sincere desire to make an impact and contribution in this world.

But how does he know a technology can be commercially successful or ready go to the market? He has established some requirements that include:

  • Have a platform technology
  • Have a blocking patent
  • Have in vivo proof of principle

Want to learn more about the genius Professor Langer?

Or watch a video report from MIT Tech TV:

Robert Langer - MIT video

The Center for Entrepreneurship will be sharing the broadcast pretty soon so watch out for that and other unique opportunities to learn about how to bring technologies to the market!