“It’s not personal, it’s business.”

The Godfather- he'll tell you what to do

With recruiting season in full swing, most of us second-year MLHR folks are considering our job offers and whether or not we want to keep interviewing with other companies in the hopes of getting a better offer.  As I think about my own options I wonder- how do you determine whether your decision will be personal or business?

Recap of my summer: I sought out Alcoa Aluminum Inc. at the 2009 Fall Career Fair and persuaded them to hire a graduate level intern instead of the undergraduate level intern position that they were recruiting for. Lesson: if you really want to work for a company, seek them out whether or not they’re looking for someone like you. I spent my summer doing a corporate human resources internship in Cleveland, where one of Alcoa’s business units is headquartered. The experience gave me unique exposure to Alcoa’s business leaders and most of my projects were assigned by the Senior VP of Human Resources. I was certainly a bit nervous to be working on corporate initiatives and special-interest projects, but the experience helped me to become more confident in myself and my ideas. Last year there were some companies that told me I wasn’t experienced enough to intern with them, but Alcoa believed in me and offered me an internship and recently offered me a full-time position!

As I ponder my full-time employment options, I realize that my decision is going to be less about “business” and more about the personal side of things. My advice to all prospective students and first-year MLHR students for this week: Spend some time thinking about how you balance the personal/business sides of your decisions. Sometimes your best decisions will be the result of calculating the level of risk, making pros/cons lists, and doing what makes the most sense on paper. Other times your best decisions will be the result of thinking at a very personal level, considering what’s at stake and what’s personally pleasing to you. As you consider graduate schools, summer internships, and eventually full-time job offers, ask yourself- “is this personal, or business, or both?”


It was a great summer, but I am so glad to be back.

If you ask me again during final exam week though, my answer may change. As a second year student in the program, this marks the end of my very last first week of school. Things are already back in full swing here on campus- which means classes, job interviews, student organization meetings, and my assistantship duties now fill my daily schedule. And I’m the kind of nerd who is relishing every moment of this.

During my summer break from school I worked in Cleveland for Alcoa Aluminum Inc. (more to come about this next week), took a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic, started studying for the PHR exam (more to come about this in following weeks), moved into a new apartment and got a roommate, and also adopted a dog from the Franklin County Animal Shelter (lots of pictures to come in the following weeks).

My advice this week to new students in the MLHR program: check FisherConnect like your life depends on it. Quick background- FisherConnect is the online portal where employers post positions and Fisher students can apply for them.  http://fisher.osu.edu/offices/career-management/fisherconnect/Employers have posted numerous internship and full-time job positions on FisherConnect and those submission deadlines will really sneak up on you. So after you have wild fun this weekend celebrating the fact that you made it through the first week of class, pour yourself a large cup of coffee and spend some quality time at your computer with FisherConnect.

Coffee + FisherConnect = learn to love it