Getting Through Finals Week

Finals week has come and gone. I am glad to say that I made it through and am looking forward to the next term. Finals week is always a stressful time for college students. There is really no way to ever stop the stress from presenting itself in your life during that week. I have learned that during finals week, the best option is not to try to stop the stress, but to contain it. Here are a few of the ways that I made it through our first “finals week” here at Fisher.

Study Smart

It is not a secret that you need to study smart in order to score well on finals. If you are not prepared then you have nothing to pull from come test day. If you study smart and have the knowledge, you will do well. Unfortunately, most students don’t study smart. Turn off the cell phone, find a quiet room, and put away the food and drink. All of those are distractions that take time away from effective study. These simple steps helped me to make the most of my time studying as I tried to balance my school and family time.


Much easier said than done. Trust me, I know. I have a 4-month old baby boy. But as they say, you must take time to rest your body and mind or you will burn out. This couldn’t be more true during business school. The time to sleep will be there, if you study smart as stated above.

Have Fun

Fun is a necessary aspect of business school. If you don’t have fun, you will probably go crazy. Students need to get involved in outside activities, not just MBA clubs. Play recreational sports, go to the movies, hang out with friends and classmates, watch a football game, etc. Columbus has plenty of fun activities and ways to take your mind off of school and difficult tests. For me, my fun comes from hanging out with my family. This video will give you a glimpse into my fun! His name is Will, and he is pretty much the most awesome baby!

Marketing Executives Visit Fisher

I often find myself reflecting on a phrase that my father used to say to me – “surround yourself with all-stars.” His goal in teaching me this principle wasn’t to have me avoid those that I didn’t view as all-stars, but it was to help me learn from those with experience and passion for what they do.

I am proud to say that Fisher College of Business and the FTMBA program have fit that mold in every aspect. Attending Fisher has forced me to be surrounded by all-stars. The faculty, admissions staff, career service department, and students, are all solid all-stars that have pushed me to my limits. One group of all-stars that I have had the privilege to meet at Fisher has been the corporate executives that speak and interact with students.

Within four weeks of being at Fisher, I have had the chance to hear from the following:

Russ Klein – CMO Arby’s

Jim Lyski – CMO Scotts Miracle-Gro

Sharen Turney – CEO Victoria’s Secret

John Kennedy – VP Corporate Marketing IBM

All of these business executives were open to answering any questions presented. Not only did they give insights to their company’s strategy, but they also provided leadership advice. Each one of them spoke about where they came from and how they got to where they are today. I think I can speak for all in attendance when I say that we truly enjoyed and benefited from being around them. They are true all-stars.


Good Eats: Benny’s Cheesesteaks

Since arriving in Columbus for my full-time MBA a few months back, my wife and I have been frequenting local food joints to get a little taste of the local food options. I am particularly a fan of a good philly cheesesteak. The issue: where can you find a good cheesesteak?



Well, Benny’s Cheesesteaks turned out to be a winner. It was no Geno’s, but it was pretty dang good. You know you are at a solid cheesesteak joint when cheese whiz is an option for your sandwich.

Benny’s cheesesteaks has multiple options as well: Chicken or beef; 7″ or 12″, numerous toppings – lettuce, onions, muchrooms, tomatoes, ranch, etc. Any way you make your cheesesteak, at Benny’s, it is going to be good!

So, next time you are in Columbus, head 15 minutes north to Dublin and give Benny’s a try.



“We’ve Only Just Begun…”

Where is Karen Carpenter when I need her? Classes, career fairs, football games, sleepless nights, and everything else that accompanies business school have only just begun. In true MBA fashion, I am embracing it and trying to go with the flow. Here is what a future MBA should look forward to at Ohio State during their first few weeks of the program.

  • Classes – Classes are the main part of an MBA program and they start off with a sprint. There is no warm-up jogging when you get into class. Students need to be lock loaded and prepared to be called on when they sit in their seat. Professors are great and the material is all relevant for future business leaders throughout the world. I feel like I have already learned a lot of tactics and principles that I can take with me into the corporate world.
  • Career Fairs – There is a reason that Fisher ranks as one of the top five schools in students graduating with a job offer. The career management office does a fantastic job from day at getting you involved in your career search from day one. I have already met with my career coach twice and am looking forward to having my first internship interview this week. These guys are good, but they expect students to do their part in their career search.

    Fisher College of Business
    Fisher College Career Fair 2012
  • Football Games – Do I really need to go into detail? The Ohio State football experience is second to none. I have traveled around the country and watched teams such as Texas, USC, Notre Dame, etc, and none can compare with the environment here in Columbus. Ohio State football runs this town. If you show up to Ohio State not a Buckeye, you can guarantee that you will be by the time you graduate.

    Fisher College of Business
    Ohio Stadium. Go Buckeyes!
  • Sleepless Nights – Yep, these seem to come as a package deal with the MBA degree. Gotta love it!




Consulting Foundation Seminar at Fisher

Last Friday, first year MBAs had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about a very popular career for MBA grads – consulting. Consultants from some of the top consulting firms around the country came to Fisher and spent the afternoon and evening sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Thanks to the great consultants and companies that attended the consulting foundation seminar.

The career management office did a great job at bringing in Fisher alumni and other professionals in order to help students learn more about career opportunities in the consulting world. The keynote speakers highlighted what an associate consultant out of business school should expect during their first few years on the job. All of the consultants took time to sit on a panel and answer questions from Fisher MBAs.

The highlight of the event was the Ernst and Young case competition practice session. The session was designed to help consulting students learn what to expect in case interviews.

From having attended the Consulting Foundation Seminar I feel that I have a much better understanding of what a consultant does each day…besides travel.



My Fisher Pre-Term MBA Highlights

Okay, so I’ll start off by saying that they first day of the full-time MBA pre-term program is fairly similar to the first day of kindergarten. You may know a few of your classmates before starting the program, but for the most part, you are starting fresh. New friendships. New professors. New daily routine. The list goes on and on. Nobody fully knows what to expect, however, everyone is eager to jump in and meet new people and get their feet more than wet in the MBA program. We were introduced to case study methods, student associations at Fisher Fair, leadership and international opportunities, etc. I had an awesome experience with the MBA pre-term program and wanted to share a few of my highlights:

Keynote Speakers– We were privileged to have the opportunity to hear from two great business minds of our time: Sharen Jester Turney, CEO of Victoria’s Secret and Mitch Feierstein, CEO of the Glacier Environmental Fund Limited. Both speakers shared their vast knowledge of business and management with the class. Each of the speakers related their history and how they got to where they are today. The time they spent instructing and speaking to us was very beneficial. It was neat to see into the minds of some of the world’s finest business executives.

Mitch Feierstein

Summit Vision – Summit Vision is a high-adventure ropes course and team building facility. The day that we spent there was great for meeting new class mates and building team unity. The best part of the day was watching and encouraging fellow students as they attempted to tackle the pamper pole. I have no clue why the activity is named the pamper pole, but I have a pretty good guess. Individual climb to the top of a 30 foot telephone pole, are then required to stand on the top, and then jump about 9 feet to a trapeze. Needless to say, it was a fun activity for everyone and a good opportunity to help encourage others to get over their fears.

Meeting My Team – This was the big moment that everyone was waiting for on the second day – meeting your team that you will be working with for your entire first year as a Fisher MBA. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with the team I was placed in. We have a nice balance of talents, experience, cultural diversity, etc. All I can do is restate that I couldn’t be happier with the team I have been placed in. Getting to know them throughout the year will be a life changing experience, as I am sure our friendships will last a lifetime.

I could go on and on about the MBA pre-term but we would be here for days, because that is how long it lasted. I will end with stating simply, it was a lot of fun!