Fisher Follies – Upcoming Auction and Variety Show

Amongst other activities, one of the activities I have been very involved in during the MBA program is Fisher Follies.  “What’s that?!”, you say?

Fisher Follies is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to foster community at the Fisher College of Business, encourage creativity, support local charities through a variety show, and to generally lampoon the life of business school students.”

Generally speaking, it’s a lot of fun, an opportunity to show off some of your hidden/or not so hidden creative talents and raise money for local charities.

This year we are raising money for Columbus Children’s Theatre and Children’s Hunger Alliance through our annual auction and variety show.

This Friday night (March 5th, 2010) is the live and silent auction held at the Blackwell from 7 – 10 pm.

The variety show will be held in the new Ohio State student union on Friday, May 7th, 2010 – SAVE THE DATE!

Taking a leadership role in any of our student organizations is a lot of work, however, it can be a very gratifying experience.  One of the best parts of leading this organization is the ability to give back to the community in so many ways, but especially through laughter.

In case you’re wondering what people donate – the list is long and varied – and in lieu of my usual drink reference – one of the items I’m donating this year is in partnership with my classmate Scott Hessian: we’re donating a wine tasting and education session for a small group of people covering roughly 4 wines and tapping into our areas of expertise.  I can’t wait to see who bids on this experience and look forward to fulfilling that donation next quarter!

FEA – Fisher Entrepreneurship Association & the Bay Area

A few weeks ago a group of us from the Fisher Entrepreneurship Association traveled to San Francisco, California to meet with leaders from the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area working in the start-up space.  It was an amazing trip. As I shared with some of our faculty leaders after the trip, I feel it is one of the best out-of-classroom academic experiences I have ever participated in and one of the most tangibly inspiring networking opportunities I have seen here at Fisher.

The level of expertise and professionalism extended to us by the speakers and organizations we visited was incredible.  I felt the overall integration of students including non-MBA Fisher graduate students was seamless and brought out some of the best qualities in my peers.  And, the exposure to a geographic location outside of Ohio, but within the U.S. business ecosystem was unique.  It demonstrated the differences found in businesses practices around our country based on culture, local economics, and a variety of other factors in a manner not easily achieved in the classroom.

Personally, I enjoyed going back to a city I used to live in and an opportunity to see friends and family and gain new members in my local network.  I could write pages, but instead, I will recommend anyone interested in learning more please follow up with me or connect with FEA through their website or other social media pages.

And if you’re in San Francisco, check out Rickhouse, undoubtedly one of the best cocktail bars I have ever visited.  Using fresh ingredients in every drink, the richness of the flavors and diversity of the cocktail list will offer a new perspective to anyone tired of sugared mixed drinks and less than savory martinis.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

(Please note you should use your radio or tv announcer voice when reading the title of this post.)

Today’s list looks as follows:

1.  Take the dog outside

2.  Play with the dog and get breakfast ready

3.  Review emails, get organized for homework and take home midterms

4.  Realize it has been too long between blog postings and hope that readers are understanding

5.  Start in on the work, think about the need for coffee or tea, reflect on my trip to a Fort Wayne, IN wine bar last night (great dessert flight, with a mediocre port as the last station)

6.  Maybe lunch

7.  Apply for a few jobs I have not yet completed my applications for and follow up with connections within each organization

8.  Prepare any last minute emails for my up-coming trip to San Francisco & get reservations for evening cocktails with industry friends

9.  Hurry to finish up homework

10.  Shut down the homework around pre-game time to spend the rest of the night watching the Saints and Colts play in the SuperBowl in front of a warm fire and a puppy at my feet (I’m looking forward to this part of my day most!)

Game day beverage:  Take a classic New Orleans Hurricane and add a drop or two of blue food coloring.  Garnish with a small white plastic pony or horse shoe.  No matter who wins, you’ll have the winning combination!

el Bulli and Innovation

Still up after watching the State of the Union, and about to crawl into bed with another case study and tea, my mind keeps wandering back to the case study I read earlier today for tomorrow’s Innovation class on Ferran Adria and el Bulli.

I am SOOO excited for this discussion. Mainly because I’ve wanted to eat at el Bulli for years and the closest I’ve ever come is eating at Jose Andres’ miniBar in Washington, DC.

Molecular gastronomy is fascinating, and it is SO tasty.

At Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans this summer, I greatly enjoyed a molecular mixology seminar I attended led by Jacob Briars and Sebastian Reaburn. They are 100% responsible for sparking my affection for the Negroni cocktail after enjoying a freeze dried Negroni puff at that session.

In that vein – if I had extra time, my cocktail for the night would be a Mai Tai 3000.  Check it out… very cool stuff!

Today Looks Like This

Today looked like this:

5:45am – Alarm goes off

6:15am – Head to RPAC for spinning class with a few friends

8:30 am – Finish getting ready for the day

9:00 am – Call with internship supervisor/mentor about on-going issues

10:00 am – Finish call (and breakfast), catch up on email, twitter, and reading

11:00 am –  Errands

11:30 am – Cook chicken for lunch, follow up on emails and calls, pack bag for afternoon classes

1:10pm – Bus/transport to Gerlach

1:30 pm – Sustainability Course

3:30 pm – Innovation Course

5:15 pm – Meeting with adviser on Independent Study

6:00 pm – Meeting with co-leader of Fisher Follies, eat dinner, plan

8:00 pm – Varsity Club – Brand Olympics event

10:00 pm – Home to read for seminar on Friday

11:30 pm – Get ready for bed and smile – Tomorrow is Friday!

Tomorrow I’m making cocktails to celebrate the week – likely a classic absinthe drink.  I have not decided yet.

Modest Mouse, GirlTalk, and Joshua Radin

The sun is shining and I’m having a great day, so this entry is just fun:

“This is a world of dreams
And reverie.
Where I felt the stars explode
Around me
A grass blade flashed with a gleam as it slashed open a moonbeam,
And I stared back breathlessly.
As mountains of fruit tumbled out,
I barely had the chance to shout;
A strawberry avalanche crashed over me.” – Strawberry Avalanche, Owl City

PromoWest Productions – LC Pavillion, the NewPort, and the Basement are great venues here in Columbus for concerts.  Fortunately, this last year I’ve had a chance to see some amazing concerts: Modest Mouse, GirlTalk, Joshua Radin to name a few.  I’m very disappointed I did not get Owl City tickets before they sold out, however, I’m super excited to go see Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit in March.

I’m off to a FEA lunch now – definitely check out the Fisher Entrepreneurs’ Association – they are doing great things.

I know I’m supposed to put my cocktail of the day here, but let’s be honest, at the concert – a cold beer will do.

May I suggest  Miller Lite or PBR?  Happy Thursday!!

2010 – Twenty10 – 20ten

Winter break was a whirlwind of travels, parties, family, friends, shopping, work, interviews, job searches and networking.

And on the eve of the second to last quarter of my MBA experience, I am newly excited to see what comes next.

Sticking to the theme of 2010, here are a random 10 from the top 20 things I’m looking forward to…

* The FEA trip to San Francisco in February

* My dear friend, Lisa’s wedding in San Diego in March

* Fisher Follies 2010 in May

* Watching my sister graduate from the University of Maryland with her graduate degree in Student Affairs in May

* Discovering where I will be moving in the summer for a new job

* Completing an independent study focused on Social Media and Online Marketing in the Wine & Spirits industry

* Pre-preparing for my first Triathlon with LC

* Seeing how big the pup is on his first birthday

* Drinking some of the vintage Port and other wines whose “peak” pouring dates are set in 2010

* Celebrating the wonderful adventure that b-school has been and will be for the next 6 months

And to ring in the new year and raise a glass to you and your resolutions or ambitions:  I suggest a glass of Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rose NV.  It’s tasty and a beautiful sight in the glass…

Happy New Year!

Finals Week Reflections – “Specially Crafted” for the holiday season.

First reflection:  1st Quarter has gone by incredibly fast.

Second reflection: Since my last post, I have taken a number of exams, written papers and gone away to Thanksgiving, come back from Thanksgiving, gone to class, figured out that I was sick – was sick for 6 days and basically quarantined to my Fisher Commons apartment, improved, gotten worse, slept on and off through a “Harry Potter weekend” on ABC Family, attempted to get back on top of my email and school work and then, POOF – Monday of Finals week is here.

Third reflection:  That last reflection was awfully jam-packed.  This one will just sort of hummm… ah, my laundry is finally in the dryer, my apartment doesn’t look like a “stomach flu war zone”, another cup of Honeybush tea sounds nice.

Fourth reflection:  I’ve already changed my class schedule for next quarter 3 times and I am seriously considering changing again.

Fifth reflection:  I can’t wait to do work over winter break – Fisher Board Fellows, Fisher Follies, Fisher Professional Services consulting work, prep for my independent study…whaa, WAIT A MINUTE!

Sixth reflection:  It’s always all about work.  I blame b-school, but it was like this before.  It’ll be like this after.

Seventh reflection:  Sometimes it sounds less intense if you call them “projects”.  (Now I’m just reflecting a conversation in my head…)

Final reflection for this post:  Looking around the apartment there are signs everywhere of the upcoming winter break, gifts for a variety of holidays and anniversaries for friends and family, candles and cinnamon pine cones on the coffee table, and plans for celebrations to come in the very near future.  But tonight, just a little more work.

PPS reflection:  Even so, I’ll put this on my wish list for first cocktails to celebrate the end of the quarter:

Hot Buttered Rum — 4 parts dark rum (2 oz.), 1 tsp brown sugar, a pat of butter, boiling water, and freshly ground nutmeg. (Directions: Put sugar into warmed mug and fill 2/3rds with boiling water.  Add rum and stir.  Float butter on top and sprinkle with nutmeg.)  Sounds like a warm way to toast in the winter break “projects”.



The last few weeks have been unbelievably exciting, one of the things I have enjoyed most about b-school is that although there is some routine established by class and coursework, you truly don’t know what will happen from one week to the next.

Three weeks ago I celebrated my birthday with friends and classmates during the Iowa/OSU tailgating festivities here at Fisher Commons.

A little less than three weeks ago a few of my dear friends here pulled together a mini-celebration with cake and balloons, etc.  (Thank you again everyone!!)

And two weeks ago, on my actually birthday, my boyfriend came into town and took me on a (relatively) surprise trip for the weekend to Mexico City.  It was amazing!!!  Having graduated a year ago with his MBA from Fisher, he and I spent a fair amount of time talking about the excellent service provided by American Express and the St. Regis hotel, he (and often others we interacted with on our journey) remarked at how fluent my Spanish language skills are – he pressed on whether or not I do enough to tout that skill in my post-MBA job applications, and when visiting multiple wine and liquor shops, we commented on the marketing and the extensive use of free gifts and other multi-product packaging offers. (See, once you start this MBA stuff, it’s hard to not let it permeate even a trip to the store.)

All in all, the slew of birthday festivities were only a small part of what has made these last weeks incredibly busy, however, they were, BY FAR, the most exciting parts.   To all of my friends and family who made this year’s birthday exceptionally special, THANK YOU!!

Although I had a diverse array of cocktails during these celebrations – one of the classics I enjoyed on the trip was a Michelada.  The link to the recipe on Wikipedia tells the story well of how everyone prepares their Michelada a little differently, however, mine was prepared with a cold Sol beer, a cold glass mug rimmed with salt, a lot of lime juice, a touch of Tabasco and a hint of inspiration. Salud!

Mexico City Park

New York [was once] New Amsterdam

“Even old New York was once New Amsterdam, why they changed it I can’t say, people just liked it better that way…” – Istanbul (not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants

Sitting in my apartment at 12:32am on Monday morning, I gaze around the room and reflect on how much has changed in the last year.  A year ago I was still learning to like football and I felt like MBA graduation was a lifetime away.  These are just two very small elements of the whole experience, but as I glance toward my kitchen to see the remnants of the Iowa v. Ohio State tailgate/Birthday party I held on Saturday – I smile at how the details make all the difference.

Saturday’s game was certainly exciting, but as an Iowa alum, I couldn’t help but walk away a bit sad.  Ohio State has taught me to appreciate the game, but I grew up with the Hawkeyes and my heart still bleeds a little black and gold.  With so much excitement surrounding this particular game, it was a great opportunity to invite some of my “pre-MBA” friends out to Ohio from DC and Iowa.  What a great time!

Having not seen most of these friends since a wedding in the spring, it was amazing how fast the time has gone by since we all lived in the same city, met for book clubs, and reflected on college as a thing of the past.  Merging my b-school life and these friends from the outside world highlights how at times there seems to be a gap between how I perceived myself then and what I view for the future.  It is only natural that we all feel this way as time passes, but I think the intensity of the MBA experience heightens ones awareness.

But as Monday continues to develop and weekend becomes but a memory, graduation feels closer than ever before.  The realization that in two more blinks, this MBA phase will have passed and a new adventure will ensue.

All things change.  That’s a good thing.  And despite a tradition built on the beer/football association, I always make room for cocktails on the menu… One of the cocktails I fixed this weekend for a friend included a product that will tie back into my They Might Be Giants reference, New Amsterdam Gin and Sprite… this particular friend used to be a huge fan of Vodka and Tonic, but like everything else, sometimes a little change is good.

(Side note to those of you who have noticed a bit of a gap since my last posting, all apologies, apparently technical difficulties have lost some of my posts – I’ll try to get those resolved.)