Is it really almost over?

It’s hard to believe, but I am approaching the end of my 1st year of grad school, signifying my halfway mark of completion of the MLHR program as well.  I can say that it has been quite an experience thus far.  What I found most unexpected about my time in grad school has been the amount of time/effort I put forth in this program.  To be honest, I expected graduate school to be a natural progression of undergrad. Yet it’s not.  I can not say for sure if it’s because of the compressed quarter system or the actual curriculum, but I definitely expend a great amount of effort in trying to be successful in this program.

I imagine my experience in Fisher grad school is much like the stress that law students and med students experience.  As I navigate on my facebook page and read the statuses of my undergraduate friends that have recently graduated from law and medical school, I can’t help but be happy for them.  To see the culmination of their efforts, dreams and stress all come together for that one moment.  What a relief it must be, to know that it’s over.  In one year and 3 or so weeks, I will know that feeling.

As I move forward in these last few weeks of classes, I find that my thoughts have jumped ahead of me and are now situated around the future that awaits for me post-Fisher. “What can I do today or this summer that will get me to where I want to be in the next 2-5 years?” is the question I have been asking myself lately.  Of course, one of my main goals for this summer is going to be improving my interview skills, in addition to gearing up for Fall recruitment and acquiring professional growth at my internship, but along with all that, I am going  to seriously dedicate some time to formulating my business plan for my life. But until then…

Rise Above

Ever have those moments where something someone said behind your back eventually makes it to you.  Don’t you hate that!  Doesn’t it suck even more when it’s someone in your family.  Throughout life and our careers we will receive criticism and be forced to face the sometimes pleasant and unpleasant opinions of how others think of us and our performance.  Assumptions and decisions will be made accordingly.

But, I guess the whole purpose of this blog post is to inspire someone who’s reading this to “Rise Above.”  Rise above the nonsense, and the sting of getting that wisp of criticism; get back out there and show them what you’re made of.  And when that doesn’t work turn to a higher power…No not your boss! …the other higher power.  With maturity I’ve learned not to act so hastily in my response to issues like this, because in hindsight I generally tend to regret my decision of confronting that person or the issue.  Now I act with judgment!  I take time to let myself calm down…think over it for a day or two and then I make my decision. I wish I had known this 3 yrs ago, it would have saved me a world of trouble. Rise above people, rise above.

Looking Ahead

Right now all I want to do is rant about how much this quarter has been beating me up, but instead I rather focus my energy on something else.  But what though?  I sort of feel like my life revolves around this program.  Even my job is deeply connected to my program, in that I’m fulfilling a requirement for my program.  Hmm…how about summer plans?

Summer is soon approaching and I am excited.  First and foremost I’ll be working at my internship full time, but aside from that I hope I am able to get out and enjoy Columbus a lot more.  I’d definitely like to visit the Columbus Zoo, make a few trips to Detroit to visit some of my close buddies, go to Cedar Point because I’ve never been and of course GO HOME!  I haven’t been back to New Orleans since Christmas time, and after a while being away from your family and friends starts to wear on your comfort and happiness. It’s during times like these, when I’m beat and stressed out that I miss home most.  I also hope to make a trip to NYC sometime this summer as well.  Since I went to undergrad in D.C., I made it up to NY several times during that time span, but each time I go to NY I’m always in awe of the city, its culture and its all around vibe.  I can’t wait to go back and reunite with my friends from college.  Counting down…

I Digress from My Stress

Sigh…it’s that infamous time of the year. You know it, you love it, it happens 3 times in a year…MIDTERMS!!!  I stated last quarter in a previous posting that midterms seem to be harder than finals.  It’s that point when you are climbing up to the top of the hill, and then right after it’s done everything stabilizes and you can coast for a while until you reach that next hill…Finals, duhn duhn duhn!!! Midterms are like the Wednesdays in a work week. Hump day!

This quarter’s midterms have been extremely stressful, especially since two of my exams are back to back.  Not to mention, my role at my internship has increased and I am taking on greater responsibilities. I feel a mutual amount of accountability to both of them and juggling both with the addition of 3 group projects has been hard. Two more days to go until I can relax and take a moment for myself and then do it again for next weeks midterm.

Drake Concert at OSU

So last week I wrote about my standing in line for 2 hours to get tickets to Drake’s concert at OSU as a part of his Away From Home tour.  Well this past Wednesday was the concert. I ended up going solo, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I arrived just 40 minutes before the start time of the concert, and luckily I received the very last wristband for access to the floor seats (mind you we were standing the whole night).  After 2 opening act, also from Canada, Drake finally blessed the staged with a one hour performance of songs from his 2009 mixtape, and various other songs in which he has been featured on.  He ended the night by performing his latest song, “Over” off his upcoming album entitled, Thank Me Later which he explained would be released on June 15th.  It was a great evening and I am looking forward to watching his career grow. Check out a few of the pics from that night!

New Season, New Quarter

Let me first start by saying how relieved I am that winter is finally gone, and spring is in!  The weather in Columbus, has been absolutely beautiful and has certainly helped in raising my spirits.  Yet, while many of my counterparts spent their spring breaks in lovely warm Caribbean destinations, I spent mines working at my internship, which is pretty typical for me.  Not once have I ever ventured out during spring break to go enjoy the beach or a foreign land, per se.  At the very least, I’ve gone home to New Orleans to visit family, but even that didn’t occur this year. Next year I’d definitely like to venture off for the weekend, to celebrate the coming of a pending graduation.

In other news, although my car literally broke down in the last weekend of spring break and cost me mucho dinero for repairs, other than that, the first week of spring quarter when pretty well.  This quarter I am determined to stay on top of my work and put out my very best!  Usually, midterms sneak up on me and I find myself faced with the responsibility of learning  a large amount of material in a matter of days.  This will not be the case this quarter, and hopefully for other subsequent quarters.  Also, I’m most excited about my winning the election for GHRA’s Executive Secretary position for the next school year.  I’m very excited about serving the organization and its students.  And last but not least, rounding out the week…my tickets to the Drake concert.  After leaving work early and sitting in line for 2 hours, I am a lucky recipient of tickets to see Drake in concert this Wednesday at the Schottenstein Center.  Getting that ticket was similar to the feeling Charlie got when he got the golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.  It was worth the wait, and I hope I can say the same thing Wednesday night after having seen the concert.  On to the 2nd week of classes…

The latest…

Here it is, we are finally embarking on the last few days of the winter quarter, and with that winter itself. The weather has been gorgeous in Columbus, and I am looking forward to this Sunday’s daylight saving change.  I love longer days!

Also, on this coming Monday I will be starting an early morning boot camp to get physically fit for summer.  Although I am not excited about the 5:30am start time, I am excited to be finally getting on track with my fitness goals.

In other recent news, I am really starting to get settled in on my HR internship, so much so that I will be recruiting for a new job position all by myself.  It will be for a graduate student Marketing internship, and I’m actually doing the recruiting at Fisher.  I will be doing everything from the job posting, to selecting the interview questions, to actually facilitating the interview.  I’m excited to take on this new opportunity and I hope that the Marketing team is more than satisfied with the decision I make for its new Intern.

Back to studying for now…

P.S. I need a ticket to the DRAKE concert, do you have one? 🙂

The Coldest Winter

Yikes!  It has been freezing in Ohio lately, and yesterday evening I found out that the city just set a new record for snow accumulation in the month of February. I’ve been patiently waiting for temperatures to reach their normal averages, but that doesn’t seem to be happening unfortunately.  However, I was pleasantly awakened by the sound of birds chirping outside my window this morning, a sound that I haven’t heard in many months.  Birds always know the weather pattern before us humans do, so I welcomed the chirping and thought of it as a forecast of the spring-like weather we will soon see.

And although I have been in Ohio for nearly six months now, I still don’t feel like I know the place just yet.  It seems like every week I get the question, “Do you like it here?” and my answer is always somewhat lop-sided because I’m still trying to answer that question myself.  I arrived in mid-September and just 2-3 weeks later it got cold!  Consequently, I haven’t gotten out as much as I would have liked to.  However, I will be here throughout the summer, so it seems that I will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about Columbus.  Looking forward to it…

Don’t You Want More?

Don’t you want more?! … is the question I posed to the young man working behind the counter at Cosi (the sandwich eatery) yesterday afternoon.  He didn’t respond, because I only secretly asked the question in my head, but I often think this when I order at McDonald’s or watch as the 40 year-old father of 3, bags my groceries.  Of course,  this Cosi employee could have been a college student working part-time to make ends meet, yet everyday I come across adults old enough to be my parents bagging groceries, or stocking shelves or ringing me up at my local Wal-Mart/Kroger and occasionally I think to myself, don’t you want more out of life?  By no way am I demeaning these jobs because let’s be honest, somebody’s go to do it, but a part of me is always confused and disturbed by the fact that we as a people naturally tend to settle for mediocrity.

Yes, we all come from different walks of life, and some of us were given better opportunities than others, yet if that’s the excuse we’re going to stick to then how do we account for the Oprah Winfrey’s of the world who came from nothing, but have somehow turned that nothing into a billion dollar net worth?  The truth is, no excuse is a good excuse. Sometimes I just want to shake people and let them know that the world is so much bigger than their circumstances, and there’s loads of opportunity out there waiting for them to capture.  In many ways it’s an epidemic of sorts, with only 5% of Americans in the workforce making a six figure salary. When are we going to stop limiting ourselves and start broadening our minds to the bigger and better?

I hope that as I move on with my life, I am able to ignite bigger dreams in the heart of someone else and inspire them to reach for the stars.  Why settle for that which is mundane and ordinary when you’ve been blessed with all the God-given skills you need to be extraordinary.  ~I dream of dreams that are bigger than myself.

Work/Life Balance

Throughout the stress of this week and my many obligations, I was reminded that it is important to always maintain a work/life balance.  Yet, while many of us hear this term and automatically think of the workforce, this term also can be extended into the life of a Fisher graduate student.  This week was a week of midterms, two to be exact!  Naturally, while you’d like to devote all your time to ensuring you’re prepared for the approaching test, that’s just not fully possible.  The world doesn’t stop just because you have midterms, and neither do the group projects you’ve been assigned during the quarter suddenly just disappear!

This week amongst my two midterms, I continued my regular schedule at my internship, made sure I attended an organizational meeting at school, worked on one group project, and am preparing for two more group meetings for another group project to round out the week.  That being said, it’s tremendously easy to get lost in the “grind” and to forgo other things that are important to you.

A few weeks back I wrote about my dilemma with staying on top of my fitness goals for the year.  Well, I decided that February was a new month (plus the shortest) thus it made for a perfect opportunity to get back on track with my workouts! …But what about midterms?  What about all the other obligations I have?  How will I fit it in, can I fit it in?  These are all the thoughts that followed my initial plans.  I was letting school/work get in the way of me taking care of me.  Soon thereafter I remembered the importance of making time to do the things I like, or pursue the things that are important to me. Hey, you’ve got to keep you sanity some kind of way, right?!

All of this is to say, yes your education is important, but so are you!  Make time for yourself and the things or people that are important to you.  You shouldn’t let your work consume you or stop you from pursuing other ventures.  I rest my case!