A night with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra….and more!

In each city I’ve lived in, I always made an effort to search out the symphony.  I’ve enjoyed performances by the Boston Pops, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony, and many performances by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center.  I love the amazing  venues and the opportunity to just sit and let the music wash over me.  I once sat next to the sweetest elderly man while listening to the NSO and he was just vibrantly excited to be there.  He said “Doesn’t it just give you chills to listen to them?”  It did.  And still does.

And that’s why I recently procured a ticket to go hear the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I attended a pops performance that was half the CSO performing alone and half the CSO performing with…. Air Supply.

It was like having your cake and eating it too.

I’m a huge Air Supply fan.  I know all the words to their songs.  To hear them play with the CSO in a venue like the Ohio Theater was just an incredible experience.  I remember skating to their music at the roller rink as a kid.  If I could go back and tell 6 year old me that one day I would see them perform, my skates would probably roll right out from under me.

And so I share this experience to demonstrate that there really are all kinds of cool and interesting things to do here in Columbus!  Whether its the arts, sports, festivals, eating out, or sharing a drink with friends, there really is something for everyone!


Air Supply & CSO on stage!

Russell & Graham signing autographs!