Being there … pass it on!

This week I’ve been thinking about the important things in life, which for me include faith, family, friends, happiness, and health. A lot of these things have combined this week in thought-provoking ways, and from it all, I’ve seen the importance of just being there for people.

The first way I experienced people being there for ME this week was when 8 of us MAccers went skiing at Mad River Mountain on Sunday! I had never been skiing before, and my friends helped me with everything from getting my boots fit correctly to giving me pointers, going down the bunny hill with me, and literally standing in front of me as I tried to stand up so my skis and I would not slide down the hill in the process. (On a side note, I was a little sore from my first skiing adventure. This made me thankful for the usual awesome state of health I have, which does not make it painful to, for example, put on a jacket.) The skiing adventure was a blast, though, and I’m thankful for yet another marvelous MAcc memory.

I enjoy being there for people, too, and have gotten do so a fair amount this week. Whether it’s taking time to really listen, answering a gmail chat or email, or sending a thoughtful text, you can be there for someone and truly make a difference. However, just as you can be there for someone without physically “being there,” you can be physically present and not really be there. A phrase that was recently popular at the medical center was “Be here now.” When I’m talking with someone but keep looking at my phone, am I really there? A piece of advice I have is this: Don’t put your phone on the table while eating with someone. It makes a difference and speaks volumes about your being there. You may not be instantly available to someone texting you, but sometimes you have to choose for whom you’re going to be there at the moment.

Other ways I have experienced the power of presence this week include jogging with my friend and volunteering at the medical center. My friend and I at one point were a little too tired to speak to each other, but she was THERE with me as we jogged along Olentangy Trail. At the medical center, a lot of patients did not want a magazine, but they appreciated that I was there, volunteering to try to make them feel better. Some people just wanted to chat, which is another way I can be there for them.

My family and friends are amazing at being there for me, which gives me the ability to be there for others. Doing so is often the most rewarding part of my day. George Eliot once said, “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” How often do you thank those people who are there for you, and how often do you step out of your world to be there for someone else?

Another typical (delightful) week in Fisher MAcc


Post-Valentine's Day potluck!

It’s been another awesome week in the MAcc program! We had a potluck on Sunday (the excuse for which was a Post-Valentine’s Day gathering, but we really just wanted to eat more food together). Once again, we had an impressive variety of amazing dishes! On Tuesday, Holly Paul, the US Recruiting Leader for PwC, spoke on campus. She shared fascinating experiences and gave excellent advice on personal branding. On Friday, a few of us attended a research workshop (weekly presentations of various papers with professors and PhD students). As usual, I was so impressed by the intellectual conversation and thoughtful comments.

Then I completed my last Volunteer Income Tax Assistance shift. I have learned so much from this program and have had such wonderful clients! I loved having built-in time to work with other MAcc students on real-world applications, and we had so much fun!

I am constantly being given some reason to smile or laugh. It may be a comment made by a professor or someone in the Graduate Programs Office, or a comment from a classmate after class or passing in the hallway. Such little things add up to make delightful days and weeks!

Random Happenings

All sorts of fun and random things have occurred this week, further proving that Ohio State is a great place to be! President E. Gordon Gee sent out a Valentine’s Day video, in which students talked about the places they love most at Ohio State. The university celebrated the naming of our medical center after Les Wexner and also marked the 50th anniversary of Ohioan John Glenn’s space flight.

In addition to these Ohio State happenings, several more individual experiences are worth noting. One of my professors, when discussing a healthcare example, mentioned that it would pertain to me since I volunteer at the hospital. I was impressed that he remembered this fact about me and tied it into the class lecture. Also, we had another successful weekend of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. I was at the location with OSU law school students, some of whom were former MAcc students, and it was again wonderful to help people. Finally, I really enjoyed watching (for free!) the Ohio State women’s gymnastics meet, in which OSU set a school record with over 197 points. There is always something exciting occurring here!


Life Lessons from a Leadership Lunch

On Thursday, MAcc students had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Craig Marshall, the Columbus Office Managing Partner for Ernst & Young. His presentation was part of the speaker series that Ernst & Young generously sponsors for MAcc students, and the room was packed. Mr. Marshall was engaging, entertaining, and extremely informative, and we learned from both his presentation style and speech. We heard advice on being flexible, following our passions, being involved in the community, and adhering to our values. All of these lessons were applicable to both our career paths and life in general, and Mr. Marshall openly shared about how his advice stemmed from and shaped his own experiences.

The way that Mr. Marshall presented was impressive. He incorporated trivia, humor, and audience participation into his presentation, which would have been interesting even without the added bonuses. We all learned a lot personally and professionally from Mr. Marshall, just as we do from other speakers and professors in the MAcc program!

The “Hi!” Parade

This week I have continued to experience the awesome Fisher (and, in particular, MAcc) community. I can walk around other parts of OSU’s campus and see people walking silently with their headphones in, but when I step into Gerlach Hall, there are always people working together or happily catching up with one another. After a morning that consisted of a non-Fisher class and studying at the library, it was a breath of fresh air to walk into Gerlach! I ran into one of my MAcc friends on the second floor, and we excitedly greeted each other. We then met up with another of our classmates in the hallway, found another one by the water fountain, and were joined by another one in the stairwell. Then, as we approached class, we cheerfully exclaimed “Hi!!!” to another of our classmates, did so again when we walked into the classroom, and again when we took our seats by other classmates.

I have termed this the “Hi parade,” as we kept exclaiming excited greetings as we walked through Gerlach, gathering a larger and larger group of happy students as we walked. There is nothing like this feeling of being known and welcomed by classmates, and it is amazing how excited we get even though we see each other on a regular basis 🙂

Real world experience: VITA Day 1

Friday was the first day of VITA (a volunteer income tax program, with which we complete tax forms for those in need). Everything went very well! Though there were only 10 of us volunteering this evening, we have about 70 volunteers overall. Most are MAcc students, but some are undergraduate or law students. We had a fair amount of online training to prepare for this, so it was fun to actually put the training to use and help people!

Working in teams of two, we used supporting documents and information from “clients” (this is done for free) to fill out federal and state tax returns. The online system we use helps to generate the forms pretty easily and determines the amount of money owed or expected to be refunded. It was wonderful to be able to help people with their questions, and everyone was appreciative! We got done early, but none of us volunteers was in a big hurry to leave, as it is always fun to be able to chat with other MAcc students whenever possible! We will be doing VITA through early March, so be on the lookout for other posts about it.

Some of us after completing the first evening of tax returns!


I went to class, which was fun … seriously!

It is hard to believe that another week has gone by! The MLK Day of Service on Jan 16 was fulfilling, and our project (raising campus safety awareness) even made the local news.

I enjoyed catching up with those I had not seen over the long weekend in classes this week. Like last quarter, I am definitely enjoying my classes. On Thursday I was talking with my roommates and mentioned “I had fraud class today, which was fun.” Then, as usual, I thought about the fact that not everyone knows that “fraud class” is actually the very legitimate AMIS 861, Fraud Examination. In addition to that clarification, I wanted to clarify the fact that I was not being sarcastic in stating that class was fun! We analyzed a vendor information list, came up with a list of suspicious vendors, and then used invoices to determine which company was likely the fraudulent company.

In my services marketing class, we discussed the different strategic positioning of various ice cream companies. That was certainly fun as well! Classes have covered fascinating and beneficial material, and as scheduling for my last quarter of classes approaches, I know there are going to be more classes that I want to take than there will be room in my schedule. It is such a blessing to truly enjoy classes!

MAcc weekends in Columbus

Hello again! I am happy to report that for me, winter quarter has definitely not been the “lazy, stay inside and be warm” quarter that it is sometimes expected to be! Last weekend and this weekend have been full of fun MAcc adventures. Last Friday, 12 of us MAcc students went to COSI (the hands-on science center in Columbus) because admission was free for Ohio State students and staff that evening. We particularly enjoyed the weather show and 3-D African safari experience!

On Saturday afternoon, my tax research group from last quarter reunited for lunch at Pei Wei, an Asian diner. That night, several of us MAcc students enjoyed a Gallery Hop, which is when art galleries and boutiques in the Short North area of Columbus stay open later and have special sales. On Sunday, a group of us went to lunch at Piada after church.

I had another excellent week of interesting classes, and then it was the weekend again! Friday was the Fisher Winter Games, an Olympics-like event between the Fisher graduate programs. On Friday night, I went to the OSU v. Michigan hockey game with a few other MAcc girls. Admission is free for students with their BuckIDs, and though OSU lost, it was a fun time!

Since Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (a campus holiday), some of us MAcc students participated in Ohio State’s day of volunteering. As you can see, Columbus and Ohio State have awesome opportunities, and what better way is there to experience them than with wonderful MAcc classmates?


Ohio State vs. Michigan hockey game!


We’re back! New classes and catching up are in order.

Happy New Year! It has been wonderful to catch up with friends and get back into a routine. When I walked into my first class on Tuesday, I was faced with the usual dilemma of where to sit. However, this was not the usual “I don’t know where to sit because this is a new class” feeling- this was a “I don’t know where to sit because I want to sit by and catch up with everyone” feeling! What a great problem to have! There was so much excitement in the room as we chatted about our breaks and said how excited we were to see each other.  

After class, there were groups of people that stood around and continued to catch up. We were in no hurry to leave, since we had almost a month of things to talk about! Just a few hours later, the Graduate Programs Office had coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies in the study lounge to welcome us back for winter quarter. This was another time of excited chatting!

I am taking two accounting classes with MAcc friends (Foundations of Accounting and Fraud Examination), an MBA class (Services Marketing), and Economic Analysis of Health Services through the College of Public Health (which I petitioned to get to count for my degree, since I will be working on healthcare clients after graduation). I am very excited about my classes this quarter!

Taking a break

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! The day after my last final, I set sail on a cruise with some of my friends. It was a very fun and relaxing trip! From O-H-I-O pictures with cruise staff to calling out “O-H” to other Buckeyes on the boat, we were sure to carry our Ohio State spirit with us! We took a jeep tour of one of the islands and were sure to get the red jeep for Ohio State 🙂 A South Carolinian in a cab with us, upon finding out we were from Ohio, asked “Oh, the place that’s round on the ends and “hi” in the middle?… I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but not in the Bahamas yet, right?” That was fun 🙂

Of course I miss MAcc friends, but with postcards, Christmas cards, texts, and facebook, I would say we are keeping in touch pretty well! I have gotten some emails about classes next quarter and am very much looking forward to them. Until then, I will enjoy the break, baking and spending time with family for Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!


This is the top deck of the cruise created the perfect "I" for an OHIO picture!