Utsav 2010

The Indian MBA Association hosted their flagship event, Utsav, a couple of weeks ago. Utsav literally means ‘festival’. At the Fisher College of Business, Utsav is the celebration of Indian music, dance, food and culture. As have been told by numerous people, Utsav keeps getting bigger and bigger each year. A testament to that was over 50 participants in the dance, fashion show and musical performances.

The performances included number of dances to the tune of vibrant Bollywood and folk music. We had an inspired performance by Ayan Sengupta, singing couple of my favorite songs, accompanied by some of the most wonderful artists I know on different musical instruments. Fashion show was a highlight for the staff and faculty who participated. It was fun to see people in colorful Indian attire very different from the usual business outfits. The theme of the fashion show was depicting changes in Indian fashion in the last 60 odd years.Even Dean Wruck walked the aisle!

The event had to be moved to the Rotunda at Mason Hall due to rain. Utsav has traditionally be organized in front of Fisher Hall in the courtyard. Even though there were some space restrictions the event was overwhelmingly received and we had an audience of almost 400 people. I personally took part in a three different dance performances and was warmed to hear that people enjoyed the event. Participants had spent over 4 weekends practicing, kudos to them.

IMBAA also organized Indian food from Sher-e-Punjab, a local Indian restaurant, for everyone who attended. Due to rain we had to organize the lunch inside Mason and it got a little crowed, but from what I heard everybody enjoyed the food immensely. Check out the pictures below to get a feel for the intoxicating Indian spirit:

Quarter Quotes~

Winter quarter is over – finally, yeaaa!!!

Well the tough quarter is over now. The snow and FSA had made it particularly tough. Happy that it is done. The biggest highlight was the our Marketing project on PINK. Really proud of my core team. The end of quarter submissions and papers would haven’t been possible without the perfect team work. Kudos to team Uno Quatro!

Last post of the quarter means I open my notes to find scribbles of funny quotes. I think this quarter’s quotes are dominated by Prof. Sensoy and his satirical sense of humor.

“struggle a little bit”

“Evolution of a fry”

“There can be no free, risk free money”

“I can teach you derivatives in 10 mins”

“So much of life is easy when u know the trick”

“Certain other instructors wanted to know, if we gave u a final exam and never showed up”

“Now, Viao laptop wanted to know about continuous compounding”

“When you win the lottery keep me in mind”

“I am reaching 30 years of age, I am not going to do a derivation now.”

“Deal with your longing and heart break”

“We are these high power wall street analyst, making a zillion dollars, just applying basic math”

“I remember a few of you, (smirk)”

“Short selling is the opposite of buying, even more so then just selling”

“We assume that nobody is an idiot”

“Who here speaks French? Yeah Anna, ‘cause you grew up in France”

“Valuable exam time!”

“Math can be really helpful sometimes”

“You guys need to learn the techniques or the tricks of teaching”

“Try not to miss me too much now, but if you do, you have my email address”

“What is the only right answer in business? It depends!”

“Outside Fisher, the whole world is yours”

“I didn’t hardly know what to do with myself”

“Somebody BOLDLY proclaim”

“Guess out loud”

“As we all know, accounting apart from being infinitely boring, it is incredible stupid”

“I kid, I kid, accounting is not really dumb. You never know, one day an accountant could be the dean.”

“Accounts have done what they have done for good reasons but they are idiots”

“it is so much easier to talk then to listen, I guys will not believe how fast time goes when you are up here”

“Cash is more important than your mother”

“Blackwell is world class in Columbus”

“First you tell a dumb joke, nobody laughs then u tell how that was lame and everybody laughs, every single time”

“Here I can make a joke, even if it is lame”

“I stripped away all the complexity, you can thank me later!”

“All economic models are wrong”

“It always an adventure, either the board is missing or the funny clicker with lazer”

“If I am not allowed to make fun of your mid-term anxiety, is like saying I cant have any fun at all”

“I don’t know where he grew up, but where ever it was, nobody ever kicked anybody’s ass”

“Listen up…I am giving a speech here”

“You may remember, oh you may not remember, but in the 50’s in the classic movies the dealer was the most wealthy, and powerful person in town”

“Are my hilarious jokes, good good good”

“It is not only you who gets the benefit of my hilarious jokes”

“we live in an over-simplified world for a reason, on which I will give speeches in a few minutes”

David’s Lair

Marketing class this quarter has been one of the most fun classes. I never thought marketing and brand management was so much fun. Not changing my major though!

Last week we had the head of global marketing from Kelloggs in class giving his thoughts on brand positioning. Today we had the head of Ologie to talk about Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). IMC is all about keeping the marketing message consistent across various formats and avenues for communication ranging from documentation to social media to internet based marketing. There is a lot that goes in creating and sustaining a strong brand – as professor Neeli likes to say “A Brand is a Promise”.

As part of the course we as a team also have to choose a brand and study their marketing. We have to understand their industry, competition, branding etc. Our team picked Pink from Limited Brands as our brand for the project. The project is a comprehensive report about the brand and our recommendations for the future. To work on this project I met up with my teammate David at his place. I had a phenomenal time at his place.

David’s Lair – as I like to call it – is a place well worth visiting. It is a treasure trove of all sort climbing gear. Apart from the marketing project we spent  a lot of time on different knots and going through the gear. David explained me the use of different ropes (static, dynamic) and equipment like belay devices, carabiners, ascenders, special diamond tipped walking sticks etc.

We also went through the old Army uniforms that were lying there, David served in the US Army and while on duty he served with military from other countries too. There were uniforms of about five other countries! It was interesting to see how different each was. He also had a collection of hats and helmets, right from safety helmet to a bicycling helmet to his army caps from various counties to even Afgan head gear. His collection can very well rival the hat display we have in the graduate student lounge at Gerlach.

The highlight was when he showed me how to light a fire using magnesium scraps and flint. It was sight to behold when he scrapped magnesium and lit the home made cotton-wax bundle using his knife on the flint! David’s lair had much more to explore than the marketing project for sure. I also saw a huge cabinet full with his law school notes, I am telling you if a prospective student for Moritz saw that he would give up the idea of law education altogether.

Check out a couple of snaps of David’s Lair and when he gave me a quick lesson of repelling using his staircase as a tree.

Snow day in Columbus!!!

Happy Snow-day!

Well, I have had rain days and fog days, snow day is a first for me. I have never seen snow before, but I must say it looks very pretty. The University finally called the classes off. It was great fun to go out today and play in snow. Columbus saw a lot of snow this week. third storm warning in ten days!

Check out the pictures and videos I took of snow in the last week.

Video1: Afternoon sun glazing the snow

Video2: Overlooking Mason

Video3: On the way to Gerlach

Video4: Snowing Crazy!

iPad and MS search and Google…tech week

The past week was all about technology.

Marketing Class: The very day after the launch of Apple’s iPad, we discuss it during marketing class to understand their strategy and key differentiators of the product. In fact this has been one of the corner stones of the marketing class this quarter: it is absolutely current. What ever articles or text we read is also very new and current. It is not uncommon to hear this in class: ‘this is new and happening, but we don’t have results yet, we will just have to wait and see‘. One caveat, the more I am learning about marketing, the more I am realizing that people have been trying to trick me all my life.

Internal Case Competition: Well the David vs Goliath story, only Google is the Goliath and Microsoft is the David. We basically had to come up with a strategy for Microsoft’s search business. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a decent experience, except for the fact that it made things a little tight for the weekend.

So that was last week, dominated by technology.

Welcoming new members to the community

Hi, I am still trying to catchup on what is happening this quarter, I can’t seem to get off the winter break sleep cycle. So I am going to mix up old and new. This week’s highlight has to be the attempt to look at the left. MBA is all about numbers and data points. Marketing class this week focused on consumer behavior and we learned that a consumer may be far from that of a rational profit maximizing individual. So much for last quarter’s Data Analysis and Economics. To top it all of Artie Issac spoke to the class on Friday about leading from the heart. Do what you love to do. Forget numbers, forget MBA. Wonder if this is going to be a continuing theme or a week of aberration. One thing is certain though, the right answer in business always is that it depends.

The school is closed today in observance of Martin Luther King day. A brilliant individual. Check out his ‘I Have a dream’ speech here. In his spirit of change I have another compelling speaker worth a ear. Kiran Sethi has been doing remarkable work in India by empowering children to bring effective change. She calls this the contagious bug, the i can bug. Check it out here.

Now the old, we did welcome two new members to the Indian community here at Fisher more than a week back. Two member of the class of 2011 got married this winter break. A few of us got together to welcome their better halves. The night perhaps was a bit too much to handle. ‘Cause the center piece of the evening was hacked by the Mafias. Mafia is a game which was played till dawn and which has scared the trust between those who played for ever. Now I am certain that there is no trust between the players. It is a game that thrives on lies and deception. I am quite (un)happy to report that my classmates are near perfect liars. Not a word should be believed which comes out of their mouth, everybody was so adept at playing the game. I recommend this game to be played at any gathering of seven or more to find out people’s skill at deception. Nevertheless marketing class taught us this week that we have been manipulated by marketeers all our lives. Perhaps this is the beginning. Anyway the night was full of fun and it managed to ruin my entire week as never was able to finish my work all weekend. Check out a few of the pictures from the night here.

New year, new quarter…

Happy New Year to all!

It feels so good to be back on campus. Most of my winter was spent doing nothing, it was as blank as the white snow that lay on my door! But it was a good recuperation period.

The holidays began with a week in New York. The Wall Street trip was great. For those who don’t know about it: Fisher students, both grad and undergrad, go and meet few firms on the Wall Street for networking and get a feel of the work environment. We met alumni and other bankers from all the top banks. I even tried Vietnamese food as part of a dinner networking event. It was interesting to look at specially because the vegetarian food that I ordered for myself was neither appealing to look at nor had any sort of taste. But the conversations certainly were interesting. The next day was great as we visited Goldman Sachs, their office was actually on Wall Street. FYI, all the other banks, although are said to be on Wall Street, are somewhere in mid-town Manhattan. The feeling of stepping on the Wall Street is something I can’t describe in words.

The new quarter as usual has begun with a bang. Along with worsening snow conditions I feel my investment in winter jacket etc has been worthwhile. It snowed a lot this week specially on Thursday, check out the Dispatch report here. This quarter looks promising specially as it is making much more sense now. Last quarter everything was more like basic block building, this quarter the courses are more like business education.

So welcome all to the new quarter. Sit tight and have fun, I sure this is going to be a great quarter.

P.S: Would like to congratulate Bharat and Snadeep on getting married during the winter break. We celebrated their betrothal this Friday, post on that soon.


The end is near. The long quarter, which is a blur to me right now, is nearing its end. A little less than 24 hours remain. Can already smell the festivities planned at Varsity Club. But as I was flipping through my notes I came across my ‘Notable and Quotable’ list.

So here are a few of them, in no particular order:

“you can’t always get what you want”

“Consulting is the new coal mine”

“poor Raj!”

“Is money like Newtons’ law of physics: value can’t be created, it can only change hands”

“Markets work except when they don’t”

“Create value and not claim it, in other words, don’t be a pirate”

“I am not sure about how many ‘muches’ to use”

“Either protect yourself from exploitation, or exploit others”


“Things are really not that bad!”

“It is ‘this morning’ and not ‘today morning'”

“What are the 5 magic words?”

“Be successful, be happy and be significant:

“Monkey crap”

“I didn’t know what I learned in kindergarten will help me solve FSAs”

“Monkey crap”

“Once again, this has nothing to do with accounting”

“I need sleep!”

“You can call us uncle and aunty, tonight”

Happy Holidays!!!

it all comes together in EPI

Today I met my EPI team for our final team presentation prep. For those who don’t know EPI, it is Enhancing Professional Interchange taught by prof. Marc Ankerman. For our finals we have to give a presentation in teams and we are free to choose our topic.

Since my team for EPI is different from cohort teams, it was difficult to get everybody together, I don’t need to explain, you know its a tough life in MBA and 10 things happen at the same time. So we started to discuss over e-mails! We even managed to narrow the topic to The Office. Robert and Raj were the two people on the team who knew about The Office but did not watch it enough, so their weekend began by watch a few episodes. Alison and David being the experts guided them. Now that every one was kinda on the same page we decided to meet and put some structure to our thoughts.

It was one of the best brain storming sessions ever. David did an awesome job leading it. Office itself is so funny, and on top of it we sat and brain stormed over it. You can’t imagine how much fun we had. Amazing team work guys, felt so good on how much work we got done in-between the jokes and commentary. Really looking forward to the presentation next Monday. Without giving away a lot I’ll leave you with a few pictures…

Mirror Lake ’09

Hey, it is the beat Michigan week! After winning the Iowa game and qualifying for the Rose bowl, we come to the beat Michigan week. And you know what that means? It means that we take the holy dip.

For those who don’t know, holy dip is the tradition at OSU of jumping in the Mirror Lake on the Thursday night of the week we play Michigan. No matter how cold it is. This year was no different. Scores of people at and inside the Mirror Lake. Check out the pictures, and Go Buckeyes!!!

PS: There are pictures from the Iowa game tailgate too.