Applying for graduation!

Well, I have been quite the deadbeat blogger this summer. It’s mostly because I have nothing to really write about — I haven’t had time to do much of anything interesting since the 2nd year summer core classes are VERY time consuming (and also pretty interesting, so I won’t complain too much).

But today I got the little boost of encouragement that I desperately needed: that quarterly e-mail from the GPO asking if I am “Planning to graduate at the end of ___ quarter?”  Finally, this e-mail applies to me! It’s time for me to apply to graduate!

I’m really looking forward to being a normal adult again – who has only one job, has every evening free, and doesn’t feel guilty about having fun when I should be doing homework. The freedom to stare at the TV for hours on a weeknight, or to go to a “happy hour” and let it turn into an “all night hour.” 

For the first time in my life, I won’t be severely depressed when winter comes, because come December, I’ll be freeeee!  =)  

Who’s jealous? Or who’s also graduating? Tell me what you’re going to do when you reclaim your free time!

Back to school…back to school….

Well, the good news is that I survived my 12-credit spring quarter of torture. The bad news is, my summer quarter is already off to a not-so-stellar start.

This quarter, I’m taking the 2nd year summer core classes – Global Environment of Business and some sort of Strategy. Instead of the traditional two ten-week classes, they’ve decided to have us take one class for the first five weeks, then the second class for the second five weeks. Ok, fair enough. I tell myself this will be easier, since I can focus on only one subject at a time.

The down side is, if you fall asleep doing your homework and miss one class, that’s like missing…One eighth? One ninth?…I don’t know… it’s like missing a lot of class. The midterm is now only three classes away, and I already took a hit to my participation grade by not being there today. Not good!

Hopefully I can redeem myself and prove to my group members that I’m not that “deadbeat teammate” who won’t pull my weight. I’ll just have to try really hard to make sure I never miss another class this quarter!

I hope you’re all having a better start to summer quarter than I am!! I guess it could be worse…at least I’m not in accounting!  =)

Community clean-up day at Weinland Park

This weekend, my friend Omar helped to organize a community clean-up day around the Weinland Park area and the Godman Guild. Because I like doing community service and because Omar told me to, I gladly participated in the event.

The day included activities such as litter clean-up on the streets surrounding the park and gardening around the Godman Guild house. Ironically, Omar assigned me to the liquor-store clean-up team. A fitting punishment for all of the alcohol-related havoc I’ve helped cause in my day.  =)

Gardening at the Godman Guild

I had no idea that people actually still litter. A lot. It was a rewarding day though, and I felt like I helped to improve the community, even if it was a small improvement.

Omar and friends

So, next time you go to the liquor store, or anywhere for that matter, please throw your trash in the trash can. Because someone’s going to have to pick it up eventually! (If we’re lucky!)

And thanks to Omar for allowing me this great opportunity and for caring about the community enough to actually do something to help make it better.  =)

Open Door Art Studio – a good cause and great gifts

Today I was in search of gifts for two of my best friends who are having birthdays this weekend. Another friend told me that Open Door Art Studio had great gift ideas, so I went there today.

It’s located in Grandview in the little alleyway to the right of Cowtown Pizza and behind Figlio, and it’s not the normal art studio that you (actually, I) breeze by during Gallery Hop on the way to the bar. Open Door is actually a program that provides art services to adults with developmental disabilities. Volunteers and instructors facilitate art projects with the adults, and the gallery sells the art created by the adults along with other art by local artists. When I was there, art projects were in progress and they were kind enough to let me take pictures!

I love supporting a great cause about equally as much as I love finding a place where I can get unique, affordable, thoughtful gifts for friends and family, and here I got both! I only wish I hadn’t already gotten my mom a Mother’s Day gift, because the stuff here was much better.

But if you’re still in search of a gift for mom or anyone else who likes cute and fun jewelry, art, notebooks, purses, clothing, magnets, gardening stuff, etc., check it out! I had to be good and not buy myself a really cute ice cream cone necklace.

Here are the things I bought for my friends. I haven’t given them their gifts yet, but it’s ok because they won’t read this anyway.  =) In case you want to learn more, they also have a website :

Considering a class for Fall

So, it’s that time to schedule summer and fall quarter classes. I’ll be taking the second year core classes plus an independent study in the summer, leaving me with only one class left to take in the fall!

Does anyone know of a good elective class being offered this upcoming fall? I was considering MHR824 – Building Professional Services, but I haven’t heard anything about it.

Other than Business Ethics, which I took last fall, nothing else seems to be catching my eye. Any recommendations are welcome!

Spring game and March for Babies!

This weekend, I did a lot of fun things that did not include studying. I went to my very first OSU football game! Even though it was only the spring game, I was pretty excited since in all my years  in undergrad and grad school at OSU, I have never been to a game. I know, what’s wrong with me?

And in another first for me, I walked as part of the OSU Medical Center East team during Sunday’s March of Dimes – March for Babies walk at Easton. It was a five-mile walk and luckily barely rained at all. It was the most fun I’ve ever had exercising and supporting a great cause at the same time. Every mile, there was a table set up with bananas and snacks and volunteers cheering on the walkers. The OSU pep band was there, too, along with lots of sponsoring companies in addition to the medical center.If only my gym provided food and cheerleaders, I’d be in GREAT shape.

If you’re thinking about participating in a walk like this one, I’d highly recommend it! And if you know of any others coming up, let me know!

And thanks to everyone who supported me in my walk!  =)

Pool season is almost here!

Today I saw some people walking around inside the empty pool at my apartment complex. I hope this means that the pool will be ready soon, or at least that they’ll put out the lawn chairs so I can sit by the empty pool.

In the meantime, I’m always in search of good places where I can sit outside and study without having to spend too much on coffees and whatnot. Where are your favorite places to study outside? Inquiring minds need to know!

Class four nights a week. *tear*

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged last and I know you’ve all been missing me!!!!

I’m taking 12 credits instead of 8 this quarter so that I can get out of here sometime in the near future. This leaves me much less time to do things like blog, sleep, remember birthdays and have a social life.

Plus, since I decided that I didn’t want to take the core classes last spring, I’m in the finance and marketing core classes plus the business of healthcare elective. I’m probably the only MBA student in history that really, really sucks at math, so finance alone makes me want to cry and eat a LOT of ice cream. I miss the days of last spring when I had business law and innovation practice and only went to class THREE nights a week!

It could be more difficult, though. Kudos to all of you students who have careers, go to class AND have children to raise, and who work much harder and complain much less than I do!

March of Dimes Walk!

Hey Everyone, I’m doing my first “Walk”! It’s the March of Dimes 2010 Greater Columbus March for Babies Walk. As an employee at OSU Medical Center East,  I’m on the East team and my goal is to raise $200.

I’ll buy a drink for anyone who would like to donate any amount or walk with me! Either can be done easily by visiting my site at

The walk is on April 25, so that leaves us (me) plenty of time to work up to a five mile walk and also shop for brand new walking/running shoes.  =)

Thank you!!!

“Undercover Boss” – who’s heard of this?

So, I am watching Oprah instead of going to class right now (I’m sick, not a  slacker!) and Oprah’s interviewing people who will appear on an upcoming show called “Undercover Boss.”

From what I can tell, the show is about executive-level bosses who go undercover and work as hourly employees within their companies. They discover how difficult these jobs are, how hard their employees work for the money they make, and how out of touch they are with the foundation of their businesses.

I love this idea! Who wouldn’t want their bosses to walk in their shoes for a day?

It apparently premiers after the Super Bowl!